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  1. Harpers: What’s driving the movement for Ron Paul?
  2. DCist: Ron Paul Blimp Headed to D.C. Monday
  3. There is going to be CHAOS at the Republican primary polls!
  4. Thanksgiving with the Paul's...
  5. Paul to take 3rd place in Iowa? :D
  6. Mpls Star Tribune on Mn Campaign Office Grand Opening
  7. ABC news talks about the Ron Paul Blimp.
  8. Another AOL poll
  9. CNN - Wolf Biltzer's SITUATION ROOM reports on RON PAUL, BLIMP, & Fund raising!
  10. Ron Paul on HR 1955
  11. Newsweek Video Link Taken Down??
  12. MSNBC Tucker Show - Outstanding Coverage of the BLIMP & RP and US!
  13. LOL, Newsweek censors results
  14. Spreading the Revolution
  15. Ron Paul supporters to launch blimp from eastern NC
  16. 20/20 Interviews Ron Paul because WE ASKED FOR IT!
  17. fox news poll (iowa)
  18. Straw Men:
  19. Johnson County Kansas Straw Poll Results
  20. PBS show (NOW) will focus on RP campaign on next week's program
  21. Ron Paul supporters dominate at mock caucus
  22. Sing a Song of Ron Paul
  23. Houston Chron: Paul supporters hope blimp will boost his campaign
  24. Boston Globe: Paul's campaign blimp will be coming to Boston
  25. FOX: Ron Paul's Presidential Bid Goes to a Higher Level...
  26. USA Today: Ron Paul Blimp' is more than an ad campaign; it's a test of finance laws
  27. Western Standard: Look, up in the sky! It's... Ron Paul?
  28. For the Fist time: Washington Post Front Runner Status
  29. #27 - A Shift in Gears for the Ron Paul Campaign, Giuiani Scared?
  30. #28 - Spreading the Ron Paul Message & Mobilizing Congressional Districts
  31. UNIVISION spanish language debate
  32. The 50-State Campaign
  33. Newsmax: Ron Paul Launches Blimp
  34. Less than $200K to $11 Million
  35. How Ron might kick ass in Iowa
  36. #29 - A Ron Paul American, Alex Merced for Freedom
  37. Univision Debate in Miami, FL Dec 9th (Today!!)
  38. Rutland Herald: Ron Paul draws Vermont devotees
  39. LA Times: Ron Paulites SPEAK OUT !
  40. McClatchy Newspapers: Candidate Ron Paul's devotees a mixed bag
  41. Seacoast: Live Free or Die, Volunteers come from afar for GOP's Ron Paul
  42. Ron Paul is the GOP wild card: His true support is a mystery
  43. Libertarian National Committee Passes Pro Ron Paul Resolution
  44. Ron Paul is needed to end the war
  46. Campaign like a rock star
  47. How to watch Univision Debate in English
  48. Did anyone notice the number of Ron Paul headlines today? 12-9
  49. The American Dream by Carol Paul
  50. CATO: He Won't Win the Presidency, But...
  51. Politico: Live blogging the debate
  52. Spanish members spreading the Ron Paul’s message at Univision!
  53. WP: "All the candidates have had a slice."
  54. CNN's Ticker Mentions Blimp
  55. Ron Paul: Not a panderer
  56. Official Ron Paul Television Advertisements Question
  57. Ron Paul Today in Miami
  58. Costa Mesa, Ca mayor says he’ll endorse Ron Paul
  59. Ron Paul Has Huge Cajones - Rollingstone.com
  60. Gambling 911: Americans Living Overseas Can Join in Ron Paul's Tea Party Sunday
  61. Carlsbad Current-Argus: Rep. Paul says no to Libertarians
  62. CBS News: Paul Supporters Protest Giuliani
  63. The Modesto Bee: Ron Paul rounds up supporters in valley
  64. I thought we had more West Virginia Delegates
  65. Ron Paul Favorite Comic Book
  66. Ron Paul ABC Interview
  67. AJC: Waiting for Ron Paul
  68. Ron Paul declines Libertarian ticket
  69. Ron Paul Rocks Miami!
  70. Chained to a Corpse: John Howard and George Bush
  71. Texas Straight Talk: Bombed if You Do, Bombed if You Don't
  72. Our view on elections. USA today
  73. Bostonist: Big Blimpin' - Ron Paul Blimp Coming to Boston
  74. Paulites Pulling a West Virginia in California
  75. Stossel interview on 20/20 next week?
  76. PBS documentary on Ron Paul!
  77. #31 - What is a vote for Ron Paul?
  78. Washington Post: A Paul on Paul Supporters: 'Crazy in a Good Way'
  79. Pat Buchanan says Ron Paul is best on Foreign Policy.
  80. Chicago Tribune showing some respect
  81. Wired: Ron Paul Supporters Hack Campaign Finance Law to Send Blimp Aloft
  82. On Global Warming
  83. Ron Paul Unplugged 20/20 John Stossel Interview -- Official Thread
  84. fox news refers to Ron Paul as "Sleeper Candidate"
  85. Ron Paul mentioned on BBC World Service this a.m.
  86. WTF? Slate say abolish the CIA with no props to Paul
  87. By Ron Paul : Bombed If You Do, Bombed If You Don't
  88. Study Shows Ron Paul Brigade is Actually Effective
  89. Mainstream media alert: Ron Paul news assault starts
  90. #32 - Ron Pauls People Ball (a call to action): 50 Rallys for the WIN!
  91. Capitol Hill Blue: Ron Paul's one-night stand
  92. NRO: Keep Hope Alive!
  93. Daily Paul: Why I Support Ron Paul
  94. Post-Bulletin: Rep. Ron Paul strikes a chord
  95. Sun Herald: Paul does it his way
  96. Rudi Guliani, "Ron Paul's people are all over the country"
  97. Iowa Events Today?
  98. Wp; Analyzing the Dance of the GOP Debaters
  99. Some campaign news from Iowa courtsey of the Iowa Indpendent blog
  100. Ron Paul and John Stossel: Too Hot for TV?
  101. #33 Rick Frey & #34 Poll stuff
  102. NRO's Derbyshire supports RP!!
  103. RP/Stossel -- Segment 3: Is War ever Justifiable
  104. National Review Online endorses Romney, snubs Paul
  105. Running as a Ron Paul Republican
  106. Chicago Trib: Ron Paul revolution: It has just begun to fight
  107. Townhall: McCain and Paul Will Make NH Interesting
  108. Rasmussan Iowa poll: Paul at 5%, but only 3% behind Giuliani in 3rd place
  109. Encouraging news from Michigan
  110. Libertarian Party letter about Ron Paul.
  111. Money Bomb Poll Bump
  112. Fox News Article creaming Huck and plug for Paul
  113. #35 - Anarchy, State, and Utopia by Robert Nozick
  114. 11.3 Million!!
  115. From Iowa: Ron Paul Support Climbing in Presidential Race
  116. Were Offline donations just added?
  117. No Vote, No Voice
  118. Radio Interview from 12/11/07 in Florida
  119. Reason: The Year that Wasn't
  120. Ron Paul wins National Presidential Caucus
  121. Des Moines Register Debate TODAY! 1:00 PM EST PBS, CSPAN, FOX NEWS, CNN
  122. That's Dr. Paul to You
  123. Blog: Merits of Ron Paul foreign policy being debated. People needed to post !!!!
  124. RonPaul2008 undergoing server upgrade
  125. Only 1-4 million watch debates
  126. NH poll from WMUR: Paul at 7%
  127. Des Moines Register: Weak dollar ‘bad sign,’ Paul says
  128. Did Anyone Else Notice a Huge Donation Jump Yesterday (12/11)?!
  129. What is the issue with HQ!?
  130. USA Today: Paul school Bernanke
  131. #36 - Friedrich Hayek and Ron Paul
  132. Wyoming GOP County Caucus schedule for tonight
  133. Ron Paul combustion revolution!
  134. Ron Paul Leading in Alaska
  135. Campaign News from Iowa courtesy of Drew Ivers - RP Revolution spreading to E. Iowa
  136. Dawson Times: Boston Tea Party to be Commemorated by Ron Paul Supporters
  137. Human Events: My Interview with Ron Paul
  139. CNSNews: Libertarians Tackle the Ron Paul Dilemma
  140. Ron Paul web-exclusive interview on Friday morning
  141. newsweek: Third Pary Candidate? Why Dems Should Worry
  142. GOP Debate - Hosted by Des Moines Register and Iowa Public Television ON NOW!
  143. Telegraph: Ron Paul leads Republicans online
  144. The Atlantic: Why I Still Love Ron Paul
  145. Youtube: 12-12-07 CNN The Situation Room Ron Paul Interview
  146. ABC Exiles Ron Paul Interview to Web
  147. Ron Paul WIns National Caucus. Oh yeah baby!!!!
  148. ABC: Ron Paul, Huckabee Winners in Republican Debate
  149. New Ron Paul Holiday Video
  150. We're the FRONT RUNNER IN ALASKA! - 29%
  151. Paul to attend "Politics and Eggs" in NH
  152. Youtube: 12-12-07 CNN The Situation Room Ron Paul Blimp mention
  153. caucus results
  154. 2 HUGE bits of breaking news
  155. Merry Christmas from Ron Paul & Family
  156. Academics for Paul is now >70 Endorsements!
  157. Ron Paul at 5/2 odds on Bodog!
  158. Paul on Delaware Ballot; Fred Not
  159. Ron Paul on JIM CRAMER
  160. Youtube:Debate Ron Paul Clips 12-12
  161. Another Ron Paul Voter in National Review
  162. Lt. Comm. John Sharpe on RPR Saturday!
  163. Server maintenance
  164. Paul at 5% in NH
  165. Paul at 4% in IA
  166. Ron Paul Surpasses Fred Thompson as the New Straw Poll Leader Says USAStrawPolls.com
  167. National Journal: new rankings Dec 12
  168. Ron Paul and Perpetual Wars
  169. #37 - Dschinghis Khan, Rockapella and Ron Paul
  171. But what about the "maverick," "obscure," congressman from Texas, Ron Paul?
  172. AP Story on Wyoming caucuses
  173. Stossel with Paul on Healthcare
  174. Glen beck VS Ron Paul.
  175. $11.4 Million -- Woohoo!
  176. Drudge - CNN Poll - SC - Ron Paul 11%
  177. Marketwatch mention of Ron Paul & Teaparty !
  178. An Interview With Zephyr Teachout (About Ron Paul, on PBS NOW)
  179. Counterpunch: Ron Paul's Campaign Deserves Our Attention
  180. Excellent New Hampshire news piece
  181. Drudge: 11% in South Carolina!
  182. Paul brings Huckabee critics to Iowa
  183. Paul Brings Huckabee Critics to Iowa
  184. Digg: Ron Paul Phenomenon on PBS "NOW" - Friday Dec 14th
  185. Most Popular Google searches for 2007! ( Guess who's #1)
  186. Ron Paul Introduces Property Tax Deduction for All Act
  187. An Interview with Ron Paul-Casey Research
  188. Comments on Ron Paul paying Critics to travel to Iowa?
  189. Bulk Emailing US Soldiers/Veterans and Law Enforcement Officers?
  190. Giuliani: U.S. Foreign Policy Does Not Cause Terrorism
  191. Stossel Ron Paul Interview Part 6: Constitutional limits
  192. WSJ: The Gospel of Paul
  193. Libeterian Encourages voters to register reupblican and vote for Dr. Paul
  194. Ron Paul's Revolution Problem by George Ajjan DEC 14
  195. NH: Bishop: Weigh moral issues in vote
  196. Great article. Ron Paul: Slings and Arrows, Left and Right .
  197. Seasons Greetings From the Paul Family - TV Ad?
  198. ARG: Paul rises 5% nationally
  199. "Ron Paul Bears Empty Pot" author strikes again
  200. Paul in Nevada
  201. Paul losing to Ds
  202. Paul On Attack Against Huckabee
  203. Vote in this HUGELY important iowa poll
  204. Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll (12/14)
  205. 2008 Republican Candidate Key Stats
  206. www.rprradio.com Live from the Blimp
  207. #38 - Ron Paul and Paris Hilton
  208. Ron Paul on Glenn Beck
  209. Wyoming County GOP Caucus Schedule for Saturday
  210. Ron Paul's Brother Wayne Live on www.rprradio.com - 2pm ET
  211. Good poll summary page
  212. NRO: Paul Power (youth vote)
  213. The media is REALLY fighting us on our big weekend--**LooK**
  214. Raleigh Cronicle - Blimp Flying Over Our City!
  215. PBS show on Ron Paul campaign tonight!
  216. Iowa Republicans consider another debate
  217. NY Times Politics Blog - The Blimp is up.
  218. Double digits in SC
  219. Ron Paul foots the bill for Huck's criticizers!!!
  220. Michael Medved just mentioned the BLIMP!
  221. Iowa: Paul at 7% (just 2% from being in 3rd)
  222. A Paul-ite in Hillary's Court
  223. CNN Segment on the blimp on now!
  224. NRO: Imagining a Ron Paul Presidency
  225. RP mentioned on the caferty file! 5:55 pm.
  226. Fox News NH Poll: Paul doubled up!
  227. Billboard in Central Louisiana.
  228. Another NRO goes for some intellectual exercise
  229. Will The Interview With Glenn Beck Be Censored?
  230. Ron Paul Concert
  231. In Depth PBS.org NOW Ron Paul Interview
  232. REAL journalism in Kansas City...GOOD article!!
  233. WOW I can't believe RP is actually getting some attention now
  234. Resource Investor: An Interview With Ron Paul
  235. RP on Face to Face
  236. Real Clear Politics: GOP Can Learn from Ron Paul
  237. “Mr. Speaker, Peace Is Always Superior to War”
  238. Matt Abar of wealthfly.com endorses Ron Paul.
  239. "The kooky people are running the show"
  240. IMPORTANT--ron paul on don black--someone make video of this please!
  241. World Net Daily carries Blimp picture
  242. Ron Paul Inverviewed by Lahontan Valley News
  243. Upcoming Wyoming County GOP Caucus Schedule
  244. Ron Paul at 6% Nationally
  245. New email from RonPaul2008, 12-15-2007
  246. Ron Paul Third in UNH Mock Poll
  247. Ron Paul "Money Bomb" Watch - Gambling911.com
  248. Houston Chron : Paul campaign balloons as cash keeps rolling in
  249. :)
  250. Ron Paul Needs Wisconsin Delegates!