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  1. Youtube
  2. Get Real
  3. Who was the Audience?
  4. Very bad picture of Huckabee with Rudy, hahaa... from today's debate.
  5. *ron Paul Ruled Tonight*
  6. Ok, the focus group lines coming up.
  7. *** ALL RON PAUL in single video on GOOGLE VIDEO ***
  8. Luntz: "let's see what Republicans don't agree with...Ron Paul"
  9. Here we go - LUNTZ!!!!
  10. Rp Falls Off The Streaming Charts
  11. Focus Group Full of Neocons
  12. Frank's Magic Machine
  13. First action as president...
  14. Frank's Focus Group Confused?
  15. PAUL WON your poll BITCHES !!!
  16. * Its Not Conspiracy, Its Truth *
  17. Im glad that frank luntz focus group has New York accents
  18. This Frank @#$% is Killing Me!!! Ron Floored the Chart!
  19. Congratulations to Dr. Paul, a True Patriot!
  20. Poll: How many times does Frank Luntz...
  21. when are we going to get one of our mobs to follow frank?
  22. Do people see through the Fox News BS?
  23. F**k Frank
  24. The fox after debate stuff is sickening
  25. Absolutely sickening.
  26. Fair and Balanced? How can they...
  27. Ron Paul is Hated by the Media...What do we do?
  28. After watching the debate today, I feel like Born Again RP supporter
  29. Idiocracy
  30. Watch...
  31. RP 32% Text Poll
  32. Paul declined to be interviewed by FOx today
  33. CheckTheVotes.com - A Closer Look At The Count - 100K+ views so far!!!
  34. CHRISTOPHER WALKEN (Actor) questions NEW HAMSPHIRE results !
  35. Hahhahahaha Hannity
  36. Ron Paul Won and Decided to Turn Down Fox
  37. Hannities Radio Show -- Phone calls
  38. Ron Paul win Fox's text voting
  39. FOX to "voters" room "I'm going to make your BOSSES nervous"
  40. I can't watch it anymore
  41. RP declined H&C interview? Wtf?
  42. Did I miss something?
  43. Did u just hear Hannity???!!!!
  44. Ron Paul Turned Down Post-Debate Interview
  45. The resistance manifesto exposes Fox anchors reason for bias
  46. Saw V : The Fox Hunt
  47. Did you see where Mitt was sweatin'?
  48. stop bitching about Frank Luntz
  49. They just helped Ron Paul
  50. BREAKING! Frank luntz stacked the focus group tonight!!! EVIDENCE
  51. Email to Fox, Frank, or Hannity?
  52. Say a prayer for Ron Paul
  53. I need a youtube of the focus group
  54. Request : entire South Carolina GOP debate (not just Paul parts)
  55. How did ron paul do at the debate ?
  56. How can FOX News hate Ron Paul?
  57. McCain misses Dr. Paul
  58. Anyone else notice the text vote poll doesnt add up to 100%?
  59. The Midnight Rider - Post-Debate Analysis Live
  60. did anyone get a youtube of the Luntz segnemts?
  61. The John McCain Drinking Game!!!
  62. Best line of the night from Dr. Paul
  63. Notice how the gys says he can't win nomination, not election
  64. What would happen if....?
  65. Guys, he had a post-debate rally to go to.
  66. ANyone notice the brunette in the front of Franks Focus group?
  67. 9/11 truthers question
  68. ***** Ron Paul South Carolina Debate on YouTube ****
  69. Remember...
  70. Please do not read the articles!!
  71. Can Others See the Bais
  72. why are guys like Luntz and Hannity immune?
  73. Southern accents
  74. Gotta Get the McCain Racism Quote on Youtube.
  75. Revolution? Coalition?
  76. I'm more disgusted than ever with Romney
  77. Post-debate interview, LOCAL
  78. Was Ron about to call them dictators?
  79. Is it just me...
  81. Huckabee Commits Political Suicide
  82. Harness the hatred! Video for FreeAtLast2008.com
  83. Ron Paul: "Make it fun, buddy." <- I LOVE THIS GUY!!
  84. asking Ron Paul to renounce his supporters
  85. The GOP is heading to becoming an electoral loser for a long time
  86. Mike Huckabee says he has the most conservative tax plan...more than paul?
  87. Most Negitive Responce Ever Says Frank...
  88. Anyone have a link to the deabte
  89. Blimp Flies Behind Gov of SC while being interviewed before debates
  90. Is Brit Hume retarded?
  91. Should Ron Paul Hold a Press Conference to Respond the that Unfair Debate?
  92. FOX News - Criticism of Ron Paul - The catalyst for the downfall of the network?
  93. LETS take OUT FULLPAGE ads in SC biggest newpaper
  94. NPR debate cancelled
  95. HEADLINES - Before Fox destoys the link....
  96. Brit Fume...Grrrrrr!!!!
  97. Frank Luntz confronted/exposed by Ron Paul supporters in NH
  98. Luntz and Hannity Blew their wads tonight
  99. Did anyone happen to seed the debate?
  100. Ron Paul donations will get a boost
  101. Ron forgot to say something tonight....that would have gotten him a lot of votes
  102. Funny line about McCain and illegal immigration
  103. What was with all of the applause tonight? There was a lot.
  104. THIS WAS AMAZING....simply AMAZING!!
  105. Fox News Text Poll Chart
  106. A surprising Fox article!!!!
  107. I hope Ron Paul reads this.....
  108. Faux News Has Brought a New Low to American Journalism...
  109. We have to win or get 2nd in a early state just to FORCE MSM to listen to RP speaking
  110. I am speechless
  111. It's On Frank! That Graph and his Comments Were for Us!
  112. Best line of the night thread
  113. Thompson stands up to moderator = good. Paul does the same = bad?
  114. what did paul say to romney
  115. Do I Hear The Sound Of Falling Fox Stocks?
  116. So how did Ron Paul peform today? I didn't watch the debates.
  117. Send Links to Howard Stern
  118. Any idea how many RP supporters were in the audience?
  119. Do you think Ron Paul Should Call Out the MSM During A Debate?
  120. So who recorded the debate?
  121. Electability question
  122. "Artificial Breast Rates"
  123. McCain's Freudian Slip? Anybody YouTube it?
  124. Wendell Goler was about to ask RP something...
  125. Actually a fair foxnews debate wrapup article
  126. [request] Link to full video of the debate.
  127. Response to "are you electable, are you republican"
  128. Fox News
  129. Make the numbers fly!
  130. Video Link of the debate
  131. Best debate yet in my opinion.
  132. The Iran question at the debate...
  133. Which of the other candidates beside RP do you think believes what they are saying?
  134. ***Official UP YOURS to FOX thread***
  135. Proof Republicans are Stupid
  136. What I saw tonight was that Ron Paul is the strongest racehorse on the track
  137. I Say Its Time To Come Home!!!!!
  138. Fox News is about to get a first-hand lesson in "Blowback"
  139. What I would like to hear Dr. Paul say...The War vs. Personal Finances
  140. Mike Huckabee's eye almost falls out...
  141. romney is dumb
  142. *** IMPORTANT *** Regarding our revolution
  143. Idiocracy
  144. Fox Editing Out Paul's Response To Electibility On Debate Replays?
  145. Everyone hit youtube and make fun of the idiot candidates.
  146. Ron Paul is certainly a household name now!
  147. Very Erghhh After Debate
  148. Very Erghhh After Debate
  149. Clinton/ Bush Nanny State Foreign Policy
  150. My dad keeps telling me Dr. Paul is toooo honest
  151. How Come it stops at 17 seconds?
  152. Fox Replay cuts out Carl Cameron getting destroyed. lol
  153. This Electability Video Needs To Be Made Into A Commercial
  154. Thats why we were asleep on 9/11
  155. why was RP at this fox debate
  156. Laughing
  157. If I may make a most humble request...
  158. Ron Paul Doing Badly in This AOL Post-Debate Poll!
  159. Fox Stock Bomb!!!!
  160. Please post YouTube of Luntz focus group promoting Thompson
  161. Text poll shenanigans?
  162. Attack Ron Paul More!
  163. Does he look pretty?
  164. CNN guy just said the debate was civil
  165. Let them promote Fred!
  166. Vote Ron Paul as Best (left) and Giuliani as Worst (right)
  167. Do these networks realize...
  168. Are you more inspired after the South Carolina debate?
  169. We must wake up. We need marketing help.
  170. Disrespectful Pig Squeal Laughter By Giuliani
  171. Paulites, We are WINNING!
  172. fox's link to whole debate videos (2 parts)
  173. Wait, Romney made fun of paul physically off camera...??!!!
  174. Awesome, Ron Simply Awesome!!!!
  175. The rest of the candidates, what disrespect...
  176. Very good debate from Ron!
  177. Rudy used the word 'Islamic' 0 times tonight?
  178. Full Debate?
  179. I Love This Part, I Absolutely Love It!
  180. YouTube requests
  181. What the censorship might really be about
  182. anyone see luntz BS just now?
  183. ***Ron Paul is a GOD***
  184. Our poster for the SC debate......
  185. Can FOX Be Repremanded for Removing RP's Reply to that Blantant Attack in the Debate?
  186. I now believe Ron has been sandbagging.
  187. ron paul "Dict...candidate"
  188. hahah give it to em' RON
  189. Newscorp Stock went UP today?!
  190. ABC blacking RP clips of debate out
  191. ABC's NightLine called Ron Paul a whipping boy.
  192. Debate sparks donation surge. Keep it up!
  193. Is anyone discussing the debate on other forums?
  194. Donations going up!
  195. Sweet Victory!
  196. As Gandhi said...
  197. Ron Paul Losing in Debate Polls!
  198. Again - RP needs PROFESSIONAL marketing
  199. The results of the FOX News txt msg phone poll tell me...
  200. Frank Luntz Totally Exposed!
  201. how to stop the racist comments
  202. Hey you all, vote in this poll
  203. CNN Smear Job!!!
  204. This is the greatest revolution since the civil rights act
  205. What Dr. Paul's SC slam dunk means
  206. Thompson looked like he was referring to a script
  207. C-SPAN Ron Paul Bomb this morning!!
  208. Facist Fox had to play the national anthem before their debate
  209. Rudy Commercial
  210. Are you glad that Ron Paul skipped the post-debate interview?
  211. SCHotline.com Editor on C-SPAN... VERY BIASED AGAINST RON PAUL... CALL NOW!!
  212. Dennis Kucinich wants Recount in NH
  213. Fred has a townhall meeting this morning. Hope RP supporters are there to greet him.
  214. McCain Youtube Burkas
  215. Frank Luntz video's showing actors
  216. Anyone know where a transcript of last nights debate is?
  217. Decent Fox News Article? *shock*
  218. Did Paul mess up with that bit about the speed boats?
  219. Who is Frank Luntz? Watch the video
  220. Britt Hume tries make RP look like an idiot.
  221. We are Representatives for Ron Paul
  222. the moderation last night...
  223. Huckabee warning to Iran: Be Prepared to See the Gates of Hell
  224. youtube of questions asked to each candidate?
  225. Was it just me or...
  226. Fox News "Focus Group" BS'r, Frank Lunz exposed for using same person twice
  227. Drudge gets it
  228. On CNN - Giuliani's staff being asked to work for free!!
  229. Can't find any news on McCain's racial slur
  230. IS this debate online (other than youtube)?
  231. Full Transcript Of Debate
  232. Sign Sabotage
  233. Alright, did anyone YouTube the part when McCain calls Hannity and Colmes "jerks"???
  234. I assume Romney has done the math . . .
  235. Looking for smal videos of post debate
  236. Anyone have the McCain "burka" comment on YouTube?
  237. From the Huckabee forums on Ron Paul's performance on the debate
  238. Is he viable?
  239. Link to video busting Frank Lunz
  240. On hold to talk radio now...
  241. Howard Stern?
  242. Poll HACKED by those pesky Ron Paul supporters
  243. What Ron Needs to do, and not do
  244. Rudy ad during the debate - why not one from Ron Paul?
  245. Behind Enemy Lines - Hidden Camara Photo of a McCain Rally in SC.
  246. Do we thank Carl Cameron?
  247. Perception is reality
  248. Fox did a hatchet job on President Paul
  249. Israel doesn't need us: RP Keeps Missing a Slam-dunk on the Israel question...
  250. A Funny, Frustrating Story