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  1. Jan 10th Fox News Debate - Who is going?
  2. 1/10 Fox News Debate - SC
  3. Six candidates to appear at GOP debate
  4. Fox News Caves, Allows Ron Paul Into Debate
  5. So today is the Debate right?
  6. I hate to give FOX a higher viewer rating but...
  7. Sand castle Rushmore
  8. Ron Paul at Broadway at The Beach today
  9. Ron Paul needs to get them to talk about 100 years, then contrast himself
  10. Extra Ticket for Debate Tonight
  11. I think Paul needs to attack the 100 year war (McCain), Lawyers (Mitt) etc.
  12. Will there be visible Ron Paul support?
  13. Is this being aired on national tv?
  14. boycott FOXNEWS debate... WATCH ON YOUTUBE later!!!
  15. Talking Point... The falling dollar, fed "easing".. recession is a reality!
  16. Debate Transcript:
  17. Talk Solutions
  18. Good idea or bad idea?
  19. Isn't there a Fox debate tonight?
  20. Ron Paul is FIRED UP!!
  21. Is there any streaming audio or video of the debate??
  22. The Unofficial Post-Debate Poll Thread
  23. Ron Paul Blimp over Fox debate NOW!!
  24. Time of Debate?
  25. Let Us Ask The Questions.
  26. Why Fox is having Ron Paul on - AMBUSH!
  27. Is Duncan Hunter going to be included?
  28. Ron Paul needs to emmulate the indignation in this video
  29. Rudy- White house race is like the superbowl
  30. Digg: Make this viral on the internet before the debate! Substantial Romney dirt!
  31. youtube of pissed of Ron!! Woo-hoo!!
  32. Ron Paul should talk about Economy and War policies ties
  33. URGENT!! CNN hitpiece just before SC debate!!!
  34. I have a feeling were going to see a VERY agressive Dr. in tonights debates!
  35. Any way to stream the debate?
  36. Live footage from liberty steak house & brewery(post-debate RP speech)
  37. Stream of the Debate?
  38. Great YouTube Advice for Dr. Paul at SC Debate
  39. cool little story
  40. SC Debate Video Feed?
  41. Poll: Will Fox bring up the Newsletters? Yes or No
  42. live stream of post debate speech and during debate readion ON NOW
  43. Why the whole "racism" debacle may help Ron with republicans!
  44. Text Vote PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  45. *****Official SC Debate Thread*****
  46. ***A Link To A Live Fox Stream***
  47. RON PAUL had that ROCKY fire today THIS YOUTUBE is for you RON !
  48. this is a useless thread.. just really nervous
  49. Fox Stream of Debate
  50. O'Riely calls Ron Paul Supporters loons
  51. O'Reilly just called Ron Paul supporters "loons"'
  52. Make no mistake - there is only one reason they invited Dr. Paul: To finish him off..
  53. debate streaming anywhere
  54. The national anthem?
  55. Prepare to be furious
  56. Into the snakepit
  57. SC Debate LIVE stream!
  58. Huckabee Recession LOL
  59. Giuliani
  60. *Remember Ron Paul fell 27 Votes Shy Of 1st Place in S.C. Straw Poll*
  61. Please, Ron, if you get the same question
  62. the chances of a Fox news viewer understanding Austrian economics
  63. Huckabee says, "I HOPE we're not in a recession???"
  64. ZZZZ What, oh!
  65. Ronald Reagan Drinking Game
  66. My HEad Hurts
  68. Thompson is making last stand
  69. Oh Snap
  70. Fred Chucks Huck!!!
  71. If what Huck said is true then Dr. Paul is REALLY over the target
  72. Fred attacks Huckabee
  73. Debate drinking game, if you dare...
  74. Here's the dirt
  75. Truthers!?!?!
  76. NOT truthers!!!
  77. How much you want to bet....
  78. Hellz Yeah!
  79. Offs
  80. hell yeah!
  81. Fox throws 9/11 truthers to Paul!!!
  82. Rongasm!
  83. Ron Paul Is KILLING IT!
  84. Da da da DAMN
  85. I don't know what people are talking about when they say he's not a good speaker!
  86. Truthers!! Racist!!! Truthers!!! Racist!!! - They have nothing
  87. I am squalling like a baby.
  88. Omg That Was Awesome
  89. Buy/Sell: Paul had some debate coaching
  90. Nice try Fox, nice try...
  91. Maybe not KO punch but RP squeezes in a winner blow
  92. Chris Wallace is pathetic, worthless, immature WASTE OF LIFE
  93. No Anti Thruther Threads tonight please
  94. May I participate in THIS debate
  95. Haha Huck looks like he's trying so hard to understand on Iran.
  96. What Next? Mr. Paul, Some of your supporters believe a mothership...
  97. Keep them coming Fox
  98. Iran boats, Fox asks question based on report that may not be true?
  99. I feel dumber for watching this debate
  100. Make the Pledge - "I pledge to put an END to the MSM"
  101. tonkin! haha
  102. War is on tomorrow!
  103. John McCain makes me sick
  104. Ouch
  105. Oh the moderator got even on that one
  106. Uh oh... Romney just f***ed up
  107. The MSM Trap - Divide and conquer (Truthers dont despair)
  108. Ron Paul "Make fun buddy" as Romney booed.
  109. The Stepford candidate got Booed!
  110. The Audience was Laughing at Ron
  111. Censoring Dr. Paul's Support
  112. Navel Question
  113. No Post-debate Poll this time??
  114. RP should have maybe said this...
  115. Homerun!
  116. Burkas???
  117. "It's not american presence, its american casualties"
  118. Excellant Response from RP regarding Middle East
  119. McCain: Presence over Troops
  120. McCain: "Trade Burkas"
  121. McCain speaks the truth
  122. please continue summarizing
  123. Fox's strategy against Paul.
  124. LOVED RP's comment to McCain...
  125. I Quit!
  126. Ron Paul ON FIRE in Debate!
  127. Mute button.
  128. Huckabee Sucking Up To AIPAC
  129. I can't even watch the screen....
  130. Huckabee throwing Israel card
  131. This is a game-changing debate, agreed?
  132. Trade with alqaeda?
  133. " We missed you"..
  134. "We Missed You"
  135. Oh Burn Huckabee.
  136. Rudy
  137. My FAITH is restored! RON IS ON FIRE!
  138. "Besides we don't have any money to do that"
  139. Then WHY do we arm Israel's enemy's , the Arabs?!
  140. Paul's gettingt better and better, but not because he's smarter...
  141. Paul is the center of the debate
  142. unrelated note: Huckabees is finished
  143. FOX with a deliberate cheap shot to Paul
  144. I have NEVER, heard Paul speak so fluently and coherently
  145. Donate to support Dr. Paul NOW !!
  146. RP should just tell McCain he is a war monger
  147. Getting his fire back
  148. Fred Talking Points
  149. "We don't have the money anymore!"
  150. I'm not able to watch the debate...
  151. FOX Actually Reports on Ron Paul
  152. Ron Pauls Best Debate
  153. Have there been any cheers for Paul any time after they laughed at him?
  154. He should of said Israel has 200 nukes!!!!
  155. McCain, I changed the war on terror!
  156. Ron Paul/msm Tomorrow
  157. Camera shake
  158. Ask Jack Abrhamoff if I'm an insider??
  159. Paul how will you bring "change." "By readin our Constitution!"
  160. Huck: Lemme tell ya what I raised...
  161. So Transparent
  162. Huckabee, "I Raised Hope!!!"
  163. Huckabee: "...Highways accessible to children."
  164. Someone help me out here...
  165. Dude, you're from Arkansas not Utopia
  166. Huckabee says, "I, I , I, I...Paul says, "we, we, we, we.
  167. What does "We missed you" mean?
  168. Carl looks like he just smoked a bowl..
  169. Laughing more?
  170. Where will the YouTubes be?
  171. Giuliani just botched foreign policy question
  172. In the beginning
  173. Huckabee smear first, Paul smear next?
  174. Looks like attack Huck and Paul tonight
  175. Huck Begging For Money,
  176. Is it just me or do all of these answers sound familiar?
  177. Here it Comes!
  178. Here comes the Newsletter attack on Paul!!!!!!!!!!!
  179. 200%??
  180. Huckabee gets my vote for Marriage Counsellor!
  181. Here comes the Paul = racist smear.....
  182. Best answer by Paul in any debate so far
  183. Request: Fellow Americans...
  184. Campaign Carl, SUCK IT!
  185. Wooooooooow
  186. Wooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooooo
  187. boooyaaaaaa!!
  188. Yes! Grand Slam!
  189. Why can't Paul hear?
  190. Sheriff McCain?
  191. Electable? HAHAHAHA
  192. Ron Paul just bitchslapped them all ,including
  193. I Cannot Wait For The Youtube!!!!!!
  194. Ron Paul has been sandbagging the WHOLE DAMN CAMPAIGN!!! He has come out strong!!!
  195. Ok, How Can We Crash Fox News
  196. "I'm not a Repulican?"
  197. Paul Just Won The Debate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  198. The FOX news network is total scum!!!!!!!!!!!
  199. I just donated. I'm still on this train, with NO RESERVATIONS.
  200. The Great SC Debate Comeback
  201. He's really kicking ass tonight! Go PAUL!! The true republican.
  202. Site Getting Hammered?
  203. What will they say when the poll is unaniimous for Paul?
  204. Fox is wishing they never invited RP on tonight!
  205. Thats was Amazing!!!! LOL LOL LOL "Let me get the straight"
  206. Un-fucking-believable
  207. Call Hq, Tell Them We Are Loving The New Ron Paul!
  208. Immigration
  209. Hoooo . . . Leeeeeee . . . Crapola!
  210. McCain: Americans at Fault for Illegal Immigration
  211. Gobstopper Cheeks McCain...
  212. Thanks for the door Mitt
  213. LOL Romney just fell all over himself...
  214. Came back from commercial mid-debate...
  215. How's it going so far?
  216. Remember:
  217. Disgusting Display
  218. TO Those Who Have Been Critical - READ
  219. Donate to the New Ron Paul Ownage.
  220. Post debate coverage should be hilarious!
  221. Fox's Nightmare
  222. We are going to win
  223. History being repeated.......
  224. AH What did I miss?!
  225. Best. Debate. Ever.
  226. David Rockefellar is shaking in his boots right now
  227. nytimes bias
  228. Thanks God they have let Ron Paul supporters in the Audience
  229. Did Huckabee completely quote Paul for 2-3 sentences?
  230. Afer debate coverage?
  231. The New Ron Paul
  232. Hey Rudy: Shut Up Already!
  233. No Newsletter Bullshit
  234. That debate seemed kind of short..
  235. Ooh it's over! Is there going to be a Text Poll!?
  236. text away
  237. Text poll! LOLOLOL
  238. WooHOO, Hannity and Combs
  239. Honestly, how many of you thought this was the end?
  240. Frank Luntz! Focus Group
  241. Gholiani and his "The reality is.." crap
  242. Oh Great, Here Comes The Spin
  243. Oh Boy Hannity's debate reaction!
  244. Ron Paul's Knockout
  245. Oh boy...another F/U Frank session
  246. Fred won the debate???? LOL
  247. FoxNews and Luntz... Setting up thompson victory
  248. Time to change the channel
  249. Debate Youtubes?
  250. FOX POLL! Text your vote!