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  1. 11.5 Mil!!!!
  2. Ron Paul Video @ Titanic Bar
  3. The Libertarian Surprise: Ron Paul
  4. BloggingStocks: Ron Paul and Jim Cramer trash The Fed -- together!
  5. Ron Paul Linux
  6. The final version
  7. Just Leaked-- Huge Ron Paul National Blitz In The Offing
  8. Breaking 12 million...
  9. Story about Lyman at LA Times
  10. CBS News @ Ron Paul Headquarters?
  11. WARNING: Store purchased will NOT be counted today
  12. Jokeroo Announces Support for Ron Paul
  13. 12 Million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. RP On TV tomorrow
  15. WE did $600,000.00 in the first 105 minutes!!
  16. good Washington Post article!
  17. WE did $800,000 in 3 hours & 10 minutes!!
  18. Washington State GOP "leadership" scared of Paul supporters
  19. Ron Paul Campaign Imagery
  20. The man behind Paul's fundraising curtain
  21. We Are Legion!
  22. COOL New Campaign Widget!
  23. Austin is a stronghold for Ron Paul campaign
  24. USAdaily reports from TeaParty at 09.07 am
  25. Ron Paul on Meet the Press?
  26. Breaking News in Boston Globe and NewsMax.com
  27. tea party press release
  28. tea party on FOX news
  29. The Hill: Paul’s money train steamrolls on
  30. NH Student straw poll shows Clinton vs. Paul
  31. Drudge
  32. Ron Paul Song Released by Camelot Castle, England
  33. RP January Touring Schedule?
  34. NewsWatch! (All new press comings... newsbombs after 17.40pm)
  35. Dec 16th Money Bomb Article
  36. Getting Paul to 20 million
  37. Ron Paul on CNN just now
  38. Short AP article about Tea Party
  39. Top 5 Tea Party Money Bomb States
  40. Ron Paul: A Thought Experiment Picture President Paul NOW
  41. Ron Paul live on Iowa's WHO Radio 12/17
  42. Reasons for Republicans to Vote Paul
  43. $17,000,000 Just passed! Let's push for 18!!
  44. Offline Donations Added!!!
  45. Paul Hqs just dumped $439,000 to on-line donations
  46. #39 - Ron Paul TV Special, Money Bomb, and Fueling the Freedom Movement
  47. Washington Post:Ron Paul Beats Own Fundraising Record
  48. Reuters: Ron Paul White House bid raises $4.5 million
  49. Front Page of Politico
  51. Ron Paul $6 Million - Yahoo and Fox
  52. If money bombs become vote bombs...
  53. At least $6,360,151 for the day
  54. USAToday Moneybomb
  55. NYC Mayor $2 Billion to Fight Ron Paul?
  56. WaPo [Updated]: Ron Paul Beats Own Fundraising Record
  57. Meet the Press has Ron Paul on next week???
  58. New USA Today Story - Ron Paul raises $6M in 24-hour 'money bomb' -
  59. Ron Paul on CNN, coming up
  60. The New York Times - Reinventing the Revolution
  61. Ron Paul Graphs Blog - Taking Stock
  62. Poll-obsessed media
  63. #40 Individual Liberty and Ron Paul
  64. The American Spectator: Dr. No On Ice
  65. CNN Article
  66. Mashable.com - Ron paul Smashes Record
  67. Newsmax: Obama, Ron Paul Soar in Web Traffic
  68. Ron Paul Campaign Discloses That More Than $6 Million Raised Sunday
  69. The conservative voice: Reasons for Republicans to Vote Paul
  70. We on Drudge
  71. The Atlantic: Paul's $16M Haul... Impressive. No Buts.
  72. Ron Paul 6 million day on Tom's Hardware!
  73. NY state poll: Paul at 5%, tied with Romney
  74. Nice story on fundraising and blimp
  75. Atlantic's Andrew Sullivan Endorses Paul
  76. Houston Fox News Covers Yesterday!
  77. Bloomberg set to try to derail Ron Paul
  78. If true, HOLY COW..
  79. Cafferty file is about Ron Paul today
  80. Reason:The GOP is up for grabs
  81. Cnn mentions Paul's 6 mil and how it's a record.
  82. Mother Jones: Paul's Apostles
  83. Brief segment on MSNBC just now
  84. Interesting backbone to a fox news poll.
  85. RP on CNN NOW!
  86. Ron Paul’s “money bomb”? on CNN (Cafferty File)
  87. Funny clip (Politico Playbook)
  88. Mail from Ron Paul!
  89. NewsTarget: Ron Paul Raises $6 Million in Record-Setting Online Boston Tea Party
  90. Branding: "The Six Million Dollar Man"
  91. RP Campaign Manager on Tucker
  92. Tucker reports on Ron Paul
  93. Brit Hume on the money bomb
  94. Wired.com article on the Tea Party
  95. Looks like RP has a busy morning on TV tomorrow!
  96. Andrew Sullivan Endorses Ron Paul
  97. On the phone with the man himself!
  98. Ron Paul officially on the Virginia Primary Ballot
  99. POLL Infomercial-If at all possible, should it be improved?
  100. AP on Ron Paul
  101. Larry King Poll
  102. Ron Paul - Dan Abrams #1 on Winner's List
  103. Chuck Baldwin: Who are these kooks?
  105. Rep (D) John Larson gives props to Ron Paul
  106. evangelical presidential poll VOTE big deal... RADIO brodcast results
  107. NY Times article on Tea Party (DEC18)
  108. ZOMG! Ron Paul's Brother speaks!
  109. #41 - Ron Paul, Abortion, and some Pontification
  110. Decatur Daily: Paul finds new ways to appeal to voters
  111. Ron Paul back at 8% in NH [Rassmussen]
  112. Brazoria County Facts : Paul attracts crowd with ‘Boston Tea Party'
  113. Google's Year-End Analysis Shows Ron Paul's Dominance
  114. Ron Paul fields questions about the Tea Party on CNN
  115. The GOP Race: None of the Above
  116. Invitation from Catholic.com
  117. Front page, main story on TheNation.com
  118. "The Importance of Fiscal Responsibility in Government" by Ron Paul
  119. Voting Machine Problems
  120. Good MSNBC article
  121. Writers strike might help candidates
  122. Campaign E-mail
  123. CNN American Morning: "Is this radical Republican sneaking up on the front-runners?"
  124. Great CNN segment with Ron Paul
  125. The New York Times - More Hiring and Advertising Ahead for Paul Campaign as the ...
  126. Mike Huckabee's Online Supporters Copy Ron Paul's - Wired News
  127. Meet the Press - Maximizing the Opportunity
  128. #42 - Ron Paul invades Morning TV
  129. DRUDGE: Ron Paul: 'When fascism comes it will be wrapped in a flag...
  130. Paul on the front page of CNN Politics
  131. Meet the Press Dec. 23rd...
  132. H. H. Huebert: Ron Paul campaign really taking off
  133. Boston Daily: Holiday Cheer Means Wearing a Red Sweater
  134. !!Come in here and listen up!!
  135. Dr Paul Slams Huckabee's Christmas ad!
  136. Dr. Paul on Morning Joe 12-18-07
  137. USA Today: Paul's issue with Huckabee's Christmas ad: 'Fascism' will be 'carrying a c
  138. Great Interview On MSNBC's "Morning Joe"
  139. USA Today: Ron Paul in race till Super Tuesday
  140. CBS News - The Real Ron Paul Revolution
  141. Is it me, or was it until the MSM could sensationalize Ron Paul...
  142. Main item, front page, CNN.com
  143. NOTE TO THE OFFICAL CAMPAIGN: send an autographed Ron Paul Book to scarborough's son
  144. Ron Paul's position on Honest Money DC Downsizer Dispatch
  145. How does RPs campaign mirror JFKs?
  146. Meet the Press - Dec 23rd
  147. Ron Paul on Jan Mickelson this morning
  148. NPR - Talk of the Nation, Tomorrow
  149. Ron Paul's Base Could Give Him Post-Primary Influence, Experts Say
  150. Another call from the rigged Rasmussen poll
  151. OMG! Look who is on the front page of Yahoo
  152. Ron Paul on front page of Yahoo...
  153. CNSNews: Ron Paul's Base Could Give Him Post-Primary Influence, Experts Say
  154. Ron Paul needs to start every interview with...
  155. Another polling call
  156. Have there been any polls on % of RP supporters not politically active...
  157. MSNBC Ron Paul link leads to Romney's site
  158. Washington Post baffled by Ron's success - wants explanations from his followers!
  159. Ron Paul on Glenn Beck!
  160. #43 - Ron Paul on Glenn Beck Analysis
  161. Ron Paul On Fox and Friends
  162. Paul To Pardon Ramos and Compean
  163. Paul at 6% in Iowa, but just 4 from 3rd and tied with Rudy.
  164. Glenn Beck interview opinion for new and or not yet supporters
  165. Paul at 7% Nationally in 2 polls
  166. Complete 20/20 Stossel Interview on Google
  167. RP Tv in Iowa
  168. Ron Paul on Glen Beck videos posted
  169. Rush: Ron Paul not afraid to go on "Meet the Press"
  170. "We Become Silent" Interview (2 Parts)
  171. Ron Paul Places 3rd in Mock NH "Primary"
  172. Ron paul hijacks a English debate wether Hillary can win or not?
  173. NPR - Ron Paul, Son of Texas
  174. USA Today - Paul's issue with Huckabee's Christmas ad: 'Fascism' will be ...
  175. Paul At 4% And Huckabee AT 22% In Iowa?!?
  176. If Money Bombs Become Vote Bombs, Paul Could be a Force
  177. Wyoming GOP County Caucus Schedule for the week
  178. Redstate backs down on Paul ban
  179. Why are we not spending the money?? Read this and someone please explain to me...
  180. #44 - Ron Paul Analysis as of Now
  181. TechCrunch Poll...
  182. Ron Paul a Tennessee lawmaker!? You can't make this stuff up, folks...
  183. Ron Paul on "Geek the Vote"
  184. RPforums surpassing Neocon blog sites
  185. Ron Paul on cbsnews.com
  186. NewsWithviews very positive coverage
  187. TIME: 2007 Ron Paul 'People Who Mattered'
  188. Iowa poll 12/19 from Rasmussan: Paul at 6%
  189. NH poll 12/19 from Rasmussan: Paul at 7%
  190. 'Clicks for Ron'- 12/19/07 12 PM EST
  191. Paul Entices College Supporters Not to Skip Town for the Holidays
  192. Yahoo: Ron Paul #2 most searched thing online now
  193. A Blog Poll That We Need to Vote In!
  194. Diebold voting machines decertified in Colorado
  195. Play the USA Today "Candidate Match Game"
  196. CNN article about Sanford endorsement
  197. The worst questions that Russert could ask Paul on Meet the Press are...
  198. Paul takes no credit for supporters' "revolution"
  199. RP on Neil Cavuto (FOX) at 1:00 EST (12/19/07)
  200. Mises and Austrian Economics: A Personal View, by Ron Paul
  201. Recruit Ron Paulites Here
  202. MSNBC: Ron Paul's, um, problem?
  203. RP is 8th (our of 24) on Arizona Ballot
  204. Portsmouth Herald (New Hampshire): Paul Takes No Credit For Supporters' "Revolution"
  205. AP story: Paul Keeps White Supremacist Donation
  206. Huckabee Says Christmas Ad Backwards says "Paul [McCartney] is Dead"
  207. Tell NPR who you are!! Ron Paul Info.
  208. Ron Paul the Patron Saint of Liberty?
  209. Pat Buchanan to endorse Ron Paul?
  210. Holy Crap. Iowa. RP 1% from 3rd place
  211. Fox Breaking News: Trancredo Drops Out Thursday
  212. digg this - "Karl Rove Worried About Ron Paul" by Lew Rockwell
  213. Karl Rove Worried About Ron Paul
  214. BTC News: GOP freak show fuels Ron Paul fundraising blitz
  215. Conservatives Have Nowhere Else To Go
  216. What's going on with the site?
  217. What happened to the $$$ ticker on the RP08 site?
  218. CNN: Ron Paul Will Spend Bulk of TeaParty Dough in NY, FL, CA
  219. Fox News Article: Ron Paul and Iranian Sanctions
  220. Yahoo front page smear: RP plans to keep white supremacist donation
  221. Tech President: Ron Paul Army Shows the Power of a Motivated Niche
  222. local Talk show host supports Ron Paul (as of now)
  223. Ron Paul's National Stage Video
  224. Voice your opinion on this article (comments allowed)
  225. Great Article from CBN
  226. Tancredo Quitting!
  227. New Poll: VOTE
  228. Ron Paul is GOP/Democrat/The Rest Front Runner
  229. Democrats Say "Ron Paul signs Everywhere."
  230. USA Daily: Tancredo vs. Ron Paul
  231. leader of minutemen to endorse Ron Paul
  232. The Internet Inherently supports a Libertarian Viewpoint
  233. [VIDEO] News Report on Guiliani SWAMPED by Happy Ron Paul Supporters
  234. Great article "People's Poll Paul Wins"
  235. Ron Paul: Dollar Drives Woes
  236. Great article by John Derbyshire
  237. Newsday - Op-ed: Paul's smear of Huckabee a low blow
  238. Los Angeles Times
  239. Digg this if you haven't already!
  240. Iowa Poll Numbers
  241. Great artticle from Glenn Greenwald. Harry Reid's pro-life stance vs. Ron Paul's
  242. Dr. Ron Paul will speak at the 2008 New Hampshire Liberty Forum
  243. Boston: One last campaign hurrah
  245. CNSNews: Ron Paul Tied With Rudy Giuliani in Iowa
  246. #45 - The Tancredo Effect
  247. 100,000 donors equal at least 100,000 votes?
  248. 11 Most Influential People of The Year
  249. www.cbn.com: Welcome to the Ron Paul Revolution
  250. Obama, Paul top Virginia's primary ballots