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  1. Please Read Very Important: www.ads4ronpaul.com - - Information Inside
  2. McCain's Dean Scream
  3. Anyone video of the audience member with the Ron Paul banner at the debate?
  4. Rep vs Dem
  5. TheBostonChannel.com debate poll.
  6. Ron is a Statesmen in every sense of the word......
  7. Tonight Ron Paul Converted My Democrat Hubby (well almost..)
  8. Good thing Ron is not at Fox's debate tomorrow
  9. Romney people flooding u2b with romney excerpts from the debate?
  10. Best way to rip youtube vids and edit them?
  11. Any streams of the West Coast broadcast?
  12. Is dems debate worth watching?
  13. This just hit me!
  14. Youtube yet?
  15. Missed the debate, where can I watch the whole thing?
  16. Thank You Ron Paul
  17. My complaint - Enter my domain to spread this
  18. CENSORSHIP of RP getting WORSE !! First CNN silver Pie SLice of the Pie now ABC does
  19. Rudy goes after Israeli newspaper readers for donations
  20. America is finished!!!
  21. Ron Did Fine, But Have Suggestions.
  22. Help! Need a video quick!
  23. The current buzz Don't ignore this thread
  24. YouTube - Part 1 and 2 Here
  25. Ron's mention of oil and gold
  26. Some Facebook Responses
  27. Ron Paul in the All Spin Zone!
  28. Where's the ABC poll?
  29. Facebook Article on Dr. Paul
  30. Next time when the idiots laugh at Ron Paul
  31. Update: Ron Paul Won
  32. An Open Letter to Dr. Ron Paul...
  33. We should all attend a McCain rally
  34. Anywhere to see the entire debate?
  35. Decomposing Neo-Con Arguments
  36. Ron Paul Got Good Coverage
  37. I seriously love Ron Paul
  38. This has to be RP's response next time Rudy says we're attacked b/c we're rich&free
  39. ron paul dropped the ball on obama
  40. Great Debate
  41. Would anyone like to have seen Dr. Paul congratulate Ghouliani on Iowa?
  42. OBAMA is in bed with these guys, So is Hillary so
  43. I think Ron Paul did great at the debates
  44. Mixing with the Democrats
  45. This is when it all STARTED !! McCain Remembers!
  46. Article on ABC about Ron Paul supporters in NH
  47. Ron Paul Winning This Poll
  48. My first video - Hillary Gets Angry
  49. Just Released From ABC News on Ron Paul
  50. Ron Paul excluded from picture (CNN)
  51. Ron Paul DESTROYED this debate!
  52. Ron Paul is on Glenn Beck AGAIN this Sunday
  53. Enough is Enough.
  54. Ron Paul Says That He Needs Our Help!
  55. google video of the debates?
  56. An Open Letter To Ron Paul Supporters
  57. Check this guy out from ABC news on Ron Paul
  58. ALL of Ron Paul's replies @ ABC/N.H. debate
  59. Abc Reporter Supporting Ron Paul!!!
  60. Digg Front Page...ron! Digg-digg-digg
  61. Kucinich was excluded from todays debate....
  62. Who Manufactures More Paper?
  63. Should I cry or laugh?
  64. Rudy: "US Foreign Policy has nothing to do with Islamic terrorism"
  65. ABC's Analysis of the Republican Side of the Debate: Huckster Wins
  66. Ron Paul's mic cut?
  67. YouTube of the McCain "We're Going To Miss You Tomorrow Night Ron!" Quote
  68. Ron, Please Finish the Sentence.
  69. McCain thinks Canada is in Europe LOL!!!
  70. Charlie: "You've been accused of..."
  71. The Fed
  72. Lolz... Wonkette staffer gets pic with Dr. Paul tonight.
  73. Fred Thompson copying Ron Paul much?
  74. Thank You, ABC
  75. Awesome Picture, Tottaly Relaxed
  76. Mitt lauging at Ron Paul - anybody catch it?
  77. Full Debate
  78. A converted Obama supporter?
  79. The End Of America - A Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot
  80. to people who say RP doesn't speak well.
  81. Did anyone feel bad for Mitt tonight?
  82. lemme break this down
  83. Any video of Saturday night's debate?
  84. This should be the format in every debate!
  85. Party Trumps Person - Ron Paul and the future of politics.
  86. YouTube: 30ft Pole Ron Paul Sign Guy
  87. Huckabee Spokesman Accidently Endorses Ron Paul
  88. delete
  89. ACTION ITEM: Ron Paul says we need to get him in the FOX NEWS FORUM!
  90. Rudy's Reading List should be handed off to all these clowns-
  91. Request for FULL video start to finish
  92. ABC Debate Replay
  93. Rudy's bad example of the 1972 Munich Olympics
  94. McCain omits the Constitution
  95. McCain:"We're Going To Miss You Tomorrow Night Ron!"
  96. Dis-respect
  97. Ron Paul's best performance
  98. Ron didnīt do as well as i hoped...
  99. Patriot act?
  100. Oily, Wrinkles, & Carrot Face are all making fun of Bunny Ears (a 9 year old's take!)
  101. ABC Host shames NH Republican Candidates
  102. The Best Foreign Policy Answer Ever
  103. CNN will rerun the debate against the Fox Debate
  104. Comment section needs Paul supporter
  105. Article: Laughing at Americans
  106. Second question??
  107. Bin Laden/Al Qaeda INCENTIVE/motivation to attack
  108. Did you see this? Cute!!!
  109. Bunny Ears (a 9-year-olds perspective of the ABC debate)
  110. Feel Good Video
  111. Are supporters meeting/sign-waving in Manchester tonight?
  112. Paul won support from liberal democrats on foreign policy
  113. Arizonans on McCain
  114. Debate on Again on CNN RIGHT NOW!!!!
  115. CNN Article
  116. Paul Needs to Grow some
  117. Ron Paul: A Man Among Boys at ABC Debate
  118. Awsome!
  119. Wanna know what the Republicans...
  120. cbs Huck Sounding A Little Like Ron Paul
  121. It looked like Dems snubbed Ron Paul
  122. Fred Thompson
  123. McCain lies about earmarks during forum
  124. McCain snorts like a - we need a youtube video
  125. Other Repubs create a new RP supporter
  126. Ron Paul: A Man Among Boys at ABC Debate
  127. Paul's Perfect Debate Format
  128. News Corp shares hammered