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  1. Reason Magazine - Paul raised 5 million
  2. What exactly is need to win the primary?
  3. Cool NBC News Clip - Ron Paul Surprise!
  4. Paul Raises Jaw-Dropping $5 Million
  5. CNN Ticker "Ron Paul's Cash Shock : Ties McCain"
  7. $5.3 Million Cash on Hand!
  8. Others BURIED: Digg this!
  9. Ron Paul story on CNN situation room..
  10. Ron Paul front page on Google News
  11. Front Page on Chron.com website for the Houston Chronicle newspaper
  12. Associated Press - Ron Paul Raises $5 Million for Bid
  13. Volunteers Need to Make Sure They Sign up @ ronpaul2008.com
  14. Ron Paul on ABC
  15. Local News Coverage of Dr. Paul
  16. Ron Paul #1 Entry on Google News
  17. New CNN and ABC Vids
  18. Ron Paul - Forbes!
  19. Ron Paul Odds Have Been Slashed to 6 to 1: Now Favored Over Romney
  20. Exclusive: Paul Tops $5 Mil For Quarter
  21. More stories here we haven't seen...
  22. Wall Street Journal Page A6 - Ron Paul's Fund Raising Doubled in Quarter
  23. Why are the consultants stunned?
  24. GREAT editorial on RP in Concord (NH) Monitor
  25. We made Drudge.
  26. NH paper: Paul: Bring troops home
  27. Chiropractors Voting for Ron Paul
  28. FXStreet.com (Very Popular Foreign Currency Exchange site) article mentions Ron Paul
  29. Ron Paul gets short article in St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  30. Washington Post Blog
  31. Ron Paul in Houston Chronicle Section A9 October 4, 2007
  32. Russert on RP Significance-Today Show
  33. Statue of Liberty thermometer - Anybody keeping track
  34. LOL. We made Cato. Ron Paul news in their daily dispatch!
  35. Ron Paul Emerges Top Tier Candidate - USADaily
  36. ron paul on live now CNN 4:10 EST 10/04
  37. Wolf Blitzer says Ron Paul is pro abortion rights, like Rudy
  38. CQpolitics Trail Mix piece:
  39. Paul Not Welcome at RJC Event
  40. Another Ron Paul Discussion on Tucker!
  41. Today Show Talking About Ron Paul *Video*
  42. Glenn Beck just said RP could run as a 3rd party
  43. More Coverage from Jack Cafferty
  44. FOX Online Finally Reports on Ron Paul's 5 Mil.
  45. Cafferty on 'The View' Praises Ron Paul
  46. Paul to 2% in NBC/WSJ poll
  47. Surfs up for Ron Paul
  48. Boston Globe: Texas congressman Paul doubles funding in presidential bid
  49. The Nation: RON PAUL'S MONEY, MOMENTUM...
  50. BLOG BITS: Learn from Ron Paul
  51. NH Union Leader: Paul's isolationism: Unrealistic and dangerous
  52. Robbing Obama To Pay Paul?
  53. Ron Paul News for October 5, 2007
  54. Ron Paul on Dems, Immigration, 9/11 Conspiracies
  55. Does Ron Paul wear a pin?
  56. Stupid news, but means Paul is TOP TIER
  57. How was the "Defending the American Dream Summit?"
  58. Ron Paul "35,000 NEW donors" in 3Q
  59. URGENT - In case you don't know - Ron Paul in Nashville Oct 6!
  60. Heard Pauls name mentioned twice in an hour of tv watching today
  61. Positive RP article in Nashville City Paper
  62. CBS: The Ron Paul Factor
  63. WSJ: Ron Paul Rails Against Republican Spending
  64. Former IRS Agent Joe Banister and Ron Paul On CNBC
  65. Wash Post: Ron Paul = Howard Dean?
  66. Candidate Ron Paul taps eclectic, fervent base
  67. Should Republicans Want Ron Paul To Go Third Party?
  68. Ron Paul Isolationist Or Anti-Interventionist?
  69. Concord Monitor, Move to NH?
  70. Please fix the chip in meter! (and donate)
  71. ABC News GMA Article
  72. Now for a Real Underdog: Ron Paul, Libertarian, for President
  73. Ron Paul should be on C-SPAN Sunday Oct. 7th
  74. Dc Forum Sounds The Music On Paul
  75. Deaf Ron Paul Blog
  76. The American Conservative
  77. What you have done
  78. Ron Paul oct 6th nashville TN vids
  79. What you have done *campaign message*
  80. RP will be on California ballot
  81. Ron Paul Talks Economics, Subprime & The Fed 9-25-07
  82. Ron Paul Economic Scholar
  83. CBS - The Ron Paul Factor!
  84. Huckabee says RP not electable
  85. WTVF Nashville TV report
  86. Presidential Hopeful Draws Big Nashville Crowd
  87. WP: In New Hampshire, the GOP Race Gets Tighter
  88. Official Blog - Chemo for the GOP: President Hillary
  89. Friday Look: Ron Paul
  90. Polling Aside, Is Ron Paul Being Underestimated?
  91. $9 at 9:00 tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  92. George Will is all about Ron Paul
  93. Ron Paul is America's only real choice for presidency
  94. Ron Paul on NPR
  95. Ron Paul still head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to web traffic.
  96. Ron Paul’s Money Gets Notice
  97. It's time for a Ron Paul revolution
  98. Unlike others, Paul's hands are clean
  99. Politicians use fear to justify wars, Paul says
  100. Great Video from CNN - NAU, National ID & Ron Paul
  101. Ron Paul News for 10-08-07
  102. Paul Leads Rivals In Major Demographics
  103. How Ron Paul Can Win it All
  104. Ignoring Ron Paul Won't Make him Go Away
  105. Please Digg this coverage of 1500+ Ron Paul Rally in Nashville
  106. Good News!
  107. Am I the only one????
  108. Ron Paul on News Hour
  109. Paul's candidacy brings newcomers to politics, voting
  110. Huffington Post: Dems win if Rudy wins and Ron Paul runs as Libertarian
  111. Glenn Beck "The Ron Paul Effect"
  112. USA Today: Paul squares off with the Union Leader Over Foreign Policy
  113. Ron Paul "should" be on C-SPAN 2 around 9PM EST
  114. Ron Paul Called "Top Tier" Going into CNBC Debate
  115. Everybody Should Vote In The Cnbc Debate
  116. Ron Paul Brings Campaign To Nashville wkrn.com
  117. From Darkhorse to Top Tier Candidate
  118. National Review: Ron's Revolution
  119. Liberty & Power blog: A Flawed Critique of Ron Paul's Foreign Policy From Doug Mataco
  120. Gratuitious CNN plug for Dr. Paul
  121. The latest Gallup Poll
  122. Texas near the top for raking in federal dollars
  123. Ron Paul: an up-close view
  124. Ayn Rand, Ron Paul and the Myth that Government Monopolizes Bureaucracy
  125. Oregon Republicans back Ron Paul
  126. Who loves ya? Bloggers on the right rank righties they hate
  127. Candidate Ron Paul draws out activists' passion
  128. Ron Paul English First Rating A+
  129. Gop "war Propaganda" On Iran
  130. Huge fundraising day
  131. Paul, Giuliani exchange sharp words over 9/11
  132. Hill: Paul and Tancredo hint at not supporting GOP nominee
  133. Next Debate: Fox News
  134. Paul Gets Applause For Calling His Fellow Republicans Warmongers.
  135. The Debate: Thompson Passes A Test; Giuliani and Romney Spar
  136. Antiwar.com: Ron Paul Breakthrough
  137. FMNN - Major Paper Plan Article on Ron Paul NH Progress?
  138. Ron Paul, The Anti-Monetarist
  139. Politico: Ron Paul: Animated
  140. Andrew Sullivan: Democrats For Ron Paul?
  141. Former Governor and Senator Lowell Weicker Raves About Ron Paul
  142. GOP Debate: No Clear Winner, Romney and Paul
  143. Reihan: Is Ron Paul A Bad Libertarian?
  144. THE NATION is nice to Ron Paul!
  145. Pro Ron Paul Editorials
  146. Paul, Tancredo Drop Hints
  147. Time rates candidates
  148. HUGE! - Anti-War Group Releases Ad Hailing Ron Paul
  149. Friends, foes greet hopefuls
  150. Ron Paul on NewsHour on Thursday 11th
  151. URL: Transcript of last night's debate
  152. Positive Chicago Sun-Times article on Paul from Debate
  153. "We Have Only One Chance"
  154. NYT: U.S. Affects a Strong Silence on Its Weak Currency
  155. NYT: Debate Erupts on Techniques Used by C.I.A.
  156. WSJ: Ron Paul Rails Against Republican Spending
  157. Politico: Paul says Americans' freedoms under siege
  158. National Journal moves Dr. Paul two spots in ranking
  159. The Threat of Ron Paul
  160. NYT: Live-Blogging the Republican Debate
  161. Why So Many Conservatives Don't Like Ron Paul
  162. Podhoretz: "FREDDY JUST NOT READY"
  163. The Race for Prez: “Who Is Ron Paul?”
  164. Vanderbilt University: Paul brings message of personal liberties
  165. Guliani: Attack Iran on a hunch?
  166. A maverick, but not the good kind
  167. C-SPAN2 Friday 10/12: Ron Paul to speak at Taft Club
  168. Ron Paul Wins Straw Poll of MI Debate Audience
  169. JBS: Ron Paul Stands Alone on War Power at GOP Debate
  170. GOOD debate coverage on Yahoo front page!
  171. Ron Paul - 9:10PM EST - MSNBC - Coming up next
  172. Donation Surge Yall!!
  173. $116,000+ in 24 hours!
  174. USA Today article: Paul has Savvy and Cash
  175. Dr. James Dobson On Ron Paul
  176. Ron Paul News for 10-11-07
  177. A Happy Libertarian Family: Ron Paul, Harry Browne, Eric Dondero, and Alex Jones
  178. USA Today article about the campaign
  179. AmericanChronicle.com: Ron Paul - He's Not Just For Bloggers Anymore
  180. French news
  181. Ron Smith puts Paul's "disappearing" out into the open
  182. Ron Paul Treated Unfairly at the CNBC Debate - Proof From the Transcript
  183. Ron Paul ranked 5th
  184. USA Today article about Nashville Rally
  185. Several Montana state legislators support Ron Paul
  186. Positive article at Townhall- WTF?
  187. Ron Paul on Live Washington Journal friday 10/12
  188. Interview on The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer
  189. $91,284.93 raised in 24 HOURS!
  190. I got on the local news! and a link to a great story!
  191. Paul's Numbers Show His Online Appeal
  192. Two Pro-Paul articles on WND in the last hour.
  193. Washington Post: Paul's Numbers Show His Online Appeal
  194. Washington State Straw Poll Results
  195. WSJ: The GOP's 20% Problem
  196. Naitonal Post: Unwelcome guest crashes own party
  197. Washington Posts Online Chat w/ Dr. Paul
  198. Ron Paul Speech on Foreign Policy C-SPAN2 9PM Tonight
  199. "Ex-General Drops Bomb" Drudge Report
  200. YouTube : Ron Paul on PBS NewsHour with Jim Lehrer 10-12-2007 (2 Videos)
  201. Consistency : YouTube video of Ron Paul on October 4, 2002 before the Iraq War
  202. Novak urges Paul Independent run
  203. Liberty & Power blog: Paul and fascism
  204. What popularity of Ron Paul and Chris Hitchens videos tells me about the Internet-and
  205. Sun Chronicle: Ron Paul's long shot
  206. Ron Paul tells Mitt Romney to Read the Constitution
  207. "Mr. Conservative 2.0" - new article on reason.com
  208. Mr. Paul Goes to Washington
  209. NH: Fred v. Ron
  210. *Video* Ron Paul Masses Chanting "Not Just the Internet"
  211. Ron Paul Is Up On Radio In New Hampshire
  212. Birmingham News: GOP hopeful Paul wins local straw poll
  213. WP: Politics 24/7: No One Can Hear You Scream
  214. new hampshire poll
  215. Despite Showing Up In Person, Romney Loses Nev. Straw Poll
  216. CSM: Where the '08 contenders stand on global warming
  217. NYT Article
  218. Retirement Living Interview with Ron
  219. The Disciples of Ron Paul, Spreading the Word in N.H.
  220. American Spectator article: Making the Old Right New
  221. Ron Paul Draws Crowds in Rudy Giuliani’s Back Yard
  222. positive wisconsin paper article
  223. Liberty & Power blog: A Perceptive Question
  224. Paul moves up in ARG poll
  225. Women's site good summary of Paul's positions
  226. The Ron Paul Money Bomb
  227. CNBC - Ron Paul: Where I Have Some Disagreements
  228. Financial Sense Radio
  229. OSU The Latern: Ron Paul has it all
  230. Hotline: The Competition For Indies In NH
  231. Hotline: PAUL: What Happens In Reno...
  232. Yahoo News article that includes Dr. Paul
  233. Ron Paul Captures the Power of the "Blogosphere"
  234. Ron Paul versus the Central Planners Murray Sabrin
  235. CBN: Ron Paul Making His Move
  236. Ron Paul and The Party Brand
  237. radio buy is $430,000 for four states: New Hamsphire, Iowa, South Carolina, and Nevad
  238. Isn't that RNC dinner tomorrow?
  239. Ron Paul Q3 Numbers out
  240. Huff Post front page: To His Dismay, Ron Paul Becoming Magnet For White Supremacists
  241. RP on ballot in Utah; Brownback not
  242. Digg: Giuliani vs. Paul Payees...
  243. Ron Paul Tzu - The Seoul Times
  244. Anyone just see Morning Joe?
  245. Politico: Clinton and Obama in virtual money tie
  246. Ron Paul on FOX AND FRIENDS Tomorrow
  247. AZ Wildcat: Americans deserve the truth about Ron Paul
  248. RCP/Time on Gallup poll
  249. Charts: Swapping Gingrich for Paul
  250. NYU News: Ron Paul speaks in NYC