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  1. Operation 'Congress You're Fired' Stand by for details...
  2. Who's voting against their representative and senator if they vote for the bail out?
  3. The most effective protest imaginable
  4. What the hell do we do?
  5. Get Angry!
  6. What should my hanging effigy read?
  7. Slim Jims for those who voted FOR bail out!
  8. We could take out half of Congress with a newspapre ad
  9. Organizing a Sit-In!!!!
  10. List of how they voted
  11. CFL Roll Call Results DIGG
  12. NYT: House to Vote on Bailout "again" Later this Wk?
  13. Buck the Incumbents!
  14. WANTED for TREASON: Pictures of Enemies of the State and American Taxpayers!
  15. My E-mail to Ralph Regula
  16. The latest news from nocashfortrash.org
  17. Democrat opponent Ruppersberger - "It's not a bailout"
  18. Do "we people" have a clue?
  19. I Love This Forum, thanks!
  20. Welcome to the Patriotic Voter Bomb!
  21. Woot!
  22. Project Aftermath - Phone, Fax, and Email Bomb!!!
  23. Rep. Jim Marshall commentary
  24. Which traitors are at risk of losing their seat? LOOK HERE!
  25. Kick out Barney Frank
  26. Now is the time!!
  27. VOTE NO on $700 billion taxpayer bill for bailout
  28. Very normal people sound almost "Timothy McVeigh-like"
  29. Video with the traitor from my district.
  30. This is how they trick the people and how we counter it.
  31. SENATE IS HIDING THE BAILOUT IN ANOTHER BILL! Vote to be after sundown Wed
  32. Representative Frank Wolf (VA-10) - Vote Him Out!!
  33. Digg this: Chris "Conflict of Interest" Dodd Must Go!
  34. We must stay on the house members who voted this down
  35. The bailout is going ahead!
  36. **FLASH** The REAL REASON For The Bailout (Hint: FOREIGNERS)
  37. LOCAL Senator's numbers A - K HERE. CALL CALL CALL
  38. My list of Constitution haters...
  39. Pus....
  40. "The Mavrick"
  41. BUY IN?!!! (for Phoenicians)
  42. **URGENT** The Bailout In Under 1 Minute
  43. Bailout vote put off till Friday Admin Note: *UNCONFIRMED*
  44. UPDATE: Lawsuit on Course!!
  45. LOCAL Senators office numbers L-Z
  46. 12 Who may change their vote against the bailout
  47. Snow-ball to all senators & Reps - Off The FED!
  48. Senate JUST NOW passed the bailout!
  49. Where can I find all the senators who voted yes?
  50. Growing Possibility of State or Regional Secession
  51. Texas Senate Race: Traitor Cornyn vs Noriega
  52. Georgia Senate Race: Traitor Chambliss vs Martin
  53. Iowa Senate Race: Traitor Harkin vs Reed
  54. Tennessee Senate Race: Traitor Alexander vs Tuke
  55. New Jersey Senate Race: Traitor Lautenburg vs Zimmer
  56. Kentucky Senate Race: Traitor McConnell vs. Lunsford
  57. Jay vs. Jay: Rockefeller must go!
  58. R.I.C.O Anyone??
  59. Levin vs. Hoogendyke
  60. You sir are on notice
  61. 'Contact' function down on house.gov
  62. Live Video Feed right now 10/02 of Protests in DC 11:30am Tune in
  63. We should tar & feather these clowns!
  64. We Can't forget our Senate!
  65. U.S. Army conducting training exercises in cities, towns
  66. Radio Ad running in Baltimore, against the bailout
  67. Ten Reasons Not To Bail Out Wall Street
  68. Send your YES Rep or Senator a tube of hooker red lipstick!
  69. Granny Warriors Live
  70. Sarah Palin - The Barbie Girl
  71. F/S Tar and Feathers
  72. Here's Dubya, retreading the fearmongering
  73. Swift-vote Citizens for Truth?
  74. Who put pork in the bailout bill? Find out here.
  75. Congress was threatened with 4-5 thousand point market drop and martial law
  76. Special notice!!
  77. I just came back from my Congressman's Office
  78. Adopt a traitor. Dividing the research...
  79. Bill Passed the House, Oct 3rd 2008
  80. Reality about the BAILOUT: Fraud, Treason, Manufacturing Depression by Bankers
  81. Step 1. Control the media Step 2. Take back gov't
  82. Alert! House Traitors Pass Bailout Bill. Benedict Bush says he will sign it.
  83. They sold us down the river
  84. Traitor File: Congressman Peter Welch (VT)
  85. Ron Paul's Statement Upon Passage of the Bailout
  86. Always Vote But NEVER REELECT!
  87. kick them all out
  88. How to remove your senator! :)
  89. Gotta love this song
  90. Here's the pink slip to send to congress
  91. truckers are uniting to clean Congress out!
  92. Send congress a message now!
  93. What to do about Rep/Senator?
  94. Traitor File: Congressman Brian Baird (WA)
  95. Question
  96. Did the "yea" votes have a lot to lose on wall St.?
  97. If someone sees either of these 2 men in Washington, will you tell them...
  98. CA Senator Boxer replies to my email regarding bailout
  99. Fire congress meetup groups
  100. Get rid of Danny Davis (IL 7th)
  101. Bill Shuster. District 9, PA. Kick him out.
  102. Give them "The Slip"!
  103. ★ No Time to Waste! Will we keep OUR Oath? ★
  104. Ron Kind (WI-3rd) You're Fired
  105. Now California wants their own 7 billion dollar bailout
  106. Recall is BETTER than Impeachment
  107. More you can do... (A Thank You)
  108. possible LTE - looking for suggestions
  109. Warren Buffet should also pay
  110. How 'bout a Tax Revolt ?
  111. Bailout Boycott: Kick the Traitors in the ASS!!
  112. Freedom is Not Dead, Inc.
  113. Michigan Fire Congress Meetup Started
  114. 59% Would Vote to Replace Entire Congress
  115. We all knew the time was coming!
  116. Freedom is Not Dead: Yahoo Group
  117. Response from Arlen "I'm really a democrat" Spectre!
  118. Shop: Get your piece of the $700 Billion dollar bank bailout!
  119. Bankers Want World Economic Government To Solve Financial Crisis They Created !!!
  120. They Will Be Heard !!!
  121. Can we sue them for their pensions?
  122. Help Needed for Group Against the Bailout
  123. Fire The Jerks!!
  124. Letters to the Editor - Vote the bums out!
  125. TX Cornyn vs Schick
  126. End the fed! End the fed! End the fed!
  127. My PA senators finally respond to me
  128. October 11, 2008
  129. Taxpayers Walkout Day - Bailout protest
  130. New Anti-Bailout song professionally recorded
  131. The Bailout Rap
  132. Voters Guide: Complete List Of Who Voted Yes For The Bailout
  133. End the Fed!: November 22, 2008 Nationwide Protests
  134. A Wasted Vote
  135. The Fed is Destroying Your Money RIGHT NOW‏
  136. James Strohm for TX Dist 21
  137. What You Can Do to End the Tyranny of the Federal Reserve
  138. Films to See Before You Vote:
  139. ..and here's the new definition of financial terms after this economic meltdown:
  140. Congressman who voted YES on bailout now being investigated by FBI
  141. Steny Hoyer's Unconstitutional Bailout
  142. Third Party Alternative Debate
  143. Reality Hurts!!
  144. Calls For New Global Financial Order Increase
  145. a message to Barrack Obama
  146. a message to John McCain
  147. Chuck Baldwin on the Issues
  148. Kick the FED out !
  149. Here's why your not allowed to talk "Revolution"
  150. It is imperative that you vote!
  151. NWO Currency System to be Presented to U.S.A. by EU Leaders
  152. 22 October MoneyBomb For Idaho
  153. 20/20 - Politically Incorrect Guide To Politics
  154. Can We Put Out the Fire??
  155. Show this to your Republican friends.
  156. Growing Up Can Be Painful !
  157. Obama & DNC Admit All Allegations of Federal Court Lawsuit
  158. Electing a US President in Plain English
  159. MN biggest traitor promoted on this site!
  160. Obama & DNC admit by default that Obama is not eligible to run.
  161. Phil Gingrey (R-GA-11) Keeper, Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) Tosser
  162. Ltr to editor published today!
  163. Attention
  164. Beam us up Scotty !
  165. Bailout List
  166. Is this legal?
  167. http://endthefed.us/
  168. Adam Kokesh is a Leader of the Revolution
  169. Newspaper shows Obama belonged to socialist party
  170. BREAKING: Republicans Will Steal The Election again
  171. Films to See Before You Vote:
  172. U.S. Senator John Ensign (R-NV) response voting YEA on H.R. 1424 $850 BILLION BAILOUT
  173. On the evening news!Obama wants to issue gas cards to bring down prices.
  174. Revolutionary Monkey??
  175. The Amero is Real and Coming from the Denver Mint !!!
  176. John McCain Accidentally Left On Campaign Bus Overnight
  177. Voting for Jim Martin
  178. another article with a great photo
  179. Dark Humor
  180. I voted for the bailout bill!
  181. Keep The Change!!
  182. Tomorrow Our Future Begins!
  183. PA senators
  184. electronic harrassment
  185. IRS world wide?
  186. Nsa
  187. bunchies thread, part 2