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  1. 'Clicks for Ron!'- 12/20/2007 EST
  2. Ron Paul on Politifact
  3. Ron Paul named one of the most 11 influential Men of the Year!
  4. George W. Bush going to vote for Paul?
  5. "Paul Shaping up as Spoiler..." - Yahoo
  6. China and the Candidates: Ron Paul
  7. Atheists for Ron Paul
  8. CNN Says white Ron Paul Supporter Not "Diverse" Enough......
  9. Paul Shaping Up As Spoiler in GOP Race
  10. Ron Paul on C-SPAN2 Friday 9PM EST
  11. 30 minute block of time in iowa? (ap spoiler story)
  12. Iran's Media supporting Ron Paul?!!
  13. [VIDEO] Ron Paul - Neil Cavuto 12-19-07
  14. Ron Paul Top Rebublican on Virginia's Ballot.
  15. Ron Paul has poker world talking
  16. Fox News polls "most hated federal agencies"
  17. Yahoo news search- damning allegations of RP's close ties with white supremacist
  18. USA Today even De-Bunks Story
  19. [VIDEO] Best Ron Paul clip on YouTube
  20. Tucker Carlson's piece on the Ron Paul Revolution
  21. Denmark Saxobank 2008 Prediction: Ron Paul will be president! Link to poll
  22. What to do with money? AOL Poll
  23. New Official TV Ad
  24. [VIDEO] Ron Paul's Christmas vacationers -- Des Moines Register
  25. URGENT! Ron Paul needs you in OHIO!!!
  26. Sign this petition! Give Ron Paul The Credit He Deserves!
  27. Des Moines Register: Candidates Arrive At Debate (Video)
  28. *** Blimp Money Bomb Today ***
  29. 9% in NH
  30. Christmas Ad - It's the Real Thing
  31. McCain with a 5 to 1 lead on Paul in Iowa
  32. Great Canadian Financial Post story
  33. New Support
  34. Estimating Ron Pauls support.
  35. Waiting for Ron Paul
  36. Ron Paul vs Hilary Clinton Poll
  37. Ron Paul wins SC straw poll.
  38. Ron Poll goes after other GOP interests.
  39. Ron Paul leading in national polls. 33 Percent!
  40. Tucker's Blog. On the road with the man.
  41. Now at 14%
  42. Financial Post: Waiting for Ron Paul
  43. #46 - The Carter and Wolfowitz Doctrines, Interventionist Doctrines
  44. RP hires California State Coordinator
  45. New Haven Independent: Locals Rev Up Ron Paul Revolution
  46. NV, Fallon Star Press: Change the reason Ron Paul joined presidential race
  47. Ron Paul On C-Span tonight: 9pm Eastern
  48. John Zogby on Ron Paul (and the others)
  49. USA Today: Paul says he didn't mean to accuse Huckabee of being a fascist
  50. Ron at the top of Santa's "Good List"
  51. Ron Paul DVDs!!!!
  52. **12/21/07 'Clicks for Ron!'**
  53. Ron Paul Live on CNN.com right NOW!
  54. Top 4 Grassfire.org poll 12/21/07
  55. Cheney blames Ron Paul supporters for fire (spoof)
  56. Zogby: Ron Paul Will Surprise You
  57. ***Digg - CBN 700 Club Excellent***
  58. Slate: Blimpin’ Ain’t Easy
  59. #47 - Ron Pauls Views on Austrian Economics
  60. Hell For the Holidays
  61. The are polls, then there are straw polls
  62. CBS News: Surprising Ron Paul Sparks A Movement
  63. World News Daily article telling homeschoolers to BEWARE OF HUCKABEE!
  64. Commentary piece on ineffective polling
  65. Jim Rogers endorses Ron Paul
  66. #48 - Isaiah Berlin and Positive/Negative Liberty
  67. Pat Robertson about Ron Paul(video)
  68. This Article Must be Dugg
  69. Ron Paul is Shaking Up the Republican Race - DIGG
  70. National Review's John Derbyshire: "Why I'm for Ron Paul" (12/20/07)
  71. Ron Paul on New Hampshire Public Radio
  72. McLaughlin Group- Great Ron Paul coverage
  73. CBN News coverage of Ron coming up
  74. The Michigan campaign worries!
  75. Ron Paul - 12-19-07- Politics-n-Eggs Breakfast (AWESOME!)
  76. Youtube: Ron Paul on This Evening's CBS News
  77. Pat Robertson (almost) Endorses Ron Paul (YOUTUBE)
  78. Surprise tactic
  79. Paul Derides Campaign “Central Planners” – Consultants Just Laugh
  80. Ron Paul: McLaughlin's "Person of the Year"
  81. One day..
  82. New Rasmussen Poll - 10% for/48% against RP
  83. #49 - Ron Paul and the Non-Agression Principle
  84. Libertarian wants to challenge Paul for US House seat
  85. National Post: Rooting for Ron Paul
  86. NH Public Radio; Laura Knoy interviews Ron again
  87. Iowa students could sway caucuses, if they show up
  88. Ron Paul Can't Buy Respect - NY Sun
  89. Paul Shaping Up As Spoiler in GOP Race, Great Article!
  90. Best Ron Paul article I've read to date! Motivating...
  91. Charlie Beall of eknowledge Corporation endorses Ron Paul
  92. Attn all who are unsure how to support Ron Paul in a caucus state and Attn Iowans
  93. Ron Paul Supporter Campains on Isles
  94. UK TV Channel 4 News Sat 22/12/2007
  95. New York Times Ad for Paul Upcoming
  96. Why we're taking Iowa
  97. #50 - The Reality of Change and Freedom to Fascism
  98. Ron Paul Campaign to Turn In Alaskan Ballot Signatures
  99. National Ledger article: Upcoming Meet The Press with Ron Paul
  100. Ron Paul to win by a landslide - USA Daily
  101. Aol Straw Poll
  102. Ad on Coast to Coast AM
  103. NH Concord Monitor : Paul inspires entire operation
  104. 3 Pro-Paul opinion pieces found sofar for Sunday
  105. Des Moines Register: Yepsen: Lots of variables stir uncertainty
  106. #51 - For those Misinformed about Ron Paul
  107. RP talk on Political Chowder
  108. Ron Paul on Meet the Press
  109. Ron Paul is the true Republican
  110. " Paul defends asking for special projects" (re:MTP appearance)-- AP/Yahoo
  111. #52 - Animal Rights, Genocide, other causes
  112. Front page of msnbc.com
  113. Politico: Ron Paul Won't Rule Out Third-Party Run
  114. #53 - End all of the Ron Paul Fans vs. Anti-Paul Diggers
  115. New pages on Ronpaul2008.com
  116. Crooks and liars take on Meet the press with RP.
  117. Replay of Glen Beck Interview being aired again!!!!!
  118. Looks like Meet The Press didn't hurt donations!
  119. Economist: Saxo Bank Predicts Paul will Win
  120. Hillary Clinton and Ron Paul winning big on AOL straw poll
  121. Need help promoting Ron's health care policy
  122. Meet the Press: Tim Russert Asks Ron About Fascism Quote
  123. Ron Paul Spammers Unite!
  124. #54 - Why Fight for the Constitution?
  125. Charlie Beall Endorses Ron Paul [Youtube]
  126. Ron Paul vs. the Dirty Tricksters
  127. An uncanny resemblance...
  128. NH: Opposition to Iraq war a campaign theme
  129. Interesting Article
  130. Great News/ Ron Paul DVD
  131. AARP Bulletin Dec 2007
  132. Ron Paul Segment of Fox news just ended
  133. Paul in double digits in new Iowa Poll: 10%, more than doubles
  134. Times of India picks up story about Ron Paul's MTP interview
  135. Why we Have a Real Shot at the Nomination
  136. Attention! Ron Paul Updates
  137. #55 - Merry Christmas from A Ron Paul American
  138. Important Message about MSM for Ron Paul Supporters
  139. Powerful Articles Concerning Ron Paul
  140. Iowa "Button" Poll - Ron Paul at 17% (3rd place)
  141. #56 - Naomi Wolf and Ron Paul
  142. #57 - Symbols of Liberty and the Freedom Movement
  143. Ron Paul Plays Chess With The Neocons
  144. Iowa Caucus Article
  145. New Week - WGY Poll - Ron is Behind
  146. #58 - Number sequences?
  147. On Christmas, Pope Urges End to Wars
  148. Free Competition in Currency Act
  149. Montana Caucus Tempting Target for Ron Paul Supporters
  150. dailytimesonline on blimp - comments needed ...
  151. Mashable.com - Here Comes the Ron Paul Social Network
  152. #58 - Pundit Bill Kristols Vendetta against Ron Paul
  153. Ron Paul Short in Rhode Island
  154. New Year's Eve - Ron Paul March - ronpaulmarch.com (HELP THIS VIDEO NOW!)
  155. Petition Signatures for Ohio Needed To Get On the Ballot! ONLY 30HRS LEFT!!!!!!!!!
  156. A Few Morning Blogs About Ron Paul
  157. Fox on Paul winning Cali delegates
  158. Alexander Cockburn on Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul
  159. The audacity of nope
  160. Ron Paul defends seeking funds for Texas district - Houston Chronicle
  161. Paul at 6% in Battleground poll
  162. The New York Times - Ron Paul on ‘Meet the Press’
  163. Hotline on Paul on MTP
  164. #59 - Ron Paul & The Debt/Monetary Crisis
  165. Web Poll: 93% of Americans Celebrate Ron Paul, Not Jesus, at Xmas
  166. Ron Paul: Real Conservatives Don't Start Wars, They End Them - The Huffington Post
  167. Econlib.org debates Ron Paul
  168. #60 - Liberty isn't Easy, Ron Paul for Freedom
  169. Nationwide March for Ron Paul New Year's Eve
  170. AOL - "Ron Paul says Lincoln was wrong to fight the Civil War. Do you agree?"
  171. Official endorsements for Ron Paul
  172. Ron Paul on the Situation Room w/Wolf Blitzer
  173. Iowa Poll: Paul Jumps from 4% to 10%
  174. Rasmussen Survey: How Republicans View The Candidates
  175. Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll (12/26)
  176. Alex Merced Vlog #1 - Update/RP Endorsement
  177. Paul forecast to get 26 delegates (1% of total)
  178. National Journal: new rankings Dec 17
  179. Ron Paul on MSNBC (Tucker) tomorrow night, just attacked today
  180. Alex Merced VLOG #2 - Political Rants and Ron Paul
  181. DC Downsizer & American Freedom Agenda Act
  182. #61 - Clarification about Ron Pauls Civil War stance
  183. Matt Towery: Reagan would have voted for Ron Paul
  184. Ron Paul Takes Unconventional Approach to Win California Delegates
  185. CSPAN covering propaganda around the world and an analysis of our Orwellian media
  186. CNN Political Ticker - New Paul Ad - No Comments?
  187. Ron Paul Submits 1233 Signatures for Rhode Island!
  188. New York Times retracts smear
  189. #62 - Ron Pauls Speech on Patriotism
  190. Paul up with new ad in New Hampshire
  191. Paul in Peril?
  192. Paul: Country is moving toward fascism
  193. Ron Paul has plans to prevent fiscal disaster
  194. Will the convention be brokered?
  195. WP: New Ads From Paul and Clinton in NH, IA
  196. The anti-Ron Paul Coalition
  197. Great Article in the "Philadelphia Bulletin"
  198. Earmark this, Ron Paul!
  199. RP on RI Ballot
  200. Paul leads GOP pack for delegate applicants
  201. New straw poll coming up
  202. NH Debate Jan 5th
  203. #63 - Ron Paul Honors Muhammad Ali
  204. AOL Straw Poll reminder
  205. Baltimore Sun article about Ron Paul's camapaign in Iowa
  206. Tucker Carlson interview today???and info???
  207. Dr. No (R-Texas)
  208. New RP video - Mainstream media now supports Paul
  209. Video Blog #3 - Ron Paul, The Civil War & the Primaries
  210. Most major candidates have given a statement about bhutto... why is Ron lagging?
  211. VIDEO--- ***Ron Paul Hijacks "The Agenda"***
  212. Morning Joe: Ron paul vs David Shuster (link???)
  213. NY TIMES Admits To Printing Lies About Ron Paul
  214. I'm scared to even post this, but does anyone have reason to believe this is true?
  215. CONFIRMED: RP to be at January 5th WMUR/Facebook debate in NH
  216. Iowa GOP Caucus locations
  217. CNN to air Paul response
  218. RP top Republican ballot position for New York
  219. Paul endorsed by minutemen leaders in Iowa - Des Moinse Register
  220. RP campaign office in Flint opens
  221. SF Bay Guardian : The Ron Paul phenomenon
  222. Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll (12/27)
  223. AP/Yahoo poll
  224. Strategic Vision IA GOP Caucus
  225. Yepsen: 3rd place: Disaster or boost, depending on party
  226. Seymour Hersh 10/8/2007 - Shifting Targets, The Administration’s plan for Iran
  227. L.A. Times - Iowa & NH Poll 12/27
  228. NPR: All Things Considered talks Ron Paul in NH
  229. ronpaul2008.com Seperates Vets/Military from Other Endorsements
  230. Paul expects to gain Tancredo supporters
  231. #64 - Ron Paul and a much needed shift to Foreign Policy
  232. A Word About the Polls
  233. News Articles and Video of Ron Paul Coverage
  234. CNN, FOX & MSNBC clips from Ron Paul today - 12-27-2007
  235. GOP Is The New Donner Party-
  236. Alabama Constitution Party endorses Ron Paul
  237. Tennessee - Paul leads GOP pack for delegate applicants
  238. Can Ron Paul go mainstream?
  239. Denmark- Saxo Bank Predicts Ron Paul Win, U.S. Depression
  240. Romney saturating Iowa airwaves
  241. CQ Politics’ Presidential Candidate Profiles: Ron Paul
  242. Good News? - Ron Paul is leading in the national polls! 33%
  243. WND- Ron Paul: $20 million shows 'starvation' for his message
  244. Ron Paul espera lograr apoyo de simpatizantes de Tancredo
  245. Ron Paul: Why ask why? (+comments)
  246. Some Observations on Four Terms in Congress (Ron Paul 1984)
  247. Put Up or Shut Up, Time for the Anti-Paul Crowd to Offer Alternatives
  248. Creeping Facism, backing up Dr. Paul.
  249. #65 - How the Welfare State HURTS the poor (Ron Paul 08)
  250. Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll (12/28)