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  1. GOP Bigwigs Resort to Lies to Stop Rand Paul
  2. Rand Paul fights for coal
  3. No conflict of interest for Grayson
  4. Research2000: Paul leads Grayson by 12
  5. Call Ben Chandler's office
  6. Grayson to Out-of-State Ron Paul Army: Welcome to Kentucky (Immature)
  7. McConnell Unity Letter
  8. Should Rand Release the Hounds on Trey?
  9. Has anyone looked into these Trey Grayson Scandal claims?
  10. New Donation Banner on Home Page
  11. How much does Rand need to raise on March 23rd?
  12. Let's try to reach 500 pledges before the 23rd!
  13. Trés Grayson suggests Wildcats forfeit NCAA games . . . ?
  14. Republican Establishment Alarmed By Paul
  15. Time to get ready for the 23rd.. Spread it
  16. The Campaign Needs Volunteers!
  17. Grayson : It's the government's money - it's not your money
  18. Rand Paul may ride a wave into Senate
  19. Rand Paul: The DC Insiders Are At It Again
  20. Trey Grayson, Dangerous Allies
  21. Next Grayson-Related Campaign Commercial Should be About [AIG] Bailout Balls
  22. Rand Paul Is What Tea Partiers Thought Scott Brown Was
  23. The Battle of Kentucky
  24. May 18th - this race is Rand's to lose
  25. Blast from the past
  26. Take Back the House Rally 03/22
  27. Money Bomb is 12 hours away!
  28. Josh! Trevor!
  29. Rand Paul responds to healthcare vote
  30. [Pictures] YAL's Spring Break in KY + Campaigning for Rand Paul
  31. Rand Paul at John Yarmuth's Take Back the House Rally (photos)
  32. The Official Moneybomb thread!
  33. Trey Grayson attending AIPAC 2010, getting support from "Pro-Israel operatives"
  34. Ticker Starting Amount: $2,055,025
  35. I double dare you
  36. Thanks TKubic, MRocked, Jeremy, Gage, Newbitech and all!
  37. On Pace for $186,000?
  38. [Video] Rand Paul on FreedomWatch with the Judge!
  39. Ron Paul's Facebook Asks for Donations
  40. McConnell and Grayson planning an assault on Rand Paul
  41. Today is the big day! - Amazing message from Ron Paul himself
  42. No donation is too small- every penny counts!
  43. Grayson Bemoans Negative Ads
  44. RandPaul2010.com down?
  45. Ron should send another email out...
  46. Over $100,000
  47. 100k before 12pm
  48. AIPAC Grayson supporter is a fan of Lindsey Graham
  49. Rand Paul Fundraises: ‘The Neo-Conservatives Are Running Scared’
  50. Rand Paul Raises $100,000 in Less Than 12 Hours
  51. DSCC: The Birther Five
  52. My first donation since Ron Paul in 2007
  53. $1 double - 5min game!! easy and might be fun!!
  54. 182k as of 2:32pm
  55. $20.10 matching thread
  56. Have you donated to Rand Paul today?
  57. New Donors
  58. How to get Media to Cover Money Bomb?
  59. The FUCK IT I'm in for another $10 thread...
  60. The push towards $250,000!!! - Minibomb at 10:00 PM EST!
  61. Should I wait or donate now?
  62. wkrg mention
  63. Trey grayson concedes and donates to rand?
  64. Trey?
  65. Moving into the Last Hour here.... 11 cst.
  66. How much money should Rand spend before the primary?
  67. thank you newbitech
  68. Good lines for Rand to use
  69. URGENT! Saturday, March 27 Grassroots Mobilization Needed
  70. 600K quarter?
  71. Any publicity is good publicity when its coming from the left (Gawker)
  72. Rand Paul responds to Cheney's statement
  73. David Adams "has HUGE news" - Part 8
  74. Has anyone seen this?
  75. Anyone know when we should see this new money put to good use?
  76. Wow, Paul raised $16000 today alone!
  77. Trayson Gains Endorsement, but [Front-Runner, Palin-endorsed] Rand Paul Gains Funding
  78. Caption this Photo of Grayson
  79. Wash Post: Cheney's last endorsement lost by 21 points
  80. At 3:32 in this vid did Trey say what I think he said?
  81. Trey Grayson: "We have to rid ourselves of private ownership of the economy, period."
  82. Clay County, KY Election Officials Found Guilty of Election Fraud, Vote Buying
  83. beat Ivy League twits, vote Rand Paul!!!
  84. The Rand Paul Bus Tour
  85. Judge Napolitano on potential for election fraud in Kentucky
  86. Music for the Rand Bus tour?
  87. If Rand Paul wins, I'm moving to Kentucky
  88. MSNBC rates Kentucky primary as 3rd top primary in the US
  89. New Rand Paul radio ad!
  90. New Treyson Ad in Cincy Market
  91. Who does Rand cheer for..
  92. David Adams interview
  93. Trey Grayson Wanted to go to Duke! And wanted to be a U.S. Senator since High School
  94. Solid AP article being picked up by various news outlets
  95. Rand speaks out against ObamaCare @ KY Capitol (4/1)
  96. Intrade
  97. Rand Paul on Israel
  98. [Pictures] Rand Paul Support Strong at Second Amendment Rally
  99. Rand needs $30k to have raised $600k this quarter!
  100. Rand Paul at Second Amendment rally & Laurel County Tea Party (photos)
  101. Did Rush Limbaugh diss Rand Paul last week?
  102. Trey Grayson and Obama's Sec Robert Gibbs: Dangerous Allies?
  103. We need a presence @ Women of Joy conference (4/16-4/18)
  104. Rand Paul at Second Amendment event
  105. Trey Grayson: Career Politician By Design
  106. Courier Journal Cartoon about Grayson and Dick.....
  107. Democrats Form “Anti-Tea Party” PAC
  108. Why Ignore This?
  109. Rand Paul to appear on MSNBC's Morning Joe on Thursday at 6:45 am
  110. New campaign slogan?
  111. Start using this in ads!
  112. Memo to Rand Paul: NOW is a Good Time to Fight for Election Integrity in KY's GOP U.S
  113. More background on party golden...errr...waterboy Trey
  114. Paul campaigns in eastern Kentucky, criticizes Grayson
  115. Next nationally televised debate?
  116. Trey trying to make Q1 look good
  117. Southern Avenger "Dangerous Rand Paul!"
  118. Number to hit for a $600,000 quarter for Rand Paul: $2,375,000 - Let's do this!
  119. New TV ad
  120. I am sending Rand another $5.00--Please join me
  121. Kochs Fund Trey Grayson’s Campaign (According to Lew Rockwell)
  122. Establishment Pledges their Allegiance to Grayson
  123. Rand Paul on Glenn Thur 5:15pm
  124. Is it time to release Van Jones......
  125. $600,000!
  126. Rand, Don't fall into Trey's Trap
  127. Only advice I'd have for Rand.....
  128. Trey Grayson, Rand Paul and the politics of Sept. 11, 2001 [Washington Post]
  129. Question on Trey Grayson fundraiser--Sept. 23
  130. "We all want to be sexual experts"-- Trey Grayson
  131. Jack Conway ad.....
  132. Advice for Rand. How I would respond.
  133. BLuegrass Bulletin Today
  134. Rand Paul on WYMT Issues and Answers 3/29/10: Trey Grayson is a Liar!
  135. When is the next poll coming out?
  136. Today is the last fundraising day of Q1 - Midnight Goal: $2.4 Million Total Raised
  137. Grayson: Almost to Our Fundraising Goal
  138. Grayson: Just months ago Rand was advocating a pro-choice position on abortion
  139. Rand Paul Raises $600K, But Is Low On Cash
  140. April 15 Tea Party Flyers
  141. Rand's Tea Party - April 7th
  142. Lol Huffington Post
  143. Rand Paul wears a seat belt
  144. Trey Grayson: Too Nutty for Kentucky (FB Group)
  145. Ron Lewis Jumps Ship?
  146. new Rand article is WSJ
  147. MarketWatch 3/31: How the Tea Party Movement is Shaking up the GOP
  148. Get back to basics
  149. Trey Smayson Decides to Drop out at end of 1st qaurter!!!!
  150. Rand Paul on MSNBC Morning Joe
  151. Rand interviewed by Jack Hunter on the Mike Church satellite radio show today (audio)
  152. In the general election, which Democrat will be harder for Rand to beat?
  153. Rand Paul to Attend Kentucky Derby!
  154. New York Times Mag Interviews RAND PAUL
  155. Rand Paul's "Tea Party" Bus Tour Across Kentucky - Full Schedule
  156. Rand Has a Sweet House!
  157. May Primaries Offer Preview of November Elections
  158. Rand Paul Patriots' Day Moneybomb - April 19th - One Final Blitz to Win the Primary!
  159. Paul Paints Grayson as the Candidate of DC Insiders in New Ad
  160. Bill Johnson commented on David Adams's status:
  161. KY race just mentioned on Fox!
  162. VIDEO : Rand Paul oin Glenn Beck hosted by the Judge April 1st
  163. New Rand Paul Commercial - THE MACHINE
  164. Caroline Shively - FOX News
  165. Stick a Fork in Bailout Boy
  166. Reports from the ground please :)
  167. [Pardon this neocon post] If you look at Mitch McConnell ads from 2008 run
  168. Debate Tomorrow @ Union College
  169. See how Mitch the neo-con master is running Grayson's campaign
  170. NRO Covers the Rand Paul Phenomenon
  171. Candidates see Tea Party support as a double-edged sword
  172. Debate!
  173. Is it me or does the Dan Mongiardo web ad against Rand....
  174. New TV ad
  175. bill johnson for gov 2011
  176. Kentucky Third Parties Clear the Way for Rand
  177. Live Updates from the Debate
  178. Biggest celebrity in the state is talking about this race!
  179. Old School Rand Paul.
  180. US Senate candidates pledge allegiance to coal
  181. The anti-bailout GOP? Yes, if Rand Paul has his way
  182. Now Jack Conway goes after Rand Paul for Opposing Obamacare
  183. Rasmussen: Grayson, Paul Both Run Strong Against Democratic Foes
  184. Trey Grayson Strange Relationship by Bluegrass Bulletin! Brilliant!
  185. Grayson overseeing the election he's running in
  186. Kentucky Third Parties Clear the Way for Rand Paul
  187. “Bailout Boy” Strikes Again
  188. video news coverage of debate
  189. Gatewood endorsed by Mine Workers Union for 2011.
  190. Washington Post: Rand Paul and the Washington "machine"
  191. Trey Grayson Supporter: "I'm seeing way too many Paul signs."
  192. I saw Rand's new TV ad
  193. Paul/Grayson Discussed NOW on 84WHAS with Call-Ins
  194. New Trey Grayson Bumper Stickers
  195. Bluegrass Bulletin Editorial: Final Two Weeks are key
  196. Grayson's Battle of the Bulge Offensive
  197. McConnell Discusses Senate Race
  198. Rand Paul (Son of Ron) Could Just Save the Republican Party
  199. Bus report - hot off the press
  200. Grayson must have a push poll in the field.....
  201. I got my Reason Magazine today with Rand in it.....
  202. New Southern Avenger is Awesome!
  203. [VIDS] Rand at UK
  204. Sarah Palin endorsement ad.....
  205. One LAST push, Grayson has 1,130,000 on hand.
  206. Kentucky Democrats going after people's rights!
  207. Gurley finally gets a news story just for him!
  208. (ARTICLE) ~ "Kentucky: Grayson Tops Paul in Fundraising"
  209. FEC already reporting near $50,000 in donations from PACs to Grayson in Q1
  210. Republican Blogger: "Grayson deserves the beat down he is going to get."
  211. Grayson's Internal Polling Says He is Winning by 2%...
  212. Trey's internal memo proves.....
  213. New Conway ad.
  214. Live Democrat debate at Noon eastern time. Link provided.
  215. Rand On Web Noon 4/9
  216. Adams says he needs 70k
  217. Did the machine eat Trey Grayson?
  218. Democrats playing the "I'm more of a Drug Warrior" than you.
  219. Rand's ABC online segment for today.
  220. Trayson on Neocon Radio Today
  221. Milk Carton: Where is Trey?
  222. New York Times Article/Video on Rand Paul and the Race
  223. Does Rand Paul's Name in his Ads Sound like 'Grandpa'?
  224. "Mommy" Embarrasses Herself Again
  225. Rand's opponent's bad week
  226. News for Tomorrow
  227. NYT: Testing Influence of Tea Party in Kentucky
  228. Sarah Palin in Kentucky - April 16th
  229. Rand Paul in Elizabethtown, Leitchfield, and Paducah (photos)
  230. New Survey USA Poll Expected Out Today at 5 PM on Rand Paul's Race...
  231. Palin?
  232. Focus The Grayson
  233. Trey Grayson Airing Response Commercial to "The Machine" Starting Tomorrow
  234. Latest Poll Results Out: Rand winning by 15 points!!!!
  235. Will Trey Grayson Blame The Devil?
  236. If Jake Is Right You Can Stick A Fork In Grayson!
  237. Survey USA also says.....
  238. Did Trey Lie About His Poll Results?
  239. Stick a fork in Trey; he's done. (old thread)
  240. It's official: Conway jumps 15 points, Paul remains 15 up
  241. Pro-Grayson Bloggers: "Kentucky Republicans Waking up to Rand Paul"
  242. I got discharged from hand therapy!
  243. Money bomb Pledge Drive!!
  244. Trey Grayson is the pro-abortion candidate!
  245. David Weigel: Rand Paul maintains lead in Kentucky
  246. WHAS 11 Video of poll results
  247. "Northern Kentucky Speaks"
  248. Dem Poll Reminds Rand Paul Supporters Not to Get Overconfident
  249. New Jersey newspaper using Southern Avenger and Rand Paul to give....
  250. Who's more delusional?