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  1. Dear Mr. Bush-Thank you for my tax rebate
  2. Go post on every MESSAGE board out there from FORUMS, YAHOO
  3. Mass Mess Yahoo
  4. It is still not too late to get the word out about 1/21
  5. Msm Blackout. Call All Talk Shows!!!
  6. We need a "buddy bomb"!
  7. Digg It: "Martin Luther King Day "Money Bomb" On Course To Raise Millions For Paul"
  8. Can we donate our Bush coins to the moneybomb?
  9. Gold Bomb? Please comment!
  10. MLK Moneybomb Lottery
  11. paulcash stats accurate?
  12. Please Digg: Ron Paul supporters rebut charges of racism on MLK day
  13. For those of you who are maxed out
  14. 10,000
  15. Does the $2,300 cap reset each quarter?
  16. When will we break 1 Million
  17. Still no freeatlast2008.com email.
  18. Tea Party subscribers should be humbly emailed for donation
  19. Money Bomb End Times - time zones
  20. Help me compose the PERFECT email to send to my friends
  21. Possibly donate portion of moneybomb to charity?
  22. Super Duper Tuesday
  23. 5 minutes 10 grand?
  24. Takbeer!
  25. The TeaParty07.com email...
  26. Like RP, MLK wasn't adored by the Mainstream.
  27. $1,000,000!!!!
  28. $1 million! - The R3VOLUTION GOES ON.
  29. $1,000,000 raised
  30. Alllmooosttt theeeree...
  31. Digg This
  32. Strategy to keep the momentum going
  33. $120K/hr, $10K every 5 minutes, to raise another $1M
  34. What's the projected total for today?
  35. You can give up to $10,000
  36. Beating Huck.
  37. FOX News Is Anti-American -- Show Them You're Sick Of It!
  38. Ding Ding...5 PM Money Bomb.......
  39. Has an e-mail been sent to freeatlast and teaparty list?
  40. How did you hear about this money bomb?
  41. and FINALLY THE 1000,000 Man
  42. So I got on AJ's radio show...
  43. Lets Get the word out to the MEETUP.COM Groups...REPORT IN!
  44. PayPal not working for anyone else?
  45. Who's in for a 7:00 est "mini bomb"?
  46. I love you all......
  47. Everyone is watching us today. They want to see if they have successfully killed us
  48. $3 Million Today.
  49. It a good day for freedom!!
  50. 2nd Campaign Email Sent!
  51. Money Bomb Love...
  53. Listen to me, give me one minute
  54. Remember September? Fill the Quill? Campaign needs to give us a challenge...
  55. CNN Stitation Room "Ron Paul's MLK Bomb exceeds $6.5-million"
  56. What do I have to do to donate?
  57. Stop Being Dumb - paulcash.slact.net is OFF (Duh! Do the math!)
  58. Encouraging numbers
  59. Money Bomb War: 9:00 bombers sign up, 10:00 bombers sign up-
  60. Will we make it to 2 million?
  61. Settling for a $2 million day is defeat
  62. www.pauldigras.com needs money! Forget MLK!
  63. CNN TV story coming up on money bomb.
  64. CNN Piece on todays money bomb coming up!!!!!!!!!!!
  65. Wolf/CNN money bomb coming up...
  66. CNN just mentioned the money bomb.
  67. Wolf Blitzer to talk about our MoneyBomb!
  68. CNN...Mention Money Bomb...Coming up
  69. 17,386 donors so far, 4,376 new donors
  70. 5 more hours to go! We need $130,966 every hour now to reach $2 mil
  71. Precinct Leaders who have identified Paul voters need to call them now for MLK Bomb
  72. What an AMAZING day
  73. Anyone here from Hawaii? Do AK and HI Meetups even know about this fund drive?
  74. WE ONLY HAVE 5 Hours TO RAISE $600,000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  75. COUNTDOWN TO $3 Million Qtr To date
  76. My Predictions are correct.
  77. Can we save the campaign?
  79. A reason to Double-Down
  80. Jane Roe of Roe vs Wade Jan 22 announcement
  81. 2 Million Dollars should be viewed as a success!
  82. I just got a call from the campaign..
  83. Dont wait until the last minute!
  84. URGENT! Forget MLK bomb! This is more important! www.pauldigras.com
  85. Ron Paul... Lets Go!!!
  86. will this picture help you donate?
  87. The final push for 2 million or more
  88. $50 for me
  89. Woot! Another successful money bomb! You guys rock!
  90. Positive Thoughts
  91. A brokered Convention?
  92. Next money bomb day?
  93. Donation Matching...
  94. Thank You!
  95. 11:00pm EST Push
  96. Countdown (if you want to ) $330k for $2mill one day
  97. Granny Warriors and the blimp
  98. I wonder how the other campaigns are doing this Q...
  99. 11:00 Freedom push!
  100. have you donated?
  101. Come On Guys Donate A Little Bit More
  102. Someone match me!
  103. Folks, there is amajor push on for this last $297k be respectful!
  104. Momentum - Lets match today's donations tommorow
  105. Where's that Billionaire and 20,000 of his friends???
  106. I have a RP Autograph for sell!
  107. >>>>>Final Hour!! PUSH!! PUSH!! PUSH!!<<<<<
  108. A meter graphic would be nice with reasonable weekly goals
  109. Include totals till 12am Pacific time?
  110. Viva la Revolucion!
  111. $2 Million: $200K in a half hour?
  112. Donation deal from an Aussie. Please Read!!!
  113. Here's another $2,000 - my last donation
  114. Just Curious
  115. Admin/Mods Should this thing be extended until tomorrow?
  116. Money Bomb dates(Fundraising)
  117. WHat about offline donations?
  118. Can we have until 12 pst?
  119. Final Total $3,218,602.06---$1.8 Mil?
  120. Now that the money bomb is over you might want to check out the stock markets
  121. The Grassroots Needs to Work Together on The Next Money Bomb. We're Too Scattered!
  122. Just got an email from HQ
  123. MLK Bomb > Huckabee
  124. Paul vs. Huckabee This Quarter
  125. The perfect plan to surpass a 10 million dollar day!
  126. Money Bomb Status: Recessionary
  127. Global Market Meltdown and the Money Bomb
  128. uhh...so maybe the GOP should acknowledge us now?
  129. Give some credit to the West coasters! $130k away!
  130. $18K in Less Than an Hour!!!
  131. $20,000 in 45 minutes
  132. We are only 115k away This thing has picked up speed!
  133. Remember... it was a DONOR bomb
  134. Couldn't Donate Due To Bank Holiday
  135. I just wanna say congratulations!
  136. Ron Paul WILL be the next president
  137. Suggestion For Donations
  138. How about NO more money bombs?
  139. Did anyone tell supporters that the MoneyBomb ended?
  140. Don't Stop Now, Keep The Money Coming!
  141. Singer/Songwriter Cat Stevens just donated to the MLK Money Bomb!
  142. These people will be the princinct captains! GOP should be scared..
  143. Aw far out I was late man
  144. This is why Paul is wininng
  145. Well not to be a bummer but "donor fatigue"
  146. Lookee here. Washington Post
  147. Wouldn't this have been good pr?
  148. Fed Just did an emergency "Rate Drop" before the stock market opened!!!!
  149. We need to step up on fundraising
  150. Can we keep donating?
  151. Stimulus Package
  152. Is a Mini Bomb taking place?
  153. I'm humbled.
  154. How about an FU FOX moneybomb....
  155. How about a 'I'll give what I can when I can' money bomb?
  156. Vote on the next money bomb date...
  157. Long Term Money Bomb
  158. Series of small bombs on the issues
  159. MeetUp Group Money Bomb Competition
  160. The Debating Game Mini-Bomb
  161. Faux News Money Bomb Feb 1st!!
  162. No money bomb planning until AFTER feb 5th people