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  1. New scientific Iowa poll- 2%!!!!
  2. Operation Spooner- Iowa Outreach launched 7pm CST
  3. Poll: Let's see how many tickets can we buy for Iowans
  4. Door 2 Door Des Moines: Operation Groundswell
  5. For the Straw Poll - Operation Adopt-an-Iowan
  6. What I Did...
  7. Iowa Headquarters Website
  8. Suggestion from Texas
  9. Why doesn't anyone talk about a fairtaxx rally in Ames.
  10. Iowa is live
  11. Awesome Ron Paul Attack Flyer!
  12. SPAM Iowa Straw Poll with canned spam - food drive
  13. Yard Signs
  14. Iowa Debate and Iowa Straw Poll Grassroots Game Plan
  15. Announcing: Operation Adopt-A-Iowan Phase II
  16. Get Your Iowa Straw Poll Volunteer Info Here...
  17. Great Media Story for RP in Iowa video
  18. The Ames Straw Poll Evite
  19. Iowa Church going on Sunday Aug. 12
  20. Conflict of interest?
  21. What Comes After Iowa? Iowa!
  22. Links to the Iowa threads?
  23. Iowa flyers project
  24. News from Iowa *LINK*
  25. How do the Iowa Caucuses Work?
  26. Information from 2004, please update
  27. Delegate
  28. Slate.com: "Boozers for Barack" (and maybe Ron Paul?)
  29. Iowans for Tax Relief Fall Kick-Off Event
  30. Delegates???
  31. The Way Iowa Works (IMPORTANT)
  32. Want to help RP win in Iowa, then join The Great Iowa Weekend Walk-Off
  33. Iowa Roll Call!!!!
  34. What's going on in Iowa?!
  35. Iowa ChipIns wanted
  36. Go Door to Door or try to get Local Media Attention ASAP
  37. 22 Billboards going up in Des Moines!
  38. Paul ahead of Romney in Iowa State Republicans survey
  39. Iowa Rp Support Key To The Universe (first 45 counties)
  40. The Next 54 Iowa Counties
  41. The Rest Of Iowa's County Chairs
  42. Iowa GOP Caucus Training Video
  43. How do I caucus for Ron Paul?
  44. Busing folks to Caucuses?
  45. Door to door in Council Bluffs
  46. Ron Paul will WIN in Iowa....
  47. Looking for videographer from Iowa Hawkeye Tailgate
  48. 8% in Iowa!
  49. HUCK #1 In IOWA and rp in 3rd soon !! AWESOME BABY !!
  50. Some Iowa Radio Polling Help
  51. Join the Meetup Alliance
  52. Early Iowa poll results are in!
  53. Ron Paul will get third in Iowa... but
  54. If you want to represent Dr. Paul for MTV...
  55. Fox just showed an Iowa poll and Ron Paul wasn't even listed!
  56. Some good news from Iowa
  57. My New Blog from Iowa!
  58. Speech Given at Local GOP Meeting
  59. Ron Paul is #3 in Iowa
  60. Iowa does not want college votes....
  61. (Already) spinning the Iowa results
  62. Mitt Goes Negative in Iowa!! Yes!!
  63. Conquering Davenport, Iowa
  64. Help win Iowa
  65. Anyone have historical weather data for Iowa between 1st and 6th of Jan.
  66. Iowa and voter commitment
  67. Tip an Iowan Waitress for Ron Paul [Hillary stiffed her!]
  68. Ron Paul Romp in Iowa Caucus
  69. Davenport, IA has been RON PAULIZED
  70. Iowa Report: How Ron Paul Could Become Next President of the US
  71. Help in Southwest Iowa
  72. i recieved my first anti huckabee mailing today (iowa)
  73. Polk County Caucus Attendees
  74. Polk County Caucus Attendees
  75. ***GOAL: Win IOWA***
  76. My Caucus Night Speech
  77. Can 25,000 votes take Iowa?
  78. My take on Iowa - (especially the new 'Iowa Infomercial')
  79. People in Iowa still don't know (step it up!)
  80. I'm looking for two graphs (Iowa polls + fundraising)
  81. Paul At 4% And Huckabee AT 22% In Iowa?!?
  82. Paul closing in on third place in Iowa!
  83. Is there a way to count democratic-republican's in Iowa?
  84. Ron Paul tied with Rudy in Iowa at 8%, beating McCain, and 1% from 3rd! (MSM POLL)
  85. Help needed in Iowa Poll
  86. Dates and times for informercial
  87. City of Chicago, convoy to IA this Saturday
  88. Something To Consider Iowa/Polls
  89. So, we only need ~35-40k votes to win Iowa?
  90. Immigration radio ad?
  91. Ron Paul tied for 4th in Washington Post Iowa poll
  92. for those in states surrounding iowa...
  93. Iowa is SHORT on delegates!
  94. Iowa Caucus Poll... Ron Paul LOSING BIG!
  95. Online vote help needed! Iowa Caucasus
  96. Definitive breakdown of Iowa polling methology:
  97. Iowa Caucus Poll
  98. Anyone in Iowa?
  99. Cedar Rapids needs help
  100. registration deadline?
  101. Columnist for The Hill: "Ron Paul Will Surprise in Iowa"
  102. Callout to anyone in my district.
  103. iowa caucusers, who is your second round choice
  104. Attn all who are unsure how to support Ron Paul in a caucus state and Attn Iowans
  105. Direct-mail showing up in Iowa
  106. Is This Good Or Bad News For Ron Paul In Iowa?
  107. Funding available for ads in Iowa...
  108. Why Ron Paul Will Win Iowa
  109. Just something I noticed here in Iowa City
  110. This could be very good for us in Iowa
  111. Thought on Iowa
  112. TEN (10) Days to Iowa!!
  113. Is anyone providing transport to get people to the caucus in IOWA
  114. Paul moves up to double digits in new Iowa ARG Poll:
  115. BREAKING: Ron Paul at 10% in Iowa!!!
  116. Weather Forecast For Iowa: January 3rd
  117. Huge Iowa News - double digits
  118. How many voters we need in Iowa to win!
  119. Iowa weather for Jan. 3rd: partly cloudy
  120. ***iowa Weather Update*** == Scattered Snow Snowstorms Jan. 3
  121. Kernels from Iowa: Ron Paul wins over Fairfield’s deep thinkers
  122. Paul breaks 10% in Iowa
  123. How will we know who won each caucus location in Iowa?
  124. Weather forecast to be sunny yet freezing in Des Moines, Iowa
  125. Ron Paul Moves Up Six Points in Iowa
  126. My sobering analysis on iowa, from Cedar Rapids
  127. Iowa and Wyoming next week... how do you feel?
  128. Iowa Caucus Poll
  129. Babysitters needed for Iowa Caucaus?!?!?!?
  130. Yahoo Poll: Who will surprise peoplein Iowa? RP at 71%
  131. We need carpools in IOWA
  132. Lew Rockwell on Iowa
  133. Quick Iowa Poll on MSNBC, Ron at 17%?
  134. Iowa voters still undecided?
  135. 2008 Iowa GOP Caucus Coverage
  136. 17% in Iowa??
  137. 6 days to Iowa, Huckabee main threat
  138. Ugh, just got a response back from a letter I mailed to Iowa
  139. Robert Novak: third-place finish in Iowa is not out of the question
  140. Iowa Ride Share/Car Pool
  141. Paul tied for 4th in Iowa, Research 2000 poll
  142. Iowa Caucus Poll: Interesting stats
  143. Iowa poll shows 48% of Republicans want out of Iraq!
  144. For 1st time Iowa caucus attendees
  145. Estimated over 100,000 Poker Lovers in Iowa...
  146. A Request from Iowa
  147. Ron Paul way behind in Iowa on-line poll
  148. Iowa Vote Observers Needed : : Iowans Please Read
  149. News from the Iowa Student Army
  150. Ron Paul THIRD in Iowa power rankings.
  151. RP 3rd in Iowa Power Rankings
  152. Is THIRD Ron Paul's BEST BET in Iowa?
  153. Battlefield Report
  154. What's your prediction for Iowa?
  155. Iowa - Ron Paul Foreign Policy
  156. IOWA becomes much more IMPORTANT NOW !!
  157. My Iowa Caucus Turnout Calculation
  158. Me thinks rudy giulliani will do worse than Paul in IOWA
  159. How many votes do we know we'll get in Iowa?
  160. moving on up ! cedar rapids iowa poll ties for 4th
  161. Need Help Understanding Iowa
  162. 3rd place in Iowa is looking very possible
  163. Winning 1st Place in Iowa
  164. Seeking Iowa Talkshow Call In Numbers
  165. Call HQ for a hand recount in IOWA - cost about $100,000
  166. Iowa Independent blog
  167. Are you Iowans ready to Caucus?????
  168. Iowa House Parties for Ron Paul
  169. Iowa Caucus: Interactive Graphic for visual people
  170. Iowa Caucuses, high of 32*F temps
  171. Iowa Caucus Jan 3rd, 2008
  172. Iowa Cacus
  173. Iowa HQ: Vote Observers Needed in Iowa!! Urgent Need.
  174. When will Iowa caucus results be announced?
  175. **IOWA Caucus Prediction Thread and Bet**
  176. To my Iowa brethren, caucus strategy...please read!
  177. Here's a good introduction to the Iowa caucus.
  178. estimated 83,000 to participate in GOP Iowa
  179. Iowa Vote Counting Issues
  180. What's the Matter With Iowa?
  181. McLame not in Ames = 0 Iowa convention delegates
  182. The reality in Iowa
  183. Vans driving people to the Iowa Caucuses?
  184. The OFFICIAL Iowa predictions thread - NO POLL!
  185. Pass this on to the campiagn !! IOWA Voter Fraud?
  186. Harold Ford: "don't count RP out of Iowa"
  187. BREAKING::possible snow storm Iowa on thursday
  188. Iowa vote counting tricks...Centralized tabulation
  189. Just got back from Iowa
  190. Can the Iowa college kids legally vote?
  191. So...How does the Iowa delegation process work?
  192. Confused by Des Moines Register Poll - paul at 11%? or 9?
  193. Iowa City
  194. Iowa - Caucus - Basic questiosn
  195. Iowa Caucus Thoughts - Ron Paul or the Democrat?
  196. Since Many of You Cite The Iowa Straw Poll...
  197. Ron Polling high with independents in Iowa - Digg It
  198. Offical Iowa FAQ thread - Ask and/or Answer last minute questions.
  199. reflection about Iowa polls... then vs now.
  200. IOWA: "I Owe the World an Apology"
  201. Google Trends
  202. Short report from a friend of mine in Iowa
  203. Iowa Caucus goers: Pamphlet to use to sway LDS folks from Romney to RP
  204. Iowa Weather Forecasts continue to Fall for Caucus Night
  205. Iowa Caucus: If youre 17 you can vote...
  206. TH: Letter to the Editor
  207. Just saw RP 9% in Iowa!
  208. When will we get the results from Iowa?
  209. How will we Poll in IOWA!!!!, VOTE!!!!!
  210. Iowa Prediction
  211. AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH! Read the last paragraph.
  212. Normal wait time for results?
  213. Politicallore's IOWA PREDICTIONS... Let's Turn Out For Ron Paul!!!
  214. An Open Letter to Iowa Skeptics
  215. What combination would be best for Paul in Iowa
  216. Paul was not in Iowa yesterday or today...
  217. The Grassroots Reaction per Position Finished in Iowa
  218. Iowa Info Thread***
  219. All i know is...
  220. Happy Causus Eve everyone
  221. Official Site Directs Caucus Information
  222. Online Database to place an RP supporter in each Iowa precinct
  223. The Official Good Vibes Thread
  224. Just a thank you to Ron Paul Supporters before Caucus Night
  225. Politcal attire is PROHIBITED from polls/caucuses! DON'T REBEL.
  226. Coffee Bean Caucus in Iowa City
  227. One last reminder - How you can get updates from Des Moines
  228. When will we know the results of the Iowa Caucus?
  229. 4th Place Isn't Bad!
  230. Luntz in Iowa
  231. Anyone Live in Des Moines????????
  232. The Caucus Structure benefits us - but it invites Shills and Agent Provocateurs
  233. Monitoring Iowa Caucus
  234. So, how does this work?
  235. Final Zogby IA poll - Paul jumps to 9%
  236. IOWA HQs: Paul vs. Huckabee LOL
  237. Date and Time For Republican Caucus
  238. News: Paul is better organized than Huckabee
  239. IMPORTANT: Link for live results of Iowa Causes on Jan 3!!!!!
  240. do you have a good caucus speech for me ?
  241. Iowa Exit Polling Results
  242. Constitutional Convention of 2008 set to convene
  243. I see many predictions of where the candidates will place, but..
  244. Weather in Iowa
  245. Iowa - The shot heard round the world!
  246. Wow
  247. This isn't being stressed enough in Iowa...
  248. For caucus goers. Watch for dirty tricks.
  249. idea to drive iowans to the caucus?
  250. RP on Ed Schultz Show now!