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  1. YOU TUBE: FOX: Rand to Obama: "Bring it on!"
  2. How much time in jail or how much money does Jack Conway....
  3. To the lurkers: you don't know how many minorities are on this forum
  4. Jack Conway makes the case for Obama.
  5. Ronald Reagan took the same criticism as Rand
  6. Does Jack Conway believe only Lawyers can govern?
  7. Jack Conway is supported by anti-Constitution Legislature Clyburn!
  8. Jack Conway says cancer patients shouldn't be allowed to have medical marijuana.
  9. Stossel stands up for Rand Paul
  10. Could we get a pinned official Rand Paul video thread?
  11. At 1:50 Jack Conway contradicts his actions of late.
  12. Jack Conway's hero Wendell Ford as Governor enacted a Severance tax on coal...
  13. Does Jack Conway support his political hero Wendell Ford's bowing to the Federal....
  14. Rand same as Reagan on CRA.
  15. Rand vs. Rachel - Tough Question
  16. Does Jack Conway support Welfare to Work like Wendell Ford?
  17. How Rand Paul got that Sarah Palin Endorsment (VIDEO)
  18. Since Jack Conway is more Constitutional than Rand, does he believe the Patriot....
  19. [AUDIO] ~ Me On National Radio Today Discussing Rand's Property vs Civil Rights Issue
  20. Does Jack Conway support robo calls? This video says yes even though he says no!
  21. Rand Paul In The Wolf's Den
  22. Rand Paul profiled on Gawker
  23. How are we to trust Jack Conway in regulating Goldman Sachs when he's....
  24. How many here are physically present in Kentucky, right now?
  25. Jack Conway supports Al Gore in the FCC takeover of Net with Net Neutrality!
  26. Southern Avenger on Rand Paul
  27. Ron Paul Rises to Son’s Defense in civil Rights Dust-Up
  28. I hereby pledge..
  29. [Video] Rand Paul & Private Business / Property Rights
  30. Let's Get the Republican Base Behind Us
  31. Rand Paul vs Rachel MadCow - And this is why you need to support ....
  32. If you hate Rand or need to criticize, Post here. Since there are no mods.
  33. MSNBC releases a FAKE transcrition of Rand Paul's appearance with Maddow
  34. AOL Poll
  35. Former high school poli sci teacher who claims to be a libertarian bashes Rand Paul..
  36. Remember Bob McDonnell in Virginia in 2009
  37. Konman = Hothead (Video)
  38. There are too many threads/posts in this forum. This is crazy!
  39. After a crazy day full of rants and media frenzy, I've rewatched the Maddow interview
  40. Why Rand will Out-debate Conman
  41. Just wanted to say...
  42. How about some good news instead?
  43. Does Rand have any money left?
  44. Mark Levin gives historical explanation of the Civil Rights Act, and Leftist Smears
  45. Rand Paul In The Wolf's Den
  46. Rand Paul announces support for Civil Rights Act after attacks
  47. Rachel Maddow caught lying!!! Pretty funny.
  48. Jim Bunning: Mitch McConnell should be more like Rand Paul
  49. What did you all expect??
  50. Check Out The Rural Democrat
  51. Possible new Rand ad?
  52. Conway has "real concerns" over AZ immigration law
  53. Top of Politico: The education of an 'outsider'
  54. A Progressive for Rand Paul
  55. Good Morning America Rand Paul
  56. Joe Scarbarough in a call in to Morning Joe just said...
  57. Chris Matthews Defends Rand Paul!
  58. GMA interview this morning was so...
  59. Front Page of Yahoo Again: Rand Paul: WH criticism of BP sounds 'un-American'
  60. Former KY GOP #2: Jack Conway Starts Campaign Of Fear With A Lie
  61. When is the next poll?
  62. Rand Paul Grilled on Civil Rights Act
  63. New endorsements
  64. I love Rand
  65. Wall Street Journal Defends Rand Paul
  66. Rand on Capital Punishment?
  67. Poll on Politico: Are Rand Paul's comments on the CRA a fatal blow to his campaign?
  68. Marcus Carey reports on Matthews saying Conway lied about repeal of act
  69. Kentucky, your Attorney General is a liar
  70. Media still misquoting Paul. We should hold this up as an example of their slimy bias
  71. When is the next general election poll due?
  72. limbaugh just mentioned rand.
  73. Positive coverage of Rand and the CRA on local station
  74. HuffPo's Pathetic Attempt to connect Paul to BP
  75. National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman John Cornyn Defends Rand Paul
  76. Democrat blog in Kentucky shuts down and endorses Rand Paul as it signs off....
  77. John Yarmuth was on Mandy Connell's WHAS show and agreed with Rand......
  78. Ron Paul on Alan Colms defending private property.
  79. Found at DP-Farmer show how to clean up oil
  80. New Poll out
  81. This is AWESOME
  82. Rand Paul needs to terminate the CRA talk
  83. MSNBC: Rand Paul won't stop talking about CRA
  84. S.s.d.e.
  85. Pretty Boy Jack Responds To Rand's "Un-American" Comment
  86. Final Results on Politico Poll on Rand and the CRA comments
  87. Local reactions to Rand Paul news stories?
  88. Rick Sanchez about to talk about Rand
  89. Huffington Post trying to Make out Rand to be as evil as Dick Cheney
  90. Marcus Carey: Liberal Media Distorts Rand Paul Statements Again
  91. Rasmussen Poll on May 20th shows Rand with 25-pt lead over Conway
  92. OMG I just understood something awesome about Rand.
  93. THe next move against rand from the left
  94. Our Friends at the National Review discuss Rand Paul: Is he too honest?
  95. Rand in Congressional Black Caucus?
  96. The real difference between Ron and Rand
  97. STOP back pedaling
  98. Topline twitter question of the day is about Rand and CRA
  99. Relevant Frederick Douglas Quote
  100. Fox: Tea Party Activists Defend Rand Paul Amid Civil Rights Controversy
  101. Hannity talking about rand noiw
  102. Keep tying Obama to Chavez
  103. Fox: The Media's New Villian, Rand Paul (takes his side)
  104. Will the Unity Rally be Streamed???
  105. Conway received money from BP!
  106. FTL on Rand
  107. Front Page of NYT: Senate Candidate Sets Off Another Round of Chatter
  108. What they plan to throw at Rand next (this it the third mention I've seen)
  109. Jack Conway going to be on Wolf Blitzer Situation Room next
  110. Rand Paul on Meet the Press? 5/23
  111. Double Deep Irony at the New York Times
  112. Rand cancelled his meet the press event this Sunday, after Saturday's unity party
  113. This CRA Thing Is Going to Help Rand BIG
  114. Fox Article Defending Rand
  115. Anyone think MTP cancellation is straight..
  116. Why Rand is stealing the show
  117. Jay Leno and Chris Matthews discussed Rand last night
  118. Like Rand, We Need a Breather
  119. Any press is good press?
  120. Video: SA@TAC - Rand Paul Revolution
  121. GOP officials ponder how to help, and tame, Paul
  122. ABC evening news is about to do a segment on Rand Paul
  123. Video: Ron Paul on the Strategy Room, talking about the CRA controversy
  124. Mike Church endorsed Rand Paul; deserves to be on Daily Kos too!
  125. Who's getting worked up?!
  126. 8 Rand articles linked on front page of Washington Post
  127. Greatest Days in American History
  129. It's convenient that I don't have to come here to get campaign news anymore
  130. Local Reaction to Rand Paul's Comments in the Media
  131. Washington Times Bogus racist charge is proof of the left's desperation
  132. A Message from Trey Grayson
  133. It's time for Rand Paul and all libertarians to aggressively go after the black vote
  134. Rand cancels Meet the Press appearance
  135. Tim Carney on MSNBC talking about Rand + libertarianism
  136. NAFTA Superhighway! That's what they want to hit him on Meet the Press!!!
  137. Meet The DePressed offers Rand a chance to become USA's #1 consrvative. Rand declines
  138. [Vid] Erick Erickson, Bob Barr on CNN on Paul
  139. Libertarian journalist defended Rand Paul on Maddow
  140. [Youtube] CNN - Erick Erickson defends Rand, and Bob Barr gives him some Tough Love
  141. You Tube: THIS is how you bitch slap race-baiting journalists!
  142. Mark Levin Defends and Has Advice for Rand, Suggestions for MTP
  143. Rand Paul Needs a Money Bomb
  144. NRO's Rich Lowry Gives Major Props to Rand Paul
  145. N Y Sun "If we were voting in Kentucky today, we would vote for Rand Paul for Senator
  146. Remember that Obama boycotted FOX NEWS during his campaign
  147. primary turnout?
  148. Yahoo Main Page: GOP officials ponder how to help, and tame, Paul
  149. Why doesn't Rand use this approach towards the CRA?
  150. Stay strong Rand and team.
  151. I've changed my mind about Rand Paul
  152. Yahoo: GOP officials ponder how to help/tame Rand Paul
  153. WSJ: Paul Remarks Have Deep Roots
  154. Conway's Conflict of Interest/Ethics Complaints
  155. WHAS11: Rand Paul shrugs off flap, shifts position in WHAS11 interview
  156. [VID] MSNBC's Morning Joe ‘What The Hell Was He Doing On MSNBC?’ via Brietbart.tv
  157. So much for that "fragmented GOP in KY"
  158. Rand Paul+Tea Party made into a political cartoon!
  159. A plea for a July 2nd Moneybomb
  160. Post here if you trust Rand and David
  161. Rand Paul's official position on Israel released
  162. Forget the national media Rand! Focus on KY!
  163. Rand Paul, effective reasoning and interesting coincidences
  164. [Video] - WIWTTV Local News - Rand Paul Under Fire For Comments On Oil Spill
  165. olbermann fair and balanced regarding rand and BP (sarcasm)
  166. Reaction in Kentucky
  167. Wa Po has Rand in top 10 GOP leaders in the Country
  168. [Video] - Fox & Friends - Ask Rand Paul A Straight Question You Get A Honest Answer
  169. With the Rand Paul primary victory, have you ever been more proud to be an American?
  170. A statement on why Rand is better than Conway from the left, quoted in Reason
  171. Interesting Blog "The Rand Paul Panic"
  172. Warning: this is a bit elitist of me
  173. Rand Paul Unity Rally Stream
  174. Breaking: The left doesn't like a potential Republican Senator!!! (Shocking)
  175. Are Rand Paul's signs in danger?
  176. Mongiardo is leaving politics, refuses to back Conway
  177. Huff Po Headline Fail: Quick Laugh
  178. hannity
  179. Msdnc
  180. Rand paul's libertarian achilles' heel
  181. What is Jack Conway's stance on abortion?
  182. Rand Paul in the news...
  183. Conman Lies about What He'll do As A.G.
  184. The slurs won't stick
  185. To Dr. Rand Paul
  186. David Adams: thinks some folks would be surprised to see so many Democrats at the GOP
  187. Rand Pauls Wiki entry severed! Needs HELP. Conways WIKI needs his Conflct of It added
  188. Paul Watson Talks With Jason Bermas About The Contrived Establishment Smear Attack On
  189. Will The Controversies Actually Increase Rand's Poll Numbers?
  190. Comedic moment of the day.....
  191. Rand has really been hurt. He's only raised.....
  192. Rand Paul: A New Hope
  194. Frank Rich on the NYT Weighs in on the Rand Paul Phenomenon
  195. VIDS! NEWS! Unity Rally
  196. If Rand gets asked about overtime pay....
  197. London Times: - Rand's career in doubt after controversy. ROFL
  198. Jackass will lose because of his stud/Goldman Sachs/Lawyer type of approaching people
  199. Inaccessible
  200. Trey was advised about "Ron Paul movement" over a year ago
  201. AP reports "30" protesting Rand Paul, shows picture of 9
  202. "Extremism," or The Art of Smearing
  203. Rand Paul and the winged monkeys: Palin 5, Republican Establishment 0
  204. McConnell
  205. The Left having a field day with Rand!
  206. Photos: Rand Paul at Unity Rally in Frankfort, KY
  207. Video: Rand Paul discusses MSNBC with WHAS11
  208. Did you see this hilarious video?
  209. Will Rand Paul appear on the front cover of Newsweek?
  210. Ron and Rand
  211. Twitter censoring Sen. Robert Byrd racist links
  212. Rand catches flack in Nashville media
  213. Yarmouth blasts Rand
  214. TN politicos jump on the Randwagon
  215. Where are our Jack Conway blogs/webpages
  216. BlueGrass posts "Newsbusters"
  217. WHAS Unity Rally coverage (video)
  218. Prediction MArkets are favoring RAnd
  219. Neocons using Fox News to smear
  220. CNN Lies about Rand Paul in their poll question
  221. Mark Levin defended Rand twice. Here's the first day.
  222. Conway's BP Smear of Rand has already started
  223. Ode to Rand
  224. Karl Rove advising Rand Paul?
  225. What Rand should have said on BP oil spill
  226. What Rand should have said on Minimum Wage Laws
  227. I had a thought-provoking strategy idea today
  228. Conway the Con man
  229. Church outreach
  230. Local PA idiot smack talks Rand Paul
  231. Anyone have WHAS streaming radio on Rand Paul happening now
  232. Rand Paul sits down with Joe Arnold to address recent statements
  233. Rand Paul was right, but only for certain business!
  234. Meet The Press 5/23
  235. Palin stands up for Rand, Huff Po doesn't like it.
  236. Chicago Tribune 'retraction' re: lie about Rand - "but that is what he MEANT, anyhow"
  237. News Media Continues Grasping at Straws
  238. Woo Hoo!! Go Marcus Carey!! Bluegrass Bulletin takes on the media witch hunt of Rand
  239. Miami Herald: Rand Paul feels the love from Kentucky GOP
  240. Great post by Mica Sims
  241. Intelligent black people don't care
  242. VIDEO: Palin on Rand
  243. McLaughlin Group Leads With Rand Paul
  244. YAL and Former Ron Staffer Rip Apart Rands Campaign
  245. Lamar Alexander: I Can Still Support Rand Paul
  246. Rand Paul is Learning What It's Like to Be Me, Says Sarah Palin
  247. Republicans embrace Rand Paul, just not his words
  248. California Senator Barbara Boxer and Rand Paul at odds over BP fault in Gulf oil spil
  249. Wash. Times: Paul has too much intellectual honesty.
  250. George Will: Paul thinks he's conducting a seminar on libertarian philosophy