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  1. Dr. James Dobson Endorses Rand Paul for Senate [Switches from Trey!]
  2. Trey Grayson Supported By James Dobson? Not anymore!
  3. Rasmussen has Paul getting more votes in General against the Dems than Trey.
  4. The Hill: Dobson story trumps Grayson's endorsement
  5. Trey Experencing Blowback?
  6. The Good Lord Giveth and the Good Lord Taketh Away
  7. Grayson Attacks Lead Paul's Favorable/Unfavorables to Increase +5
  8. Trey Grayson: "I'm Tied with Rand, Please Believe Me!!!!!"
  9. Brett Guthrie and others need to come out and support Rand.
  10. Thank you David Adams (and Rand, of course!)
  11. No Mention of GOP Lies in Article
  12. Nate Hodson Press Conference Video!
  13. Redstate
  14. Rand Paul Big Lead Tomorrow?
  15. National Review on C.M. III's latest endorsement
  16. Jim DeMint May Stay Out of Kentucky Senate Race; Doesn't Want to Upset McConnell
  17. Trey Grayson Squishy On Abortion
  18. Osi Onyekwuluje just said on Twitter Mitch McConnell....
  19. Is Rand doing his own voter IDing?
  20. McConnell Endorsement Would/Does Not Matter
  21. Rand Paul rallies?
  22. Erik Erikson about to discuss Rand and who mislead James Dobson
  23. Yep - Mitch McConnell endorses Trey and runs commercial for him [Big Surprise...Not]
  24. Mconnel officially endorses his poster boy
  25. Kentucky wants two senators, not one!
  26. Where's DeMint
  27. PPP Results -- Rand up 18!
  28. Politico says McConnell reportedly the one who mislead Dobson to endorsement of Trey
  29. You ever wish you could ask Mitch a question...
  30. Mitch McConnell Loved In KY - How to Respond?
  31. Trey Grayson Endorser Kentucky Right to Life Just Wants to Sell you Cheap Viagra
  32. Jim Demint endorsing Rand Paul (Rumor at this point)
  33. Trey Grayson is just out of touch
  34. Rand is on Freedom Watch today between 1-2pm est.
  35. Everytime Trey Gets A New Endorsement...
  36. Another Poll Coming Out this Wednesday
  37. Huckabee endorsement would be worth seeking
  38. Rand Paul Reacts To Dr. James Dobson's Endorsement and Grayson Poll -VID
  39. What are the big market radio stations
  40. Trey Grayson's polling average: 25%
  41. [Youtube] Rand Paul Launches New Commercial About Dobson Incident
  42. Apparently, Mitch McConnell decided to endorse:
  43. Mitch can't remember Grayson's name? That's abc's take on it....
  44. Bunning: McConnell Endorsement Of Grayson Won't Mean Much
  45. RandPaul2010.com In Contention For Best GOP Candidate Website, Need Votes!
  46. For those freaking out about endorsements....
  47. Marcus Carey from Bluegrassbulletin......
  48. Rand Paul and Jack Hunter on Freedom Watch!
  49. View from the frontline
  50. Trey Grayson (Sec State KY) predicts 30% turnout!
  51. One reason Mitch should of stayed away!
  52. Trey Grayson Putting Out Another Fake Internal On Wednesday!
  53. Rand should send his men and laywers to all polling stations
  54. Marcus Carey is back!
  55. [Video] Rand Paul on FreedomWatch w/ Judge Napolitano - Vote Fraud + Other Issues
  56. Nate Hodson Responds to Being 18 Points Down
  57. Expect DeMint Endorsement Today!
  58. Important newly released PPP polling information re: match up with dems
  59. DeMint Endorses Rand Paul (Official)
  60. Senatator DeMint Message on Rand
  61. DeMint: Let's raise $50k for Rand!
  62. Nate Hodson Has Positive Things to Say About Jim DeMint's Senate Conservatives Fund
  63. IMPORTANT: Contact Club for Growth and Ask Them to Endorse Rand Paul Too!
  64. USA Today: Senate Republican defies his leader to endorse Rand Paul
  65. WaPo take on De Mint endorsement -- drawn into race 'because things got unfair'
  66. DeMint's Senate Conservative Fund Web Ad for Rand
  67. [VIDEO] Probably the best video I've seen on why NOT Trey and why YES Rand.
  68. Carol Paul thanks you for your support of her son!
  69. GREAT Crossed Pond article on how terrific Rand's campaign is
  70. In Kentucky Senate primary, contest is Tea Party vs. GOP
  71. Politico: DeMint steps on McConnell endorsement
  72. Kentucky poll: Rand +12
  73. How about sending a thank you email....
  74. Anyone else find the Comedy in that the Pulaski Co. GOP is hosting Rand Paul Friday
  75. Video of Rand up on FoxBusiness.com
  76. Rand is harnessing the Tea Party movement
  77. Trey and Mitch Release New Soft Ad
  78. Rand Paul KY News Coverage
  79. Newspaper Cartoon about Rand Paul and Senate Race: "GOP Dance"
  80. Kentucky Poll: 44% Paul, 32% Grayson
  81. Trey Grayson wants to steal this election
  82. Magellan Strategies: Paul up by 15
  83. SPLIT: Trey Grayson trying to Steal Election
  84. Bluegrass Bulletin: Grayson Says It's Close
  85. MarketWatch: Paul holds 12-point lead in Ky. Republican race
  86. Mitch McConnell losing his popularity since endorsement.
  87. Now Trey has people lying to his own supporters.
  88. Small donors fuel grass roots candidate Rand Paul
  89. Backstory on one of the many reasons Mitch hates Constitutional Conservatives
  90. Rand Paul, Jim Demint and the GOP by The Southern Avenger
  91. They are going to try swiftboating Rand!!!
  92. How to steal an election
  93. The Machine Part 2
  94. How to raise Rand 100K in 5 days without a moneybomb
  95. I saw this and thought of the campaign. Less than 2 weeks.
  96. URGENT EMAIL from Ron Paul: Don't Let Them Swiftboat Rand!
  97. Pony up you MOFOS!!!
  98. Small donors fuel Rand Paul & Marco Rubio campaigns
  99. Why are we so worried about Trey's ad?
  100. Malachi
  101. Down the Ballot
  102. New Grayson Web Video
  103. We Should Really Hammer The Fact That Trey's People...
  104. It's time for Rand to run an ad about Grayson's Global Warming speech!
  105. $50,000 Today
  106. The establishment has arrived WE MUST ACT NOW!
  107. PAC spends $100,000 to call Paul cuckoo
  108. Marcus Carey on the AFF and the attack ads
  109. More about the American Future Fund PAC
  110. Contact Sarah Palin and ASK her to write a Facebook note for Rand Paul
  111. Who is running the debate CSPAN is televising Monday?
  112. for people who can put images in their sig
  113. Not in Kentucky? You Can Still Help Rand Paul Win the Primary! <<<<
  114. Videos: Grayson and Ted Kennedy
  115. Where is the campaign for liberty??
  116. Ad Idea
  117. The establishment just brought in the reinforcements!
  118. Trey Grayson Talks About Dr. James Dobson
  119. I was in the heart of the 5th today (Hal Rogers Country).
  120. How Can I Help From Outside KY?
  121. These ads seem way to similar. It's code for what Trey really is!
  122. Nice to have Red State on our side.
  123. Article on Tea Party / Rand Paul and how Democrats view the Tea Party
  124. KY GOP Primary Survey - Trey's strongest base of Support is Among Moderates
  125. Did Rand Paul get another endorsement?
  126. Rand on Radio?
  127. Great donor comparison by USA Today.
  128. A Special Mothers Day Message from Carol Paul (Please Help My Son)
  129. A Special Mothers Day Message from Carol Paul
  130. Where is Our AFF?
  131. Lexington Hearald-Leader Endorses RAND PAUL!
  132. After Utah, Kentucky next GOP test
  133. Please. If you come to Bowling Green to help, make a special trip to Nashville...
  134. Rand Paul totally looks like Howard Roark
  135. Truth about Former Senator Bennet
  136. Bluegrassbulletin.com Endorsement!
  137. Rand Paul and Johann Sebastian Bach?
  138. West kentucky!! Help!!
  139. All attention on Kentucky
  140. Rand Paul does support AZ Illegal Immigration Law
  141. $5000 if you can find Trey's infamous global warming video!!!
  142. Mitch is about to be on ABC online with "the Fix"
  143. Rand on Neil Cavuto
  144. Trey embarks on "Kentucky First Tour"
  145. The Libertarian/Conservative Drudge
  146. > 100k to 3 Million
  147. David Frum disgusts me!
  148. For you History buffs and Political pin collectors....
  149. The Undecided Vote
  150. CSpan "Server Too Busy"
  151. Watch KET/CSPAN Debate
  152. McConnell Says Paul Can Win
  153. Who won the debate?
  154. Wendell Ford endorses Jack Conway
  155. RAND PAUL made the front of my homepage news...
  156. More people in Kentucky saw this.....
  157. Related to the "Farm Subsidies" issue discussed in the debate
  158. KY uses non-verifiable computer voting machines?
  159. Video: 05/10/2010 Kentucky GOP Senate
  160. Rand Paul may not vote for McConnell as floor leader
  161. Trey Grayson To Benefit From Last Minute Tightening
  162. Erick Erickson donates to Rand also?
  163. U.S. Chamber of Commerce Endorses Trey Grayson
  164. Cathy Bailey backing Rand Paul in primary
  165. >>>>> Rand Paul Sets 24 Hour Goal - $30,000 - For Newspaper Ads <<<<<
  166. [Vid] National Review Discussion of Debate
  167. Guess which U.S. Senator voted against auditing the fed.
  168. Rand was on Special Report on Fox.
  169. New Senate poll out Wednesday (5/12) at 5pm
  170. Rand Is Coming to Paducah
  171. Trey Grayson would vote to bailout larger countries....
  172. What was this all about?
  173. Only $80,000 for Rand to hit his $3 Mill
  174. Trey Admits Rand Won The Debate
  175. WSJ: Trying to Tame Voter Backlash--Rand is Mentioned
  176. News From The Ground in KY?
  177. Politico: What would a Rand Paul Victory Mean?
  178. Kentucky voters switching to new voting machines for primaries
  179. DeMint: Bunning asked me to endorse Rand Paul
  180. Sobering reality in the campaign...
  181. North Carolina/rpf member to be on local radio re: RAND!
  182. RPF member to be on local NC radio re: RAND!
  183. Erik Erickson: WARNING: There is a smug cloud over Kentucky. It is best dealt with by
  184. Gurley L Martin beats Trey Grayson in this poll!
  185. Rand Paul on Radio - Brian & Judge @ 11:20 AM, NHPR @ 2:25 PM
  186. Rand needs to ASK people for their vote
  187. Grayson Strategist: "Most folks on the ground think this one is all but over"
  188. It's tea party vs. GOP establishment in Kentucky
  189. Got TWO mailers today from Grayson campaign
  190. Call TO ACTION!!! (new Rand video)
  191. Countdown till poll...
  192. Rand Paul coasting in new poll... Paul 49% Grayson 33%
  193. RedState Erickson may "need to get up to Bowling Green for this"
  194. High Quality Pictures of Rand Paul and Trey Grayson [Washington Post]
  195. Grayson leads among Liberals TV Ad idea
  196. Will Rand have protection...
  197. Marcus Carey - The Fat Lady Sings!
  198. Rand Paul Buttons?
  199. Really sad (for Trey) local news videos
  200. Who does Bob Hook endorse?
  201. It looks like McConnell is not planning to be in KY Tuesday
  202. VIDEO :Grayson campaign manager - Phantom numbers on recent poll results.
  203. Nate Hodson comments (real quote not the video)
  204. A 16% lead can disappear overnight.
  205. Good AP article on KY GOP Race
  206. "Paul has more answers"
  207. Big Rand article headlines dailycaller.com
  208. Rand Paul v. Trey Greyson Debate Reveals The Choices The GOP Faces In The Future
  209. Here We Go Again (Again): 100% Unverifiable E-Voting Systems Set for Use in Kentucky
  210. Great article by Marcus Carey about us....
  211. The Truth about Trey Grayson's budget cuts.
  212. KY Senate GOP Debate (05/10/2010)
  213. Daily Kos has a KY senate race poll coming out today?
  214. Evidence Shows Trey Grayson Misleading Voters on his Record
  215. Club For Growth (still no endorsement)
  216. Trey Grayson's Strange Ideas
  217. SurveyUSA: 49% Paul, 33% Grayson
  218. [Vid] Trey Didn't Cut Spending 15%, He Requested a 1million $ Increase!
  219. Looking over the horizon
  220. Research 2000 has Rand up 10 points: 45/35
  221. Does Trey have a final surprise?
  222. Trey Grayson - Rand's World [Vicious Attack Ad]
  223. Rand print ad?
  224. How much did Rand raise from money bombs in the primary?
  225. Rand Paul signs under attack
  226. Photographer Bias
  227. Matthews on Hardball: "Rand Paul is going to win"
  228. [Youtube] Jim Bunning's Commercial for Rand Paul
  229. Over?
  230. Never seen this video before. Rand and Ron, true Reagan guys.
  231. Anyone hear Rand dedicate a song to his wife on WHAS....
  232. Epic Rand Paul Tea Party Speech
  233. Booker Rising: The Paul Revolution 2.0
  234. Are newspapers running out of titles for their Rand articles? "the Son Also Rises" 2
  235. Question for Kentuckians: What Percentage of KY Voters Vote Absentee?
  236. Video: WHAS11 Rand Paul Remains Frontrunner in May 18 Kentucky GOP Primary
  237. How Rand Paul became the Tea Party's Obama
  238. Rand Paul to be on Laura Ingraham Show at 10:30 AM ET - Listen Live
  239. CSM: Kentucky Senate race looks set to boost the tea party, Rand Paul
  240. Rand Paul -- Master Communicator
  241. is victory party gonna be streamed?
  242. One Final Push! - Rand Paul Needs $10,000 for Radio Ads!
  243. Pandering Trey Grayson to attend Biker Rally
  244. Help Rand hit $3 Million by Tuesday!
  245. Well, we disagree on, say, occupying Afghanistan for the next 500 years
  246. Stalwarts Club Endorses Rand Paul!!!
  247. Rand Paul pulling attacks off TV, airing positive ads
  248. Bunning dispatches staff to Northern Kentucky for Paul
  249. What's your opinion on Weigel's video selection for Rand?
  250. Watch Election Results Roll In Live Here