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  1. McCain blames the people for the Immigration problem.
  2. What To Do About The Faux.
  3. Is Such a Man "electable"?
  4. Anyone hear McCain last night?
  5. When is the next debate?
  6. Did anyone notice McCains "straight talk"
  7. Interesting Similarity Between GOP candidates webpages
  8. The Religious Factor.
  9. Will your view of the Media ever be the same again?
  10. Ron Paul's best debate?
  11. How about a REAL Debate????
  12. Frank Luntz lowering electronic response before Paul speaks
  13. Let's "focus" our group on Frank!
  14. Snowballs Start Revolutions
  15. Ron Paul Survives a Pit of Vipers Unscathed, Vipers Eat Each Other
  16. Anyone else see FoxNews go after NBC?
  17. Electability question
  18. Former FoxNews watchers confession thread
  19. USA Daily: Ron Paul won debate
  20. i noticed this..
  21. Why didn't Sean interview Ron Paul
  22. Should Ron Paul have spoken more harshly against Israel?
  23. List off color or racist comments during debate
  24. FOX Asks Paul to Reject TRUTH....
  25. "America First"
  26. Quick Question
  27. We looked really good to Non RP supporters and casuals in NC/SC last night.
  28. Ron Paul's Responses at the Debate! - uploaded by the campaign!
  29. In Frank Luntz group 13 people liked Ron paul....
  30. Why MLK day may not be a good choice
  31. McCain - "We missed you" [at the Jan. 6 debate]?
  32. Where are our awesome youtube commericals from the last two debates???
  33. 1... 2... 3...
  34. A question on Electability, DO you have any?
  35. Hamburg for Ron Paul - Demonstration in Germany Europe
  36. Iran Issue In The Debate Was Bs
  37. Observations for Ron Paul From the Debate
  38. Cnn
  39. Please help send this info everywhere...this is what we need to beat this smear
  40. How long will you boycott FOX?
  41. Entire debate online?
  42. Video of the bad edits?
  43. Fox News CAUGHT Rigging the Focus Group (DIGG HOMEPAGE!!)
  44. Campaign Materials from ronpaul2008.com
  45. Should we sue Fox News?
  46. Can someone 'sticky' a list of FOX sponsors
  47. Digg bury brigade in full swing?
  48. Blatant rigging of Fox Focus Group!!!
  49. Last night's debate the most viewed so far
  50. Do YOU understand Austrian Economics?
  51. Ratings bump for Foxnews with Ron Paul
  52. Carl's question was mean't to divide us.
  53. My email from Frank Luntz
  54. Carl Cameron's wife campaigned for Bush
  55. Picket Fox and affiliates
  56. Thread for YouTube's of SC Debate
  57. Great Debate?
  58. Why we cannot trust BIG MEDIA!
  59. Mccain "Were gonna miss you ron" joke repeat last night?
  60. FOXNEWS S. Carolina Debate Pulls 3.6 million viewers; Network's highest of season
  61. Iranian Response
  62. How many of you were able to participate in the text message poll?
  63. Seeing First Hand
  64. Does anyone have the link for the POST DEBATE RON PAUL INTERVIEW
  65. Was Someone Intentionally Screwing Around with the Sound Levels?
  66. Stick it to Frank!
  67. MSNBC Hardball Anaylsis on "Body Language"
  68. Anyone Have the video of the south carolina debates on a link (NOT FOX)
  69. Lets get it straight.
  70. YOUTUBE - Censorship of the Electability Answer
  71. HEY - Navy Says No Boat Threat
  72. Today's news...LOL
  73. Economics 101 Question: Re Devaluing of the Dollar
  74. Movie About Fox News!!! Must Watch
  75. FOX *PLANNED* to edit Ron Paul from the debate re-airing
  76. What's the difference.....
  77. Call Herman Cain on WSB in ATL
  78. A Must Read! A serious look at the RP platform
  79. What happened to the comparision video? Its gone?
  80. Did anyone mention the Julie Annie commercial during the debate last night?
  81. Digg: What Fox News doesn't want you too see.
  82. Vote Poll Now
  83. Suggestion
  84. Read how a 9 year old rated the debate
  85. Debate clips removed from Youtube?????!!!
  86. Cameron muttering
  87. Fox News Inserts Sound Bite (Laughter) Toward Paul? A Must Hear
  88. Myrtle Beach Post Debate Rally at Liberty Steakhouse
  89. Crowd microphones to emphasize boo response to Ron Paul?
  90. Anyone catch the Ghoul's plagiarism?
  91. So how do we get back at Fox?
  92. Let'Fox forces removal of video
  93. Debate clips removed from Youtube?????!!! -- DO SOMETHING
  94. Sick and tired
  95. *** Let's keep electability answer video available ***
  96. Brit Hume DIDN'T ask Paul the same question
  97. Attacking the messager, while ignoring the message?
  98. Talk about Staying On Message! WOW!
  99. Official Debate video from campaign!
  100. Did McCain do it again?
  101. An Interesting Critique of Dr. Paul's 9/11 Truthers Answer
  102. Did you hear Dr. Paul call the Fed Res the Fed Czar??
  103. Why did Fox news remove the "electibility" video?
  104. Let's call them what they are: the Fox Propaganda Channel
  105. An Audience Member's Experience
  106. Real Time With Bill Maher Overtime RP Mention
  107. DIEBOLD To Change Its Name
  108. Youtube Homepage all Ron Paul videos
  109. I love Olbermann
  110. Have we Media-Bombed the Faux "electibility" Fiasco?
  111. How did people get their SC debate tickets?
  112. Highly Important Issue in SC Subforum!!!
  113. Few words from a non-american
  114. Racist remarks towards Muslims at debate
  115. Who's Laughing
  116. i cant stand it anymore
  117. FoxNewsPorn.com! (Hillarious!!!)
  118. Question, please help
  119. What Did Ron Really Say to Mitt?
  120. Brainwashed Neocons
  121. I want my country back
  122. Where are the abortion questions?
  123. Did anyone else catch this.
  124. My county's GOP Chair was at debate -- She says Paul won.
  125. How come?
  126. is anybody watching the debate on FOX right now?
  127. Where to find whole debate?
  128. Need Help from a Statistician
  129. This is something really bizarre...
  130. How do you get tickets to the debates??
  131. If I had any respect left for Brit Hume, it's totally gone now
  132. Carl Cameron endorses Gov. Schwarzenegger
  133. What was Ron's highlight in the debate?
  134. Know the Achilles heel
  135. Wake up!!!!!!!!!
  136. Fox News Planned verything That Happened From The Start
  137. electability question that was removed from debate rebroadcast
  138. Ron Paul Revolution
  139. Roy Jones is going to put Ron Paul on his back!
  140. The 9/11 Truther question was meant to trap Paul on the issue of the 1st Amendment
  141. What can we do about FOX?
  142. Huckabee's Gates of Hell
  143. Are they trying to steal our "rEVOLution"?