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  2. Congrats To Michigan
  3. So is anybody recording whats on TV?
  4. This is all Tancredo's fault!
  5. Marketing and the 600 lb gorilla on the exit polls
  7. Ron Paul On Stern
  8. We did better
  9. ZERO media coverage except slander, no ads, no time spent in state=beats ghoul/thomp!
  10. Is anyone going to drop out because of today?
  11. Lets get one thing clear: GOP can't win with out Ron Paul
  12. hey foreign cnn correspondent
  13. Dems voting for Romney to cause fights?
  14. The Campaign Sux!! Cause of us
  15. Whats with all the undecided Democrats???
  16. There Is A Plan And It's Starting To Show
  17. Where is that important post?
  18. dearborn returns? arab vote?
  19. paul does well in counties where mccain wins
  20. Poll: Our Chances?
  21. Unofficial "Congratulations" page.
  22. Me wants post primary speech!!!
  23. Remember How Reagan Did...
  24. 7% Here We Come!
  25. We beat out Guliani in every county!
  26. Has Deerborn repoted?
  27. A Dramatic Rethink For This Campaign
  28. will we reach 60K
  29. Glen Beck parrotting Ron Paul?
  30. Honorable mentions Michigan Primary best results go to !
  31. Everyone Please read this! You will serve.
  32. LOL Even Kucinich is beating Fred...
  33. We got the same # of votes as Fred and Rudy COMBINED!
  34. 40% Uncommitted?
  35. Rudy = Done!
  36. George Romney
  37. Thanks to the thousands of RP voters in MI and the grassroots that made it happen
  38. Wolf goofed, lol
  39. This gets me pumped up to go out and canvas.
  40. Paul got 16.93% in Hillsdale County.
  41. Canvassing SC - 30% say "I would vote for RP if he could win"
  42. http://digg.com/2008_us_elections/Rudy_Giuliani_Fringe_Candidate
  43. Almost 50,000 votes in a state where he didn't even campaign
  44. Huck change constitution!
  45. just broke 50K
  46. I guess Ron Paul doesn't smile
  47. I want Ron Paul To WIN!
  48. FOX has Obama and Ron Paul's as "uncommited"
  49. Did we spend any $ in Michicgan, if not why?
  50. Current totals for IA + NH + MI
  51. Interesting look at who Veterans voted for
  52. who is "Other"
  53. What I dont understand is
  54. look at all the dems voting uncommitted...
  55. Please watch this 1 min vid again This says it all.
  56. Let The Morons Spend It All On The Early States Super Ron Paul Tues. Ftw
  57. Canvassing for Ron Paul
  58. How we do better with Huck's voting bloc!!
  59. I'm REALLY annoyed by people complaining
  60. Change in exit polls
  61. RP OWNED Giuliani and Thompson!!
  62. Is it just me, or is rewarding to see Ron on the pie chart...
  63. Seriously, Can RP win TEXAS??
  64. Ok here's what I think
  65. Horrible showing for Rudy
  66. The BIG BANG is coming!
  67. Over 50% of donors are NEW donors, so 6-7% is GREAT
  68. Does Ron have any delegates yet?
  69. Southeast Michigan
  70. 53,557 is ALOT of people!!!!
  71. New talking point for SC and FL.
  72. Two counties still not reporting - 0%
  73. Great effort everyone, i have a question
  74. A Big Thankyou to Michigan Ron Paul Voters!!!
  75. Right now Bill Maher is dissing the Huckster
  76. NYTimes: Paul Beats Giuliani (Again)
  77. High Turnout Again?
  78. New career choices for other candidates
  79. Trying To Understand The "he Can't Win" Mentallity'
  80. Consider the battle between the Rock and Water
  81. An observation.
  82. Ron Paul's Support UP, UP and UP!
  83. The Mitt, Mack, Huck and Paul Show
  84. American Idol is to blame
  85. Totals for 3 states....
  86. Awesome
  87. ScreenShot from CNN 12:30am EST
  88. Why does the SOS and CNN disagree on who's reported?
  89. I'm Baffled...
  90. 54,412 Votes with 99% Reporting!!!
  91. Rudy "All I got was this lousy 3%?"
  92. NY Times Paul Beats Giuliani (Again)
  93. Write in Ron Paul dot com
  94. Well Done MI
  95. I think we deserve a big fat ... Thank You.. to these people!
  96. MSNBC Keith Obermann just plugged Roy Jones Jr.
  97. Why is national not forking over $$$?
  98. Why aren't more people signed up for FreeAtLast?
  99. Write-in = Uncommitted? RP not on some ballots?
  100. Limbaugh: If McCain or Huckabee Gets the Nomination, It Will Destroy GOP
  101. An Observation from a Michigander
  102. Politico= RP 3%?
  103. Hillsdale and Branch
  104. Painting a rosy picture
  105. Putting Michigan into Perspective!!
  106. Nothing about the Michigan primary on the official website!
  107. Just for fun...
  108. Did we take a couty?
  109. We did great, don't care what you say
  110. Thank YOU Michigan volunteers!
  111. BASED solely on GRASSROOTS with 100% MEDIA blackout, we got 54,350 VOTES !! AWESOME
  112. When will we start seeing 2nd and 3rd places?
  113. MSNBC article mentions every candidate running yesterday except one - Guess who?
  114. Delegates???
  115. CNN and John Roberts keeps saying...
  116. Thomson, one of last nights big LOSERS Stealing RP's Message on CNN
  117. Great Article
  118. Question about campaign funds
  119. Ron Paul Finishes 3rd In Ann Arbor
  120. Michigan Primary Odd
  121. Help me out here..
  122. Is there anyway to see the results of each individual precint?
  123. Thank You Michigan Patriots!!
  124. Monkey business in Michigan?
  125. Candidate spending and visiting Stats?
  126. Does Anybody Know...
  127. Youtook or screenshot of CNN pie chart?
  128. It seems the Radio Talk Shows are ignoring Ron Paul's 4th place finish...
  129. Did Huck really say he'd abolish the Constitution in favor of Bible??
  130. How To Beat the "He Can't Win Mentality"
  131. LOU DOBBS Article applies to all but RP!!
  132. !!!! Moving Forward Fast And Heavy !!!!!
  133. Diebold's at it again
  134. STAND UP AND PROTEST: All Media Blackout Channels
  135. Our New Campaign Strategy
  136. Michigan results smell fishy
  137. Michigan: Precinct Leaders for Ron Paul DOUBLE the Vote
  138. Ron Paul Makes the CNN Pie Chart
  139. Michigan Hearing February 5 in Case On Who Can Circulate a Petition
  140. Attn Michigan: Urgent> Read And Leave For Your County Convetion Asap.
  141. LTE in Holland Sentinel
  142. State Convention - Get Elected as Delegate!
  143. Michigan convention 1/2 over.
  144. Wanted: State Reps pays ~80K/year
  145. Terror at the Voting Booth Conference
  146. RP Republican running for 11th district!
  147. Ted McAvoy Candidate For U.S. Congress
  148. Michigan Minor Parties Win Federal Lawsuit on Access to Voter Li
  149. Scotty Boman - Michigan Senate '08
  150. Totally irrelevant... <LP Michigan>
  151. Help Congressional Candidate Linda Goldthorpe win Michigan's 1st disitrct!
  152. Heads Up Michigan (and all, really)
  153. LPM Conference : Scotty Boman on Ron Paul
  154. August 23rd GOP State Convention A CFL Success!
  155. Ann Arbor, MI - Campaign for Liberty Meetup Group (New)
  156. Nader - 6%, Barr - 2%, McKinney - 1%
  157. Barr & Nader at 2%
  158. Barr & Nader at 2%
  159. Post your legislator's responses to the bailout
  160. Is RON PAUL registered write-in?
  161. MI Libertarian Newsletter -- Pre-release!
  162. Michigan Proposals 1 and 2
  163. Best new MI Republican chair
  164. Detroit, Michigan JBS Meetup Group
  165. Lansing Pics
  166. Spamming Mike Rogers!
  167. Local CFL Event!
  168. Livingston County CFL
  169. Town Hall
  170. Response from Bart Stupak on H.R. 3200
  171. Gary Johnson Coming to Michigan
  172. And Yet Another Liberty Candidate Steps Up To The Plate
  173. Eric Larson Launches His Campaign
  174. Michigan Facebookers: Become An Amash Fan
  175. Michigan Facebookers: Become a Goldthorpe Fan
  176. Justin Amash Money Bomb!!!
  177. Linda Goldthorpe
  178. Governor's Race
  179. Governor's Race...Now What???
  180. Does Anybody Know Anything About This Guy?
  181. YAL Campaign Bootcamp in MI!
  182. Marc Goodson...one of us?
  183. West Michigan for Ron Paul - Facebook Group
  184. What do you think about Governor Rick Snyder so far?
  185. Mike ROgers Conference Call Tonight
  186. Ron Paul rEVOLution - Sign production?
  187. New Michigan FB group
  188. Ann Arbor, Michigan: Help Organize to Fight United Nations' Agenda 21 (ICLEI)
  189. The Cottage Food Law
  190. Hey all you Michigan Folk!
  191. The Michigan Primaries??
  192. Troy, Michigan Grassroots Activist Training Saturday, September 17th
  193. Mackinac Straw Poll in Michigan (09/23/2011)
  194. Oct 20: Destruction by Design - Understanding the New World Order - Troy, Michigan
  195. Michigan Bar Owners Ban Lawmakers for Banning Smoking!
  196. Troy, Michigan Grassroots Activist Training Constitution Day Saturday, September 17th
  197. Michigan Presidential Debate
  198. Saul Anuzis Officially endorses Mitt Romney
  199. Michigan Campaign - NDA?
  200. Michigan Primary has been moved to February
  201. Ron Paul Opens Michigan Office
  202. toady is the day of the michigan straw poll on mackinac island!
  203. TOADY is the DAY of the MACKINAC STRAW POLL!
  204. Thumb area people: Meet-up at Caro Samuel Mancino's THIS SATURDAY 6 PM
  205. Thumb area people -- We need your help to win Tuscola / Sanilac / Huron counties!
  206. CNBC Oakland University debate
  207. Query ... Effect of having Johnson & Cain remain on ballot as Republicans ...
  208. Vote in this poll
  209. Livingston County, Michigan
  210. RP groups in SW Michigan?
  211. Are there delegates needed in Michigan?
  212. Saul Anuzis E-mail "Mit Romney for President"
  213. Do you think Ron Paul stands a chance here? (in Michigan)
  214. MI: Deadline to register to vote is Monday, January 30
  215. GOP Michigan U.S. Senate Race. Ron Paul wins 'debate poll'
  216. Michigan Primary coming up Feb 28th - Let's organize NOW!!!
  217. Ron Paul Allegan County
  218. Anyone canvassing in Michigan?
  219. Early Admit Tix For Ron Paul MI Events Link:
  220. Some sabotage going on in Michigan?!?!If from or near Michigan - read this!!
  221. ron paul rally - The Pinnacle Center
  222. Michigan: Become a Precinct Delegate (Very Important!)
  223. An uplifting email I got from the Michigan Ron Paul head quarters.
  224. May 3rd, 7pm GOP County Convention Locations
  225. van buren county republican convention
  226. Lenawee County Covention
  227. GOP Phone Survey
  228. Deadline to became Michigan Precinct Delagate 05/15/12 4:00PM
  229. Unconfirmed Winning RP Delegates in Michigan
  230. Seeking Volunteers for political project near Ann Arbor
  231. Michigan: Not too late to become a Precinct Delegate
  232. Midland Michigan RP supporters
  233. Campaign Management Workshop Muskegon, MI Saturday, July 7th
  234. Wayne County Republican Committee Meeting June 25th
  235. Guide to elect new State GOP leadership in Michigan
  236. Fall County and State Convention Rules
  237. Recap of CD 12's Wayne County Convention Tonight
  238. The Oakland County GOP Royally Screwed Me (Contact MIGOP if Delegate!)
  239. Michigan Ballot Initiatives
  240. Hmmm - A Libertarian Oddity
  241. Gary Johnson off the ballot?
  242. Want To Visit Lansing To Support Right To Work?
  243. Michigan Right To Work Law? CFL comments on it... [VIDEO]
  244. MI GOP - Back To The Stupid
  245. Muskegon County GOP Exec Comm Transformed by Paulites/Tea Party folk
  246. MIGOP State Convention Feb 22-23 Fri-Sat
  247. Recap - Wayne Co C4L Meeting Today
  248. Dave Agema Supporting Preibus
  249. Need a Hotel Room for Next weekend's State Convention in Lansing?
  250. MI: Bill Would Require One Year Of Residency To Qualify for Welfare