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  1. Free At Last! The next money bomb is ready!!
  2. Dr.Martin Luther King Freedom Celebrations
  3. OK Guys..www.freeatlast2008.com MUST BE BIG!
  4. The "Last Chance for Liberty" money bomb weekend!
  5. Put links everywhere
  6. Youtube for January 21st
  7. Contact Meetup members
  8. ATTN PATRIOTS! January 21st MLK Money Bomb MUST BE BIG!
  9. Freeatlast flyers?
  10. My 1st ever video
  11. Promotion banners / sigs you can use
  12. 4 reasons why this NEEDS to be big
  13. FreeAtLast2008.com
  14. Anyone organizing to contact all MySpace users?
  15. Video in support for Dr. Ron Paul and the 21st of Jan.
  16. Coordinate our diggs to be more effective.
  17. If This Fails... You All Know Why...
  18. Let's Do This
  19. Have you told your meetups?
  20. I'm starting a MLK Day Promotion team
  21. 1250 more pledges per day to reach Nov. 5th numbers!
  22. Televised Ron Paul MLK Day Townhall to discuss Racism
  23. can somebody contact peter schiff
  24. Is the campaign allowed to email us about MLK money bomb?
  25. Call 21 friends on 1/21
  26. Free At Last Moneybomb Promotion Team
  27. I feel so bad
  28. why should I donate?
  29. 5 Blog Thread - FreeAtLast2008.com
  30. DIGG this page
  31. MOTIVATIONAL VIDEO: Voting with your Heart
  32. Hmm... problem?
  33. This is perfect for Howard Stern
  34. If you can't afford to donate...
  35. NEW Free At Last Video
  36. Hard-Money Advisors Behind Ron Paul
  37. A Picture is worth a 1000 words
  38. Why...10?
  39. A projection of moneybomb income
  40. No RP supporters AT EARLY VOTING -- This MUST CHANGE!!!
  41. **Facebook Group**
  42. Web Page Views
  43. My addition to the MLK moneybomb videos
  44. money bombs
  45. GHoeberX's MLK Day vid
  46. They are $10 (TEN) Dollar Pledges.
  47. Is it me? or do the MLK money bomb graphics kinda suck?
  48. The New Republic
  49. "Free At Last" excellent MLK/RP video
  50. Online Poker BOMB- HUGE number of untapped potential donors
  51. OK- how about 1 blog each?
  52. Have the myspace/facebook/meetup-groups covered ?
  53. How Many Page Visits Did The Last Two Money Bombs Have Before They Went Live?
  54. Capitol Hill/National Mall Sign Bomb
  55. What is Ron's FINANCIAL Picture like?
  56. Ron Paul is changing the world
  57. Precinct Captain Phone Banking for MLK Money Bomb
  58. MLK Money Bomb!
  59. Voters to Donors
  60. Stress the $10 pledge when asking other's to donate.
  61. International charity donations on MLK-day?
  62. Calm before the storm
  63. video
  64. New Money Bomb?
  65. people will be saying, "why did he vote against the civil rights act." Be Ready.
  66. Ignore Fox on MLK Day Jan 21
  67. Pledge to donate at Freeatlast2008.com
  68. Call all Local Hip Hop Stations... I Did
  69. are you doing anything to get the word out about Jan 21?
  70. Bombs Away!!!
  71. Cover the YouTube front page with FreeAtLast videos, here's how:
  72. What is expected here?
  73. Michigan: Precinct Leaders for Ron Paul DOUBLE the Vote
  74. What's At Stake - Super Tues Feb 5---must Know Now
  75. Has anyone totaled all the pledged money bombs?
  76. Obama "might" pass Ron Paul online becomes newsworthy
  77. IMPORTANT - Reason why everyone should donate on 21st
  78. After two weeks and deep consideration, my opinion stands: We need organization ASAP.
  79. How are people feeling?
  80. Has anyone contacted Trevor Lyman?
  81. New Video...ties in MLK Money Bomb
  82. Inform Howard Stern of upcoming freeatlast Moneybomb!
  83. DIGG to promote MLK MONEY BOMB
  84. Media: Is Ron Paulís Fundraising Drying Up?
  85. ginagoddess "Free At Last 2008" video
  86. Just sent an email to george nory to give a shout out to Ron Paul for the MLK MB
  87. Sample Email to send to Family and Friends for FreeAtLast
  88. ATTENTION :: Ronpaul.meetup.com groups
  89. I would give more if..
  90. Digg, Reddit
  91. Obama beats out Ron Paul?
  92. For People Who Maxed Out But Still Want To Give
  93. Ron said he needed 12, we did it. Now he needs 23
  94. What to do after freeatlast2008
  95. Help !
  96. All other Republican candidates, except Romney, are broke!
  97. Gambling911: Give all you can!
  98. My favorite MLK Money bomb vid
  99. The MLK money bomb is not going to be like the other money bombs
  100. Why we *HAVE* to support this moneybomb...
  101. Friday, 1/18/2008 8pm- Donations Increase by nearly 500k
  102. Dr. Paul Just Mentioned Money Bomb on CNN
  103. new digg for MLK bomb
  104. Beautiful Video
  105. Millions on Monday, To the Limit! Pass the plastic!
  106. Can money bomb take a check?
  107. Digg the freeatlast website! Only 146 diggs!
  108. 20% Of Nevadans decided there vote based on Commericals
  109. Give me some sign ideas for MLK day march
  110. Something that will actually get on the front page.
  111. "Freedom is not free." - Dr MLK Dec 3rd, 1959
  112. Mlk Moneybomb Promotion Site
  113. Sample Money Bomb E-mails
  114. Charge ur Donation..Pay it in inflated 2009 dollars $$
  115. Mike Huckabee has raised 2 million!!!
  116. Overconfident?
  117. Now more than ever!
  118. Minority Voters Flier
  119. Jan 21 Money Bomb ! > Screw Fox News Money Bomb Jan 21
  120. Campaign email
  121. Widget???
  122. >>>>>hold!<<<<<
  123. How will you donate ?? will you trust paypal or use another way ?
  124. *ALERT!* Why we need to top our Previous Record!
  125. How much are you going to donate?
  126. Can't Donate..
  128. **huge Mlk Day Is This Easy**
  129. Can we get Howard Stern to Give a Shout Out?
  130. Money Bomb Drinking Game
  131. MLK MoneyBomb Predictions
  132. ABC News on RP MLK Money Bomb
  133. During bomb, DO NOT visit campaign site EXCEPT to DONATE
  134. Launch full attack at midnight
  135. Record campaign cash is going fast
  136. TXT paulcash to 41411 to get updates over cell phone
  137. The ticker isn't moving
  138. It's Money Bomb Time!
  139. Now Now Now Go Go Go!!!!!!!!
  140. Tchaikovsky 1812 overture
  141. Starting point is $1,365,398.11. GO!!
  142. In for the long haul !FREE at LAST! Bombs away
  143. MLK money bomb starting number
  144. First!
  145. MLK Money Bomb Starts NOW!!!!!
  146. And so it begins...
  147. Donor/New Donor ratio for today?
  148. The first Salvo is Away!!!
  149. There it goes! (Graph)
  150. We topped yesterday in 11 minutes!
  151. we are vertical!
  152. 3 million dollars
  153. Need Some Inspiration?
  154. Post MLK confirmation number here!
  155. ***MLK Day Handout For Ron Paul***
  156. Need more inspiration? (With pics)
  157. Ron Paul sends email promoting moneybomb!
  158. All in
  159. $1.4 million!
  160. What would Ron Pauls money bombs do..
  161. Message From Ron- Don't hold back donate all you can!!!
  162. Nov 5 vs Dec 16 vs Jan 21 Graph?
  163. $23 a second
  164. How to put the widget on your desktop (for xp)
  165. Today vs Nov5 vs Dec16
  166. Donate to the BLIMP
  167. If you max out or are a foreigner...
  168. 60 Grand So Far!!!!!
  169. WA. continues to represent!!!! Love it!
  170. Donation and Politico "virus"
  171. uh oh....
  172. Deciding How Much To Donate?
  173. Pledge Here for Digg Bomb starting 5am
  174. Detroit
  175. If every donor maxed out...
  176. 70k in first hour
  177. If you are maxed out ...
  178. Radio Shows Bumpage: Call tomorrow!
  179. RON PAUL on Youtube Frontpage:
  180. MLK: Your LAST effective chance to donate! So donate BIG and make your dollars COUNT!
  181. Take that Huck!
  182. Aye, Fight and you may die. Run, and you'll live... at least for a while
  183. Seems like same rate as Nov. 5th and Tea Party to me?
  184. Your duty is to get new donors!! 966 donors, only 189 new!
  185. GOAL: take in more than Huck/McLame/Ghouliani have left in the bank combined
  186. Plug Ron Paul & Moneybomb on Coast-to-Coast AM NOW!
  187. MLK Day article by Newswire on Digg Right now w/50 diggs, lets keep it going
  188. You can donate as little as $1
  189. 100,000!
  190. Money Bomb Comparison Graph
  191. Donation Widget on RP2008
  192. estimate: $1.7 mil
  193. Inspiration
  194. If we want to go fast getting money......
  195. Just broke into the Top 20 best days of all time
  196. Open Letter from Vijay Boyapati (Director of Live free or die) Forward to everyone!!!
  197. Looking Presidential here?
  198. just past $1.5M for the quarter!!
  199. Faux entertainment for MLK donors
  200. CALL, E-MAIL, TALK TO EVERYONE you know TODAY - ask/remind to donate!
  201. Just broke the Top 10 best days of all time! Keep it going!
  202. Dont foget that Ron Paul cured our APATHY!
  203. This Is The ONLY Graph I'm Worried About!
  204. Don't forget Ron Paul gave me insomnia
  205. Thank you for your generous donation of $500.00!
  206. 5am DIGG BOMB - Here is the Article you pledged to Digg this morning
  207. Mlk vs Teaparty hourly breakdown of the numbers
  208. The Ron Paul Perpetual Life Bomb
  209. Thank you for your generous donation of $2,300.00!
  210. call c-span this morning about the money bomb
  211. Useful Letter for Recruiting New Donors
  212. Official Mlk Moneybomb Digg
  213. 17983
  214. James Kirchick...You Have An Unread Message....
  215. CRITICAL! You must do this before donating for MLK
  216. Average donation today so far $89
  217. ******* This has to be done to make today successful *******
  218. 3000 Donors So Far, 630 New
  219. Can I donate today?
  220. Anyone else have trouble getting to Donate page?
  221. Are banks open today?
  222. Heres a video clip of THE PATRIOT to remind us of why we are doing this today. Enjoy!
  223. It's my birthday!!! I turn 24 today!!! And all I want for my birthday is...
  224. Ron Paul: Whole World is Watching Fundraiser - MLK
  225. FYI, this is also known as the F**k Fox Money Bomb...
  226. Will we hit $500K by 10:30am Eastern Time?
  227. Ron Paul!
  228. Does anyone know the donor record?
  229. Fox trying to smear MLK Day MoneyBomb?
  230. Can we beat Huck...
  231. Remember: its a DONOR bomb
  232. We'll be passing Huckleberry for the month soon
  233. Does anyone think we can top the first record $4.2?
  234. Alex needs to..
  235. What really makes you an American today?
  236. Make a Myspace *MONEY BOMB* bulletin
  237. Good graph Charlie Brown!
  238. Where are the myspace and facebook script/message guys?
  239. On track to break 2 MILLION today!
  240. 2300 dollar cap
  241. Fox New's sponsors paying for Ron Paul advertising!
  242. Ron Paul: American Underdog
  243. An Estimation Of Total Donation!
  244. 2M cracked
  245. Time for soul searching..................
  246. Show us what you're made of America!
  247. There is ZERO mention of MLK bomb on AJ or Rivero sites!
  248. Fox News = Nazi Germany? [youtube]
  249. After contributing today, pledge to take Feb 1 off . . .
  250. Bye Bye huckabee!