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  1. CNN says the youth will not vote
  2. Texas Straight Talk: The True Cost of Taxing and Spening
  3. Des Moines Register: Renew Devotion to Freedom, Limited Government
  4. Excellent Human Events interview with Wm. Buckley
  5. CNN NH Poll: Paul at 8%
  6. Ron Paul wins in Nationwide Zogby Poll
  7. If It's Good Enough For Mickey, Why Not For Paul?
  8. 877-ron-paul Is Official Number!
  9. Ron Paul Rising
  10. CNN, Fox News, ABC, NBC Boycott Day
  11. Ron Paul’s Tight-fisted Campaign: NY Times
  12. yahoo poll very pro Rudy
  13. CNN: Youth make noise in campaigns but not at polls
  14. Ron Paul being severely shorted on intrade.com
  15. GQ Announces 2007 Men of the Year
  16. RP wins Fresno GOP Straw Poll
  17. Economist: "Ron Paul the Wildcard in Iowa"
  18. Dec. 16th too late? Campaign needs money NOW...
  19. Alert Message From The JPFO
  20. What's up with the official campaign this week?
  21. Was Today A Money Bomb? Nov. 20th
  22. December 15th........Ron Paul Magic Number: $5 Million
  23. Rasmussen FL Poll: Ron Paul at 5%
  24. Ron Paul Site Comments
  25. Oregon Emerald (OP) Ron Paul deserves your support for the Republican nomination
  26. U.S. News and World Report: Ron Paul Backer Aims to Snag Travelers (LLepard)
  27. The Ron Paul Express keeps rolling: LA Times
  28. Freedom Is Not Free.....
  29. Bill Clinton, Kanye West -- and Ron Paul: USA Today
  30. Why the Media Hates Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich: Icky People
  31. HBO's Bunny Ranch owner endorses Ron Paul
  32. GQ article is located here. Comments welcome.
  33. 1.2 million in 10 days??? Lets get to 10mil for end of November
  34. Ron Paul is WORLDWIDE
  35. Latest Washington Post-ABC News Poll
  36. Channel 4 KRNV Ron Paul Interview (Video)
  37. New Nevada Poll: Paul at 7%
  38. Ron Paul Candidate For GQ Man of the Year
  39. Cheering for Ron Paul
  40. Rasmussen: 8% in South Carolina
  41. Who Would Do More To Isolate America: Rudy Giuliani or Ron Paul?
  42. Reuters/Zogby: Paul at 5%
  43. Automated Phone call: Legit?
  44. Diamonds and Pearls and... Ron Paul
  45. Paul finds support in libertarian Nevada
  46. N.H. presidential primary set for Jan. 8
  47. Ron Paul GQ honor mentioned by Wolf Blitzer
  48. Israel National Radio discusses Ron Paul
  49. Townhall.com - The Ron Paul Factor
  50. Ron Paul in Charleston, SC?
  51. CSM on NH voters
  52. ...........................Video Release Ron Paul**
  53. Congratulations and Frustration Mingle for Ron Paul Ad Buyer
  54. Ron Paul, In His Own Words
  55. Anyone post this Zogby poll?
  56. Ron Paul in the polls
  57. Dear American......
  58. Quick flash of Ron on CNN about crashing dollar
  59. Blooomberg: Paul expects over 12 million
  60. Iowa Power Rankings 11/23
  61. Economist Comprehensive Poll Data Nov 19
  62. MSNBC: WMUR poll puts Ron Paul at 8%
  63. Brazoria County Facts
  64. Ron Paul Weekend Walk-Off in Iowa
  65. Ron Paul Should be the Zionist Choice for US President
  66. Bloomberg Interview Transcript
  67. Paul baffles pundits with maverick GOP bid
  68. Ron Paul Makes a Haul
  69. Ron Paul Betting Slam Sportsbook.com (Gambling911)
  70. Rep. Ron Paul does it his way
  71. Ron Paul’s supporters use Rudy’s foreign policy views as a fund raising event
  72. Call the doctor
  73. Time Magazine Swampland
  74. MedPage Today : a GOP Presidential Candidate Who Would Strip Government Bare
  75. Nov. 24th - Ron Paul Returns to South Carolina!
  76. Ron Paul with Nevada NewsMakers 2007.11.20
  77. Good Washington Post Op Ed Piece Today
  78. Free Market News: Ron Paul Dec 16 Donation Site Heads Over 20,000
  79. Wall Street Journal: Paul's Supporters Clash With Media
  80. Ron Paul makes a new midnight ride for revolution
  81. If People Voted The Way They Believe, Instead of Any Other Way
  82. Ron Paul Rising - Reason Magazine
  83. Huffington Post: "Paul: I won't vote GOP in '08, they are too pro-war"
  84. Joel Skousen on the Corporate Media and Ron Paul
  85. Politico: "Perot voters still looking for a candidate".
  86. NRO: Oh, the Humanity!
  87. Ron Paul is 1st candidate to reach 10,000 "friends" on Digg Elections
  88. The Case for an Independent Ron Paul Run
  89. Pro-Patriot Act Giuliani meets anti-act Ron Paulites
  90. Peace, Pride, Prosperity? President Paul?
  91. Ron Paul Planned Money Bomb December 16 The Talk of the Net
  92. Ron Paul most closely represents the Catholic point of view...
  93. W.Va. GOP faces hurdle in advance of “Tsunami Tuesday” convention
  94. If Kucinich wins nomination, Ron Paul could be his veep
  95. RonPaulRider Michael rides with RP on Sunday
  96. Paul a better congressman than Charen believes
  97. Voters should learn more about candidate Paul
  98. Ron Paul's policies would inject communities with CASH!!
  99. National Review Online: Artless Paul
  100. Paul a popular pick in Bonner County
  101. Front page of foxnews.com
  102. Ron Paul Full of Hot Air?
  103. Columnist: Paul exposes 'over-hype' of Internet's place in politics
  104. NY Post Boost Giuliani, Overlook Ron Paul
  105. Ron Paul Has Won
  106. ABC News today: Ron Paul gets endorsement from Nevada Brothel Owner
  107. Paul's popularity could take votes from Democrats, Republicans
  108. West Virginia GOP Winner Determined Within Next 10 Days
  109. 53% of Iowa Republicans favor Iraq troop withdrawal
  110. Roll Call: Ron Paul, Politics and the Internet in the ’08 Campaign
  111. Ron Paul Has Won
  112. Paul a Republican speaking out against the war
  113. Huckabee and Paul: Not That Funny and Not That Righteous
  114. Why Ron Paul? Let Me Count the Ways
  115. Hillary Clinton vs. Ron Paul Head to Head Matchup Polls
  116. New Poll - 11/26 - UNH - RP @ 8%
  117. NRO: I Suspect Ron Paul's Support Is Non-Transferrable
  118. Time to Vote - Poll
  119. Texas Straight Talk: Pain at the Pump & HR 2415
  120. JBS: The Media Arranged for Brothel Owner to "Endorse" Ron Paul
  121. Media Reports Pimp's Endorsement of Ron Paul + Viewer Response
  122. 'Pain at the Pump' by Ron Paul
  123. Primary pluralities: Keene (NH) Sentinal
  124. Can Pat Buchanan's New Book Boost Ron Paul?
  125. Me on Fox Business Channel
  126. Tyler Texas Paper: Get In On Online Idea Bidding
  127. Public Notice: Media ramping up attacks, *keep your cool*
  128. RP mentioned on Bob and Tom radio show
  129. Who is Winning?
  130. My College Paper Op Ed
  131. Gambling911: Ron Paul Will Make Over $6 Mil in Single Day December 16
  132. Politico: Ron Paul supporter hopes lightning will strike twice
  133. Poll: Ron Paul leading with Iowa college students
  134. Ron Paul's Official As He Speaks to Sold-Out Crowd
  135. CNN press release about debate coverage
  136. c-span
  137. The New Republic - FED UP!
  138. Washington Times - Ron Paul and the Money Cops
  139. Charleston City Paper - Let's Invade Saudi Arabia!
  140. Online Journal : Leaderless and clueless America heads for the trash can of history
  141. San Francisco Chronicle : Ron who?
  142. Pocono Record : Paul campaign supporters 'meet up' downtown to spread message
  143. Paul 5% in Iowa--Newest Iowa Poll
  144. URGENT, debate material
  145. Youtube: CNN American Morning Ron Paul Segment 11-28-07
  146. RP on Fox and Friends
  147. Craig Shirley on POTUS '08 showing Ron Paul some love
  148. Youtube: Fox and Friends Ron Paul Live Interview 11-28-07
  149. Ron Paul on WHO Radio 11/29 - live on C-SPAN
  150. Are the Republicans ready for YouTube?
  151. The Daily Record: An awesome rebuttal
  152. NPR - Whats the Deal with Ron Paul?
  153. MSNBC: The Republican Party's three difficult pieces
  154. FNC: Paul defies odds
  155. New NH Poll
  156. BODOG Tea Party Odds *Ron Paul 5-2 for Nomination*
  157. RCP: Ron Paul effect?
  158. Paul to be second from right at debate
  159. Ron Paul's Moonlite Bunny support: For freedom
  160. NRO pre-debate babble
  161. More On Ron Paul
  162. ABC news: Ron Paul 'Moneybombs' Fizz For Other Candidates
  163. Wow, another offline donation update
  164. Clemson University SC Poll: Paul at 6%, up 5 points from August.
  165. TheStreet: Crazy Is Not Taking Ron Paul Seriously
  166. CNN Florida Poll: Paul at 5%
  167. VIDEO CLIPS of tonight's debate
  168. Why We Should Consider Chucking the Federal Reserve
  169. Tucker Talking up Ron Paul on NPR
  170. NH: debate watch party video
  171. Dallas man poses YouTube question on Republican candidates' faith
  172. Some debate polls, VOTE!
  173. My Take on the 3rd Party Question
  174. Hard-Copy USA Today says Paul doesn't register in FL polls
  175. Faux News/Fred wants to exclude Ron Paul
  176. Liberty & Power: Progressive Libertarianism and the Problems with Ron Paul
  177. John Fund Writes on Possibility of Ron Paul Running for President as Libertarian
  178. SFC: Ron Who?
  179. State polls
  180. Presidential Paul
  181. My New Politics Blog: Cause of Freedom
  182. RP's Christmas Vacation in Iowa is Confirmed!!
  183. Ron Paul's Christmas Vacation in Iowa
  184. Study: YT Videos From NH Primary Race Favor Ron Paul, Cast Doubt on Clinton
  185. Glenn Beck Invitation
  186. Ron Paul to star in new movie!
  187. How can we reach out to the older GOP voters?
  188. New Poll on my Blog: What issue is most important to you?
  189. Washington Times Article
  190. USA Today - Grass roots "big ace" in Ron Paul's White House bid
  191. The McCain-Paul Dilemma
  192. Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul Move Up in Polls for a Reason Say Harvard Students
  193. Alternet In Defense of Ron Paul
  194. WP: Very Little War in Republicans' Words
  195. Study: YouTube Videos From New Hampshire Primary Race Favor Ron Paul
  196. Peoples Weekly World: Who is Ron Paul?
  197. Ia, Nh, Sc, Wa
  198. McCain's Mangled Metaphor
  199. John McCain Got it Wrong, Ron Paul Got it Right
  200. "This Country Is In Revolution"
  201. Judge: Congress should decide on hemp
  202. McCain blames Rise of Hitler on Ron Paul By Juan Cole
  203. On Idiot Ideologues Who Pan Paul
  204. CNN Liberal Bias and Huckabee/Paul Comparison
  205. Ron Paul: Grassroots from Marketers Perspective
  206. Politico: Ron Paul on track to be biggest fundraiser
  207. BusinessWeek article about RP
  208. The Economist: Still wide open
  209. ARG: Paul at 3% in IA, 2% in NH, 3% in SC
  210. A good Polls data website
  211. Trevor Lyman in the Miami Herald!!!
  212. new rasmussen NH poll, paul at 8%
  213. RON PAUL Donations BUSTS through $10 MILLION Dollar Mark!!!!!!!!
  214. CNN NH Poll : Thompson skids - Paul and Romney surge. Paul in FOURTH place!
  215. Breaking News! Hillary Likely to Win!
  216. The Free Market and the Value of Individuality
  217. Glenn Beck Invites Ron Paul
  218. TV Radio Advertising Ideas
  219. RP on "The View" Dec 4th
  220. Rudy's Reading List May Produce Over Half a Million Dollars For Paul Campaign
  221. New Regional Coordinator
  222. expect Rudy in single digits in Iowa
  223. What are you giving on the 16th?
  224. Ron Paul starting to look like a frontrunner
  225. Ron Paul on track to be biggest fundraiser
  226. MusicIsNow.com - Ron Paul Rap
  227. 21 Academics from Prestigious National Universities Join to Endorse Dr. Ron Paul
  228. Front Page of Google News-- "How Real Is Ron Paul's Revolution?"
  229. Great Detroit Free Press article about Ron Paul
  230. Good article that I use to e-mail to friends/family
  231. "How Real Is Ron Paul's Revolution?" - Great article in the Philadelphia Bulletin
  232. CNN's Late Edition
  233. Ron Paul Raises Half a Million Dollars in One Day, Again
  234. Publishing fundraising numbers in real-time.
  235. Readers' Platform: Behind A Dark Horse
  236. Chris Matthews: "I would like to do a whole hour with Ron Paul"
  237. LA Times- A shocking report: Inside the Ron Paul conspiracy
  238. Another good article from the LA times, 2 in one night!
  239. Liberty Rising?
  240. USA Daily - Ron Paul now GOP frontrunner according to fund raising
  241. Ron Paul on the Evil Fed, the IRS, and Saving the Buck
  243. Paul And The Register's Editorial Board
  244. Paul 5th in NH in Fox poll
  245. National Journal: Ron Paul, Wild Card
  246. Poll of LGB likely voters
  247. Upper left awakens
  248. Ron Paul front page of LA Times
  249. Reason: RP & the environment
  250. Ron Paul - The $20 Million Man