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  1. It is about time! A Great Article!
  2. The Ron Paul Dilemma
  3. Bernancke to testify before Financial Services Committee today
  4. Of Course Ron Paul must be a loon..
  5. Sorry - Posted this under previous thread but didn't show up...
  6. Ron Paul's Statement to Congress today
  7. For those who are giving up. BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
  8. New Free Media for Paul's Challenger, Paul looks good
  9. Comment on this Ron Paul vid to get it to the top of Youtube please
  10. Wise as a serpent - harmless as a dove...
  11. e-mail from HQ
  12. yahoo front page: Ron Paul Sharing The Political Wealth With Like-Minded Candidates
  13. Ron Paul needs another Debate!!
  14. Dan McCarthy Leaving Campaign
  15. Looks Like Another Debate
  16. CNBC Ron Paul grills Bernanke, traders cheering 2008.02.27
  17. Press release machine broken?
  18. double edge sword....
  19. Impact of Ron Paul
  20. Dr Paul to be in New Debate???
  21. Ron Paul continuing fight on two fronts
  22. Ron Paul Confirmed to Speak at Freedom Fest
  23. McCain's Mate: The Search Is On
  24. The Times That We Face Ahead
  25. Event Ideas from RonCan.com
  26. Ron Paul’s son Robert running for Congress?
  27. Paul delegate to convention proud to serve
  28. Utube Hacks Ron Paul's videos
  29. new lou dobbs forum
  30. #114 - Beautiful Thoguhts
  31. Ron Paul run in 2012?
  32. $3 billion takeover bid for Diebold by United Technologies (UTX)
  33. CNN to host Nader, Paul, McCain, Obama forum?
  34. Ron Paul Educates Ben Bernanke
  35. Encouraging Words
  36. Ron Paul Lives.
  37. Ron Paul says politicians afraid of AIPAC
  38. NY Times' definition of conservatism
  39. Write In.
  40. The Candidates on the Pocketbook
  41. This is pretty funny:
  42. Just Saw Ron Paul Supporters in OHIO on CNN
  43. 3rd Party Run w/ Barr
  44. RP top Republican vote-getter among Muslims in survey
  45. New op-ed from Ron on Forbes.com
  46. Paul - Barr Ticket in the Works?
  47. Ron's Congressional Primary Results Here
  48. You gotta see this!
  49. Lincoln letters prove Ron Paul right
  50. Huckabee drops out
  51. delete - already posted
  52. delegates question after tonight
  53. Money Bomb All Week!
  54. Ron Paul beats neo-con Peden in a landslide...
  55. Houston: Ron Paul NOT Hanging It Up
  56. We Won The First Skirmish
  57. The Dollar, What is McCain's Plan?
  58. Congressional Power Rankings released
  59. The Repub. Establishment wants a fait accompli
  60. The Repub. Establishment wants a fait accompli
  61. If McCain drops, can't Romney, etc., just come back?
  62. Ron Paul Re-Elected by a Landslide!
  63. Mike Huckabee Drops Out
  64. Time for a GOP Debate!
  65. RP still a Top Yahoo Searh Term
  66. RP campaign slogan: "He can't win"
  67. Poll: Ron says he will stay in until we say stop.
  68. McCain Speak to GOP about campaign & fundraising
  69. Ron Paul, the Bomb on the Internet
  70. If you are thinking about giving up, read this NOW!!!!
  71. Central Ohio Household Registers 100% for Ron Paul
  72. Believe it or not MSNBC wrote great article on Dr. Paul
  73. Looks like he is still in the race
  74. Straight Talk from a Texas Meetup.
  75. Ron Paul radio call on blogtalkradio
  76. Ron Paul & Raw Milk
  77. No more Ron Paul and his silly principles. {satire}
  78. Mccain & the Nomination.
  79. "ron paul can win..."
  80. McCain has secured NOTHING!
  81. George W. Bush on Steroids
  82. John McCain Vs. Ron Paul
  83. Ron Pauls lone vote in Congress against condemnation of Hamas
  84. Now there are two???
  85. Ron Paul new video on campaign update...
  86. Hearings on Government Using Mind Altering Drugs
  87. New Video Ron says keep fighting
  88. Has Ron Paul suspended his campaign?
  89. Where do we go from here?
  90. WHY do some of you STILL listen to the MSM?
  91. Ron Paul suggest March on June 21st
  92. The REVOLUTION begins...
  93. The point of everything is NOT the presidency
  94. Interesting Article, My Cousin is James Comey
  96. OMG CNN mentioned Ron Paul
  97. Help me Slam CNN for this story
  98. Breaking News??? No surprise who is breaking it.
  99. The Revolution......
  100. The Revolution......
  101. Spokesman says RP ending POTUS campaign
  102. Some Relevant History - Ron Paul's 1987 Resignation Letter to the RNC
  103. Campaign money
  104. Paul on H RES 951 (passed 404 - 1)
  105. Donation Button and Info. gone from RP site
  106. Libertarian Party Precinct Conventions March 11 - Coincidence?
  107. Ron Paul was just on Fox saying HE DID NOT QUIT!
  108. Huck back in? Official RP website says...
  109. RON PAUL STILL IN IT - "As Long as Donations Come In"
  110. Correct CNN Please - Ron Paul Still In It
  111. CNN today on RP and has a screen shot of the Ron Paul Forum!!!
  112. The Interview
  113. Money.com Article
  114. Feeling down? I have the solution!!!
  115. Washington Post Article
  116. I received this e-mail, anyone else...claims to know who started RP dropout Rumor
  117. Ron Paul says NOT SO FAST! It aint over yet
  118. Wait a Minute! He's NOT Dropping Out..
  119. Bad Omen For Republican Party
  120. Big success in Nevada
  121. Huffpo takes issue with title of RP's new book
  122. Story Today from The Bee, Carry On! Cool Story
  123. Why we MUST fight on.......
  124. Any news on the LAGOP suit?
  125. What Happened To The "Money Tracker"
  126. Analysis of Texas Votes
  127. Ron Paul has shown us the road to victory – Win or Lose
  128. "Is the Revolution Over or Just Beginning? News From Rand Paul, MD
  129. National Convention Volunteers needed!
  130. McCain's Medical Records, Should Keep Paul Going
  131. Ron Paul and Mike Gravel to meet Tuesday
  132. Ron Paul Interview on Dollar, 02/28/2008
  133. Paul's Cash
  134. Washington Post: Paul Ends His Campaign
  135. This is how we will win the election
  136. Paul's Son, Not sure my Dad will endorse McCain
  137. Ron Paul Roars In Lone Star State
  138. Official Fox Ron Paul Interview - Still in Race
  139. Ron on CNN Today: The Campaign Never Ends
  140. Ron Paul: #2 on Yahoo Buzz Index
  141. Coming up on headline news
  142. Ron To Appear On Tucker Carlson
  143. "Paul Not Quitting" on AHN
  144. McCain Starts to Look for Money
  145. Congressman Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk - Can Foreign Aid Save Africa?
  146. Ron Paul Group to Meet in Gettysburg, Wednesday
  147. Ron Paul: 'No, it's not over'
  148. Ron Paul inetrview on AntiWar Radio
  149. Dr. Paul on Cavuto today
  150. Liberty PAC
  151. Is the dream over?
  152. (YouTube) - Ron Paul on Fox News Cavuto 3/11/2008
  153. Ron Paul on Neil Cavuto 03/11/2008
  154. Interesting McCain, and OTHER
  155. LAst I heard from the official campaign in Ca
  156. No, Ron Paul has Not Dropped Out!
  157. sacbee.com: Ron Paul faithful vow to carry his libertarian ideals forward
  158. IMPORTANT! -> Message via www.dailypaul.com
  159. No to Torture, Yes to the Constitution By Rep. Ron Paul
  160. Watch this vid, Its what Ron Paul predicted
  161. Ron Paul Republicans on the Move in the NEWS
  162. Tom Daschle, Healthcare should be run Like Banking
  163. CT Boys Get Pardon in Candy Caper, Thank You!
  164. Ron Paul kicking some ass on fox
  165. ron paul rebate money bomb? (share your ideas!!)
  166. Now Grassroots Now
  167. (YouTube) Ron Paul : Tough Medicine - On Fox Business
  168. 3-D Ron Paul Video...Wow!
  169. Great Ron Paul video!
  170. The Media Is The Message!!!
  171. Ron Paul is right
  172. NRO's Media Blog - Dollar, Gold, and Ron Paul in the Sun [Kevin D. Williamson]
  173. Things you can do to help right now...
  174. Ron Paul On Eliot Spitzer
  175. Ron Paul On Budget, On the Floor of Congress
  176. Haywood County, NC just elected 8 out of 10 Ron Paul Delegates
  177. What is EFF?
  178. Ron Paul Survives Lies, Manipulation Of Mass Media
  179. Mike Gravel's complaint against YouTube - Stands up for Ron Paul as well
  180. Thank goodness Paul is no longer around to remind us how much better U.S. can be
  181. Pope: Enough With Slaughters in Iraq
  182. Ron Paul on Spitzer
  183. The real reason "The Lemming Effect"
  184. WOW!!! Ron Paul providing exclusive commentary on World Net Daily.......
  185. New Ron Paul Video - Wild American
  186. Magna Carta
  187. “Ron Paul supporters control Republican county conventions”
  188. Ron Paul Republicans Post on This Story re: Dollar
  189. New Letter from Rand Paul
  190. Ron Paul wins here where it counts - WA county convention!
  191. The Ron Paul Campaign: The Glass is Half Full
  192. Great Article
  193. Campaign's New YouTube Video "Ron Paul Short Promo Video"
  194. Can we do this in other States, Show us the WAY!
  195. Daily Dose blog: "First Steps"
  196. Ron Paul on the Ballot
  197. LA Times about Paulties continuing the revolution!
  198. Several Ron Paul Republicans Plan to Run in CT
  199. Paul and his backers slighted by the 'neoconservative' GOP
  200. Ron Paul press release on Iraq anniversary
  201. FYI : Events now showing up on campaign website again
  202. Paul First to Tie Economy to War, Guns & Butter
  203. Fight a Smarter War
  204. Are We Going to See a New Ad Soon?
  205. MUST READ: Paul vs. Bush: The War within the War
  206. Charlie Rose and Iraq.
  207. Novak - Finance's "New Day"- Paul Backers' "Paranoid Grievances" Justified
  208. McCain Plans on Creating a League of Democracies?
  209. Unbelieveable Paul's Staff
  210. Ron to be on "Kudlow & Company" tonight
  211. FOX Business appearence?
  212. Paul on Coast 2 Coast!
  213. Congressional Investigation into Federal Reserve?
  214. Newsweek: Ron Paul on why he's still running for president.
  215. March FEC Exp. Report: Disbursements by PAYEE
  216. Bernanke - "Federal Reserve caused Great Depression"
  217. Guys! Need help Immediately to write resolutions!
  218. The biggest lie
  219. Paul Warns: Worldwide Economic Crisis
  220. Police arrests during 03/20 2008 Anti-War Protests in SF
  221. McCain Has no delegates in Texas?
  222. Ron Paul dedicated to his electoral effort
  223. Several minor mentions
  224. Benton Clarifies Campaign's Status
  225. Ron Paul - Speaker of the House...
  226. This is the official "I Miss Ron Paul" Thread
  227. GOPers in Missouri aren't too happy..
  228. Real ID Act: The Fuse?
  229. Ron Paul On Coast To Coast Am
  230. RP Delegate Count up by 7%
  231. 8 specific questions Michael Scheuer wants answered
  232. Open Market Should Decide Price, Not Federal Reserve
  233. March, Permits and is this A Revolution!!
  234. My interview with Ron Paul
  235. New Article on Ron Paul Delegates, Your Thoughts?
  236. Time & CNN Article on Ron Paul & the GOP
  237. Is it true, Mike Gravel a Libertarian?
  238. Penn State Request for Ron Paul to Speak. April 11th
  239. John McCain endorsed by Nancy Reagan
  240. Electronic Electorate: How Does the Internet Change This Election?
  241. Ron Paul never got more than 10 percent of the vote according to neocon advocate
  242. Time to Listen to Ron Paul?
  243. Wow, When's the March?
  244. New, Excellent! Washington's Good Doctor
  245. 10 Reasons Your Taxes Will Increase
  246. Where is McCain on this Nomination?
  247. Fox asks if it's time to listen to Ron Paul.
  248. Ron Paul, The Draft, and John McCain
  249. Rush, No Conservative Can Support McCain's Speech
  250. Ron Paul Alaska GOP Convention Update