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  1. Become a Ron Paul Precinct Captain!
  2. Just signed up for Precinct Captain.
  3. Well, I've applied for Precinct chair tonight...
  4. Sign-up for the new Precinct Captain program.
  5. National HQ Precinct Captain Project Pt 2
  6. What's my precinct?
  7. ***Precinct Captains***
  8. Have you signed up to be a Precinct Captain for Ron Paul yet?
  9. Precinct Captain Database Question
  10. Become a Ron Paul Precinct Captain
  11. VERY IMPORTANT: Become a Precinct Captain NOW!!!
  12. What does the Donor ($) and VIP (!!) codes mean?
  13. ALERT : system will officially launch Saturday morning 1/4/08 - Adam de Angeli
  14. How to get started as a precinct captain.
  15. Targeting voters?
  16. Can I be a captain in another state?
  17. !!s and $$s on my Walk List
  18. Sometimes, it takes a stranger...
  19. Voters.ronpaul2008.com Questions Answered
  20. Quick Question
  21. Did the RP campaign have all this voter info in Iowa?
  22. Should I canvass Dem's in my state?
  23. New precinct captain here, could use some financial assitance for canvasing. :)
  24. Data in another format
  25. Make Sure You Watch The Training Videos So You Can Maximize Results!
  26. watch your back during interviews
  27. How can I sign up for more than one precinct?
  28. Precinct Captain registration failed?
  29. Questions........
  30. Some Information Vert Out of Date on Walking List
  31. DOWNLOAD: Editable precinct-specific handout to give to your neighbors
  32. Advice please, for WV
  33. Awesome little tactic to get people comfortable with changing parties
  34. Question about walking list
  35. Conservative VS Unaffiliated Generic SlimJims
  36. Age Requirement?
  37. Using Precinct lists for mailing?
  38. Mass Email?!?
  39. Redundancy
  40. Need Slim Jims.
  41. Holy cow these videos are long
  42. Precinct Chair: "The Most Powerful Office in America"
  43. In Need of Canvassing Materials
  44. ID'ing Paul voters
  45. Walking List and Lit Drop
  46. Using Google Maps for Precincts
  47. Received email from my designated state coordinator
  48. Some Problems with the site
  49. Put this link to your signature to make it popular!
  50. Information not saving on forms
  51. Multiple people, same phone number
  52. Double UP!!!!
  53. How do I find precinct boundaries?
  54. What do i do?
  55. Need someone to make a "How to be a Precinct Leader" video
  56. White background missing?
  57. Ebay Auction to fund Precinct DVD's and Literature
  58. Pocket Constitutions
  59. How close can we be to polling place?
  60. Unasked question?
  61. Ron Paul Precinct Leader program needs more people
  62. What sort of response rates?
  63. My Log (California)
  64. PDF to Spreadsheet?
  65. a question about the ron paul precinct leader tactic
  66. Ron Paul recruiting 180,000 precinct leaders...this new?
  67. County Coordinators
  68. Precinct Captains Newspaper - "How to Think Like a Libertarian"
  69. ***Call To Action*** I just signed up as a Precint Leader and you should too!!!
  70. HQ's walking lists - keycode/guide?
  71. Technical help needed: I have already tried what the FAQ told me.
  72. Quick question
  73. Can I choose a different precinct than the one it automatically selects?
  74. FAQ about Precinct Leaders system
  75. Instructions for the walking list-for those who couldn't download
  76. Question about the Precinct Leader program.
  77. Precinct Leader...problems please help
  78. Images for self-made flyers
  79. Details of being a Precinct Captain?
  80. Email confirmation
  81. What are Precinct Leaders?
  82. Simple guide for Precinct Captains to win their area
  83. How much money is involved in this?
  84. (DOWNLOAD) My Canvassing DVD, make some and give them out!
  85. Hooray! I have names!
  86. How long is "shortly?"
  87. Codes?
  88. Don't forget to address foreign policy
  89. (I'm a precint leader) Am I allowed to...
  90. Please explain the CODES on the phone/walking lists
  91. Message from Official campaign: Sign up as a Precinct Leader!
  92. Would be nice if my data was not 5 months old
  93. What it takes to be a Precinct Captain
  94. Think this is a good idea?
  95. Walking List Empty
  96. whats a good phone script??
  97. I'm currently watching precinct captain training videos.. but.. I have a question..
  98. No RP supporters AT EARLY VOTING -- This MUST CHANGE!!!
  99. Sharing Campaign Materials***Trust, But Verified***
  100. Walking list question
  101. Hit the houses in between as well -- RP = CommonSense
  102. Which slim jim is the fiscal conservative?
  103. Ron Paul Data Base Frequently Asked Questions
  104. Convince me to become a Precinct Captain.
  105. Phone List on RP Precinct Captain Site
  106. Alternate Phone Script
  107. Have RP "Info Booth" at EVERY POLLING LOCATION!!!
  108. how long?
  109. Precinct Captain Help
  110. I recreuited a new Precinct Captain last night!
  111. What being a precinct captain really means!!!
  112. Michigan: Precinct Leaders for Ron Paul DOUBLE the Vote
  113. Canvassing my precinct
  114. Official Precinct Captain Guidelines and Tips Thread
  115. Can A Precinct Captain Answer This For Me?
  116. Info/DVD source for canvassing?
  117. Now is the time to become a Precinct Leader
  118. Need advice on how to tackle a very large precinct
  119. YouTube: Experiences of a Precinct Leader's Door-to-Door
  120. 373 Precinct Leaders so far in MI, How's your state doing?
  121. HOWTO: Guide to winning your precinct
  122. My precinct handout....
  123. ***ATTENTION***Read This Now, We Know The Way To Win Super Tuesday!!!!
  124. I just signed up to be a precinct leader!
  125. Question for Precinct Leaders - Walking List Codes
  126. precinct capt. question
  127. Question: Military delegates...
  128. ***Letter mailing tips for Precinct Leaders***
  129. HELP! precinct leader question about canvassing
  130. Precinct Leader Question
  131. Voters not at the addresses/phone numbers on my list.
  132. HQ precinct leader address lists
  133. Note to Preceinct Leaders
  134. Explain
  135. My Precinct...
  136. Putting together a presentation for my meetup next week
  137. Precinct Leader website HACKED? :-(
  138. But He Can't Win.... Need Help 4 Door 2 Door
  139. Question about Legality
  140. Buffalo NY Leader Has a Question...
  141. Letter Writing Campaign Can Help You
  142. -1 From the Precinct Captain Total
  143. I need to find out how many delegates we get in my precinct.
  144. How do you change precincts after you've completed a precinct?
  145. Tips: Organizing your Walking List
  146. Looking for precinct leaders in Syracuse Area!
  147. SUPER-DUPER UPGRADE to the Precinct Leader website!!!
  148. This is Adam, Precinct Leader developer, ask me anything
  149. frustrated
  150. Where do they get the numbers?
  151. I signed up as a Precinct Captain, watched the Videos,
  152. exclamation mark under "notes"
  153. TIP - Printing Phone/Walking List PDF files
  154. where to find my precinct leader
  155. All my data is gone
  156. Canvass-Calling ADVOCACY Calls
  157. Include this IN your handouts/walks/mailings - Illegal Immigration
  158. SUPER TUESDAY flyer for around your Precinct
  159. Short on funds? Want to do precinct letter writing? Tips:
  160. Canvassing in FL update
  161. My precinct letter, for those it may help
  162. How to reach your whole precinct for <$200, mail a letter!
  163. ***This Weeks Mission, Precinct Leader Bomb - Ron Asked It!***Check This Out Now!***
  164. Thinking about joining! is it too late for super tues?
  165. Other campaigns using our precinct leader system??
  166. It Is Not Too Late!! U Have 5-6 Days Left!
  167. Ad in my local newspaper in time for Super Tuesday!
  168. Don't Despair
  169. New precinct leader here...
  170. My precinct looking good for Paul and I didn't even try to convert yet
  171. Precinct Spreadsheet Headings
  172. Some Questions on Becoming a Precinct Leader
  173. What does "!" mean on walking list sheet?
  174. If my state primary is already over....
  175. Will Make Phone Calls
  176. Exit Polling or Campaigning?
  177. PL's in non Super Tuesday states CALL YOUR VOTERS TODAY!
  178. My baby came five weeks early!
  179. My first time canvassing
  180. Should precinct leaders from states whose primaries/caucuses are over be reassigned..
  181. Precinct Captain
  182. The Lady at the DMV...
  183. Precinct leader update conf call
  184. To All Precinct Leaders!
  185. Car pool voting
  186. Help Get the Voter Databases for all the States
  187. Elected in my REC & voted for a new Chairman this evening