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  1. Paul at 2.1% in Florida
  2. Poll in Florida - removed quickly by CNN
  3. This Saturday Ron Paul Rally at Marlins Game
  4. Ron Paul Miami
  5. Airplane Banner July 4th?
  6. BNI Networking Breakfast Wed. June 13th!!
  7. Campaign Advertising Laws
  8. Who"s Making The Signs?
  9. Ron Paul to be in South Florida
  10. Young Republicans Convention in Ft. Lauderdale
  11. Emergency Action Alert re: Florida
  12. Republican Party of Florida EVENT.
  13. Moderator: HRoos
  14. Ron Paul Brochures
  15. Getting articles in the newspaper
  16. Ron Paul Florida Campaign Paint Party
  17. Check out this poll
  18. Republican Convention in CA Poll results!
  19. Past Accomplishments! Read a history of activities...
  20. What happened at Monday night's Meetup?
  21. Florida Info
  22. EVENT: Car Caravan Around Miami - July 14th
  23. 400 Ron Paul Supporters show up in Hollywood, Florida
  24. South Florida: CNN Debate in Sept. is next!!
  25. Operation Spooner- Iowa Outreach launched 7pm CST
  26. Hope For America Day - What are WE doing in SoFla??
  27. Jacksonville is live
  28. Florida Support: WAY TOOO GOOOO!!!!
  29. Gun Shows
  30. Ron Paul Overnight 2.0 MIAMI STYLE!
  31. South Carolina Event (7/21/07)
  32. Jacksonville GOP Organizations/Clubs
  33. Introduce yourself!
  34. Favorite Ron Paul You Tube Videos
  35. July Meetup
  36. Flyers, Brochures and Posters
  37. The easiest project
  38. Phone Bank????
  39. Thursday evening Republican event
  40. Iowa Phone Blitz
  41. ACS Making Strides Against Breast Cancer
  42. Ron Paul DVD
  43. Jacksonville Sign Campaign
  44. Cheap Sign-Making Methods
  45. Ron Paul articles
  46. Jaguars for Ron Paul
  47. Monday's Republican Event
  48. Custom Ron Paul Rubber Stamp!
  49. Custom Ron Paul Rubber Stamp!
  50. Custom Ron Paul Rubber Stamp!
  51. Custom Ron Paul Rubber Stamp!
  52. Ron Paul poll
  53. August 5th Debate
  54. Information from Around the State of Florida
  55. Business card campaign
  56. Ron Paul Dollar
  57. Local Bands
  58. Manpower Needed! Please Respond.
  59. GOP debate September 17 - Tampa/St. Pete
  60. housing panic blog features Ron Paul...
  61. Voter Registration FYI
  62. Robert Higgs on The Perils of Trading Freedom for Safety
  63. Cigar Dave and Tampa Tea Party
  64. Not to raise false hopes.
  65. "Ron Paul Nuts: Brownshirting Jerks"
  66. Ambassador for the Republican Party of Florida
  67. Gun Show After Action Report
  68. very cool ron paul site
  69. Wouldn't a Billboard Be Great?
  70. shirts
  71. Orlando Ron Paul Meetup Takes It To The Street
  72. Housing Panic Blog poll
  73. Ron Likes Sound Money
  74. Submit your Video Questions for the Sept Debate to Republican Party of Florida
  75. Cinemark Theaters
  76. Call Iowa Begins. What About Mail Iowa?
  77. Sounds Stupid
  78. Ron Paul on NPR yesterday
  79. IRS loses challenge to prove tax liability
  80. Tix to Orlando Debate?
  82. ---- HOT FLASH ---- CNN/YouTube St. Pete Debate Postponed ----
  83. Dynamite! -- Great 44 second professional TV ad.
  84. Ad in "Miami New Times" - Can you contribute?
  85. Yard Signs
  86. Next Meetup meeting Aug 6th - MANDATORY ATTENDANCE!!
  87. ATTENTION FLORIDA! GOP CNN/YouTube Debate in Jeopardy!
  88. The Jax Video Project
  89. Labor Day Parade & Picnic for Ron Paul Supporters --- All Invited!!!
  90. Labor Day Parade & Picnic for Ron Paul Supporters --- All Invited!!!
  91. FLorida Times Union RP - Letter to Editor
  92. Sw Florida Ron Paul Update 8-4-07
  93. CSPAN Washington Journal
  94. Romney Report from Melbourne, Florida
  95. Miami Meetup 8/6 update
  96. Paint The Town "Ron" Miami Team
  97. This place will get tons of readers this week
  98. Are you an employee of FCCJ
  99. Miami Meetup Group -- Aerial Advertising
  100. Are you an FCCJ student?
  101. Our "Paint the Town Ron" Project Prevailed! WJXT Jacksonville NEWS COVERAGE!!!
  102. RPOFlorida Quarterly Meeting Aug 10-11: My Report
  103. Mitt Romney OWNED by Florida Ron Paul Patriots
  104. Orlando Ron Paul Patriots With A BIG Heart
  105. Testing
  106. Radio Interview in Jacksonville FL
  107. Two photo albums sign waving in Jax
  108. Florida MUs going strong...
  109. Ron Paul segment on Bay News 9 in Tampa FL
  110. Videos From Florida on RonPaulFlorida.com
  111. Miami News (Spanish)
  112. Central Florida City Goes After Ron Paul Homeowner
  113. Critical Message - Ron Paul Supporters to greet Rudy G. in Florida on September 7th.
  114. Miami Ron Paul Meetup at Obama Event
  115. Jacksonville Paint The Town RON, MUST SEE!
  116. The Jacksonville Paint "Paint the Town Ron" video! (another must see)
  117. Florida Big News!!! Rp Is Coming!
  118. 120+ Ron Paul Patriots in the LARGEST EVENT IN FLORIDA, YET!!!
  119. World Net Daily Founder - to host GOP debate in Florida Sep. 17th
  120. Ron Paul getting beat in Florida
  121. Florida Meetup Groups Welcome Rudy
  122. Orlando Debate Opportunity on October 21
  123. Paint The Town Ron (Miami) - We need help!
  124. Ron Paul - Florida - signs all over?!
  125. A Cocktail Reception with Ron Paul in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  126. RP @ Broward Center for the Performing Arts, FT Florida, September 17 - Today!
  127. Sign Up Here!
  128. Sign up here!
  129. Taser Incident/Univ. of Florida Contact Info
  130. RP Supporter Judge Andrew Napolitano on a local station in Jacksonville, FL, 9/20
  131. Paul Supporter Addresses Republican Party of Manatee Florida
  132. What's Going on in Tampa? Need my Ron Paul Fix
  133. Paullapalooza / Orlando Welcomes Ron Paul To Presidency IV
  134. PAULLAPOLOOZA, Orlando, October 21st
  135. RP spanish flyers
  136. I'll be on Orlando Talk Radio Weds/Code Enforcement Problems
  137. Orlando Meetup organizer on the radio now!
  138. florida woman facing $1000 a day fines for ron paul signs on her truck!
  139. OK Florida only 19 Days to go!!!!
  140. Nice sign waving in Jacksonville today
  141. Anyone who is registered as a Republican in Florida...
  142. Letter from a friend in Florida
  143. Who wanted help organizing a music show in Miami?
  144. S.Florida Neo-Con Central Primary Poll - Vote NOW!!
  145. Florida RP Oppty
  146. Ron Paul signs not allowed in Florida
  147. Going to Orlando from Miami, Sunday 8am - Carpool?
  148. Official Orlando Thread (Sun 10/21 Debate Activities)
  149. I'm at the convention in Orlando...
  150. New Poll...Miami Herald
  151. Information from 2004, please update
  152. Florida - Neocon haven?
  153. Any reports from Ron Paul rallies in Orlando
  154. Who was the Orlando audience?
  155. Awesome Orlando Event!!
  156. Mentally Challenged Florida Man on Fox News: "Ron Paul is Certifiably Insane"
  157. Some 2nd Hand info on Florida GOP Debate
  158. A very odd post from FreeRepublic.com (Orlando Fox News Debates)
  159. Orlando Party Youtubes are in!!:
  160. Attention NW Florida, Southern AL Paulites!
  161. Orlando, FL tazer guy mentions RP
  162. Great RP day in SW Florida!
  163. Ron Paul Revolution piece in NW Florida Daily News
  164. Forum please help me promote this Florida rally
  165. Florida 970WFLA Poll...vote Now
  166. Ron Paul on every hour in Orlando News Channel 13!
  167. Gorilla Operations in Jacksonville, FL
  168. Florida Straw Poll
  169. Florida Republican Straw Poll Nov 28th, Buy Tickets
  170. Jacksonville University of North Florida Straw Poll Win
  171. Rally Saturday Nov. 17th, 2pm - 8pm
  172. Rally Saturday Nov. 17th, 2pm - 8pm
  173. I want to get involved but can't find info
  174. Anyone attending the FL Straw Poll in St. Pete
  175. How to become a delegate in Florida
  176. Chip In for North Central Florida
  177. Paul at 4%
  178. Florida ChipIns wanted
  179. Special Get out the Florida Vote Idea
  180. CNN/Youtube Florida debate events!
  181. Getting the USA Today ad published in the Miami Herald
  182. More Video Footage of the Ron Paul Freedom Rally in Clearwater, Florida!
  183. Latest Rasmussen Florida Poll -- Up to 5% from 0% in September, Rudy Slipping
  184. Carol Paul after the Florida Fox News Debate
  185. Republicans debate Ron Paul's positions in Tampa
  186. Florida Registration and Delegate Information!
  187. Show the Florida GOP Ron Pauls massive oraganized support at the St. Petes Debate!!!
  188. Florida Debate Festivities (including rally), post here if you're coming!
  189. Florida CNN/Opinion Poll -- up to 5% (highest Florida poll yet, I think)
  191. Paul at 5% statewide before debate
  192. Paul at 3% in this one
  193. Florida Straw Poll update?
  194. Florida straw poll
  195. Video Of Mitt Robbery Straw poll Scam in Florida - Unbelieveable
  196. Trevor Lyman in today's Miami Herald!
  197. Picture of Today's Miami Herald ad!
  198. Romney Supporters Caught Voting Multiple Times In Florida Straw Poll!
  199. Anything Major.......
  200. What Rudy said to Ron Paul In Florida ? Must see!
  201. Jacksonville Meetup Group Rocks
  202. Florida GOP Official Threatens Ron Paul Straw Poll Voter with Violence! Read It!
  203. Florida GOP Official Threatens Ron Paul Straw Poll Voter...
  204. Ron Paul Campaign Telephone Call - FLORIDA
  205. Radio adds I-95 corridor Jacksonville-Savannah
  206. Vote for Paul before 2008--Florida Absentee Ballots
  207. Who here lives in Miami Beach, Florida?
  208. Create a Meetup group in Miami Beach. ( 32 people interested )
  209. Florida straw poll scandal reported in paper!
  210. Straw Poll in Florida Draws Felony Complaint
  211. WorldNetDaily holds 'Taking America Back' conference in Florida.
  212. Florida Republican Party line-- No mention of Ron Paul
  213. Phone Poll Fraud Continues in Florida.
  214. Almost 2 Million Floridians Have NO PARTY AFFILIATION!
  215. Join the Meetup Alliance
  216. ronpaul2008.com says Florida primary is January 28th!
  217. A HUGE shout out to Florida Panhandle!
  218. Miami Herald Poll
  219. Miami Supporters...
  220. Ron Paul in Miami Today
  221. Media Caught Censoring Ron Paul Support in Miami Florida
  222. Winter Park Group Canvass Walk This Weekend Dec 15th
  223. Paul Supporters on the Radio
  224. Facebook Miami Tea Party Event
  225. New Video: Ron Paul after the U of Miami Debate
  226. Here's a great Patriot in Miami!
  227. Dean Santoro for Congress
  228. Ron Paul 2008 - The Constitution Committee of Florida
  229. Dean's Speach at the Constitution Committee Meeting
  230. Rudy has his sights set on our state...
  231. Blimp in Orlando?
  232. Blimp event in Jacksonville, FL - December 28th, 2007
  233. Exclamation Blimp event in Jacksonville, FL - December 28th, 2007
  234. Blimp Rally In Jacksonville! Planned for the 28th!!!
  235. *** December 27th Flight to Florida with overflight estimates ***
  236. Citrus Parade in Downtown Orlando
  237. Where do I get a Voter ID Card???
  238. Blimp Route - Best Speed to Jacksonville
  239. Florida Loses in 11th Circuit on Voter RegistrationFlorida Loses in 11th Circuit on V
  240. Blimp - Jacksonville to Orlando, Florida ~ 8:00am Saturday, 12/29
  241. Letter writing campaign adds Florida
  242. Capture the Highway
  243. Blimp - Link to Photos Ron Paul Blimp rally in Jacksonville, FL 12/28
  244. florida people
  246. Just-Posted Video of Blimp in Jacksonville - Ratings Needed!
  247. West Florida is all Ron Paul
  248. Blimp takes off in Florida
  249. Video/Photos: Blimp over Celebration, Florida
  250. Primary questions