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  1. HA! They're openly scared
  2. Creating a Ron Paul-valanche
  3. Yahoo Political dashboard
  4. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Why are we ignoring this?
  5. Alliance Forces Back Ron Paul. RP goes MMORPG.
  6. Great Article from the homeland
  7. Iowa poll from Research 2000, Paul 8%, tied for 4th
  8. From the great vine.
  9. Ron Paul Greets Student Volunteers in Des Moines
  10. Bhutto's plea
  11. Iowa Indepndent.com has Paul a solid third in caucus vote
  12. Rasmussen Political Market.
  13. Need some reverse news; What is Ron Paul doing until the Iowa Caucus?
  14. WOKV: Candidate's Blimp Floats to Jacksonville
  15. Ron Paul top searched Republican candidate on Google
  16. #66 - Freedoms Greatest Hits
  17. 100,000 poker loving citizens of Iowa Could Swing the Pendulum (Gambling911.com)
  18. Article on Pakistan and Ron Paul
  19. Neo-con guide to voting for Ron Paul
  20. Ohio People - Important Flyer
  21. Iowa Vote Observers Needed : : Iowans Please Read
  22. Is the eliberty ad airing on television or just the web?
  23. ***Please, Help The Letter Writing Campaign Today!!
  24. How a Republican presidential campaign caught fire in San Francisco
  25. Just Got an Email From IndependentPrimary.com!
  26. Jane Aitken on the New Hampshire Debate situation
  27. Robert Novak: New Iowa Poll, Romney 30% Huck 26%
  28. Ron Paul will face local opposition
  29. Ron Paul Could Do Well in New Hampshire
  30. Guest Voice: Dr. Paul’s Glorious Drive For Freedom
  31. Paul Most Searched GOP Hopeful
  32. Graphing Debate Time By Candidate
  33. Libertarians Rising
  34. Ron Paul as the first “long tail” candidate
  35. Google searches say Ron Paul is front runner
  36. independentprimary.com says "Kucinich vs. Paul"
  37. CNN: "McCain has New Hampshire all to himself"
  38. The Ron Paul attraction
  39. Alex Merced Vlog #5 - Who I am and the Welfare/Warfare state
  40. Fox Forum Diss covered by Independent Media
  41. Real-world politics march in World of Warcraft
  42. Raw Story: Paul hordes to descend on World of Warcraft
  43. Hundreds of 'Veterans for Ron Paul' Endorsements Pour In
  44. Great article in today's Wall Street Journal...
  45. ARG Iowa Poll -- Paul statistically tied for 4th
  46. New Reason just arrived, guess who's on the cover?
  47. Downsize DC Picks Up Ron Paul Cause
  48. new ron paul ad : immigration
  49. Decent article on today's Chicago Tribune front page (online)
  50. Neo-cons Jealous and Scared
  52. Ron Paul Unknowingly Stars in Pizza Hut TV Ad
  53. New RP campaign E-mail
  54. Great YouTube video of why Fox is scared of Ron Paul!
  55. Houston Chronicle article
  56. Down to three possibilities: Dodd, McCain or Paul?
  57. Candidates on executive power: a full spectrum
  58. Ron Paul's Constitutional
  59. Paul woos undecided voters at landmark city restaurant
  60. Fare well in N.H., Iowa, or no TV
  61. campaign request $23 million
  62. Ron Paul discussed on political chowder
  63. Ron Paul on Special Edition
  64. Can Ron Paul Win New Hampshire?
  65. Zogby Poll - Paul in statistical tie for 3rd
  66. Very good article on Ron Paul in W.N.D.
  67. Lip Service and Forum Writing Will NOT Get Ron into the White House
  68. #68 - The Bottom Line About Executive Power
  69. Sen. Lindsay Graham of South Carolina (McCain supporter) predicts Ron Paul.......
  70. Connecticut: Front page of the Hartford Courant & Poll
  71. Trial Balloon for Matching Funds?
  72. Call for Paul in Iowa?
  73. Three heroes of the Ron Paul campaign/Polls-4:06 PM Eastern today
  74. Wall Street supports Ron Paul's message
  75. Rasmussen 12/30: Paul at 7%, NO Republican over 17%
  76. Blimp AND media in Jacksonville
  77. VLOG #6 - Imgaination, Creativity, and the Free Market
  78. ARG NH poll (12/30) Paul at 7% (rising)
  79. Ron Paul is Correct About Pakistan
  80. 2004 New Hampshire Polls
  81. DIGG THIS: Let's go under the APTEAM radar
  82. Ron Beats Rudy?New Hampshire could surprise a lot of people
  83. Wow! Don't Miss This
  84. Ron Paul For President...of What? (Decent Look at RP from AOL)
  85. New! Videos of Dr. Paul on campaign's issue web pages.
  86. RP to Speak at the Free State Project Liberty Event Jan 6th
  87. DAILYPAUL: Final Money Bomb of 2007: Goal - A $20 Million Quarter
  88. Republican presidential candidate's support strong in the Motor City
  89. #69 - "Ron Paul - House of Cards" NAILS IT ON THE HEAD
  90. Little Rock, Arkansas: Ron Paul Supporters Discuss Protecting Freedoms
  91. Group backs Ron Paul (MeetUp 1375)
  92. Paul backers vote selves onto island (MeetUp 926)
  93. Ron Paul supporters LOVE the Constitution.
  94. Wall Street Journal Article.....WOW
  95. Article in today's Wall St. Journal
  96. Polls: 4 Way tie for 3rd in Iowa
  97. Angus Reid Polls 12/30/07
  98. AOL Straw Poll
  99. The Ron Paul Question: Will Enthusiasm Translate To Support?
  100. DIGG this article/ New Year's Eve Bomb
  101. 50 Foot Ron Paul Signs Over Detroit Freeways!
  102. AP: Paul Partisans See Montana Opportunity
  103. Ron Paul Awakens The Spirit Of America
  104. (Al Jazeera English) Global hotspots pose new challenges - Focus 2008 Elections
  105. #70 - Corporatism vs. Free Markets
  106. Ron Paul Awakens the Spirit of America
  107. Ron Paul in the Wallstreet Journal today!
  108. Ron Paul and Immigration, a Response
  109. Republicans Battle For Show
  110. Socialist Workers Party’s Description of Ron Paul Movement
  111. Bloomberg Leading Third-Party Charge?
  112. Libertarians are Nutty
  113. Paul at 7% in IA
  114. Oklahoma straw poll win gets noticed
  115. WSJ: "Paul's War Chest Swelled in 4th Quarter"
  116. #71 - Timebomb: The Crisis of 2008
  117. The Elephant in the Room: Ron Paul
  118. Belief in Ron Paul rallies young volunteers in Iowa
  119. Fallout from the ad continues
  120. CSM: Ron Paul: an absolute faith in free markets and less government
  121. Ad Spending in Iowa
  122. "(Paul) ... practically swallowing Huckabee"
  123. AOL doesnt know their candidates??
  124. Ron Paul Wins Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee Straw Poll
  125. 334 Veterans endorse Ron Paul, so far
  126. N.H. donations 5x more than Iowa
  127. Ron Paul headline news on worldnet daily
  128. Ron Paul Revolution to Restore Health Freedom to America
  129. Ron Paul to Honor Veterans at 'Stronger America' Rally
  130. blimp getting good press
  131. Ron Paul Banners Towed by Airplanes
  132. Latest and last Demoines Register Iowa Poll: Paul at 9%
  133. **Important Information for Alabama Primary**
  134. O'Reilly Factor about Ron Paul
  135. Less than $480K to go to $20 MILLION
  136. The Most Random "Ron Paul" Shout Out Yet
  137. NH Paper's Attempt to Makes it Sound Like Ron Paul Dropped Out?
  138. TV cuts candidates from debates, angering Paul backers
  139. Anyone see this you tube vid yet?
  140. Awesome Article
  141. Looks like we nearly equaled Clintons 4th qtr donations
  142. Candidates on executive power: a full spectrum
  143. New Ad (Its good)
  144. Local Central Florida News 13 Citrus Bowl Blimp Pimp
  145. Times article
  146. Digg Jeremiah Black's Operation Broadcast Freedom To Front Page!!!!!!
  147. What happened? Ron Paul's Site donation numbers are messed up!
  148. Serious Question about Primary Polling
  149. Iowa Poll Analysis - positive Paul mention
  150. Huffington Post, The Swap.com and newyork observer stories the Fox Forum Denial..
  151. Fox News cut Paul from debate on DRUDGE- click story!
  152. "Thousands switch parties"
  153. Canidates unfiltered on CNN
  154. #72 - Ron Paul in Review 1/1/08
  155. L.A. Times gives Paul supporters Mudoch's email address?
  156. Battleground State Endorsements
  157. Ron Paul biggest Republican fundraiser of 4th quarter
  158. Ron Paul on CNN now
  159. Ron Paul Exclusion article #1 on news.google.com Election section
  161. (Bloomberg.com Financial News) Paul Rivals Clinton, Raising Almost $20 Million
  162. #73 - H.R. 1898: Child Health Care Affordability Act
  163. The Conservative Voice: Ron Paul Praised by American Cops
  164. Dr. Paul on Headline News tonight
  165. Breitbart - New Des Moines Register poll showing Ron Paul beating Giuliani - 9% to 5%
  166. If Paul was not in the race who would you support?
  167. Another online poll.(no registration)
  168. Wow nice article from Bulgaria - www.pr-usa.net
  169. (YouTube) - Ron Paul CNN Ballot Bowl 1-1-08
  170. Why RP should get well over 20% in Iowa
  171. Margin Of Error
  172. N.H. Poll Shows McCain Leading Republican Primar
  173. Enter The Politix (Matrix)
  174. Nation's Cops Applaud Presidential Candidate
  175. New NYT Blogtalk article
  176. #74 - H.R. 219: Social Security Preservation Act of 2007
  177. MMORPG.com - Ron Paul Supporters March on WoW
  178. RP's Official Website: Issues Pages Now Feature Ron Paul Video Lecture
  179. nravalues.org - Which Candidate Can You Trust with Your Guns?
  180. Is the campaign prepared for vote count challenges?
  181. Ron Paul was just on headline news
  182. Wikipedia Sums up Ron Paul
  183. Has Russell Means endorsed Ron Paul?
  184. Bloomberg:Paul Rivals Clinton
  185. Ron Paul Furious over Fox Debate Snub AP(NEWSMAX)
  186. USA Today (blog) - 4Q fundraising
  187. Newsmax article
  188. Pollster.com Puts Paul Ahead Of Giuliani in IA
  189. Iraqi citizens want troops out at earliest opportunity
  190. New Politico Article
  191. Ron ignoring the NRA?
  192. Article (Washington Post): To Be Young And in Love With Ron Paul
  193. Angus Reid IA poll, Paul at 7.8%
  194. IA polls...
  195. Facebook message for Iowans
  196. Fox News Fascism
  197. To redstate.com Director: You're adopted, and I don't like you
  198. New Republic puff piece on young RP volunteers in Iowa!
  199. Ron Paul Raises Record $20 Million (NewsMax)
  200. Alex Jones did a Fred Thompson impression
  201. The true diabolical nature of what we are facing
  202. Courting woman to support Paul??
  203. Ron Paul Interview 12/15/07 1 of 5
  204. Disrespecting Ron Paul - Bangor Daily News - Good Editorial
  205. LEGENDARY Drag Racer Big Daddy Don Garlits endorses Ron Paul
  206. Success Looks Like This
  207. Ron Paul losing AOL poll!
  208. Paul Rivals Clinton, Raising Almost $20 Million for Campaign
  209. Ron Paul Yahoo Front page article
  210. Why hasn't Paul spent more?
  211. Ron Paul getting love on C-Span WJ Call-in
  212. Free Times article [Columbia, SC]
  213. Should we sue Fox and as for injunction?
  214. NH: Just got a GREAT Ron Paul robocall
  215. Voters switching party - MSNBC don't know why
  216. New on Drudge: Ron Paul, Fundraising King
  217. Article: Dr. No, R-Texas
  218. The FakeSteve Jobs Endorses? Dr. Paul!
  219. #75 - H.R. 424: To repeal the Military Selective Service Act
  220. Paul pitch picking up power
  221. article on Al Jazeera
  222. Oil Futures Hit $100 a Barrel - FOR FIRST TIME EVER
  223. Rasmussen: Increase in Republicans Since May
  224. Facebook Guy covering Paul says weather keeping him tardy
  225. Bill Moyers to interview Ron Paul on Friday
  226. BBC Testimonial Iowa Teacher for Ron Paul
  227. Wall Street Journal Article
  228. Wash Post: Ron Paul Article is Most Viewed one today
  229. Nice CBS.com article
  230. Great Ron PAUL Interview on MSNBC TV.. 2:20/11:20 EST/PST
  231. Ron Paul Snubbed by Fox - But Polls As Well as Kerry & Edwards At Same Point in Time
  232. Paul on Larry King Tonight
  233. Media beginning the downplay of Iowa
  234. URGENT - Last Surge for Iowa - Phone Bank Drive
  235. Limbaugh's Reagan Comment
  236. RON PAUL on CNN's Situation Room w/ Wolf Biltzer - 4PM EST /1PM PST
  237. Great Article by Llewellyn Rockwell, Jr.
  238. Paul on CNN next
  239. Did anyone see the "coffee bean caucus" on CNN??
  240. Texas Straight Talk: The Ties that Strangle
  241. Larry King
  242. Ron Paul: Military Bearing
  243. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!
  244. Ron Paul on C-SPAN TONIGHT????
  245. #76 - H.R. 3664: Tax Free Tips Act of 2007
  246. Ron on Hannity's radio show
  247. Wolf/Paul CNN interview link
  248. Iowa Mini-Money Bomb.
  249. Ron paul getting great coverage on cnn now!!!
  250. Finally! Wolf blitzer admits the polls are whack!!