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  1. My Campaign Accepts BTC Donations
  2. My Campaign needs some graphics
  3. Fundraising Suggestions for My Campaign
  4. Suggestions for My Campaign Website?
  5. Which pic is best for my website? (24hr poll)
  6. My campaign finances
  7. [Offer Ended] RPF member to match donations for next 24hrs!
  8. Help me generate a walklist (MS Streets & Trips?)
  9. Candidates 4 Liberty adds me to the list
  10. one of my GOP reps just voted for universal background checks for firearm sales
  11. I approve of re-purposing CFL envelopes for contributions to my campaign
  12. Shem Kellogg campaign & how you can help (Feb)
  13. Gage's photo of me added to website
  14. Mini Matching Money Bomb for Shem Kellogg, running for NH state rep.
  15. Republican Town Committee's got itself a new chairman
  16. First action as town GOP chair...
  17. Today is my birthday...
  18. PAC / Endorsement suggestions?
  19. Last day to submit campaign logo designs for consideration
  20. using btc atm at Liberty Forum
  21. Vote on my campaign logo
  22. You picked this campaign logo for me
  23. GOP incumbent just voted against reducing meals tax
  24. New Facebook page!
  25. Who's with me on this idea
  26. Shem Kellogg campaign & how you can help! (Mar)
  27. NH State House Open House for Republican Candidates (04/03/14)
  28. two of my GOP reps voted against prohibiting towns from aquiring military vehicles
  29. I would like to thank Shem Kellogg for his service in the Battle for Liberty!!
  30. My new Piryx page
  31. .net .org thanks to whoever bought them
  32. GOA Candidate Questionnaire has arrived
  33. Shem Kellogg campaign & how you can help! (april)
  34. Open House at the State House (04.03.14)
  35. "Constitution = guideline" according to my Rep
  36. Democracy.com
  37. Generic thank you email
  38. NAGR Candidate Survey has arrived
  39. My responses to GOA Candidate Questionnaire
  40. Personal checks
  41. My responses to NAGR Candidate Survey
  42. I am Today's "Candidate for Liberty"
  43. Inflicting Pain
  44. Shem Kellogg campaign & how you can help!
  45. BatchGeo Walklists
  46. "DeSimone, R-Atkinson, will not seek re-election"
  47. Kellogg Announces Candidacy
  48. Filing Photos
  49. Help monitor who else files to be candidate
  50. SOS received my Declaration of Candidacy
  51. Order of Names on Ballot
  52. Bill O’Brien for Speaker
  53. Media list & campaign events
  54. Important Update on my Campaign
  55. Laurie Sanborn for Speaker
  56. Candidate Surveys
  57. Committee to Elect House Republicans letter
  58. Gene Chandler for Speaker
  59. My responses to NRA-PVF Candidate Questionnaire
  60. My Ballotpedia Entry
  61. My responses to NAGR Candidate Survey
  62. My responses to National League of Taxpayers Candidate Survey
  63. AFP NH Pledge
  64. Campaign Pledges - Suggestions
  65. NH Families for Education Candidate Survey
  66. NH Liberty Alliance Candidate Survey
  67. Did Shem running help save New Hampshire?
  68. Sample Absentee Ballot for Republican Primary
  69. NH Firearms Coalition Candidate Survey
  70. Granite State Taxpayers Candidate Survey
  71. TWO HOURS until close of campaign finance reporting
  72. Campaign for Liberty Candidate Survey
  73. Endorsement: NH Liberty Alliance
  74. My Live Free or Die Alliance Profile
  75. ATR Taxpayer Protection Pledge
  76. RLC of NH Candidate Survey
  77. Endorsement: RLCNH
  78. Signed the NAGR Legislative Leadership Pledge
  79. Smear piece
  80. Endorsement: Liberty Candidates
  81. A+ from the NH Families for Education
  82. NHCandidates.com
  83. VOTE!
  84. Victory!
  85. Shem Kellogg On New Hampshire: A Hotbed for Liberty (OathKeepers.org)
  86. Invite to the NHOP convention
  87. American Federation of Teachers Candidate Questionnaire
  88. My Project Vote Smart entry
  89. University System of NH Letter
  90. Shem, now that you won your primary...
  91. New Photos
  92. Rec'd a B+ from NRA
  93. NOT endorsed by SEIU
  94. Yard Signs
  95. Endorsed by NH Firearms Coalition
  96. Rec'd a B+ from Gun Owners of NH
  97. Final Push for Shem?
  98. Republican running for State Rep in NH, supports repeal of marijuana prohibition
  99. Unofficial Results
  100. Republicans take House District 14
  101. Does anybody have a breakdown of the NH House and Senate totals?
  102. Alright, what's he up to?
  103. Shem Kellogg Endorses Rand Paul For President
  104. Please send your prayers and cheer to Shem this Christmas!
  105. Shem Kellogg needs our prayers.
  106. Updates on Shem Kellogg's cancer
  107. gofundme for Shem's cancer
  108. Shem Kellogg Memorial Website needs help
  109. Tuesday 2/28 6pm Remembering Shem Kellogg Fundraiser