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  1. January 5 Republican Debate - any info?
  2. Where Do I Get Tickets for the ABC/Facebook Debate?
  3. Dr. Paul IN Jan. 5th debate?
  4. abc debate?
  5. Will RP be in the ABC debate?!?!?
  6. ABC Debate: Ron Paul made the cut.
  7. ABC Debate will make or break RP
  8. Call HQ about McCain: "100 years in Iraq"
  9. New Draft or Endless Terms in Iraq for 100 Years?
  10. NH paper says Ron Paul "uninvited" from debate.
  11. The Debate - 7pm EST
  12. where to watch online?
  13. Question about the debate
  14. He HAS to bring up military support!
  15. He SHOULD ask all other candiates what they think about him being excluded Sunday
  16. If This Is A Proper Debate, Ron Will Shine!
  17. Debate Highlights
  18. ABC Website Says Paul only raised 3M
  19. Support Stats on Facebook
  20. Will Tonight's ABC Debate have an online stream?
  21. Polling at 14, can we expect 17? + bump from media.
  22. Ron Paul should mention Hunter tonight
  23. Please pray for Ron Paul.
  24. Ron Paul needs to draw blood in this one
  25. New debate format!
  26. Debate format
  27. Debate format
  28. Sitting In Chairs - Talking To Eachother For 15 Min At A Time?
  29. This is gonna be interesting
  30. post-debate poll?
  31. What channel on TV
  32. i know this wasnt ment
  33. This will help paul ALOT
  34. Here's the stream link
  35. poll
  37. Feeling good about Paul here.
  38. Um...WTF? No Paul in polling top 4?!
  39. ABC shows results of Iowa Caucuses
  40. ABC manipulation
  41. Spam The Abc Debate Polls All Night!!!
  42. Dining Room Table!!!!!
  43. Paul is directly in the middle!
  44. Debate Talk
  45. Paste this link into your WMP to watch debate.
  46. ABC is how I discovered Ron Paul.
  47. First question on Bush's humble foreign policy
  48. lol paul is fidgety
  49. ROFL the patriot act is great
  50. ABC Debate Seating
  51. McCain "I was the the only one at the time disagreeing with Bush"
  52. why did the plastic prick just laugh?
  53. stupid romney
  54. Go GO GO PAUL!!!
  55. @#$%'s hitting the fan!
  56. create one thread to share our views
  57. Sigh, Ron Paul still thinking faster than he can speak.
  58. Stream your thoughts here...
  59. lol paul attack on
  60. Abc Debate!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  61. Ron NEEDS to mention Michael Scheuer!!
  62. Sweet!! Attack Ron Paul show!!!
  63. Stfu And Let Him Talk!
  64. Good thing that he's being attacked
  65. They're trying to gang tackle him
  66. This is a pretty heated debate and everyone's getting shots at each other.
  67. Educating Rudy Part 2
  68. Whoa, mob tactics
  69. Haha.. they hate each other
  70. Mediate Charlie Gibson!
  71. Speak Up!
  72. "Why do we support their dictators then?"(nt)
  73. Hahah Why Do We Support Their Dictators
  74. ...and to sum it up...
  75. Principles!
  76. Some one youtube the abc Debate!!
  77. RP is kicking ass.
  78. why does the moderator keep interrupting paul and letting giuliani speak?
  79. Get ANGRY Ron!
  80. Mitt will ask his lawyers what his principles are - EOM
  81. Let's go monetary policy!
  82. Rudy is lieing
  83. Rudy's bug eyes scare me!
  84. Invoking Reagan
  85. I can't believe Rudy pligged his book
  86. Yay THE WORLD IS SAVED -- Guliani said he can write
  87. Ron Paul Hasn't Changed!
  88. Go Charlie!!!
  89. ZOMG! Ron is a party flip-flopper!
  90. **** Yeahh!!
  91. They have made a pact to laugh whenever Ron talks
  92. Nice!!!
  93. Cheap shot: "Ron, I don't think you have changed much at all except your party!"
  94. God, I HATE Huckabee
  95. Huck just screwed up the Declaration of Independence
  96. will Huckabee run 3rd party?
  97. Mike Huckabee is stealing ron paul ideas
  98. God Card
  99. Sick Bucket Please
  100. Shut Up Fred!
  101. They SKIPPED Over Ron Paul
  102. Kudos to Tommy...
  103. ALLL TRYING TO MAKE DR. PAULS VIEWS look like thier own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  104. applause
  105. McCain's smirk
  106. Debate drinking game
  107. Applause!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  108. That Was It Right There!
  109. HAHAHAHAHAHH someone in the audience clapped for him
  110. Yes!!!!!!!
  111. Owwnnneddd!!
  112. Kick A$$ Response!
  113. And I thought they stole his constitutional thunder there for a second (nt)
  114. Nailed to the wall
  115. Paul rules.
  116. "I kind of think he might be winning"
  117. I hate to be a fanboy but homerun, ron, homerun
  118. Hell Yes Ron!!
  119. Ron PAUL just hit a homerun its over he won....NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!!!!
  120. These SNAKES don't OBEY the constitution
  121. Thats What Happens When You Follow The Constitution
  122. Ron Just Knocked them out gacho!!
  123. Rudy is toast
  124. Fred - "Unless we decide the government can spend the money better"
  125. Ask the doctor about health care!
  126. Rate the debate so far... (as of 7:45PM EST)
  127. This Debate Is Made For Ron!!!!!!!!! Clear Case Of Media Bias
  128. Gulianni makes me ill!
  129. Speak up more Ron!
  130. He's getting a lot of time
  131. When will ron paul attack john mccain?
  132. McCain and Romney should wipe those arogant smiles off their faces
  133. He should challenge the others about the FED and inflation tax
  134. Ron Paul got the ONLY applause!
  135. I want the candidates to give details!
  136. McCain quotes Paul's 10% inflation
  137. McCain: I wish we had a zero percent interest rate / Inflation is the problem
  138. Gulianni makes me ill!
  139. McCain talking about inflation - Got that from Ron
  140. McCain is Mr. Giggles tonight
  141. Someone PLEASE PLEASE put the "Principles" section on YouTube
  142. Is this thing only an hour long?
  143. Magic word of the night: "WAR-MONGERING"
  144. Ron and socialized medicine...
  145. Health Care
  146. Ron Paul Is On Fire!!!!!!!
  147. Kickin' ass and taking names!!!!!!!!
  148. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
  149. Go RON Go!!!!!!!!
  150. Keep Trying!
  151. Stealing ideas from Ron Paul
  152. Bingo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  153. What freaks freaks freaks
  154. Fred Thompson gets the retard of the year award.
  155. Ron to a bewildered Fred: "Keep trying [to understand]..."
  156. Fred - Let me break it down, Paul - keep trying...OWNED
  157. Ron Paul owned Fred
  158. "Keep trying" LMAO!!! HAHAHA!
  159. I missed the joke!
  160. Ron Paul says to Fred "keep trying"
  161. Nice try at belittling him FRed. But he is right and you know it
  162. he needs to make a commerical!! "They think the war and the economy is a JOKE"
  163. Why Is Fred Here???????
  164. I'd love to see OBAMA try and do that *rolls eyes*
  165. Was that Ron Paul Laughing at Fred's Romney Slam?
  166. How are non paul supporters responding?
  167. I really like this debate format...
  168. I call Mitt Romney - Mr. Slick...
  169. Ron / debate......
  170. Mitt Romney: I Like Mandates.
  171. To Romney:
  172. Why doesn't he tell evryone that the Fed is private?
  173. Romney Just had a Hillary Moment
  174. They are jealous...
  175. Monitor Audience Response
  176. Ron should tell these jokers the government shouldn't be in the health care business
  177. Mike Wanna-bee...
  178. I think McCain is really helping himself
  179. McCain is Tripping
  180. Mccain healthcare...
  181. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Romney On The Payroll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  182. MSM Plan Backfired?
  183. Ok, so Mitt had a point
  184. Ron paul owned the round one
  185. Make sure you're voicing here
  186. Rate RP performance (1st half)
  187. Healthcare Response
  188. ABC debate: WOOOO RON PAUL!
  189. Ron Paul should try not to make everything about foreign policy
  190. Break time!!! go back to your corner and refill!!!
  191. Ron Paul Won This Debate
  192. Anyone else feel kinda sick watching these debates?
  193. ROUND TWO -- Soundbyte Time!!!
  194. Romney will not be president
  195. McCain is looking old
  196. Facebook.com
  197. holy @#$%, this thing is 4 hours?
  198. WMUR News
  199. McCain is killing himself on Amnesty
  200. McCain for national ID card
  201. Heh..
  202. McCain can't even speak properly
  203. McCain Is Acting WEIRD
  204. Watch Huckabee on Immigration
  205. Id Card Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  206. man, this entire debate giuliani
  207. Giuliani is right about the border stat program.
  208. McCain just called many Americans Liars!
  209. ALL OF YOU! LISTEN TO YOURSELVES X is right Y is right z is right
  210. Romney is helping us
  211. poor mitt....
  212. The Romney and McCain show.
  213. Good McCain Getting Clobbered
  214. Why is Ron so F****g SILENT forget the manners man! SPEEK UP!
  215. Romney and his pretty hair should stopp hogging
  216. Oh, Mitt...
  217. Romney is such an asshat.
  218. this bloodbath GREATLY helps RP
  219. all this fighting is helping ron??
  220. Where are the moderators?
  221. Yawn...
  222. McCain and Romney
  223. Romney looking like a complete joke
  224. Why is Huckabee so silent tonight?
  225. How many times is Rudy going to say
  226. DO NOT TALK- let them kill each other
  227. Time to turn the tables.
  228. over / under on Rudy saying 9/11 in remaining 45 mins?
  229. Thompson is ridiculous.
  230. Let Paul talk about immigration!
  231. This whole thing was a joke
  232. Omfg Let Ron Talk For 10 Secs Plz
  233. WTF is going on?????
  234. Ron Paul didn't need to show up he isn't even speaking
  235. Huckabee just JUMPED The Shark
  236. Urgent Message To Ron Paul's Campaign Manager Or Anybody At The Debate
  237. Ron Paul Makes Me So Mad
  238. finally. ron has prepared for a long time. he's next(nt)
  239. Ron Paul and his humility is perfect in this format
  240. Here He Goes
  241. take away incentives
  242. Immigration - National ID
  243. Ron Paul Nailed Immigration Question
  244. Obama question is good for us
  245. Romney Romney Romney Romney...
  246. Real ID mention
  247. Illegal Immigration
  248. OUR DR. Standing strong! and very calm - this is good!!!!!!!!!!
  249. Mitt's bragging about himself
  250. Fred Thompson, Constitutional Principles?? PUHLEEEEESE!