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  1. Biggest GOP Turnout Ever
  2. Rand Paul to America: I can transform ya
  3. CNN Rand Victory Screenshot
  4. Opposition Research: Conway
  5. Are you ready to rumblleeeeee ?!!!!!!!!!!??
  6. A Thank You for Trey Grayson
  7. CNN spinning like crazy
  8. Anyone hear Conway's speech?
  9. Kentucky State Convention
  10. Ron/Rand 2012
  11. "Rand Paul sounds like Barry Goldwater"
  12. This video clip will DESTROY Conway
  13. Looks like Rand-slide
  14. Palin talks Rand on Hannity (video)
  15. digg Rand's victory
  16. Does Rand Paul want to abolish the Fed/allow for competing currencies?
  17. Jammin!
  18. Get to know Jack Conway....
  19. This is one of the greatest days in American history
  20. "is ready to get to work."
  21. Overwhelming Yahoo! support for Rand Paul
  22. Official Schadenfreude Thread
  23. Haha! TreyGrayson.info lives on (for now!)
  24. David Adam's: Paul in Transit
  25. RAnd Paul needs $7.5 Million for the General!
  26. Jack Tough
  27. *tears down streamers and smashes punch bowl on ground* GET BACK TO WORK!
  28. Rand Paul - Peace Train
  29. Some vintage Rand. The speech that started it all?
  30. Conway and Mongiardo got more votes than Paul
  31. Analyzing the counties Rand vs Dem from primary votes
  32. Mongiardo hasn't said if he'll back Conway.
  33. Conway: "No Right to NOT have healthcare insurance"
  34. Respond to TPM blog
  35. Digg to Front Page: Rand Paul Wins Primary!!!!
  36. My concerns about Jack Conway
  37. What should Rand do about this "unity" event?
  38. Let's not forget Kent Snyder
  39. Rand's best form of defense
  40. Which polled most accurately called the election?
  41. Welcome Trey Grayson supporters
  42. Welcome Daniel Mongiardo supporters
  43. Joe Arnold to Democrats: Trey Grayson tried that score and failed
  44. Headlines should read...
  45. The general election will probably be a lot closer than the primary looks
  46. Rand Day: Paul on TV All Morning
  47. Rand Paul coming up on MSNBC - Morning Joe
  48. Game Plan: How to Raise Big Bucks for Rand!
  49. Rand and Ron on Fox News Now
  50. Rand on CNN Now
  51. Top of Washington Post: Rand Paul's Win Shows Desire for Smaller Government
  52. Rand Paul's primary win in Kentucky leaves his father beaming
  53. Rand's Victory Insures that the Ron Paul Revolution Will Continue . . .
  54. MSNBC just reported...
  55. Rand Paul (Son of Ron) Could Just Save the Republican Party
  56. Sizzling new rap song on Rand Paul & Trey Grayson! Not Afraid of Liberty
  57. Jack Conway Praises the Grassroots Support of Rand Paul
  58. Rand Paul on ABC next...
  59. Who's Your Candidate? See what voters say when asked why they voted for who they did.
  60. Welcome Mongiardo supporters
  61. Awesome Rand Paul Victory Picture
  62. Thank you
  63. Rand Paul CNN-Vid
  64. Good feedback from MSM (CNN)
  65. Beck - 35min. in - no mention of RP win...
  66. American Spectator (James Antle) Posts a Pro-Rand Piece
  67. Huff Post Glad Rand Paul Won Since he is a "principled libertarian" like his father
  68. Rand story on Fox News next
  69. What is Rand's stand on BP oil spill?
  70. Important point to drive home.
  71. Rand Paul to Dems: Please Bring Obama to Kentucky
  72. Video: Morning Joe - Rand Paul about Mcconell - "We are going to be best friends now"
  73. Rand's victory speech
  74. Replenishing Rand Paul's campaign coffers
  75. Comedy Central Article on "Behold the Coming of Rand Paul"
  76. Random Musings on the Paul/Conway grudgematch
  77. Oh my! Have you seen this??
  78. John Dennis: Congratulations to Rand Paul!
  79. Why Rand Paul's Win is a Horrible Sign for the Stock Market
  80. Time for a Vacation from Rand
  81. Thank you!
  82. [CNN VIDEO] ~ Rand Paul ~ "We're Licking Our Chops" ~ 5/19/10
  83. What the media wont talk about...
  84. Why Rand Paul will beat Conway
  85. "We the People" vs Barack Conway aka "Obama's Prince Charming"
  86. Have we settled on a nickname for Conway?
  87. Freddoso: Why Rand Paul will win in November
  88. Boaz: Neocons Finish Out of the Money in Kentucky Race
  89. Daily Caller: Democrats move quickly in attempt to marginalize Rand Paul
  90. " Why Rand Paul Will Win In November"
  91. Nate "Phantom Numbers" Hodson playing games
  92. Jack Conway $ and issues
  93. "Another Very Bad Night for Obama, Democrats, and the Media"
  94. Thanks Daily Kos! Great Konway Material
  95. [Youtube] Rand and Ron on Fox and Friends
  96. Great Quantitative Analysis from the Washington Post
  97. VIDEO : New DSCC attack ad against Rand Paul
  98. Smearing Rand on Hardball
  99. Spencer's Coffee House in Bowling Green Tweets for Rand Paul!
  100. Rand must scare the crap out of the left
  101. The Ed show getting ready for a hit job!!
  102. Photos: Rand Paul's Victory Party in Bowling Green, Kentucky
  103. Rand is on CNN RIGHT NOW
  104. Vox Day: Republican spin (Krauthammer)
  105. Rand needs to read more.
  106. Rand Paul on Bill O'Reilly right now! Tune in!
  107. Olbermann is laying into Rand (How predictable)
  108. Rand Paul needs to show up with this book and Greg Perry!
  109. More Class Warfare --- A Country Club is an inappropriate location for a Victory Cele
  110. [VIDEO] Shelly Roche on RussiaToday - Rallying behind Rand 5/19/10
  111. VIDEO : Rand Paul on Oreilly 5-19-2010
  112. How did Obama react after Rand Paul won the election?
  113. [VIDEO] Adam Kokesh on RussiaToday - Rand Paul wins in a "Randslide" 5/19/10
  114. Rand on Maddow
  115. Suddenly the internet hates Rand Paul?
  116. Freedom Watch: Rand Paul with Judge Andrew Napolitano
  117. Video: Rand Paul on the Rachel Maddow Show
  118. Our Liberal Media "FRIENDS" have bared their fangs rather quickly
  119. Jack Conway: Rand Paul Too Extreme For Kentucky
  120. Jack Conway Accuses Rand Paul Of Opposing The Civil Rights Act
  121. Rebuttle to one of Maddows points
  122. Chris Matthews: "Didn't know that about Rand Paul" I.E. Civl Rights Act
  123. SO was that Maddow interview the end of Rand Paul or just the beginning?
  124. Dear Dem Grassroots - Read This
  125. Holy Crap...
  126. Guess what's going to be brought up in every interview from now on?
  127. An African American defends Rand Paul on Civil Rights Act position
  128. Yahoo Answers question - in 2012 would u vote for Rand Paul or Obama
  129. Sorry Jack
  130. Another African American defends Rand on Civil Rights position
  131. Chill Out
  132. You gotta remember. Value voters will hate Jack Conway....
  133. Forums/Blogs of KY Conservative Dems?
  134. Rand, learn from your dad -- Ron Paul: "Libertarianism is the enemy of all racism"
  135. Rand, play the underdog card!
  137. Video: Rand Paul on CNN w/ John King
  138. Conway campaign received $100,000 from Wall Street
  139. Conway owns stock in energy company, benefits from rate increases
  140. Rand Paul and the Fed
  141. Morning Joe taking a step back away from Rand Paul
  142. Hot Air Defends Paul, while Joe Scarborough bashes him
  143. Jack Conway Speaks Greek
  144. Wonkette Defends Rand Paul
  145. the Dreamlife Of Rand McNally
  146. Cautiously, I direct you to comment on Rachel Maddow's blog... DON'T BE A DOUCHE!!!!
  147. Marcus Carey's response to the Rachael Maddow interview
  148. Debating the Civil Rights Act question
  149. Wall Street Journal coverage of Maddow interview etc
  150. Latest Poll Numbers?
  151. Rand Paul needs Help!
  152. CBS write up of the 'civil rights act' 'issue'
  153. I'll Donate $2 For Every Post In This Thread
  154. Parallels between Trey and Conway?
  155. Washington Post: Rand Paul, pure Tea Partyer. Mitch McConnell, not so much
  156. Rasmussen: Paul 59%, Conway 34%
  157. One thing is sure about Jack Conway
  158. So I tuned in to the radio in Kentucky this morning.
  159. Rand Paul will be on Meet the Press Sunday
  160. Should Rand "play the game" to get elected?
  161. Politico: Rand Paul rips “loony left” for Civil Rights Act questioning
  162. Reason: Rand Paul Defends Opposition to CRA's Prohibitions on Private Discrimination
  163. Weigel: Rand Paul, telling the truth
  164. The reason why Woolworth desegregated
  165. Alex Merced brilliant break down. Post this video up.
  166. HotAir (Greenroom Promotion): The Tea Party Imperative
  167. HotAir: Althouse linked
  168. RedState: The Press and Left Are Lying About Rand Paul
  169. Rand Press Release on Civil Rights Act
  170. Social Security stance
  171. The Laura Ingraham Show - Rand Paul responds to the Rachel Maddow interview
  172. Why Rand Paul Opposes the Americans with Disabilities Act
  173. It's Okay, It's really Okay.
  174. R.S. McCain goes to bat for Rand: "Intellectual Terrorism vs. Civil Rights"
  175. 36% of KY Voters Like Obama; 63% Dislike!
  176. Help needed on Digg, RE: Rand on Maddow
  177. They Are Fighting Us!
  178. Tune in to the Situation Room at 6pm...
  179. Stossel
  180. Attn. Matt Collins...How did Ron Campaign back in the 90's to get elected?
  181. the next hit job: overtime pay
  182. NRO has several blog posts on Rand's win, the CRA, reactions from GOP pols.
  183. NYT: Paul’s Victory Poses Test for Tea Party on Defining Principles
  184. Rasmussen Poll: Sestak Leads Toomey
  185. Blowback: Maddow Bomb
  186. Per Twitter Gibbs addressed Rand / civil rights issue "such ideas sbould have no
  187. Reason: Everybody Loves Rand
  188. Missed Grayson not totally what it was made to be
  189. Rand Paul, Rachel maddow, Marxism, Interracial Dating
  190. Are you kidding me? Can someone please summarize what the hell just happened?
  191. Rick Sanchez (CNN) stands up for Rand
  192. Business First Louisville survey
  193. [NOW] Rick on CNN to discuss Rand
  194. Blind Blogger Stands Up For Rand! (regarding ADA)
  195. WaPo: Implications for the CRA issue on other policy issues
  196. Rand Paul, civil rights and journalism
  197. White House [Gibbs] Comments on Paul's Comments
  198. NRSC: Senior Democrat Robert Byrd fillibustered Civil Rights Act
  199. DeMint Doesn't Take Bait on Rand Paul, Plays Stupid, Gives Canned Answer
  200. If you're on facebook.....
  201. HotAir: Jim DeMint: I’m going to talk to Rand Paul about his positions
  202. Reason: Rand Paul, Property Rights, and Racism
  203. DNC has a new two minute web ad up.
  204. Sen Jim DeMint: "Conservatives Strike Back"
  205. Congrats Rand Paul! Need "Constitutional Sheriffs" for Liberty!
  206. Barry Goldwater explains his vote against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 - Firing Line
  207. International coverage: "Rightist, more rightist, tea party"
  208. RAND PAUL ON CNN Wolf Blitzer
  209. Rand on the Situation Room- COMING UP
  210. Rand Will Win in a Blowout...Unless He Blows It - Larry Sabato
  211. What is Glenn Beck saying about Rand?
  212. " MSNBC Slams Rand Paul: Eight Segments Totaling 37 Minutes Attacking the Republican
  213. This is good for the liberty movement
  214. Ron Paul defends Son
  215. George Will: American politics of late: Now that's entertaining
  216. I think that the whole thing will benefit Rand
  217. Weigel going on Hardball tonight to discuss 'the Rand story'
  218. Rand Moves Up A Notch In My Book
  219. RedState: The Press and Left Are Lying About Rand Paul
  220. How long b4 the put Potok on?
  221. Rand Paul spox: Fed gov't should bar businesses from discriminating
  222. Call 1 877 336 7622 and press 2
  223. Jack Cafferty at 5:10 pm FTW!
  224. Summary of the Attack Strategy against Rand
  225. Video: Rand Paul on Situation Room - Wolf Blitzer interview
  226. "Libertarians on Paul's Civil Rights Stance - Very Reasonable"
  227. MSNBC hacks really loved insulting "tea party" people
  228. Dow down 376. Maddow goes down on Rand's view of 1964?? It's THE ECONOMY!!
  229. Bunning blames "far-left" Courier-Journal for Controversy
  230. Wow, there are alot of Rand Paul haters trolling on this forum
  231. msnbc race baiting
  232. Meanwhile the left indiscriminately bomb the brown people of the middle east...
  233. Has Rand Paul ever denied black medical treatment?
  234. Chris Matthews show empathy toward Rand Paul
  235. Digg help BURY
  236. Does Jack Conway Support this petition?
  237. Rand Paul needs to make Milton Friedman's argument
  238. What Peter Schiff would say about Rand Paul's opponent Jack Conway
  239. Blueprint for victory being played out...
  240. Does Jack Conway support Arizona's right to the immigration law?
  241. Maddow fallout undermines pro-abort arguments
  242. Obama addressed the whole thing.
  243. Oteil Burbridge, the musician who Defended Rand Paul, invited to Freedom Watch
  244. One tough Son of Bitch! Jack Conway. MUST SEE!
  245. Rand Paul wins primary. RonPaulForums declare "Rand is finished"
  246. Did u know Marcus Carey, quoted as defending Rand, is #2 in the KY GOP
  247. Does Jack Conway support a raise in the national Minimum wage.....
  248. Doesn't the Pretty Boy support card check?
  249. Rand is going to WIN!!!
  250. If you live in Kentucky and are talking to anyone pro-life....