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  1. Pre-Primary Open Mic Citizen Forum in CT
  2. Words of encouragement.
  3. Joseph Farah Ed. at World Net Daily Giving Paul
  4. Ron Paul Gets 3% In Florida. What's Next?
  5. ah the msm strikes again (and again...and ag..)
  6. A Warm CT Welcome for Senator McCain
  7. McCain, has it all Wrap Up, so What's the Worry
  8. E-mail From Mark Larson
  9. The power of One! You out there all alone, sitting by..
  10. The Talk of GOP
  11. Iraq Not Using Oil Cash to Rebuild
  12. Giuliani to Exit Presidential Race
  13. 3,448 view of posting on Ron Paul Today for Debates
  14. Well, folks, for those who think RP is out of the race....
  15. Canvassing >> Sign Waving
  16. Ron Paul Rallies in Spokane and Denver.
  17. Mccain says Hillary would be a good President
  18. Ron paul is a virus
  19. Article about Maine Caucus
  20. McCain ends year in debt.
  21. Paul at 6% in Rasmussen poll
  22. Joel Connelly: You can get anything you want . . . with Ron Paul
  23. McCain to Secure WH, not Win White House?
  24. Another McCain endorsement..
  25. #104 - Dismantling the Goverment
  26. The Paradox of Ron Paul, Kick Ass Article!,38mins ago
  27. Breaking Stories Coming Paul's Way
  28. Fed. Cuts Rlates Another 1/2 Point
  29. Does anyone else realize Paul has the lowest unfavorable rating among candidates
  30. As iNDY Paul Polls 7-11% (WITH Bloomberg also running)
  31. Romney Not Ready to Commit to TV Ads for Super Tues
  32. RP ad during Lou Dobbs?
  33. Tonight's debate was an ambush!!!
  34. Ron Paul making good points
  36. Is a Nancy Reagan Endorsement Off-the-table??
  37. ALL Ron Paul replies @ Jan. 30 CNN debate .. video
  38. Very positive local coverage
  39. Ron Paul radio ads running in Ohio
  40. Ron Paul Gaining Support in North Dakota
  41. Ron Paul Event in ANCHORAGE, Ala
  42. Ron Paul takes first choice in straw poll, Connecticut
  43. CNN is using the "movie voice" on debate commercials
  44. Ron Paul has a huge base in San Francisco
  45. Huckabee ad in TN on CNN
  46. YouTube - Ron Paul Highlights: Reagan Library Debate Jan. 30, 2008
  47. Im sorry Ron Paul but...
  48. Ron Paul Highlights: Reagan Library Debate Jan. 30, 2008
  49. ****************Ron Paul Slams Republican Warmongers**************
  50. Vote in AOL Poll
  52. You say you want a revolution?
  53. Editor comes out for Ron Paul
  54. Ron Paul Only Republican Campaign Active in Minnesota
  55. Ron Paul Gaining Support in North Dakota
  56. ***Awesome Message From The Campaign, How to Win the Ground War**********************
  57. New ad airing CA, CO, and WA
  58. Ft.Smith, Ark.
  59. Yahoo! Dashboard Poll
  60. An Economist as Paul's VP
  61. he election stealers wonít stop until Ron Paul has gone the way of Dennis Kucinich
  62. Colorado's paper endorses obama and recommends Ron Paul.
  63. Paul, Obama Lead Way in ND Campaign Donations
  64. In what states is the Official Campaign Running ads?
  65. C-SPAN reports... NANCY REAGAN to Endorse John McCain this afternoon
  66. Ron Paul Rally February 2nd In Victoria, Texas: IMPORTANT
  67. Reuters: "Paul stresses he is still part of Rebulican race"
  68. Dave Lindorff: This Campaign's a B-Movie with a B List of Characters
  69. GREAT Connecticut Exposure! Please Thank Editor
  70. 510 donations today
  71. Explain How Ron Can Compete...
  72. Rasmussen: 29% of Americans say Ron Paul wil run thirdy party in 2008
  73. Did Kucinich endorse or Paul or didn't he??
  74. Anderson Cooper is a tool
  75. Vlog #32 - Empowering Children for Ron Paul
  76. ABC Reporting on Local Ron Paul SPOKANE Event
  77. Ron Paul on Yahoo! "GOP Up Close"
  78. Yahoo! Buzz Numbers - Worth Looking At
  79. Feb 1st Marches: What's happening??
  80. Take A Small Break You Deserve It!
  81. Ron Paul artwork on useless fed notes
  82. Reposting Letter From Ron Paul
  83. CT Ron Paul Supporters, Invite You all To CT!
  84. Tonight Open Mic Night Event in Ridgefield, CT
  85. AP article: Ron's prospects looking up in Maine!
  86. HQ, Should Use These Ads, Donīt You Think ? Thank you RPevolution1776!
  87. Worth Reading.
  88. Good American Chronicle Article
  89. Exclusive Newsweek interview - text and vids
  90. Newsweek Interview
  91. Ron Paul Speaking At University of Minnesota Feb 4
  92. Good news out of Washington state
  93. Brokered Convention will Not happen
  94. * * Update Congrats! Did It-rp New Book #12 On Amazon Today--go All Way To Nyt Bsl *
  95. #105 - The Bottom Line About Ron Paul
  96. Presidential Debate in Ohio
  97. Romney raised just $9 Million in 4th Quarter!
  98. Paul raised 2x what Romney did
  99. Ron Paul shown on The Colbert Report tonight
  100. Ron Paul segment on Colbert Report
  101. Paul: No Federal Funds for Trans Texas Corridor
  102. The Neocon Dream Team McCain/Giuliani 2008
  103. Other Candidates: Q4 Cash Raised, on Hand, and Debts
  104. Andrew Napolitano on Ron paul
  105. Ron Paul to appear in MTV MySpace Debate - SUBMIT YOUR QUESTIONS!!!
  106. Good News Out of Seattle!!
  107. When will Romney & Huck drop out?
  108. Two Good You-Tubes: Corporate Media Corruption
  109. Happy 51st Anniversary, have a Beautiful Day!
  110. GayWired Media Endorses Ron Paul
  111. Ron Paul biggest GOP fundraiser last quarter
  112. An Inside Look at Ron Paul
  113. News Report, Paul Makes Surprise Visit Says IN All The Way!
  114. CT Newspaper Mtg Today, Anyone Send Thank You?
  115. Great Seattle Times coverage
  116. Great Spokane Review Coverage
  117. A Brief node in the Denver Post
  118. www.letters4liberty.org
  119. #106 - A 1% Tax... too good to be true
  120. Where is Ron Paul's Fundraising Info
  121. Colbert talks about the CNN debate. :D
  122. Ron Paul Campaign Announces Addition of New Policy Advisors
  123. Great Reach the Voter Idea in CT
  124. Charles Pena
  125. on Paul tells them how it is...and how it could be so much better
  126. Ron Paul to visit the U (Minn) Monday
  127. Paul stops in North Dakota Before Minneapolis
  128. Buchanan's American Conservative Magazine endorces RP
  129. Ron paul 2nd in Q4 raised
  130. CNN Economic Plan Challenge for Presidential Candidates (Andy Serwer)
  131. Paul Is On The Front Page Of Msn!!!!!!!
  132. contact all meetups at once?
  133. American Conservative Magazine Endorses Ron Paul
  134. We might Reach Money Goal Today!
  135. The Associated Press - Ron Paul's Prospects Look Up in Maine
  136. CPAC Conference - Thurs., Feb. 7
  137. Ron Paul's Message to Glenn Beck fans
  138. Ron Paul's Book, Amazon Sales Rank, And Funds From It... :-)
  139. Demand principaled church endorsements!
  140. The Madness of John McCain (didn't know he used to be similar to Dr. Paul)
  141. Ron Paul on MTV Feb 2nd 2008 @ 6pm Eastern
  142. Message from Carol
  143. Military Donations Q4 - Ron Paul wins Again
  144. Excellent article about Ron Paul [Lew Rockwell web site]
  145. News shocker: Ron Paul was biggest GOP fundraiser last quarter
  146. American Conservitive Mag Endorses Ron Paul
  147. Just Saw Ron Paul Ad On TV
  148. RON PAULl: Secretive elite controls America
  149. Ron Paul rally in CO steaming live tonight
  150. Anyone else nervous about Ron's new advisors?
  151. FYI: Texas Visit by Ron and Carol Paul
  152. Call Your Parents
  153. E-mail From My Cable Company
  154. Ron Paul Raises More from the Military Than All Others Combined!
  155. Congressional Love (LibertyWarChest.com) FLYER - PROMOTE THIS
  156. Everyone Reading This Forum Donate 10$ Right Now
  157. Most influential rock band of the past 15 years supports Paul.
  158. Huge News!! Ron Paul gets 3 times military donations than any other Republican!
  159. Buchanan Coming Around?
  160. Great local news story
  161. Paul on MTV home page beside Obama
  162. Pat Buchananís Magazine Endorses Ron Paul!!
  163. #1 Radio Show in Seattle Invites Ron Paul - No Response from HQ!
  164. At McCain Speech, a Paul Rally Breaks Out
  165. National Ledger Article on Media Bias Against Ron Paul - A Must Read
  166. lets hope the msm reports the latest great news...
  167. The Nation: The Ron Paul Economy
  168. Super Tuesday...Ron Paul... Reagan?
  169. James Kotecki plugs Ron Paul's fundraising numbers
  170. Ron Paul 5,215 ads $2.8M
  171. I Officially Endorse Ron Paul in the Republican Primary
  172. Paul's call to end foreign aid draws small Jewish following
  173. Paul says GOP opponents failed in attempts to write him off
  174. Montel Williams Should Endorse Ron Paul
  175. Stumping in Seattle, Paul says past holds key to future (Houston Chronicle)
  176. Good article about Dr. Paul in Christian Science Monitor
  177. Stephen Colbert promotes Ron Paul!
  178. Denver Post- Ron Paul draws big Denver crowd
  179. News Shocker: Anti-War Right Boosts Ron Paul to Top GOP Q4 Fundraiser
  180. Aspen Picks Up Story on Ron Paul
  181. Email Jim Cramer re: CNN Economic Plan Challenge for Presidential Candidates
  182. Dr.Paul's FEC filing
  183. Paul's $20M donation haul tops GOP, candidate sees high hopes in Maine
  184. "Clinton, Paul top field in W.Va. fundraising" -- Associated Press
  185. The Most Honest Man In Congress
  186. Ron Paul surprise in Alaska? AP
  187. RP gets more military donations than everyone, Rep or Dem
  188. Still my favorite Ron Paul video!!!
  189. Ron Paul to appear on MTV Today, Sat. 2-2-08 6pmET
  190. Ron Paul is on C-span NOW
  191. Montana endorsements
  192. Ron Paul Wins MTV debate hands down!!
  193. MTV News on Ron Paul
  194. Ron Paul Finds Support on Education
  195. LA Times, Points Out Lack of Coverage on Paul & More
  196. Ron Paul for Congress
  197. uTube of MTV debate?
  198. RIP video from MTV overdrive onto pc ANYONE
  199. Fox News Judge Napolitano Praises Ron Paul
  200. Ron Paul gets most Q4 military donations, spread it:
  201. RON on C-SPAN!!
  202. Daily Video Roundup Project
  203. Maine Results Are In! Paul Picks Up Speed!
  204. How could he!!!!!!!!
  205. #107 - Ralph Nader Returns
  206. absolutely no talk of Ron Paul on MSM.
  207. Ron Paul Video and article in Victoria, Texas
  208. Ron Paul the only sensible solution to energy demand - Houston Chronicle
  209. Great article on Montana Caucus - "We expect to win there"
  210. Great article addressing Dr. Paul's military donations
  211. Q4 FEC Reports...
  212. My greatest fear that will prevent a Ron Paul nomination
  213. We need commercials and signs that say RON PAUL IS STILL IN THE RACE.
  214. The #1 BIGGEST COMPLAINT re: Ron Paul
  215. What Does Ron Paul Plan To Do If He Won't Be Nominated?
  216. Good Article in Long Island Times (NY)
  217. Does anyone have any news on this ?
  218. LA Times
  219. FRONT PAGE news in Waterbury Connecticut
  220. AOL straw-poll, make your vote!
  221. AP Video: "Candidates Court the Youth Vote" - 'SENATOR Paul'!?
  222. "Dark Horse Scores Upset in Bergen County (NJ) Straw Poll"
  223. Next president should look to Ron Paul
  224. Pre-Super Tuesday national polls, Paul at 4%
  225. Ron Paul: Alaskansí Choice for a Stronger America
  226. We Are Going To Win
  227. Watch Election Returns at HQ in Hamden, CT
  228. World Tribune Article
  229. Anchorage Daily News
  230. Crimson Tide
  231. With Huckabee and Romney going at it..
  232. Feb 4th Full page ad " BostonGlobe"
  233. WSJ: Long Shot Ron Paul Finds A Hotbed of Support in Alaska
  234. Uncounted: The New Math of US Elections
  235. Behind the Scenes At Reagan Library Debate!
  236. CT Bring it Home! I'm making Calls TODAY
  237. CNET article on Ron Paul
  238. LA Time Blog: RP very close 3rd in Maine
  239. NYT article on RP's tax adviser
  240. Seattle P-I article on Ron Paul, Obama
  241. Dr Paul Hunting for Caucus Delegates
  242. God Still More Popular than Ron Paul and Hillary Clinton Among Web Surfers
  243. Summary of polls this month
  244. Ron Paul At The After CNN Debate Rally 1-30-08
  245. Why I Support Ron Paul by heath calvert.
  246. Paul pulls even with huckabee in New Jersey.
  247. Super Week
  248. WSJ: Long Shot Ron Paul Finds A Hotbed of Support in Alaska
  250. We're suing the LA-GOP