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  1. Someone took advantage of gurley!
  2. stunned silence?
  3. Grayson's faltering campaign
  4. Trayson is not beaten, snap out of it before victory is snatched away from us.
  5. Debate between Trayson and Dr. Paul: April 24th, Richmond, KY
  6. AOL NEWS: Paul leads among Kentuckians earning less than $50,000 a year w/ 49 percent
  7. Got my first Trey Grayson Mailer today!
  8. 'Crazy' Rand will Slaughter the Horse Whisperer Conway
  9. New North Kentucky "grassroots group" to back Trey Grayson claims facebook
  10. McConnell says "never again" to bailouts
  11. Grayson Wears 'Trey' Shirt Cuff
  12. Thunder Over Louisville Activism & Outreach 4/17/10
  13. Rand v. Trey Debate LIVE ONLINE NOW
  14. KY Tea Party Leader: "Trey Grayson Ignores Tea Parties"
  15. Grayson Supporter(s) Doing a Money Bomb to Counter April 19th!
  16. Rands Youtube
  17. Grayson interview with Courier-Journal
  18. Trey's Response Ad to MACHINE
  19. Trey Grayson is best friends with Frank Luntz
  20. Trey's KY Political No-NO "Palin's not qualified"
  21. Trey Grayson's new attack ad against Rand.
  22. OFFICIAL: Jim Bunning Endorses Rand Paul!
  23. Rand Paul on Hotair
  24. The Political Meaning of the Bunning Endorsement
  25. Rand Paul vs. Trey Grayson in Bowling Green (photos)
  26. bunning endorsement!
  27. Got Trey's New Job Lined Up
  28. CNN - Palin an issue in Kentucky (Grayson disses her)
  29. Meanwhile over at Graisons website
  30. Video News Coverage of Bunning's Endorsement of Rand Paul
  31. Vote for Rand in this hotair poll
  32. Really. Jim Bunning has been right on many issues....
  33. Trey Grayson is Done VIDEO 4/14/10
  34. C4Palin angry at Trey Grayson
  35. Trey's new ad attacking Rand on Medicare and Social Security....
  36. Bill Clinton in 1992 Used Independent Contractors; Grayson Voted for him
  37. Beat Duke...
  38. On Tax Day, Trey Grayson Says: Pay Up!
  39. Tea Party Express endorses Rand Paul!
  40. RedState: The Trouble with Trey Grayson: Attacking Conservative Ideas and Sarah Pali
  41. Is Trey working for the democrats now?
  42. KY Tea Party
  43. has Trayson peaked?
  44. Check out this article...it is linked off of "biggovernment.com"
  45. Who else thinks Bunning should primary McConnell in 2014?
  46. It's been a good week, but... [Message from Rand Paul - He needs our help!]
  47. Merwin is winning the Democrat Obama supporters yard sign war!
  48. Great commentary by Marcus Carey on What Trey should do.
  49. Cash on Hand?
  50. Rand has more appeal than Ron
  51. Wish Trey Grayson a Very Happy Birthday!
  52. New email from Ron Paul promoting April 19 Moneybomb
  53. TrAIG Does NOT intend to Give Up
  54. Clinton had an ad against Newt Gingrich about him wanting to raise SS retirement age?
  55. Rand Paul's Intrade numbers
  56. Senator man-on-dog endorses Grayson
  57. Anybody have Rand's TEA party speech?
  58. Palin in Kentucky today???
  59. 30k Raised Today Already - Wow
  60. Trey Grayson's Democratic Commercial Against Rand Paul
  61. Rick Santorum Calls into Leland Conway Show
  62. Jim Bunning For Governor!
  63. "Mommy" makes it on WHAS11 evening news - Story about Palin/Paul/Trey/Santorum
  64. [VIDEO] Rand Paul Bowling Green Debate
  65. $3 Million on the 19th. Anyone else feel we may round it off?
  66. HillBilly Days Pictures 2010 (Pikeville, KY)
  67. What a endorsement!
  68. Rand Paul interview with Courier Journal - 1 PM ET
  69. LOL: Trey Took "SEX CLASS" at Harvard (Proof)
  70. Rand Paul LIVE streaming on the internet NOW
  71. Larry McDonald!
  72. Santorum tweets lies.
  73. On Conway's FB page: "Come to Northern Kentucky. I'm tired of seeing Rand Paul signs"
  74. Marcus Carey Tweet.
  75. Exactly One Month To Victory!
  76. [VIDEO] "Jack Conway Refuses To Answer My Questions, No Friend Of Coal"
  77. Bluegrass Bulletin breakdown of CJ interviews.
  78. NBC Meet The Press discusses Rand Paul.
  79. Mailing list owners...
  80. Dr. Rand Paul speech at Tax Day Tea Party
  81. Trey wants to bring Rand Paul down with him
  82. ** Official Patriot's Day Money Bomb **
  83. Reminder: Mon. Apr. 19 is last day to register to vote!
  84. Jack Conway Refuses To Answer Questions
  85. Rand Paul says: "It's a big day tomorrow"
  86. Major pro-life endorsement for Rand Paul
  87. Bill Johnson Rumblings
  88. Kentucky Battle Tests Old GOP Home: Great Article
  89. Rand Paul bashed on Dan Riehl's blog
  90. Ticker Starting Amount: $2,495,039
  91. The MONEYBOMB is ON! >>>FIRE AWAY>>>
  92. Send Out Emails/Texts to Remind People about Money Bomb!
  93. Let's get $1000 ready to launch....
  94. Madison, Jefferson, and Nullification made simple by Galileo
  95. Happy Patriot's Day.
  96. Let's keep it up on Daily Paul (April 19th Money Bomb)
  97. Trey Grayson: Shape-shifter
  98. "His dad (Ron Paul), while relevant to the debate in Washington, hasn't ever done any
  99. Rudy G steps in and endorses Grayson.
  100. Grayson and Giuliani Sieze the Pro-Abortion Vote
  101. McConnell Biographer And Columnist John David Dyche "Disappointed" With Grayson Ad
  102. Trey Grayson: Arlen Specter Republican
  103. Glenn Beck calls Rand Paul, "Real Deal."
  104. David Adams on Giuliani
  105. Ron Paul Email: Rudy Giuliani Endorses Rand’s Opponent – We need your help!
  106. US Senatorial Candidate Debate
  107. Bohnson Loses Another Supprter
  108. RON PAUL: Rudy Giuliani Endorses Rand’s Opponent – We need your help!
  109. Some interesting pictures on Trey....
  110. Need HELP ASAP!
  111. Redstate blog on Rand Paul
  112. Trey Grayson calls this guy "America's Mayor?"
  113. Wouldn't be bad to get this video out about Santorum.
  114. Rand Paul: Sarah Palin is 'absolutely' qualified to be president
  115. O, Giuliani: Slithering, beaked, man-creature
  116. Rand/Grayson article on digg front page
  117. McConnell's top Kentucky staffer abruptly resigns
  118. campaign finance report from Q1
  119. Rand Paul MINIBOMB within the MONEYBOMB at 10:00 PM EST - Who's in?
  120. C4L vs. Rand Paul's campaign?
  121. 11 PM Mini-Bomb for the Daily Paul!
  122. New Video: Pro-Abortion Giuliani endorses Grayson
  123. How Exicted Are You?!?!??
  124. WSJ: GOP Bid to Reclaim Senate Fuels Fight for Party's Soul
  125. Sen. DeMint: "Rand Paul is a great candidate"
  126. Congrats
  127. Rand Paul's top goal is to cut federal spending
  128. David Adams "Will Have a Very Big Kentucky Announcement Today"
  129. Glenn Beck mentioned Rand Paul today.
  130. The KY Credit Union Members PAC Endorsement
  131. Rand Paul Sign "jumpshot"
  132. No Money Bomb? No Problem.
  133. 2 minute video that is filled with Rand's Campaign talking points!
  134. Neocons Attack Rand Paul By Tying Him To His Dad's Foreign Policy
  135. 14k tuesday!
  136. "Wow, I'm Trey Grayson."
  137. Brooks Wicker endorses Rand Paul
  138. Watch Trey Grayson Meltdown
  139. Backflips with Trey Grayson
  140. Rand Paul Serious About Stopping Abortions
  141. Kentucky RTL caught lying about Paul questionnaire
  142. KY Right To Life – Rand Paul 100% Pro Life – See for yourself
  143. Brooks Wicker endorses Rand Paul
  144. CNN: Palin stars in new Rand Paul commercial
  145. Trey explains the difference ...
  146. Article on Tea Partiers deciding 5 senate races.
  147. Video of Palin commercial.
  148. RightWingNews.com/John Hawkins endorsement
  149. The "Democrats want Paul to win" meme
  150. I see GOA for Rand...where the NRA??
  151. Become a precinct election officer
  152. Prominent Republicans making more endorsements in primary races
  153. Paul to attend NKY Chamber debate
  154. [Youtube] Rand Paul Profile on Local Kentucky News
  155. Red State Article on supporting Rand.
  156. Videos of Past Debates
  157. Roll Call covers Rand Paul money bomb today
  158. Friday, 4/23 - Rand Paul Debates Primary Opponents - Streams Live Online at ~Noon
  159. David Adams says Palin Ad is First of Several Ads Featuring Endorsements
  160. WROCK This Online Poll! :^)
  161. Rand destroys Grayson
  162. Bunning's PAC sends donation to Rand.
  163. Does Rand actually write the postcards?
  164. Paul accuses Grayson of hypocrisy over taxes
  165. Tubes of Debate!!!
  166. Rand Paul Campaign: Grayson Caught Red Handed in Hypocrisy ‎
  167. [Youtube] Rand Paul on BBC News
  168. Independent Groups
  169. Trey Cuts Government
  170. NY Times Op-Ed on debate with Gurley L. Martin plug
  171. Another Strange Idea From Trey Grayson
  172. Does Trey Support Cap and Trade?
  173. Richmond Debate/Interviews
  174. Predictions for primary?
  175. BBC profile on Rand Paul
  176. "MR." Paul Rather than "Dr."
  177. Trey and Obama video
  178. Louisville Courier-Journal: In Republican Senate race, a dismal choice
  179. New Treyson Facebook fan page
  180. Comments on this race on MSNBC
  181. New Endorsement?
  182. Trey Grayson Attacks Rand Paul and gets schooled
  183. Need a pic of Rand Paul crowd!
  184. Rand Paul Victory Party (4/18)
  185. Fluffy article about the negative nature of this primary
  186. Rand Paul Yard Signs
  187. 3 weeks to go
  188. James Dobson Endorses Trey Grayson
  189. Rand Needs Volunteers. Two weeks left in this primary.
  190. [Youtube] New Rand Paul Commercial (w/ Jim Bunning)
  191. Grayson's stock dropped 13.5% at Intrade.com
  192. These "alleged" Pro-Lifers like Trey Grayson and their 14th amendment.
  193. Solid Post on Redstate about Grayson and Paul
  194. Grayson Supporters Will Do Anything To Remove A Sign
  195. Abortion Becomes Key Issue in Kentucky Senate Race
  196. Trey Grayson Body Language Analysis
  197. Mommy poll!!!
  198. Blog Poll for Senate Primary
  199. So why is COnway running a Grayson ad?
  200. John David Dyche | Budget pitfalls, pratfalls
  201. A Wicker Welcome
  202. McConnel's right-hand man criticizes Trey Grayson
  203. Jim Bunning on Radio
  204. West KY People - Rand needs your help!!
  205. NEEDED: video of Jim Bunning on Dylan Ratigan today
  206. Just in case you've posted on Mommy before.....
  207. Rand Paul and Trey Grayson in a dead heat...
  208. Rand Paul supports Local Solutions/10th Amend. to Illegal Immigration
  209. Rand's schedule
  210. McConnell supported turncoat Crist
  211. Rand Paul Cleared $2.7 Million Today
  212. Authorities to monitor for voter fraud in Ky.
  213. Which political debate do you like better?
  214. Rand Paul Signs
  215. Crist exit could signal insider purge
  216. Focus now will turn to coal and the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th district.
  217. Grayson's political director has a great job
  218. Sen Cornyn: NRSC will help Rand Paul
  219. Endorsement?
  220. Senator Mitch McConnell Supports Rand Paul! (Joke)
  221. Reason: Like Father, Like Son?
  222. Grayson Says it is "Welcome News" to Not Receive Endorsement After Begging for it
  223. More dangerous allies for Trey Grayson
  224. Abortion Lobbyist Holds Fundraiser for Trey Grayson!
  225. David Adams Tweeted
  226. What happened to Marcus Carey?
  227. youtube coverage?
  228. Trey versus Northern KY Right to Life
  229. New Email from Rand
  230. Call Your Congressman, Ask them to Endorse Rand...
  231. Today was a big day for the Rand Paul campaign...
  232. PPP is polling this weekend.
  233. Who want's to throw down $5, $10, $20, $25, or more at 8PM EST?
  234. Ron Paul Endorses John Dennis-- should he be a liberty candidate?
  235. KY 9/12 Rand Paul vs. Trey Grayson Debate
  236. I'm asking for your help to help me document the final week!
  237. Rand Paul Graphs
  238. The education of Trey Grayson
  239. Trey Grayson: Strange fundraising allies?
  240. Parents are registered Dems. what should they do?
  241. Watch The Derby
  242. LMAO! Trey Grayson Attempting Standup Comedy [Video]
  243. Does Trey Get It?
  244. The Truth Comes Out - Trey Grayson: Hold Innocent Prisoners at GITMO Indefinitely
  245. Paul wins over skeptics to lead in GOP race
  246. Rand Paul and Trey Grayson with Competing Big Endorsements Tomorrow (Monday, May 3rd)
  247. Rand: "Grayson is like a little kid in third grade, like a snitch."
  248. Rand Paul's (Victory) Party
  249. Kentucky Senate Debate to Air on CSPAN
  250. Dobson cuts an ad for Rand Paul!