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  1. Where Are You Penn???
  2. The song for Nevada
  3. How Many Donors Are There From Nevada?
  4. Ron Paul's supporters won't be able to vote
  5. Why moving causis sites helps us!!!!!!!
  6. Campaign Needs Volunteers For Final Push
  7. Was Up Lord Xar?
  8. This made me sick from anandtech forums.......
  9. Good idea with regards to moved voting location!
  10. RP could get a post-Nevada bounce
  11. Sample Caucus Speech from Jefferson County Iowa
  12. Using Univision debate video for NV Latinos?
  13. Heads up NV New news Rule change
  14. KOLO on numerous last minute caucus rule changes
  15. 1 more day
  16. Why are we getting our hopes up?
  17. Yucca Mtn
  18. Check this flyer out
  19. ***ATTENTION***Read This Now, We Know The Way To Win Super Tuesday!!!!
  20. What a good showing in Nevada will do for us
  21. Some talk on Ron paul in Election 2008: Previewing the Nevada Caucuses
  22. ***Very Important in Nevada***
  23. Grassroots ads on these stations - take a listen
  24. Campaign Press Release: Nevada GOP Caucus in Chaos
  25. All Nevada Caucusgoers: Tell us your Precinct
  26. where are the Polls for Neveda?
  27. CALL TO DONORS AND VOTERS: Bring friends in your car!
  28. Why no media coverage about Nevada REPUBLICAN caucus?
  29. CNN: "Mitt Romney the only GOP candidate making a presence in Nevada."
  30. Why are we going to do well in NV tomorrow?
  31. If we don't do well in Nevada...
  32. Nevada News
  33. MEDVED is talking about a "possible" Ron Paul upset in NV
  34. Calling all Phone BAnks!
  35. **FYI We are getting screwed royally in NV!!!
  36. what to wear at the caucus?
  37. Suing for the NV caucus mess-ups and the FOX NH Debate
  38. Do you know what to do at a caucus?
  39. IMPORTANT: Please speak on behalf of RP at your caucus site!
  40. What we can do without pissing off people
  41. Nevada GOP: "We would hope that the Paul campaign would go act like adults.."
  42. Be Wary of Callers Providing Incorrect Caucaus Locations
  43. Can someone explain this?
  44. Ron Paul NO SHOW for LV weekend March along the Strip & TX hold 'em poker @ TX Sta
  45. Nevada GOP 'dismisses' Paul complaint
  46. Doesn't the Nevada problem help us?
  47. Be the first ones there!
  48. Nevada Newspapers, Television, and Radio sites!
  49. A Win predicted....
  50. Can you video the caucus?
  51. We need clarification pronto
  52. Nevada Vote Fraud Potential
  53. "Washoe County (NV) GOP Chair Predicts Ron Paul Win"
  54. Just got word
  55. Great speech for Navada caucus goers
  56. Nevada Caucus locater.
  57. Voting starts very early in the morning and only lasts 1 hour
  58. RE: ""We would hope that the Paul campaign would go act like adults"
  59. Ron Paul sample speech for delegates
  60. ***NEVADA PEOPLE: Get some sleep!!!****
  61. Heard an ad for Ron Paul on X107.5 (radio) tonight - not from official campaign?
  62. After RP wins Nevada,
  63. Nevada GOP Locator
  64. Consensus on where to get correct caucus location info?
  65. When will we get word of of the Nevada Vote tally ?
  66. Make it there no matter what. Carpool.
  67. Important Nevada info from RonPaul2008.com
  68. Tonight's Headline: "Romney Takes 2nd in Nevada."
  69. Nevada Don't Back Down
  70. Just on CNN - AND - take HQ phone # with you to report anything strange
  71. What time does it start?
  72. About the Nevada Caucus - "Success" is More Than What You'll See in the Paper Today
  73. Try to take HQ phone number with you when you go to vote.
  74. Politico Map
  75. So How many delegates does RP have so Far
  76. Will Nevada GOP shadiness affect other candidates as well
  77. Any reports from the trenches?
  78. Silverado HS in Vegas IS RP MOBBED
  79. You are 10 minutes late!
  80. Will we win?
  81. What will you do if RP gets 1st?
  82. The DEMOCRATIC Party has confirmed that some voters received FRAUDULENT calls
  83. If there is a single NEVEDA person posting now
  84. CNN: Preliminary Nevada Results in about 1 hour.
  85. Bright light city gonna set my soul, Gonna set my soul on fire
  86. Come on, where are my IPhone reports from inside caucus sites?
  87. Bay Area meetup working to recreate Jefferson County, IA success
  88. Breaking News - 12:53 Pm
  89. I'm So Nervous
  90. I cant stand it anymore lol Go ron paul!
  91. Fin
  92. Mitt Romney declared Winner
  93. Wolf is on. How long til they announce a winner?
  94. Fox News predicts winner for Nevada
  95. Strong Entrance Polls for Romney
  96. CNN Exit Polls!!! GREAT NEWS!!!
  97. Dr. Paul's No Tax On Tips secret weapon: LETS USE IT!
  98. AP Calls Nevada for Mitt Romney- WITH NO VOTES CAST
  99. CNN Entrance polls have us just a few points behind
  100. Exit Polls: 2nd!
  101. How can the media call a win for mitt if there no votes casted?
  102. Link for Nevadas results.
  103. IM SO SCARED RIGHT NOW - RP Looks like he could get 1-2
  104. MSM distorting things once again with Romney. Can it have an effect?
  105. I think we'll get 2nd place
  106. Self medicating so my head doesn't implode
  107. Romney gets 1st, Other gets 2nd.....
  108. Fox Breaking News
  109. No non white men?
  110. Wait a min!!! On this site it has no votes been casted
  111. Romney got 95% of Mormon Vote (22% of voters)
  112. Online real-time results
  113. Damn MSNBC says ROMNEY Wins, but the Article doesn't even mentions RON PAUL
  114. Lesson to be learned from NV
  115. *Ron Paul in Vegas was on Nightline last night--did you know?
  116. AP Call is based on ENTRANCE Polls only!!!
  117. Romney wins Nevada caucuses!!!!????
  118. Steve Wark?
  119. CNN entrance polls: RON 2nd!
  120. How many delegates will 23% get us?
  121. CNN entrance poll: Romney 43%, RP 23%
  122. Lesson Learned from NV: ADVERTISE ON TV!!!
  123. Romney defeats Tru- I mean Paul
  124. Ron Paul wins non-Mormon vote!!!!
  125. Will this mean a success on Super Tuesday?
  126. Here's how Ron's 2nd place finish will play..
  127. Ron Paul Tied with Huckabee in 2nd place with 13%!!! WOOT!
  128. Will we pick up any delegates?
  129. CNN starts reporting
  130. CNN results coming in!
  131. Romney already declared winner in Navada by Fox News
  132. Romney Already Declared Winner by Fox News
  133. How many people are polled by the entrance polls?
  134. My Precinct in Reno, NV
  135. Precinct 6491 and 6492 and 6497
  136. Politico Data is coming in
  137. Paul 4th in Nevada [Moderator - info is false]
  138. CNN and Politico show different results
  139. RP Pie on CNN!
  140. Gray piece of pie
  141. Wow Msm F Off
  142. This is a first, CNN predicts Romney with 0% reporting
  143. We got Second in NV
  144. FOX shows Ron in 2nd!
  145. Nevada GOP Caucus Results
  146. Question...
  147. Paul in 3rd, 12 votes ahead of Thompson
  148. Polls WAY off...
  149. No need to watch numbers for some time
  150. MSNBC now calls Romney
  151. We finally got a piece of the pie! CNN
  152. MSNBC shows RP in 2nd...0% reporting
  153. McCain Tied with Paul ?!?!?!
  154. Romney Wins Nevada
  155. Report Your Precinct Results Here
  156. Caucuses don't close for another hour and a half people
  157. Politico shows Ron Paul Second - CNN/MSNBC show him Third
  158. Online TV links?
  159. Oh, wow, if this keeps up, we'll have the third most delegates...
  160. Look at Esmeralda county - Ron 60% at 1:35pm
  161. Faux Noise calls NV for Romney with >1% reporting
  162. Do we have list of best Coverage?
  163. MSNBC Calls Ron for 2nd!
  164. Bright Note: The Ghoul does well again
  165. I thought voting closed at 12EST, what's taking so long?
  166. Paul back to 2nd on MSNBC!
  167. Mathews is talking about Paul!
  168. I'm speechless
  169. I will give $1000 to the campaign if.....
  170. This is UNBELIEVABLE - MSM is BS
  171. Why NV is valueable in our course - it shows POLLS ARE BS!!!
  172. Paul is in 2nd NOW
  173. Please someone describe it for me..
  174. Meanwhile, at the bottom...
  175. wait... how did romney win with .38 percent reporting?
  176. A little song to motivate you all
  177. The real resuts are here NV GOP WEB Site
  178. Digg: Fox News Exposed even more!
  179. Paul's 2nd place is skipped by Fox News
  180. Entrace Polls based on 571 respondants!
  181. Buchanen on MSNBC NOW! (12.54 CST)
  182. Digg: Nevada - Fox News being Fair and BalanceD... AGAIN!
  183. Precinct 7390
  184. So when wil lthe real votes come in..
  185. 3 way tie for 2nd..
  186. This is a good showing!!! NO MATTER WAHT THEY SAY!!
  187. Fox says: REP. Mitt Romney wins Caucus....
  188. Nevada GOP Results website
  189. ABC Radio: "Romney only candidate campaigning in Nevada" (with ABC contact info)
  190. :( Mccain's margin growing
  191. Speed of results explained....
  192. Paul is slipping to 3rd
  193. Lets face, against all odds
  194. Caucus is already over?
  195. Official - I want to talk about the most recent % move
  196. CNN: Mitt Romney won
  197. Hell, 1% of them have reported and MITT ROMNEY WINS
  198. We are so close to getting ron in 1st in nevada!!! we need emergency get the vote out
  199. what does it means "29 of 1,789 precincts reporting"
  200. We keep getting closer! Guys, this is good news!
  201. CNN - Romney Projected Winner in Nevada
  202. How many national delegates up for grabs in NV
  203. Actual Real-Time results from Nevada Caucus
  204. F**K Fox News: Make the MLK "FREE AT LAST" money bomb HUGE!
  205. None of us have heard about Nevada results! Please start a new thread!
  206. Closing back in on 2nd...
  207. More Pie Chart Shenanigans
  208. Walk away from your computer and come back in an hour
  209. A Message from the trenches - AFTERMATH
  210. My dog talking about Ron Paul
  211. CNN thinks Giuliani is the winner
  212. Are you in a Super Tuesday State?
  213. CNN now calls it - Romney wins
  214. Giuliani/Duncan Hunter battle for 7th!
  215. Most Recent Results Here
  216. Who's Electable now..FAUX?
  217. Good showing at Reno HS
  218. Ron Paul In Second Place!
  219. Beer time?
  220. How did we lost the youth vote in Nevada?
  221. Hopefully our people stayed behind.
  222. Catching McCain
  223. MSNBC just called it - Romney 1st, Paul 2nd
  224. MSNBC predicts RP will win 2nd ... Romney 1st
  225. If we beat McCain?
  226. Washoe County
  227. should have had the caucus on a sunday
  228. Quick question
  229. Look for RP to run away with Carson City.
  230. What place are we in???
  231. So WHAT That Only Paul and Romney Campaigned In NV!!
  232. Msnbc Calls It..rp Wins Second.
  233. Esmeralda County, Paul's vote totals decreased over time.
  234. McCain 15% Ron Paul 13%
  235. who keeps voting for MCCAIN??? He is on of the least popular shmacks out there...
  236. Don't Fret
  237. Woah - Paul 2% behind McCain!
  238. W/ Tax Free Tips act why no union support?
  239. First time Drudge has not put the results on his homepage.
  240. As a Mormon, I'm sick of em
  241. looks like FLOPABEE is catching up to Ron Paul
  242. Ron Paul DOMINATES my precinct
  243. First results posted here
  244. Is that snake Romney really going to slither into the oval office?
  245. Romney says Mormonism not an issue. Nevada says different.
  246. 2 measly votes behind McLame!!!!!
  247. If we get 2nd place
  248. Check out this link for fastest NV results
  249. McCain and Paul Tied at 12%
  250. Can we stop bi*ching for 2 minutes?