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  1. Vote Ron Paul As The Winner
  2. Time for Fat Frank
  3. Franks Focus Group
  4. Of course - now the MSM is propping up Fred
  5. Text R4 to 36288 [Moderator: Text poll has ended now]
  6. Fred Thompson won: Frank Luntz fox group
  7. Text poll numbers
  8. Text R4 To 36288
  9. Text your vote 36288 R4
  10. Text to 36288 R4
  11. Hannity and Luntz on the TV - AT THE SAME TIME
  12. Romney trying to get in on the action
  13. Good Lord, listen to these sheep
  14. What, no Chuck tonight?
  15. Vote in the text poll right now! R4 to 36288
  16. RON PAUL was the LOSER? LOLOLOL!
  17. Do You Guys Think Fox Will Accurately Report The Results This Time
  18. Fu Frank
  19. I think Romney's comment broke through Dr. Paul's mannerly debate style
  20. Luntz and his friends think Ron lost?!
  21. Fu Frank
  22. No doubt about it: Ron Paul won this debate.
  23. Help!!!
  24. Ron Paul Lost?
  25. Frank Luntz: Ron Paul the loser of the debate
  26. Franks Focus Group: Paul the Loser!!!
  27. LMFAO according to Fox RP loses
  28. Fu Frank Luntz
  29. Ron Paul the loser according to Frank!
  30. My new inspiration
  31. Please Vote People,LOSER RON PAUL WTF
  32. Ron Paul better get his flak jacket on
  33. This debate has made me very, very proud to support Ron Paul
  34. hahahaha ron paul loser
  35. Thompson the winner, Paul the loser???
  36. Of course Ron Paul lost...it's FOx
  37. post debate speech
  38. The R4 font on the text poll makes the 4 look smaller...
  39. F U Frank
  40. Is it on youtube.com yet? Does anyone have a link?
  41. F U Fox
  42. Youtube?
  43. Fred knows the facts...
  44. F-You Frank?
  45. The may have been RP's best debate!!! Pure Magic!!!!
  46. Will Hannity bring up being mobbed by RP supporters?
  47. Text Message: R4 TO: 36288
  48. Fu Frank Luntz
  49. Ron Got The Most Applause And He's The Loser?
  50. Ok... now it's time to
  51. We Wont Win this Text Poll
  52. Let's not freak. Thompson in 1st is GOOD for us.
  53. Scale Of 1-10, How Did Ron Paul Do?
  54. They will rig the Text vote
  55. Did McCain just call them "jerks"???
  56. Faux Mobile Phone Poll: Text To 36288, "r4" For Ron Paul
  57. Fixed News..."You Decide what WE want you to...
  58. Forum explosion - come post your complete impressions here
  59. NO RESPONSE - To my text vote....
  60. Huckabee: "Made highways accessible to the kids"
  61. Lol @ McCain
  62. they just showed this special for rudy and it had me in the background
  63. I feel in my gut the FOX poll will be fixed this time!
  64. Hannity just compared RP to dems
  65. Can we start a chip-in to get these servers upgraded?
  66. $10 says they rig the text poll....
  67. Ron Paul will LOSE text vote!
  68. "Mitt, maybe you'd like to compare RP to the democrats?"
  69. wait to vote!!!!!!!!!
  70. Urgent CAUTION about Fox Text Poll
  71. Tube request: Carl Cameron bitchslap
  72. Fox pumps the crowd audio expecting boos for Paul
  73. After debate focus group was stage.
  74. Do You Think They'll have RP on for post debate interview?
  75. I Bet We Don't Win... They Wouldn't Do It If They Weren't Going to Rig It
  76. They will filter out numbers texting from the last time
  77. for he who youtubes....can you youtube the whole thing, as well as...
  78. Any streaming video of post-debate coverage?
  79. It takes a few minutes to get a reply from the Text Vote.
  80. Who's doing a youtube of the good parts
  81. I bet they don't even interview RP
  82. *** Debate YouTube Videos Here ***
  83. Faux News is not going to rig the text vote
  84. I just remembered! Website to text your vote
  85. Can someone seed the debate on bittorrent? I just missed it :-(
  86. Amount of questions asked.
  87. Who Thinks Faux Will Lie About The Cellphone Text Poll Results?
  88. I Can Predict The Future Watch
  89. romney
  90. Text results used to be almost INSTANT - delaying?
  91. what are the text results so far?
  92. CNN going to review the debate...
  93. Did they interview Paul after the debate?
  94. Youtubes yet?
  95. Post debate speech
  96. trac phone help
  97. I feel sorry for Fox News.
  98. RP Speech Live
  99. Call Everybody And Their Mama`s
  100. RON PAUL winning TEXT VOTE!!
  101. Ron Paul Winning The Text Poll
  102. I'm Too Stupid To Text But I Want To Vote
  103. Paul winning the text poll
  104. He's winning!!!!
  105. 35% text vote!
  106. RP got 3x%!
  107. They Didn't Rig the Poll!!!!
  108. You tube of debate??
  109. Frank's BS is for Rudy.
  110. RP winning text poll!
  111. "Here we go again"
  112. 35%
  113. RP is a genius
  114. Keep Texting!!!!!!!!!!! Lets Get This To 50%!!!
  115. Ron Paul Wins Text Vote 35%!!!
  116. holy crap. they actually admitted it.
  117. Ron Paul leading with 35% in Text Poll
  118. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
  119. ***YOUTUBE*** January 10, 2008 FOX Debate Videos
  120. 35% Ron Paul Won
  121. Ron Paul wins Text poll by a landslide at 35%
  122. Ron Paul winning Text Poll with 35%!
  123. Speech Coach
  124. Paul Winning Test Poll...Hannity: "Here we go again..."
  125. I wanna know....
  126. Multiple Vote Protection Image
  127. YTMND-Frank Luntz
  128. Fox says Ron Paul is winning the debate pol with 35%
  129. Vote in this Poll, website is one of the biggest on the net!
  130. Voting Record
  131. Get your friends to Text!
  132. Julie, Mitt, Fred, MacPain..
  133. Focus Group Fraud OBVIOUS AGAIN!!!
  134. Those focus groups really work
  135. Let's all remember this next time something doesn't go well
  136. Dont Vote Twice - It Will Nullify Vote!!
  137. Conspiracy theories...
  138. Did Ron mention the false flag encounter with the Iranians?
  139. text like the wind fellow paul fans
  140. Dr. Paul always comes out smelling like a rose!
  141. "Secure the Border" Ron!!!!!
  142. For those not watching the debate: text vote information
  143. I think Dr. Paul needs to clean his message up a bit
  144. Did Thompson say...
  145. Paul hopes cash gets him to Super Tuesday
  146. Fred got alot of time
  147. "Let me get this straight, we should borrow 10 billion from China give it to Musharaf
  148. McCain borrowed money from bank, used fundraising list as collateral!!!!
  149. The Best Line of the night:
  150. Will Hannity complain about "the chase"?
  151. Media treachery.
  152. Of course they show Hucks attacking Ron in the bumper
  153. Huckabee: I have the most radical tax plan of them all, I want to get rid of it
  154. It Official DENNIS KUCHINCH says hey lets recount boys!
  155. a great day to be a Ron Paul Republican!
  156. Are we witnessing the propping up of Fred Thompson by the MSM?
  157. RP supported Reagan before Huck
  158. Electability Response - Perfect Commercial Advertising
  159. Huckabee steals Paul's position AGAIN!
  160. Will they interview Ron Paul?
  161. Huckabee: "I was one of the only ones supporting Reagan in '79"
  162. Thompson is nothing more than the Soup De Jour
  163. Tell your friends that you are a Ron Paul Republican
  164. Ron Paul OVVNED tonight.
  165. Help me win an argument with a friend - says the debate proves RP is a "nutjob"
  166. Tonight, I began to believe
  167. Video: Proof Frank Lunts Focus Group Fraud
  168. PAUL NOT doing an after interview ?!
  169. No RP Interview?
  170. change the channel folks
  171. Kucinich requesting NH recount!!!!
  172. Polls showing RP win, Fox news throws out FLuntz for a desprate measure
  173. Did Dr. Paul have supporters in the audience?
  174. Fox article mentions Ron Paul SIXTEEN TIMES.
  175. Our Frank Luntz panel will attempt to distort what Ron Paul is about to say
  176. RP vs Huckabee Money Graph
  177. Can Fox News agenda really be that obvious?
  178. Frank Luntz's focus group methodology
  179. Other candidates avoiding attacking Paul now ?
  180. Did I see this on the Fox News scroll????
  181. Zomfg I <3 Reagan! Everybody <3 Reagan!
  182. MSNBC poll: Time to vote!
  183. This focus group is an absolute JOKE
  184. Excellent op on Phranks Phocus grupe
  185. Luntz says focus group member "knows too much"...
  186. Ron Paul just arrived at the Liberty Cafe
  187. McCain "straight shoots" himself right out of the campaign
  188. DIGG: To Get More Texting!
  189. Fred the Winner/Looser
  190. "Because he might not be a strong enough candidate"
  191. Focus Group
  192. Focus Group - nWo lemmings
  193. Guy With Beard? Frank show
  194. look who's on the FRONT page!
  195. The Fox propaganda is great...
  196. They tried to substitute Huck for Paul, and now Fred
  197. Fred Thompsongasams
  198. Ron Speaking Now
  199. Frank's Focus Group...
  200. Electability???
  201. H&C
  202. Luntz focus group overwhelmingly approves Ron Paul invite
  203. McCain Blamed Americans For Immigration Problem!!!!!!!!
  204. "Was it right to include Ron Paul?" WHAT!?
  205. At least half the actors thought RP have been invited
  206. The Poll is already being manipulated
  207. "Was it right to include Ron Paul in this debate?"
  208. Post-Debate Rally Vids?
  209. Bernake is going to lower interest rate - LOL More inflation
  210. FOX has Same plant in FOcus group
  211. Who here thinks Fred Thompson made a racist comment
  212. Go Vote For Rp At Youpolls
  213. Security guards at FOX post debate show
  214. Debate Comic
  215. Ron Paul needs an ALARMIST approach
  216. Come On Money!!! Roll In Baby!!!
  217. That Was The Most Compeling Evidence That FOX Is Anti-Paul
  218. Did Ron Paul boycott Hannity and Colmes?
  219. Paul to Romney: "Make fun buddy."
  220. Can they really not put him on???
  221. Ron Paul piece on Anderson Cooper Now!
  222. Continuing Closed Kucinich requesting NH recount!!!!
  223. Quick, how do I text a vote to fox with my phone
  224. Check out the debate comments on ABC News
  225. Fawkes News
  226. Frank Luntz's Circle Jerk Group
  227. The MSM is all over the newsletter issue right now.
  228. Giuliani Isn't Smiling Anymore When Dr. Paul Speaks
  229. Ok, question about Afghanistan...
  230. Is Ron on the post debate program?
  231. Ron Just Won Some Votes. Check out these comments
  232. Catch FOX editing the replay of the debate censoring applause for Ron Paul
  233. The HACKS at fox are chopping the video to make Ron Paul look bad
  234. "Best Look at some of the lively moments of the debate."
  235. CNN Trying To Smear Ron Paul
  236. A question about Colmes.
  237. And here they go.
  238. Sincere question about Frank Luntz
  239. freeatlast2008.com
  240. Anyone Else Other Than Myself Think Romney Admires President Paul?
  241. What's with the questions?
  242. this guy just said that everyone can win but RP!
  243. Hannity: All the Republicans have a shot at winning with the exception of Ron Paul
  244. Do You Finally See The Conspiracy?
  245. Vote For Msnbc Post Debate Online Poll Now! :)
  246. Hannity you lost
  247. Hannity: "Anyone can win on either side, except Ron Paul"
  248. YouTube idea
  249. These F@#$#ing scum bags.
  250. I hate Hannity