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  1. just back from caucus - RP takes BOTH delegate slots
  2. Esmerelda County
  3. Reno 911
  4. I thin they are setting up MCCAIN and ROMNEY as a TEAM against OBAMA/CLINTON...
  5. Predicting CNN's Pie Chart
  6. Mormons + Lots of Nuclear Testing = Romney Wins
  7. Strategy for Winning The Election
  8. Translators needed in NV
  9. Votes aside, how do the National Delegates work?
  10. On CNN
  11. Drudge should post the Republican vote tallies....PLEASE
  12. The media was wrong
  13. Pershing Co 100% reporting Paul 4th
  14. Haha Dems on TV (CNN)
  15. Clark County is huge
  16. mccain is the big loser in NV
  17. Report from Valley HS - Clark County
  18. Entrance Polls
  19. CNN thinks there was only one candidate in Nevada...
  20. A huge victory for us!!!
  21. Mitt Romney
  22. What if they switched RON PAUL's results with ROMNEY's....possible??
  23. Donate $2.00 Right Now
  24. ANY updates to Carson, Douglas, Mineral, Nye, & Washoe Counties?
  25. I Call For A Recount
  26. Stop the Mormon bashing.
  27. Report from Reno HS in Washoe County
  28. new vote total RP closing on Mccain again
  29. Total Republican votes looks to be at 55000
  30. Elko County 48% reporting
  31. Please school me on delegates
  32. next step going forward?
  33. CNN says Mitt Romney has approx. 9,559 while official NV site says he has 200 less
  34. The Delay...
  35. Everyone is forgetting one big FACT!
  36. Concede to third
  37. So are we going to edge out over McCain or not?
  38. What position are we going to get 2nd/3rd?
  39. Such simple tricks.
  40. CNN vs. NV GOP Website
  41. McCain just jumped 400 vots ahead...
  42. Please stop the conspiracy crap and keep your cool
  43. Paul Country has not reported
  44. RP with 58% of the Independent vote!!
  45. I'm going canvassing
  46. Nevada GOP Totals don't match
  47. Clark County
  48. Ron Paul wins Indy vote in NV ( 58% )
  49. You're killing me washoe
  50. 1213 Viewing *Please Donate!*
  51. so serious in here, lets lighten up and laugh at my dog :)
  52. Caucus at 9AM??
  53. McCain is PRAYING to GOD he beats Paul...
  54. Wtf
  55. Are the exit polls a trick to hurt Ron Paul?
  56. PEOPLE! NV caucus is NOT ABOUT VOTES
  57. RP jumped 400 votes
  58. Relax, guys
  59. Why Entrance Polls Didn't Mean Jack
  60. Are we keeping track of the delegates?
  61. that's it: I'm donating to the blimp!!!
  62. We love you, Ron!
  63. CNN's Pie Chart
  64. Anyone know?
  65. Fred start to beat Huck in NV, LOL
  66. 200 votes away
  67. Nevada Commentary on Ron Paul Radio
  68. Weird - trojan attack while I was refreshing Politico
  69. Democrats catching up in precincts reporting
  70. Delegate Count Thread
  71. On the edge my seat... biting my nails..
  73. No one will drop out...
  74. ****money Bomb****
  75. The Cult of the Constitution
  76. How Delegates Work in NV
  77. McCain's lead shaved down to 52 votes!
  78. RP Radio Still Playing
  79. Official Statement from the LDS Church on politics
  80. **Try these streams**
  81. New Ron Paul Song(if your bored)
  82. Potential Drinking Game Today
  83. McVain's message must be working on the people!
  84. Democrats start later and finish earlier??
  85. C`mon RONNIE you can do it put a little power to it! PULL IT OUT, PULL IT OUT!
  86. Why are Dems so much faster at reporting results
  87. Ron Paul In Second!
  88. 13 Behind McCain
  89. Ron Paul back ahead of McCain by 13 votes!
  90. Anyone notice the coverage?
  91. Paul pulls back into 2nd!!!!
  92. Paul moves into 2nd!
  93. (Dumb)Fox News has shut down their comments
  94. emoticons for Ron Paul
  95. Paul is in 2nd now
  96. tracking results by news source?
  97. Second place again!
  98. WTF is taking so long?
  99. Results of my precinct ... and my thoughts
  100. Photo straight from Nevada with RP and Mccain
  101. Fox News shows Paul's picture!
  102. Caucus Races seem to be our strength...
  103. Humboldt and Nye
  104. Why is Mittens crushing and dominating.
  105. 31k votes so far.
  106. Ron Paul's Lead grows...
  107. "Keep it up folks" - from India
  108. 1 point difference between McCain and Huckabee?? SCREW FOX NEWS
  109. Link to NV GOP Site
  110. does Fox, CNN, MSNBC really have that much power?
  111. the polls...
  112. McCain forces trying to suppress info.--calling all Diggers
  113. Where are all the 4th and 5thers?
  114. We DO influence Faux news!!!
  115. Want to see these results and better again?
  116. CNN has Ron aiming for 2nd
  117. What am I missing about Delagates??
  118. Hold for 2nd!!!! - I want to party!!!
  119. Second Place = Millions on MLK Money Bomb
  120. Thompson edged out Huckabee!!
  121. The Rest of the West
  122. Entrance Polling Vs. Results
  123. only 400 precincts
  124. How many delegates 7??
  125. Tancredo is kicking A$$!!!
  126. Ticker: Ron Paul 2nd place win within grasp
  127. Something is fishy. County reports Dems vs GOP
  128. How did ROmney do so well in Vegas?
  129. Carson City... WTF!
  130. wow, mccain
  131. Youtube: Faux News: Ron Paul Gets Unfair Coverage Nevada Caucuses
  132. Notice the youth behind Romney
  134. We may still be 1st....in delegates
  135. Get people to the polls now! Do you really want to miss second place by a few votes?
  136. NH recount encourages Nevada to not cheat
  137. Fox News: Huckabee Third!
  138. Did anyone just see CNN ignore Paul?
  139. Without the Mormon Vote
  140. on front page on cnn.com
  141. Clark County, NV
  142. Pre-Election Polls Rigged in Nevada
  143. 404-827-1500 Call CNN New Tip/Comment Line
  144. 78% reporting?
  145. Numbers reporting?
  146. This Is What Happens If Anyone But Paul Wins
  147. ron paul won nv...
  148. MSM is Boxed in to Talking about Romney in Nevada
  149. CNN: "In Nevada, Huckabee 2nd, McCain trailing 3rd"
  150. Ron Paul's gets highest percentage yet: 13%
  151. Please Record everything on the MSM - We want to make a documentary when this is over
  152. When FRED drops out...
  153. Digg this story. MSNBC supressing Pauls name
  154. All the Nevada geniuses have moved to Esmaralda County
  155. Alert Digg of Ron Paul's 2nd place!!
  156. Delegates?
  157. I can't wait for McCain's 3rd place speech
  158. Only 22 votes seperate McCain and Paul.
  159. Washoe County???
  160. Reminder of what the polls showed BEFORE Nevada
  161. why is it so frustrating for me to find the results
  162. Is Ron Paul doing a speech?
  163. We can win Louisiana, it's our next shot
  164. Thank you to all the Nevada volunteers
  165. Paul is 83 votes ahead of McCain in 2nd place
  166. Carson City is going to decide this.
  167. Note: Not A Word Yet from the Official Campaign?
  168. Nerve racking...
  169. 10k?
  170. I heard we were expecting to get 10-12,000 votes...
  171. What's with the #DIV/0! errors?
  172. Colors of CNN Graph
  173. Rudy owns Duncan
  174. HELP - Why am I getting 0.39 votes per precinct recently??
  175. Get in Romney's Base and Steal his Votez!
  176. OMG, CNN: "John McCain ties RP for Second Place"
  177. McCain 2nd? Huckabee 3rd?
  178. Thursday's Debate
  179. Romney gets more votes than all Democrats combined in Nevada!
  180. Results from our caucus location
  181. Independent American Party? Where are you at?
  182. Paul Ahead by 111 Votes
  183. UPDATE: Paul ahead of McCAin by 111 votes
  184. I dont believe for a second the voter to donor ratio is 5:1
  185. Every Vote Counts!
  186. Be prepared - "Statistical Tie for second place"
  187. Fox News Website Propaganda
  188. When are the Delegate Counts for Nevada Official????
  189. Paul up 111 votes over McCain -90 precincts to go
  190. CNN: The guy behind Huckabee looks like a tool
  191. I dont get this one at all!?!?!?
  192. WOW Ron wins
  193. with 95% reporting ... Ron Clinches 2nd!
  194. HE Finally made the CNN PIE Chart!
  195. Hit them where it hurts!
  196. Now that Paul is newsworthy, MSM only covers the Dems in NV
  197. Someone has to say it: F-YOU FRANK!
  198. Other odd results
  199. Fox News front page - Pathetic!
  200. Record Everything !!
  201. Weren't we only expecting 30,000 votes total
  202. Media Comment Bomb -- ACTION REQUIRED
  203. Precinct List??? Does anyone have a complete one?
  204. Now all we're gonna hear is "McCain tied for second"
  205. This morning's CNN entrance polls... now different?
  206. 95% reporting on nevada GOP site. Its a tie :(
  207. Will McCain congratulate Ron?
  208. Either FoxNews.com is hacked or Fox is trying to take down Romney
  209. PLEASE HELP - 0.4 votes per precinct?? how can this be???
  210. UPDATE: Ron ahead by 77, 83 precincts left.
  211. Gawd, they just let Rudy babble on and on
  212. Digg: CNN falsely reporting Nevada election results
  213. This thing is second place unless….
  214. This shows that if the HQ + Grassroots actually works together in a state we can win.
  215. What went RIGHT in Nevada! Let's Learn from this People!
  216. rudy rudy rudy!
  217. How come CNN is showing only 3 Delegates for RON PAUL when there were more?
  218. Where's the stoopid-*ss "TERRORISM" platform they were all running so hard on?
  219. Hate to be a downer, but we're losing in all counties not in yet.
  220. Did EVERY Mormon in Nevada vote today?
  221. RP only up 43 votes for 2nd!
  222. Need Help Pulling Numbers From Nv List
  223. It's time for a SCOREBOARD post!
  224. Final Ultimate H-O-L-D!!!!!
  225. RP will not beat McCain IMO
  226. It doesn't surprise me.
  227. 45% of Nevada voters were 60+...
  228. The very last caucus to report will magically put McCain in 2nd
  229. Either way: Tie for 2nd
  230. 5 Minutes to spare and relax... and they way to the infamous "Hot Topics"
  231. Keith Olbermann can't add...
  232. Paul Gaining on Mc100
  233. Tim Russert's Comments on Ron Paul
  234. Dr.Paul WILL get his money now!!
  235. Winning in Carson and Nye !!!!!!!!!
  236. CNN Hate thread
  237. We need to win in Nye county!!
  239. This has been a dangerous day for RP supporters
  240. Pray!
  241. McCain within 40..
  242. My Straw Poll speech
  243. CNN has newer results than GOP HQ, Paul up by 100+
  244. According to these new statistics we might take Carson City from Romney
  245. Can we get 1% higher than McCain?
  246. How the Hell is CNN updating faster..
  247. 27% of Nevada voters LDS
  248. If we get the Big B Guy --- NOW is the time
  249. We won Carson!
  250. Precincts not in yet = Looks GREAT for Paul!!!