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  1. Continuing Legal Outrage: Taxpayers Have No Standing (Illus.); SC Gamecock Wants Dr.
  2. I love Jack Cafferty
  3. Ron Paul Store
  4. FOX Shep Smith USC paper endorses RP
  5. Ron Paul Repudiates Racism Label
  6. Ron Paul's Press Secretary, Jesse Benton Speaks Out
  7. Vote For Biggest Racists 2008 Campaign
  8. Tax rebates urged to rescue economy: What the heck?
  9. Ross Perot taking pot shots at McCain
  10. If this happens before Super Tuesday, Ron Paul will be our next President
  11. Doug Stanhope is with us
  12. ************We Have Found The Way To Win These Primaries!!!!!
  13. Fox Cutting Room (Illus.)
  14. Vlog #25 - 7 Minute Freedom
  15. DIGG This Money Bomb Video
  16. Cal Thomas mentions Ron Paul favorably.
  17. The Ron Paul Pandemic
  18. Attn Military Registered In Colorado - Vote In Presidential Preference Poll By Feb 4!
  19. Article: High Priests Of Pomposity Pan Ron Paul
  20. "He's got a monkey!" Ron Paul: "He'd fit in well down there in DC!"?
  21. Official site got an update
  22. A Shout Out to Ron Paul on WallStrip.com
  23. Grassroots Central Down Again?
  24. Taki Top Drawer Article: Challenge to "Beltway Libertarians"
  25. Small Donors' Clout in Doubt
  26. Sen. Lindsey Graham accuses RP of "propaganda"
  27. Dr. Paul 2nd in NV?
  28. ***ATTENTION***Read This Now, We Know The Way To Win Super Tuesday!!!!
  29. Veterans For Paul Slim-Jim
  30. Cleavage...
  31. McVain: Phlegmatic Lifer, Wife-Swapper
  32. ADL Says Huck's Constitution Comments "Unreal"
  33. Scoop On Super Tues--must Know Now!!! Later Is Too Late...
  34. Paul in next 2 debates?
  35. Christopher Walken & Ron Paul
  36. Where is the BIG NEWS DJLoti was talking about yesterday?
  37. Ron Paul on CNN at 8:00 P.M. EST. Tonight
  38. Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich just can't get respect
  39. vlog #26 - The Power of Language
  40. Ron Paul has already won when you consider...
  41. Reason: Washoe County (Nevada) Chair: A Paul Upset?
  42. campaign money at work
  43. Ron Paul Campaign Requests Nevada Caucus Delay?
  44. This has got to be Reverse Psychology
  45. Looks like they just added offline donations!
  46. 30 minute segment today on Ron Paul on CT Radio Station
  47. GOP Dismisses Ron Paul Complaint in Nevada
  48. Youtube: Ron Paul: Interview With John Roberts On CNN Jan. 18, 2008
  49. COMPETITION: How much information is publicly available about Steve Wark from web??
  50. South Carolina: Come thru as you did with Barry
  51. Ron Paul Radio Ads in Houston
  52. Hi-STAKES Super Tues...SEE IT HERE...Know now, later is too late.
  53. ***ATTENTION***Read This Now, We Know The Way To Win Super Tuesday!!!!
  54. PRECINCT CAPTAINS: A flyer for you guys to use
  55. new video - some of RP's most powerful moments
  56. Press Release: Fact Check: Huckabee Flip-Flops, Misleads on Immigration
  57. Campaign 2008: Ron Paul tops political radio advertisers.
  58. ***140 Billion Tax Rebate Bribe - Ron Paul's Secret Weapon***
  59. NEVADA media
  60. ***New Awesome Ron Paul Ad, Must See!***
  62. Take donations for general election, get respect?
  63. Ralph Nade, "This guy Wark is a liar. Never worked with him."
  64. Attn Military Colorado Residents - Vote In Presidential Poll Before Feb 4th!
  65. LOL! Did you see this on CNN?!
  66. Nationwide rally in Super Tuesday States on Feb 2
  67. Please Help Ron Paul from being shut down by Main Stream Media
  68. CNN Map of Campaign Money WRONG?
  69. Nevada and TV buys
  70. Oh My, Thank You Third Party Watch
  71. Pahrump Nevada rules!!
  72. Washington State
  73. Nice blog Article supporting Ron Paul
  74. The CFR is reading up on Ron Paul
  75. RP's Post NV & SC speech?
  76. "Paul took several swipes at former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani"
  77. Flash: Paul Beats Mitt in Nye, Co. NV
  78. GOP Chaos: The Nation. Great Article.
  79. Will MSNBC include Ron in the Jan. 24 Florida debate?
  80. #98 - Soldier leaves Army for Ron Paul
  81. Really good Ron Paul music
  82. MSNBC credits Ron Paul
  83. The Democrats speak the truth
  84. Film: NEOCON WARS - Episode '08 - The Last Hope
  85. Ron Position on the Market, Right On!
  86. Ron in Louisiana, Mon 21st!
  87. Where The Heck's The Ron Paul Speech Video from SC Blasting Guiliani?
  88. Soldier Quits Military To Join The Ron Paul Revolution
  89. 'Interesting Support'
  90. Domestics News on Paul's 2nd place?
  91. Bookies Lengthened Odds After 2nd Place In Nevada
  92. Ron Paul Twins - Conservative, Christian, Homeschooled Republicans
  93. Florida and Alabama, RP has the most signs
  94. Ron Paul in 6000 news articles via Google News on his nevada win!
  95. #99 - A Ron Paul Congress
  96. Ron Paul on Russia Today
  97. Hewitt Posts Results Sans Paul; Nuclear Flash in Nevada
  98. Paleo-Cartoon: Dr. P wins Yucca Mountain Area
  99. Nick Gillespie Defends Ron Paul
  100. AP article
  101. Awesome article in Arizona newspaper
  102. Rand Paul Mentioned on Local Radio Channel in Missoula, MT
  103. Ron is committed to a brokered convention, GOOD OR BAD??
  104. Dates and times of upcoming debates / forums including Ron Paul?
  105. Can ron paul go the distance?
  106. European/Asian Stock Markets Crash - Paul Looks Prescient
  107. Notice Concerning Indiana Ballot Access
  108. Has the Republican Party gone mad?
  109. Former New Mexico Governor Endorses Paul
  110. Red Alert - DOW will open down 522 points!
  111. Rush said something slightly positive about RP
  112. 2 new endorsements for Ron Paul
  113. Gary Johnson endorsement is pretty big.
  114. Why the Beltway Libertarians Are Trying to Smear Ron Paul
  115. how many Delegates does RON have now?
  116. Donald Trump For Ron Paul
  117. Ron Paul Supporters in CA--Why aren't you all Registered Republicans?!
  118. "Roe" to Endorse Paul?
  119. They begin throwing each other under the bus
  120. Strip Poker, Pill Pusher Spam; Dr. P Paleo-Toon
  121. Awesome Pic of RP
  122. Russian TV covers Paul
  123. nbc debate?
  124. Ron Paul mention on Daily Show
  125. Catholic "Jane Roe" (Roe v Wade) to Endorse Ron Paul
  126. $440,000 a day for 15 days.
  127. Times-Picayune on Ron's Louisiana Tour
  128. Shreveport Times on Ron's visit with picture
  129. Here's a link for the possible Norma McCorvey ("Roe" of Roe v. Wade) Endorsement
  130. Ron Paul to Win the GOP in the Western States?
  131. RP PR calls out the FED
  132. Antiwar “Lefts” embrace ultra-right Republican candidate Ron Paul
  133. Troops to Egypt - RP should mention this at debate
  134. LA Times POLL!!!
  135. Ron Paul talk on Diane Rehm Show
  136. Norma McCorvey Press Conference?
  137. OFFICIAL: “Jane Roe” Endorses Ron Paul on Roe v. Wade Anniversary
  138. Ron Paul in New Orleans video
  139. Ron Paul Enjoys a Nice $1 Million Haul
  140. Suggestion for Ronpaul2008.com
  141. Positive Fox News Article?
  142. Don Luskin Endorsement
  143. Good article in Nat'l Catholic Reporter online
  144. Ron Paul and Economics, on National Review
  145. Should Ron Paul capitalize on the economic troubles with a media blitz?
  146. Why the Media Hates Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich
  147. Fred Thompson Quits!!!
  148. ideal time for comparison ads with huckabee
  149. Huckabee Broke
  150. Roe endorsement a result of Nevada grassroots ad!
  151. Cartoon ad I have not seen b4
  152. * * * Help - Economy Flyer Needed Asap* * *
  153. Spoof (satire) "Quantum" Ron Paul materializes on NYT website
  154. Local TV is the Ticket.
  155. Paul Supporters Hound Guiliani in FL
  156. Latest Email
  157. WealthTV free invite for any presidential candidate for a 30 minute forum
  158. Louisiana Caucus is Today!!!!!!
  159. On Abortion: America Sacrifice of Lambs to Mammon
  160. RonPaulRacing.com
  161. Ron Paul now has a clear path to victory
  162. Ron Paul Mention on The Daily Show
  163. Good news from LA!
  164. An open letter to any Huckabee supporters
  165. Open letter to Lew Moore re: Fred and TN
  166. CT Straw Poll This Friday, A Reminder
  167. Hey, Ron, how about some 'umble braggadocio?
  168. The Ron Paul Surge, The Gold Rush Is On!!!
  169. This is exactly why we all need to keep making sacrifices...
  170. Study: False statements preceded war
  171. Ron Paul on Mad Money w/ Jim Cramer 12-14-07
  172. New Project: The Ron Paul Timeline (Need your help!)
  173. Good Article, Please Digg
  174. Ron paul song
  175. Ron Paul MLK fund raiser. Very posi.
  176. Rumblings in Louisiana. Our first gold?
  177. Ron Paul 3rd in New Hampshire recount?
  178. More Cash, More Endorsements, More Delegates for Ron Paul
  179. Watchdog Group: Ron Paul is ‘Strongest Opponent’ of Real ID
  180. My FOX video about RON PAUL (pretty nice one)!
  181. Opinion Article from The Chattanoogan
  182. Ron Paul Video Endorsement for Murray Sabrin
  183. Boston Globe Story MLK @ Paul w/ Video
  184. Ron Paul on Glen Beck
  185. Ron Paul gaining support among young voters
  186. Ron Paul anything but ordinary
  187. Will LA finally give us a color?
  188. Pro Life "March for Life"
  189. cool CANDIDATE MATRIX interactive on MSNBC - learn, watch video, vote
  190. Ron Paul on NJ 101.5 Now 11:11AM EST
  191. We were beat by treachery in Louisiana
  192. New Campaign Office in Illinois
  193. Good Article in Iowa - Say Thank you!
  194. Ron Paul On Nj 101.5
  195. Front Page of Politico!!!!!
  196. Has Ron Paul Fired Campaign Mangagers?
  197. Why are they so afraid of Ron Paul?
  198. Oregon Constitution Party endorses Ron Paul
  199. Paul on with Beck again - repeat www.ktar.com
  200. Ron Paul on MSNBC and FOX TODAY! Please YOUTUBE
  201. The Clinton Chronicles. Spread this to everyone
  202. Paleo-Toon Palooza; Unconstitutionality of Nat'l Bank
  203. Ron Paul MSNBC Interview 01/23/08
  204. Ron Paul gets another silver? Louisiana.
  205. Louisiana 5th District: DOMINATION.
  206. Ron Paul beats Romney !!
  207. Paul, Obama Favored Among U. South Florida Students
  208. Northwest Arkansas: Paul wins Benton County Republicans’ straw poll
  209. New Hampshire Recount update
  210. Hewitt Townhall Outrage: Omits Dr. Paul from "Results"
  211. phone polled in wa
  212. How many GOP presidential candidates does it take to beat Ron Paul?
  213. Tomorrow nights debate on MSNBC
  214. Got a McCain call today
  215. Not seeilng many Ron Paul campaign events...
  216. Ron Paul on Glenn Beck Program
  217. LA News ?
  218. Outrage: Narcissus's Wife is about to be kicked out (again)
  219. Fox posts decent article about RP and the FED.
  220. Ron Paul Comes In Second In Louisiana!!!
  221. Townhall threatens Paleo-Woman
  222. Who Would Jesus Vote For? - Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich
  223. Ron Paul's easy, but it's not that simple
  224. Ron Paul to Unveil Comprehensive Economic Revitalization Plan
  225. Required Reading: Why We're Supporting Ron Paul
  226. Awesome!: "RP is the mutineer candidate"
  227. Olbermann Mentions Ron Paul During Countdown
  228. needs to have great debates from here on in
  229. What Part of Ron Paul's Platform Is Crazy?
  230. Confirmed for the California (Jan 30) Debate
  231. Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg Poll, Paul up to 6%
  232. The Incredible Electable Ron Paul
  233. could this be PART of the reason of the media blackout?
  234. Ron Paul Is Beating Rudy Guiliani
  235. Where’s Ron Paul? – The Invisible, Winning Republican
  236. E-Mail needed TODAY
  237. I ask Ron Paul about Iraq and Iran.
  238. 'Jane Roe' of Roe v. Wade endorese Ron Paul! * Please Digg*
  239. The Onion profile of Dr. Paul
  240. CNSNews: RRon Paul Joins March for Life
  241. Ron Paul Unveils Economic Revitalization Plan
  242. Why Montana??
  243. The Era of Dynastic Politics
  244. Ron Paul Unveils a REAL Economic Stimulus Plan: PLEASE DIGG
  245. Louisiana Caucus Pro-Life/Family slate
  246. Paul Chick Kicked Out of Townhall
  247. PressTV offers favorable article on Ron in Louisiana
  248. Links to the bills in Dr. Paul's economic plan
  249. 2nd try: Links to Economic Plan bills
  250. Ron Paul Campaign to Louisiana GOP: Count All the Votes