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  1. romney....SURPRISE..yu have to work tonight!!!
  2. McCain - DoucheBag
  3. Romney just got burned!
  4. Mcain just body slammed Mitt- but Mitt's hair is still flawless
  5. What a cheap shot by McCain
  6. Ahhh...shut Up Romney!
  7. ask ron about obama
  8. Mitt + Ron
  9. Huckabbe just stole Rons point
  10. For 10th Amendment My Ass
  11. Vertical Leadership.... Pfffft....
  12. Screw Huckabee and his 10th ammendment bullshit.
  13. Stealing ideas from Ron Paul
  14. Huck just described a one party system
  15. We've got people coming over from Obama's Campaign!!
  16. damn Paul also on CNN soonish
  17. I was at work, where can I download the debate now?
  18. Ron just cracked a joke
  19. "Barak Obama's Tokin About"
  20. Ron Paul aces on Obama question
  21. Just saw an audience member with Ron Paul Revolution shirt! :)
  22. WooooooooooooooooooT!!!!
  23. Did U See The Rp Revolution Shirt!!!?!?!!?!?!?!!!
  24. Nailing the Obama thing
  25. Hell Yeah!!
  26. Ron Paul NAILED the Obama question
  27. He should say "if you'd followed my advice since the first debate you'd be wealthy"
  28. Taking initiative with the STRAIGHT DOPE!
  29. woooow
  30. Ron only one to respond
  31. Yes- Ron Jumps in!!
  32. Ron Paul on gas prices
  33. Is This Really What they Like?
  34. Oil!!
  35. Oil flat with Gold
  36. inflation
  37. Ron is hitting a home run right now
  38. RON is on fire. We just won the Presidency
  39. Ron is the only one ANSWERING the questions
  40. Dr. Paul is truly Presidential!
  41. It's The Economy, STUPID!
  42. When does this end?
  43. Ron got hammered at the beginning, Ill admit it, but hes leading by a mile now!
  44. Thompson: DUH!?!? UH!?!?!
  45. Thompson looks like an idiot
  46. What was the Obama joke?
  47. Was Huckabee invited to this debate?
  48. guiliani and his government run energy business..
  49. Ron Paul just went from my hero to my god
  50. amazing.amazing..
  51. VOTE NOW at Facebook!
  52. ABC, please ask how much money from Oil lobby has each candidate received?
  53. These fools act clueless - except Dr. Paul! or should I say President Paul!
  54. huckabees are nut cases
  55. huckabee actually is right
  56. Let your voices be heard on the Facebook Poll!
  57. What did hucklebee just say?
  58. Huckabee the fake populist
  59. OFFICIAL: Post-debate polls thread
  60. East Coasters :(
  61. who killed the electric car?
  62. American people & Ron's message.
  63. Mitt Romney - the Stepford President
  64. Abc Poll On Facebook!!!!! Vote
  65. Romney Showing his stripes
  66. Ron hit home runs
  67. Best Format Yet
  68. This was EXCELLENT for us
  69. Wow... Is this the first official meeting?
  70. OMFG a lovefest!!
  72. McCain is an....
  73. How many on that stage are CFR members?
  74. all those politicans in one place
  75. Youtube!!!!!
  76. Awesome Paul imagery, I'm sure we'll see it tomorrow in the media
  77. Cameras Staying Away From Paul Like The Pox!!!!!!!!
  78. Coordination among the other candidates? Yeah? No?
  79. ron looks like that one kid we didnt want to play with in school
  80. Vote Now!!!
  81. This Is Not Good For Us
  82. Both debates, video links?
  83. Paul's best debate yet!
  84. Ron Paul Dominated in the first half of the debate
  85. most on that stage are on judicial watch list?
  86. Youtube?
  87. I feel this debate was fair.
  88. What the hell with the 'meet the foes' thing at the end???
  89. Muckabee faltering on his face?
  90. What do you think Ron said to Fred after the debate
  91. Great debate?
  92. Huckabee
  93. Best performance besides Paul?
  94. All on stage were CFR except Paul
  95. Post Debate Coverage?
  96. WATCH & RATE: McCain Said He'll Stay In Iraq For 100 Years (SERIOUSLY!!)
  97. So what poll will first reflect the debate
  98. performance
  99. We must now fight to get Ron Paul in the Fox News Forum!
  100. Youtube Or It Didn't Happen
  101. George Steph.: "Fred Thompson did wonderful. He was very well informed." wow
  102. End of debate
  103. Stand up!
  104. each of the campaigns taking their best shot...
  105. Charlie Gibson
  106. "Focus group did not like personal attacks"
  107. What should Republicans have spent more time on?
  108. URGENT Post a Reply to who you felt was the biggest surprise!
  109. YouTube?
  110. No press for Paul?
  111. Would like to see more...
  112. This Is What Ron Paul Really Said To Fred. 99.9% accurate!!!
  113. I Am Giddy
  114. Ron Paul did what he had to do
  115. Pretty funny post . . .
  116. Where was the POST-DEBATE coverage of Ron Paul?
  117. They're scared to offer a post-debate poll
  118. He did well - but we won't get 3rd or better in NH...
  119. Republican Facebook Poll
  120. Hit the polls!!
  121. Paul signs at Democrat Rally!
  122. I guess Ron Paul wins the Facebook\ABC poll.
  123. OMG LOL did anyone see that Ron Paul sign on the PVC?
  124. Lew Rockwell's take - "He wiped the floors with a bunch of dishonest cretins"
  125. The Big Government hates smart people
  126. The Media still sucks!
  127. Support the troops, oh and by the way, they support Ron too
  128. OMIGOD I love the person outside with the 9 foot long Ron Paul sign
  129. Momentum building: Ron Paul at 14% in the latest Rasmussen Poll
  130. EVERYONE VOTE ON FACEBOOK POLL!!!! Huckaby is catching up!
  131. If this WAS a fight club scenario- who would win?
  132. You know the best part?
  133. Get RUDE Ron!!!!
  134. Any Polls yet on the debate
  135. After Debate Talks...
  136. The Obama Question
  137. Best Debate I have Seen So Far! GO RON!!!
  138. Genius move of RP speaking of Obama
  139. Official "How did Ron do?" poll
  140. ABC as bad as fox?
  141. What Happenned To the LIVE Donation Competition
  142. ABC, Is Osama alive?
  143. Anyone else actually watching the Dems debate
  144. Anyone watching Democrats now?
  145. Go vote for Paul if you have facebook in their polls
  146. Paul/Obama Ticket?!
  147. observations from a first time Paul observer
  148. My short review of each candidate from the debate tonight (winners and losers)
  149. LOL: Richardson wants to ask Musharaf to step down voluntarily
  150. Ron Paul debate highlights, you tube, my video is linked
  151. Huckabee "doesn't wear his faith on his sleeve, he wears it in his heart..." lmao
  152. VERY CURIOUS...please read
  153. What was the viewership of the debate? THIS IS IMPORTANT!
  154. Ron Paul is a geek!!!
  156. How will ABC spin its own poll results?
  157. Anyone watching the Dem debate?
  158. How did the candidates other than Ron Paul do?
  159. Stream your thoughts on the DEMOCRAT debate...
  160. Ron Paul's Best Debate Yet!!! Excellent!!
  161. Get ready for the Draft if Dr. Paul doesn't win!
  162. Huckabee is gaining on us!
  163. Where is the graph Ron mentioned?
  164. [Video] Ron Paul SIGNS AT THE DEBATE
  165. Paul's Healthcare answer
  166. Why does Paul continue to put up with the hate?
  167. Who The F&%$ Is Planning A Nuclear Attack On "us"???
  168. ABC Blog - "Ron Paul good night"
  169. Why doesn't Paul say....
  170. Ron has energised the grassroots after the Iowa pain
  171. Hillary unleashes..goes on attack on Obama LOL
  172. Thomson, and other observations
  173. Rasmussen Poll - Ron Paul at 14% in NH
  174. Hillary's bringing up Obama's phony anti-war record
  175. Jay-Z knows more about monetary policy than the Republicans (besides Ron Paul)
  176. Best so far
  177. "I am more CHANGE than you are." - democratic debate
  178. Hillarys getting owned!
  179. Vote in a UK poll
  180. Hillary can help us greatly...
  181. Something John Edwards just said....
  182. when are rep's on again?
  183. Get in here
  184. Charlie Gibson points out changes in each candidate...
  185. I missed the Debate!!!! Has someone you tubed it yet?
  186. Facebook Poll has Paul more Presidential with 41% of vote
  187. How can Ron Paul not win ???
  188. Is the Republican debate online somewhere?
  189. Hillary now supports Ron Paul's call on Iraq
  190. Huckabee and Romney Spar on Foreign Policy - Nice Quote at the end
  191. To all Muslims on this forum...
  192. How do American define "Presidential" ??
  193. Bill Richardson sounds a lot like Ron Paul talking about foreign policy
  194. Oh boy - FU Frank Luntz is coming up on Faux
  195. Smart Young People = Ron Paul | Dumb Young People = Obama
  196. All the Facebook polls
  197. Watching the debate made me really think
  198. Democratic Ticket Predictions.....why?
  199. Who Got To Talk Tonight During The Republican Debate
  200. <<<<<<where Is The Effing Youtube?>>>>
  201. Appearing on Leno after this debate will be GREAT
  202. Fred Thomspon/ Abc News snubbed Ron Paul
  203. Facebook post-debate foreign policy question
  204. Why are we so ENERGIZED that everyone has stolen Rons Platform?? Why?a
  205. Youtube or The Ghoul will come for you
  206. Huckabee / Weight
  207. Where is the graph that shows how many PAC donations each one gets
  208. Debate Ratings
  209. I have the video link!!!
  210. Did Mccain really say "We'll miss you tommorrow night Ron?" early in the debate???
  211. Do you really believe RP did poorly?
  212. Clinton calls out Obama!
  213. On the Democrats Debate....
  214. Kudos to the RP Supporter with the 30' Pole
  215. Hillary just said Recession
  216. Requesting link to FULL debate start to finish
  217. Facebook discussion boards need help.
  218. (Youtube) Ron Paul on $100 Oil and the Root Cause - NH Debate 1-5-2008
  219. Hillary is a #####
  220. ive just noticed that hillary
  221. I feel good!
  222. Why did Edwards say Obama was alive when Bhutto said he was murdered
  223. All of RP highlights Youtube
  224. DIGG please - YouTube of Ron's response on oil prices
  225. RP Will Get Boost After This Debate
  226. Listening to the Highlights...
  227. debate blog from ABCNews - "Paul is having a very good night"
  228. After Watching the Debate . . .
  229. Spread this video via facebook.
  230. Ron needs to stand up...
  231. The Ron Paul that Needs To Show Up On Jay Leno
  232. Youtube
  233. Was ABC instructed NOT to talk about Paul?
  234. The best thing about tonight: Paul set himself apart.
  235. McCain's "change" comment
  236. Would NOT let me vote for Ron Paul as "most presidential"
  237. one of the best moments in the debate
  238. Check out this picture. Fred Thompson HATES Ron Paul
  239. ABC took down video???
  240. This so called "change change change" will keep America in "Chains Chains Chains"
  241. Excellent coverage on the NH ch 9 11PM news
  242. An Analysis of how Ron Paul did...
  243. Video of McCain saying "we're going to miss you tomorrow"
  244. Foreign policy gives paul a D-
  245. Which was your favorite part of the debate?
  246. Dr. Paul got no face time!
  247. I know this has been asked already, but
  248. Who had the best political ad?
  249. Where is the youtube of Ron Paul's Speaking Parts?
  250. Funniest moment of the night