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  1. Florida Democrats in play for GOP, especially RP
  2. SATIRE: Clinton, Paul campaigns quietly discuss splitting the Union
  3. I am Ron Paul, Candidate for President, and I approved this message.
  4. Visaliea Times Delta: Republicans attend anti-war demonstration
  5. Ron Paul's First Action As President
  6. NH 50% of Republicans and Independents are Undecided
  7. George Will: McCain is 'yesterday's maverick' compared to Ron Paul
  8. Ron Paul passes Fred Thompson in New Hampshire
  9. Email from the Campaign - Please read!
  10. Angus Reid: Paul support drops to 1%
  11. University of Iowa poll
  12. Club for Growth: Ron Paul
  13. Ron Paul: YouTube or Professional
  14. Another debate in Florida
  15. San Francisco for Ron Paul?
  16. Paul v. Hillary in VA
  17. One of the Best RP Videos
  18. Jones Payment Was a Refund
  19. Back in January, did they know?
  20. LST: Neo-Nazi leader gives Ron Paul $500
  21. 70-year-old candidates shake up US presidential race
  22. McLaughlin Group 10/26 : Ron Paul will be the story coming out of NH
  23. Pastor Chuck Baldwin - Christians Should Support Constitutional Government
  24. Politico: Libertarian Paul wins young minds
  25. Two New MSBNC Articles
  26. local TX coverage of Paul in NH
  27. Ron Paul endorsed by VFW's PAC (Veterans of Foreign Wars)
  28. Politico on NH ads
  29. More Hillary v Paul commentary
  30. The Reach Of Ron Paul
  31. MSNBC: The people powering the Paul phenomenon
  32. WY: Paul rally draws hundreds
  33. Arizona Daily Star: Ron Paul's 'Revolution'
  34. GU Hoya: Why Ron Paul Matters
  35. Balt Sun: The Tonight Show: Heeeere's.... Ron Paul
  36. ARG: new polls NH, IA, SC
  37. favorability ratings of the Republican candidates in Iowa
  38. Polls Alabama, New Jersey, Maryland, New Hampshire, Florida
  39. California, Florida, New Hampshire, Some National Polls
  40. WASHINGTON (AP) Ron Paul Airs First Ads
  41. Ron Paul at Leno covered on www.ronpaulradio.com
  42. ABC news blog about Late Night Show Appearance
  43. The campaign just passed $2.5 Mil!!!
  44. The Two-Man Race: Only Rudy and Romney Have Credible Scenarios
  45. NYT blog on RP
  46. Paul 4th in Human Events poll
  47. Ron Paul named in top 100 most influential conservative
  48. Ron Paul to Jay Leno: 'I could win'
  49. Boston Globe: Paul makes pitch in new TV spotsTuesday, October 30, 2007
  50. Ron Paul Closes to Within Ten Points of Hillary Clinton
  51. Apostles of Paul :: NYC
  52. New CBN article: Ron and China
  53. Bloomberg: Paul Draws Disillusioned Republicans to Presidential Campaign
  54. LIberty & Power on Leno show
  55. Paul holding at 2% in Quinnipiac survey
  56. Hotline on Paul on Leno
  57. Poker players on RP
  58. Candidate Spotlight: Ron Paul (R)
  59. AMDG on RP on Leno
  60. Politico on Liv
  61. BoingBoing advertises RP Leno appearance
  62. RP v Hillary matchups in 14 states
  63. Bloomberg: Paul Draws Disillusioned Republicans to Presidential Campaign
  64. Ron Paul news MSN homepage
  65. College Gamers - Halo3 & Ron Paul
  66. Campaign Launches New Sub-Page: USA Headquarters (state by state pages)
  67. Politico.com: James Kotecki pimps Ron Paul
  68. NY Press: Apostles of Paul
  69. RP on ballot in Georgia!
  70. RP on Ballot in Florida!
  71. Heard the Ads!
  72. Well Done Grassroots Army
  73. nhasks.org - Newspaper ads coming out with great questions for the candidates
  74. Freedom Agenda Act - Important RP Legislation
  75. Time Magazine - The Ron Paul Revolution
  76. NY Sun: Candidate Paul May Be Nader With a Twist
  77. Ron Paul Roundup: The steady progress and major media coverage continues (15 Links)
  78. 10 Ways a Ron Paul Presidency Would Help Entrepreneurs
  79. A minor victory perhaps,but the summary of NH polls on RealClearPolitics now lists RP
  80. Voter Turnout Crucial for Ron Paul in NH
  81. Great local New Hampshire Coverage (WMUR 9)
  82. Another Straw Poll win for Ron Paul
  83. Ron Paul book Revolution - MSNBC
  84. USA Today - Wired magazine: Researchers say 'criminal botnet' is behind Ron ...
  85. Boulder Weekly - GREAT in-depth article
  86. Wired.com corrected Ron Paul Spam story
  87. Many kinds in Ron Paul's coalition
  88. Reporter wants to talk to Ron Paul supporters
  89. RP on CNN: A. Cooper 360 @ 10PM ET
  90. Dem's Discuss Israel-Palestine (only GOP: Ron Paul responded)
  91. Ron Paul's Slam Dunk Foreign Policy
  92. ROn Paul getting ticker coverage on Hardball
  93. Ron Paul Correct, Foreign Policy Magazine Wrong
  94. ronpaul2008.com Problems Again
  95. Hey youtube wizards! - post videos on Godtube.com
  96. Tom Ambrose, former commentary editor of WorldNetDaily, Endorses Ron Paul
  97. Nice, new video from the campaign!
  98. Wired.com corrected Ron Paul Spam story - Lew Rockwell
  99. Ron Paul’s Opponents Gambled and Lost - Lew Rockwell
  100. Tech-savvy swarm of bloggers boost candidates' online presence
  101. Identity Thieves Contribute To Ron Paul Presidential Fund
  102. Human Events Conservatives Choice: RP at 8%
  103. Radio Ad's 1 or 2
  104. ATTN: Nov. 10th Philly Rally WILL BE at Independence Mall
  105. Former Worldnetdaily Commentary Editor Endorses Ron Paul
  106. Ron Paul on Bloomberg
  107. Granny Warrior gets news coverage!
  108. Time to wear purple (article mentions Paul's Freedom Agenda Act)
  109. All in the Family (article)
  110. Detroit News: Paul brothers speak in pulpit, on politics
  111. The American Revolution vs. The Ron Paul Revolution
  112. (TheSpoof.com) Ron Paul Now President Of The United States (Very Funny!)
  113. Libertarians defecting for Paul and seek return to roots
  114. Paul inches up in Newsweek poll
  115. Florida Presidential Primary Candidates
  116. Houston Chronicle Print Edition : Front of Editorials Section E1
  117. Ron Paul Radio Ad in Action
  118. Paul holds in ABC/WP polll
  119. A Few Very Important Messages Regarding the NH Campaign
  120. Ron Paul Report: Who Supports Him and Why is November 5th Important?
  121. High Traffic Internet Ad!!
  122. Ron Paul: Hope or hype
  123. Napolitano Job Hunting?
  124. NEW Donation Widget: 12 Million to Win!
  125. Ron Paul Money Bomb: $700000+ In First 8 Hours - Donklephant
  126. Daily Kos - Ron Paul, true wingnut conservative, raising $100k/hr today
  127. Unbelievable Chart of Ron Paul Web Traffic vs. Giuliani, Thompson and Romney
  128. Andrew Sullivan Gives A Nod
  129. Hill blog: Ron Paul: Voice of Integrity, Stiffed by the Media
  130. STR: Remember, Remember This Fifth of November
  131. POTUS 08 on XM full SC rally speech!
  132. Washington Times - Ron Paul's Cash Flow
  133. Ron Paul: Cash is King, On Pace for a $2M Day, But Will it Matter?
  134. Wall Street Journal - Paul Supporters Hope to Make Campaign History
  135. A day for the record books!
  136. Paul Draws Young Crowd
  137. MSNBC reports on today's fundraising
  138. Ron Paul supporters drop their ‘money bomb’
  139. Washington Times: Ron Paul signs are everywhere!
  140. Ron Paul Fundraising Campaign Surging Past $5 Million Mark in Fourth Quarter
  141. Washington Post (new!): Ron Paul's Record Online Haul
  142. New York Times!! Guy Fawkes Day Helps Raise Millions for Paul
  143. Politico.com: Ron Paul's 'money bomb'
  144. Front page of realclearpolitics.com
  145. CNET: A penny for the guy, a hundred bucks for Ron Paul
  146. ABC News: Ron Paul Is Money
  147. Chuck Baldwin: An Appeal To My Fellow Pastors
  148. Ron Paul says he's broken one-day online fundraising record
  149. USA Today: Ron Paul says he's broken one-day online fundraising record
  150. Where is the AP etc.?
  151. Broke another forum record
  152. AP: Paul Raises More Than $3.5 Million
  153. Front Page On Drudge In Red
  154. Front page of YAHOO!!!!!!!!!
  155. November 5th On FOX...You heard me
  156. Wired: Financial Fireworks for Texas Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul
  157. A Perfectly Straight Line
  158. We have to at least break $4 million!!!
  159. $4.2 Million on the 5th According to AP
  160. Fox just mentioned 2.5 mil
  161. 11/6/07 New York Times -- Page A20
  162. National Review: In the last 3 hours
  163. Early November National Polls
  164. Your Favorite Campaign TV Ad?
  165. Some mentions on NH ABC & Boston Fox (local) morning news
  166. Morning Joe: "Ron Paul raises $4.2mil...
  167. Paul @ 4% in Iowa
  168. Ron Paul Hits Israeli Press
  169. Is Ron Paul going to be on any of the morning news shows today?
  170. Ron Paul hits Russian-language press
  171. Spambots Don't Send Imaginary Cash
  172. A very good opinion piece by Salon.com
  173. Polling Observations and Predictions in the Wake of Ron Paul's $4 Million Fundraising
  174. Where Is The Press Release!!!
  175. Captains Quarters: Ron Paul's Very Big Day
  176. For Ron Paul supporters in New York City - The NYYRC Straw Poll Tonight! 7 p.m.
  177. Longshot White House hopeful Paul takes in $4.3 million
  178. CATO Dispatch on RP's $4.2M
  179. Understanding Paul's Haul - Post Blog
  180. WBAL TV (Baltimore) - Ron Paul Raises More Than $4.2M In 1 Day
  181. Front Page of AOL
  182. MSNBC Interviews Ron this morning to discuss Nov 5th
  183. ABC News and Interview (right side) Paul Calls 4M Haul "Remarkable"
  184. ABC Poll: Guess Who's Winning?
  185. Is Ron Paul on the house floor?
  186. Fron page of Salon.com - BIG and BOLD
  187. Ron Paul on Tucker at 6 p.m. EST (11/6)
  188. All the hackers (poulsens and sterling) at wired have some funny pieces on Paul
  189. Fox News
  190. Ron Paul a Winner on Dan Abrams- MSNBC
  191. Fox Trying To Keep Ron Paul Out Of Iowa Debate?
  192. Did NPR cover the "Money Bomb"?
  193. Who would you let babysit your kids?
  194. Whats with Glen Becks election poll?
  195. CNN just mentioned RP
  196. CBS News - Ron Paul, Validated and Vindicated?
  197. "Does Ron Paul single out Israel?" Haaretz.com blog
  198. WMUR TV 9 long report on Ron in NH!
  199. ABC NEWS: Paul flushed with cash...
  200. Wash Post on media on $4m day
  201. Fantastic analysis of why US foreign policy needs to change
  202. MSNBC: Paul talks money, war in NH
  203. New York Times: Ron Paul wins Straw Vote..
  204. Ron Paul ON Fox News
  205. AWSOME fox/neil cavuto Interveiw!!!!!
  206. Interesting map of the candidates
  207. Ron Paul Radio ad in Iowa
  208. New AP story: Paul flush with cash, has hopes for N.H.
  209. $$$ Peter Schiff's Explosion Of Liberty $$$
  210. Evidence of Exclusionary Polling
  211. CSM: What's behind Ron Paul's huge '08 fundraising haul
  212. NH's Nashua Telegraph: Paul: Supporters buying into stance on Iraq
  213. Another New Radio Ad / Interview w/ Jonathan Bydlack
  214. NH Primary Video/Article
  215. BIGGGG FOX press release
  216. Forbes - Paul Flush With Cash, Has Hopes for NH
  217. NPR: "...ahead of one of the national front runners..."
  218. The Atlantic - Ron Paul, Third-Party Candidate?
  219. USA Today - Money matters: Ron Paul's record haul is getting him lots of time with th
  220. Huffington Post - Ron Paul is the New Howard Dean
  221. LA Times : Ron Paul celebrates an online fundraising coup
  222. Concord NH Monitor :Ron Paul's big money gets everyone's attention
  223. By Kos - DailyKos - The most impressive online campaign this cycle
  224. CNN: RP's Moneybomb (CNN talks about Ron Paul's lack of MSM coverage!!)
  225. Ron Paul at 9.1% in Iowa
  226. Washington Post factchecker takes on Ron Paul
  227. Ron Paul Campaign accused of Credit Card Fraud
  228. Paul Jumps to 5% Nationally in Rasmussen Poll
  229. The Media's Plan To Ambush Ron Paul
  230. Ron Paul has a new "Politician" page on facebook!
  231. Forbes: Reports on Paul's fight with Bernanke
  232. CBS: Paul Returns Donations From Stolen Cards
  233. Campaign Songs, and Advertising/PR Lingo
  234. Paul's Schedule in NH tomorrow
  235. CNN's The Situtation Room
  236. Boston Globe: Paul Supporters plan more fundraisers...
  237. "CNBC's Rick Santelli reporting a roar of "Ron Paul!"
  238. Ron Paul to be on CNN's Situation Room at 4:10
  239. Ron Paul is First Candidate to Sign Onto 10Questions
  240. ABC News Dollar Devalued? Paul Vs. Fed Chairman
  241. ABC: Paul vs. Bernanke on Value of the Dollar
  242. Third ad!
  243. NH's Concord Monitor
  244. Ron Paul coming up on Kudlow and Company
  245. Will a bank accept a money bomb as loan collateral?
  246. Google News Alert for 11-08-07
  247. Ron Paul Speech Mentioned Locally
  248. teaparty07.com launch when?
  249. Houston Cron. - Paul's surge no longer a surprise
  250. 12 recent stories - 4:00 am Friday November 9