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  1. Frontpage An Open Letter to Ron Paul on Cuba embargo
  2. Antagonism to Ron Paul Growing Louder on YouTube
  3. Ron Paul discussed by Buchanan on MSNBC
  4. Fundraising on BBC
  5. Ron Paul On The 700 Club!
  6. Article: Ron Paul is a Protest Candidate
  7. Successful Rally Held at the NY State Capital
  8. RP outraised McCain in primary funds in Q3
  9. Jay Leno Confirmed Oct 30
  10. Celebrity donor!
  11. Ron Paul Discusses Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reily
  12. Ron Paul Campaign to Hold Press Conference Tomorrow
  13. Huff Post: Defense Industry Hedges Its Bets In '08 Race
  14. VIDEO: CNBC Learns Not To Mess With RON PAUL Supporters
  15. RP gets some applause; Fred is a no-show at GOP fundraiser
  16. Why Dr. Paul is Right about Blow-back in Iraq, NBC News Exclusive
  17. Political Chowder Interview
  18. The Hill: GOP candidates bail on RNC fundraising dinner
  19. The RNC has winnowed the primary race down to 5 candidates!
  20. Ron Paul Speaks at the Republican National Committee Presidential Trust Dinner
  21. Is Ron Paul’s Campaign Being Hijacked By The Whacko Fringe ?
  22. David Boaz on the Ron Paul Campaign
  23. Ron Paul to Tout Fundraising Power, Top Tier Status in Presser
  24. Ron Paul The New Dark Horse?
  25. Ron Paul on Federal Reserve, banking and economy
  26. RonPaulRadio citation
  27. Ron Paul in NH
  28. Mitt Romney has stage virtually to himself at RNC event
  29. Ron Paul Opens Office In Greenville
  30. Washington Times article
  31. Ron Paul on Fox & Friends
  32. What if the polls are right?
  33. Broadcast media outlets slowly realizing the massive grassroots support for Ron Paul
  34. Politico: Your daily Ron Paul fix
  35. Ron Paul Leads Republicans in Military Donations
  36. Ron Paul, sitting prettier than McCain
  37. (youtube) Press Conference: The Three Top GOP Candidates
  38. 10/17 Rasmussen: Ron Paul at 2% in Iowa
  39. Some Michigan People Should Be Ashamed
  40. NY Times: Paul’s Aides: Campaign Cash ‘Healthy’
  41. Forbes '08 Tracker: October (RP finally makes it to their list)
  42. Odd Call, Investigating Military Donations
  43. Ron Paul News for 10/17/07
  44. Houston Chronicle - Paul leads in donations from military voters, with Obama next
  45. Kudlow and Co 10-17-07 video Don Luskin supports Ron Paul *again*
  46. Fundraising Is Taking Off Now!
  47. Ron’s Revolution - Could Dr. Paul really surprise us all?
  48. Fundraising slow for congressional candidate
  49. Ron Paul News for 10-18-07
  50. RCP: Third Party Run Would Kill GOP in '08
  51. Houston Chronicle catches on...
  52. Ron Paul missed votes in the House
  53. Huge ABC News article
  54. 10/14 interview in Georgetown Public Policy Online
  55. Third Quarter Figures
  56. tucker
  57. ABC: Republican or Revolutionary?
  58. Paul Ranked 3rd In "Net Cash"
  59. We welcome Naomi Wolf from the Left.
  60. Attendees at Value Voter Summit tomorrow
  61. Ron Paul Files First In NY
  62. American Freedom Campaign - Sign Up
  63. Something is wrong with the official web site
  64. Mises: Anatomy of the Ron Paul Nation
  65. The PPA endorses Ron Paul
  66. ABC News: Is Ron Paul a Republican or a Revolutionary?
  67. One brother in pulpit, another seeks White House
  68. Weekly Standard Claims Ron Paul Does Not Lead in Military Contributions
  69. Paul-Kucinich?
  70. Video: Rep. Ron Paul M.D.: Champion of the Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms
  71. Ron Paul Introduces Bill To Repeal Military Commissions Act!
  72. A vegan’s case for Ron Paul
  73. *Breaking News* Ron Paul on NBC News Tonight
  74. Borg Blog: Ron Paul: In His Own Words
  75. Entertaining Ron Paul News Item Of The Day
  76. “Mark My Words..Ron Paul Is Going to be a Factor”
  77. Announcement remix video
  78. Ron Paul: Take abortion out of the federal courts
  79. Video: Ron Paul: Global Phenomenon
  80. Washington Briefing Dispatch: Ron Paul
  81. Brownback exits race…Ron Paul, Alan Keyes, Mike Huckabee will get bump
  82. Establishment Media Admits Ron Paul Is Top Tier Candidate …
  83. Kansas wants Ron Paul over Clinton
  84. Ron Wyden (Oregon) Tries To Stop Bush's Eavesdropping
  85. NH Poll Shows Ron Paul at 6%
  86. Ron Paul M.D. Speaks On Health Care
  87. A Tough Crowd Greets Ron Paul
  88. Politicians pick their paths; we decide which to follow
  89. The Shifting Ethics of the Law Enforcement Community
  90. Donors Choose poll
  91. A Tough Crowd Greets Ron Paul
  92. Is Paul's Military Support Significant?
  93. Should We Expect a Third Party Candidate?
  94. Paul's Values Voter Speech
  95. Paul Wants a Slice of the 'Real Republican' Pie
  96. Rasmussen GOP Electability Survey
  97. Paul-Napolitano
  98. PAUL: And People Say A Dollar Can't Buy You Anything These Days
  99. Ron Paul Rings True on the Issues
  100. *Breaking news* Head of RNC just stepped down
  101. Huge Donation Spike!
  102. Hunter and Paul
  103. Opportunity for Ron Paul
  104. Romney wins straw polls, Ron Paul places third
  105. I Want to Vote for Ron Paul, But I Don’t Feel Like Converting to Islam
  106. Ron Paul speaks on health care
  107. I Saw My First Ron Paul Yard Sign
  108. Support Texas's Ron Paul for president
  109. Ron Paul will follow the Constitution rule book
  110. Paul restores interest
  111. Paul, yet to dent polls, challenges common GOP views on war, spying
  112. Donation totals?
  113. Ron Paul and Fred Thompson give different answers to questions about the North Americ
  114. Newsweek: In NH Paul Could Have a Shot
  115. Calling all homeschoolers!
  116. Worldnetdaily: Rooting for Ron
  117. Orlando Tickets & The Venue Observation
  118. Ron Paul Grade C
  119. Ron Paul booed twice at Florida Republican Presidential ‘debate’
  120. GOP Debate: Fox Viewers Say Ron Paul Won
  121. Ron Paul '08: He's the only one with a REAL platform
  122. Ron Paul Siphoning Off Support from Libertarian Party Members
  123. MSNBC First Read: The GOP's general election problem
  124. DM: They hoot & Laugh now, but if they lose in Nov, they'll wish they listened to Pau
  125. Hannity dismissed Fox text-message polls as "just a lot of fun"
  126. Paul To Visit NH Tomorrow (10/23/07)
  127. Analysis of poll on Paul v Hillary
  128. Liberty & Power: Medical Fascism and Marital Freedom
  129. Ron Paul! (video)
  130. Andrew Sullivan: Ron Paul On Marriage
  131. Kathy Belge's Lesbian Life Blog
  132. John Birch Society gives Paul a plug.
  133. Romney, Giuliani, Thompson, and McCain all drop in Iowa poll.
  134. No more radio interviews?
  135. Ron Paul tells Hannity and Colmes he could fill the place with a couple thousand peop
  136. NH Paper: Clinton, Paul spending within their means
  137. Reform Party of Ohio backs Ron Paul
  138. Did Mike Huckabee Just Blow Past Ron Paul?
  139. Michigan & New Hampshire in play for Ron Paul
  140. Time to Shine Light on Government Spending
  141. It is Time For the Other Republican Presidential Candidates to Step Down and Support
  142. Huckabee surpasses Paul
  143. Ron Paul News for 10-23-07
  144. Ron Paul and the anti-war Republicans
  145. Ron Paul files for N.H. primary
  146. Clinton, Paul will be listed first on Missouri primary election ballots
  147. Ron Paul - A reluctant conversion
  148. Ron Paul Is Lucky In His Enemies
  149. Ron Paul Raises Over $400,000 in 3 days, breaks records.
  150. Ron Paul and Civil Liberties
  151. Cedar Falls, Iowa debate, no mention?
  152. Paul included in Slate's Election Scorecard
  153. Ron Paul plans Wyoming visit
  154. Paul polls better than Huck v Hillary
  155. Ron Paul gets first spot on Missouri Primary ballots
  156. Retirement Living TV
  157. Paul, Rudy up, Fred down in new poll
  158. Being a Ron Paul supporter.
  159. Ron Paul: A Democrat’s Republican
  160. NH: It's official for McCain, Guiliani, Paul
  161. Fear and Loathing at the Republican Presidential Debate
  162. Reports of Ron Paul House Hunting in New Hampshire
  163. Ron Paul Polls Better Among African Americans than Other Republicans
  164. Rabid Paul supporters undermining campaign
  165. Ron Paul Gains, But Trails Democrats in U.S.
  166. Iowa Stats
  167. OHIO Reform party endorses Ron Paul
  168. Great article at townhall.com!
  169. Shutting Out the Paulites
  170. RedState Bans Ron Paul's 'Annoying' Fans (and some disagree)
  171. Why Is This Canadian Pot Dealer Campaigning for Ron Paul?
  172. CSM: Military spending: up and away
  173. Glen Beck?
  174. Wake Up Call From Ron Paul
  175. Less spinning, more Traction
  176. Paul at 7% in NH
  177. Featured Video Network
  178. Interventionism? Isolationism? Actually, Both
  179. Statue Of Liberty Just Went Up By $500,000
  180. New California Numbers, RP 4%
  181. Ron Paul Radio Spot all over Sirius Satellite Radio
  182. RP at American University last night a success
  183. Washington Post Article on Ron Paul
  184. Ron Paul is bigger than RedState. - Donklephant
  185. How Ron Paul Could Win the Presidency - Lew Rockwell
  186. HitWise Numbers In - Ron Paul Swamps Other Republicans with 45% Market Share
  187. Ron Paul has an ally in N.H.
  188. How Best to Use DONATIONS!
  189. A Bunch of Ron Paul news
  190. Ron Paul climbs to 4% in California poll, tied with Huckabee
  191. Ron Paul Hints
  192. Paul drops in Fox poll
  193. Rep. Ron Paul plans ad blitz, personal appearances in N.H.
  194. Poll: GOP race tighter than ever
  195. Frank Luntz: Ron Paul only candidate that can save the GOP
  196. NYT: Flush With New Millions, Underdog Vies to Compete
  197. The Ron Paul Wars
  198. Conservative Blog Limits New Ron Paul Supporters
  199. Conservative Blog Bastion Explains Its Decision to Ban the "Retarded Vulture Fringe."
  200. WT: How Ron Paul sees himself stacking up
  201. So Ron Paul Won’t Make A 3rd Party Run, Eh?
  202. Ron Paul Is Seriously Flawed As A Candidate
  203. Ron Paul’s campaign website attracted close to a million people over the last month
  204. Could Huckabee make for a Paul win?
  205. Ron Paul plans ad blitz, personal appearances in N.H.
  206. New York Times: Ron Paul uses new millions for media push
  207. CBS - Ron Paul: GOP Needs To Change
  208. Ron Paul - tv Commercial - Modified Switch - Video
  209. USA Daily welcomes Ron Paul supporters to their message forum
  210. WP: Republican Hot Flashes
  211. Ron Paul Meets With Poker Players Alliance Washington Fly-in
  212. Rudy, Mitt, Fred down, Paul, Huck, McCain up in Cali poll
  213. Union Leader: New Hampshire Steering Away From December 12 Primary
  214. GoldSilver.com interview
  215. Paul Mails 12-Page Pamphlet To Granite State Republicans
  216. Has Ron Paul Become Our Guy Fawkes?
  217. Dissecting Ron Paul's New Hampshire Polls
  218. Ron Paul in the news in N. Carolina
  219. The Legendary History of Ron Paul
  220. Tucker Now
  221. Blog on RP in NH
  222. Politico on Paul in NH
  223. Rick Jore Endorsed Ron Paul
  224. These Are The Times....
  225. Ron Paul open to a fourth-party campaign?
  226. On the Subject of Paul and Giuliani
  227. Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain
  228. McLaughlin Group: Ron Paul mentioned
  229. Ron Paul loses North Dakota Straw Poll
  230. Article in Houston Chronicle
  231. GREAT press from Arkansas.
  232. Arab-American Conference ?
  233. Latest Ron Paul Media Coverage - Collected from across the Internet
  234. Parents getting into ron paul
  235. Rasmussen-Paul @ 2% in NH...yeah right
  236. Request from Jane Aitken
  237. Paul 'Steps up' in New Hampshire
  238. Ron Paul: Tear down missiles, Mr. Whatsyaname
  239. Ron Paul reminisced about one of his conversations with Reagan
  240. Ron Paul to Appear on "The View"
  241. Ron Paul has good ideas on health care
  242. Will Ron Paul’s Airwave Strategy Work?
  243. How Can Ron Paul Deconstruct Government
  244. Ron Paul Set for Jay Leno
  245. KC: Paul for president
  246. Ron Paul 5th in Donations from NH
  247. Why Young Americans love Ron Paul
  248. Paul wants to limit government on taxes, foreign policy
  249. Not (really) a Thread about the TV Spot
  250. A Few Kind Words in Today's Nashua Telegraph: NH