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  1. McConnell will be a in studio guest on 'Meet The Press' Sunday
  2. Western Trade Partnership asks Trey Greyson to explain his left-wing ties
  3. Taking orders on Rand Paul for U.S. Senate pins.....
  4. Campaign For Liberty Rand Paul/Trey Grayson mailers
  5. Barefoot and Progressive does have a funny and awesome picture....
  6. Who will be the $3 million dollar donor?
  7. Trey, Mommy and Dog Campaigning Together!
  8. The Week - Who is Rand Paul?
  9. Trey Grayson Finishing his Campaign off with Private Jet Tour!
  10. Rand Paul Boosted By McConnell Vote For Fed
  11. I predict....
  12. Song for an Election Year-GO RAND GO
  13. Everybody ad http://www.treyspends.com/ to your signiture!
  14. I just used a $100 Gift Cert from google Adwords to
  15. Kentucky Senate race looks set to boost the 'tea party,' Rand Paul
  16. I bet Trey loves this headline
  17. Public Policy Polling: "Definitely not seeing any last second Grayson surge"
  18. $2975 to go!
  19. LIVE 05/15/10 Lincoln Day Dinner Event
  20. Got $2400?
  21. Trey's Wikipedia Page. Those editors are brutal.
  22. A new controversy for Rand?
  23. $1500 to go. Seriously!
  24. over 3 million
  25. Where's Trey's Double Secret Hail Mary?
  26. Any footage??
  27. Wash Post: Tuesday in Kentucky is a Showdown between Tea Party and GOP Establishment
  28. Rand Paul sign pictures
  29. Kentucky Senate Race: "This is not an election; this is an uprising"
  30. BBC covering Rand
  31. RandPaulGraphs?!?
  32. Last ditch effort by establishment: "Rand cant beat Dems"
  33. Trey meeting at the "Delta Air Elite" lobby (no kidding)
  34. McConnell: Establishment Not On The Ballot In Kentucky Senate Primary
  35. McConnell: Establishment Not On The Ballot In Kentucky Senate Primary
  36. Voter guides?
  37. A message from Rand's wife, Kelley
  38. Busy this week, so here's wishing Rand Paul GOOD LUCK!
  39. McConnell & the Kentucky GOP will unite for Tuesday's winner in the general election
  40. Turn on CNN NOW !
  41. Two Days Before Probable Loss: Trey Grayson Buys $300 Cake
  42. Atleast Fox News is paying attention to this race
  43. Buegrass Bulletin webcasting live from victory party
  44. Nice Rand article in Bellingham Herald suggests GOP attack may have backfired
  45. PPP: Paul up 52-34
  46. A Message From Kelley Paul
  47. Photos: Rand Paul in Lexington and Florence
  48. Rand Paul in the New York Times
  49. Video Artist needed for Victory Night!
  50. Lexington Door to Door
  51. Jack Conway has strange ideas?
  52. Thunder Scares Trey Grayson Video
  53. Trey bit the Dust! - Radio Broadcast
  54. davidadamsinky twittered:
  55. Each candidate's debt (VERY telling)
  56. NPR: In Kentucky, Rand Paul Tries To Ride Tea Party Wave
  57. Kentucky primary reveals GOP rift on Afghan war
  58. Rand Paul in today's New York Times
  59. Will Rand Paul Hand the Tea Party Movement Its Biggest Victory Ever?
  60. Rand Paul Headed for an Easy Victory in Kentucky, Latest Poll Says
  61. Perils Lurk For McConnell Beneath GOP Gains
  62. Kentucky leads national watch in Tuesday's vote
  63. Latest PPP Survey Shows Rand Paul Leading Trey Grayson 54-32%!!!
  64. Rand Paul on Fox News 9:45 PM, also talked about on Morning Joe
  65. Trey does the Chicken Dance for charity
  66. Business Insider: "Tomorrow, the Rand Paul Era begins"
  67. Marcus Carey issues a warning against overconfidence
  68. MSNBC: re Rand Paul Voters
  69. How about a Spread-The-Word-Bomb?
  70. " searching for philadelphia’s rand paul"
  71. Local TV campaign coverage
  72. Baghdad Trey Borrows the Beret from Nate Hodson
  73. Rand Paul Sends Obama an Invitation
  74. Grayson says tea party won't be big voting bloc
  75. Trey Grayson going down kicking and screaming (crying like a baby)
  76. Election Coverage
  77. Debunking the Myths: The Truth About Trey Grayson's Record
  78. David Weigel: Grayson's sour grapes
  79. MSNBC: "Listening to Grayson, you can hear echo's of ex-Democrat"
  80. Weigel hits the nail on the head
  81. Karl Rove: Rand Paul can win the general election just like he can win the primary
  82. Trey Grayson: Rand Paul is winning because Fox News asks him 'softballs'
  83. Article on the AFF including its attack ads on Rand
  84. CNN sat truck just pulled into bowling green.
  85. Video: MTP Mitch McConnell on Rand Paul and The Tea Party
  86. Rand Paul next on CNN (now over)
  87. Rand Paul on MSNBC-Ratigan
  88. Rand/Grayson on Radio
  89. Trey Grayson Takes Another Shot at Ron Paul
  90. Video: Karl Rove Talks About Rand Paul's Senate Race in Kentucky
  91. Video: Rand Paul on MSNBC - Ratigan
  92. Rand Up 25 Points in Magellan Poll!!
  93. A very special back to back dedication to Trey Grayson and the Excuses first tour!
  94. Tucker just had Rand's back...
  95. warning to Washington DC establishment - MSNBC
  96. Rand Paul discussed on Fox's Special Report
  97. John David Dyche Going To Bat For Rand Paul on KET
  98. CNN-Brown going to cover Kentucky...
  99. Hotair Article on Rand
  100. Peter Schiff: Vote for Rand Paul!
  101. Does Rand have an Army of poll watchers?
  102. I thought Rand was going to be on Cooper360...
  103. Will Rand Paul run for president in 2012?
  104. Thank God for the Lakers.....
  105. Just in case there were any doubt, BOB HOOK'S GOT IT!
  106. Update Facebook, Twitter and text all family and friends....
  107. An article about voting fraud and potential voting fraud in KY
  108. Rand paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  109. Southern Avenger has a parting shot for Grayson.
  110. Treeeeee-e- ayyyyyyyy. Come out to plaaaaa-e-aaaaay!
  111. WBKO video (Good coverage)
  112. "Toady is the primary!"
  113. It's On
  114. New Fox News video
  115. The One
  116. Video: Rand Paul on Fox Business - Cavuto
  117. Video: Rand Paul on Fox - Martha's Midterm Madness
  118. How do you feel about today's primary...
  119. Forget Sarah Palin: It's Rand Paul's moment and Ron Paul's opportunity
  120. The Rand Paul Program (Washington Post)
  121. Even a Bad Election Cycle Has Some Upsides-Like the Rand Paul Revolution
  122. Gingrich on Today show talking about Rand....
  123. Check out the Pic on the Front of POLITICO
  124. Redstate: Kentucky Can Alter the GOP's Course Today
  125. I voted Rand Paul!
  126. Revolution has come to kentucky! Ballot box style!
  127. Small question
  128. Rand Paul makes news in Canada
  129. Will Rand Paul Hand the Tea Party Movement Its Biggest Victory Ever?
  130. Question about important times
  131. Should we have a voting irregularities thread?
  132. Trey phoned in on MSNBC
  133. Cry baby Trey BREAKING NEWS: KY Sec of State Trey Grayson says Rand Paul people are c
  134. Paul campaign workers removed
  135. Down the Ballot: Vote Brooks Wicker
  136. Rand Paul on MSNBC
  137. Secretary of State: Reports of vote buying, precinct complaints
  138. Thank you MATT COLLINS
  139. The Rand Paul virus infecting New Post listings seems to be highly contagious
  140. Call this # if you have voting problems!!!!
  141. MSNBC Has Lots Of Paul Discussion
  142. A Taste of What's Yet to Come in the General
  143. Trey Grayson Coming Up On Fox News
  144. Who will win the Dem primary?
  145. A message for Rand Paul
  146. Don't tell anyone, but I made a preemptive edit to Wikipedia US political families
  147. The Paul Revolution 2.0: Rand Paul's Senate run shocks Kentucky's political elite
  148. When do polls close?
  149. We are going to have a lot of work to do to unify the Party
  150. Just saw Rand and Kelley at 440 main in Bowling Green with Details Magazine....
  151. Video: Fox News - Battle Lines Drawn in Bluegrass State
  152. [MSNBC VIDEO] ~ "Rand Paul On The Gulf Oil Spill"
  153. 60% to 40%
  154. Exit Polls?
  155. A song dedicated to Trey Grayson...
  156. Johnson Vote Going to Paul! Tea Party Effect?
  157. Rand mentioned in frontpage MSN article
  158. Grayson complains of exit polling calling it a 'widespread voter interrogation scheme
  159. Rand attacked from both "sides" just now on MSNBC
  160. Roll Call: McConnell is Fixin to Eat Crow!
  161. Rand On Cavuto NOW
  162. Rand on Cavuto NOW
  163. Cavuto calling out Grayson right now...
  164. Rand Paul not sure why Mitch is so popular
  165. Video: Rand Paul Mentos
  166. Who's is Rand's competition in the general?
  167. Can we be humble winners?
  168. Rand and C4L
  169. Voter Results Webpage
  170. All night long in RPF chat - GO
  171. [VIDS] Who are you voting for? "RAND PAUL!"
  175. Poll Results HOLD!!!
  176. So what Dem do we want?
  177. Paul campaign goes nuclear on Grayson over voter fraud claim
  178. Where can I find results for local races?
  179. First county 100% in, Johnson county, Trey wins 55%, Rand 36%
  180. Paul Ahead 59.2% vs. Grayson 36.3%; 27.7% Reporting
  181. CN2 scared me!
  182. Check results here and not media sites.
  183. Rand Owning Lexington
  184. Too bad Trey can't be fired by Rand.
  185. Live Streaming from WHAS11
  186. Local Election Results
  187. OUR Time Has Come!
  188. Why are Secretaries of State allowed to run for another public office while serving?
  189. Actual First county 100% in, Robertson county, Paul wins 63%, Trey 27%
  190. Are we sure Kentucky will lean Republican in November?
  191. Weigel tweets "a slaughter."
  192. Paul wins in a Randslide!
  193. Jefferson County 29,8% reporting and Fayette County 34.5% reporting so far
  194. Chat stream up from Marcus Carey at victory party
  195. There are more "D"'s than "R"s
  196. Nate Silver Calls it for Rand Paul
  197. Its official Trey Grayson got PWND!!!
  198. How many points will Rand beat Grayson by?
  199. Poor Gurley
  200. Rand declared Winner
  201. Matthews/Hardball just called it for Paul!
  202. Kickin' ass in KY?
  203. Priceless
  204. Mitch needs Paul...not the other way around...
  205. Trey Grason calls and concedes
  206. Pop Bottles my Liberty friends!! RAND PAUL WINS!!!
  207. I'm going to celebrate with a glass of ice tea?
  208. Trey Grayson: "Unite behind Dr. Paul"
  209. Hannity, Rush, Levin...ALL showing Rand respect!
  210. Rand Paul win on Yahoo homepage
  211. Rand Paul at 90% in Warren County (Bowling Green)
  212. Drudge has Rand Win Headline at the Top
  213. TOP STORY On Google News!
  214. Rand Paul versus another career politician
  215. Paul rides tea party support, takes GOP nod in Ky. (12 minutes ago)
  216. Top headline on Fox News!
  217. Rand on FOX business NOW
  218. Press Conference On Now...
  219. MSNBC - Paul wins Kentucky
  220. This Rand Paul guy sounds pretty good.
  221. The Next Moneybomb: Let the planning begin NOW!
  222. Smoking Graas Responds
  223. Hannity "Randslide"
  224. Hannity said Randslide
  225. Sarah Palin on Hannity talking about Rand NOW
  226. Catholic Online recognizines Rand as 100% pro life
  227. McConnell Congratulates Paul
  228. July 4th Money Bomb!?!
  229. 60%-36% with 43% precincts reporting!
  230. Reaching out to Mongiardo voters
  231. Rand Paul #3 in Hot Topics on Google Trends
  232. Any word on other races?
  233. What Mitch McConnell must be thinking now...
  234. winning neo-con votes
  235. Uprising
  236. Awesome Headline on Drudge!
  237. Rand on Yahoo front page
  238. Cheers to everyone!
  239. Randslide.com ?
  240. BREAKING: ~200,000 voters in Kentucky save America
  241. victory hell ya
  242. Awesome news and awesome work!
  243. I just saw the Torch passed from Ron to Rand
  244. Ron and Rand celebration Pic
  245. Video: CNN Rand Paul Victory Speech
  246. YES WE RAND! Rand Paul 2012! Obama did it, so can we.
  247. VINDICATED: Paul opens a can of woop-@$$ in my county!
  248. Rand Paul vs Conway
  249. Official: CONWAY is our opponent
  250. Rand Paul Victory Minibomb?