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  1. Iowa...my Realistic Opinion...
  2. Does it Sicken You Too?
  3. This is my take on Iowa VIDEO
  4. Feeling Down About Ia? Read This!!!
  5. Ron Paul at 10% with 93% reporting
  6. 10% Got Fox's Attention
  7. Jefferson county?! Numbers wrong?
  8. Comparison Of Vote Tallies
  9. Ron Paul has 2 national delegates
  10. I'm flyering all day tomorrow...idc
  11. URGENT!!!! GO TO THIS POST NOW!!! Very Important!!!
  12. One way this might help
  13. Let me explain something to you
  14. This couldn't be any more perfect
  15. Des Moines Register - "Paul wins GOP precinct in Ames"
  16. 11,000/95,000 is 11.57%
  17. The poll is meaningless, it's all about the DELEGATES!
  18. This is just the first battle!!! open this thread and get pumped!!!
  19. 12:30am ET RP votes still not being reported
  20. Iowa is not the end at all... blog from USA Today
  21. Now at 92%?
  22. Illegal Immigration Most Important Issue???
  23. Important - Need To Pay Attention To This!
  24. ---> Delegates and alternates report here <----
  25. If you want to take action, start calling SC and NV voters NOW! Don't wait!!
  26. Huckabee, Romney and Paul ONLY GOP to win a County in Iowa
  27. Was good and Bad in Iowa...i have a bad feeling
  28. When is Ron Paul going to be on Larry King?
  29. Ron Paul leads in Independent Votes
  30. Wolf on CNN mentions Paul - Factor in NH
  31. Could someone please explain the delegate situation?
  32. Yep I knew it, Jefferson delayed, because Paul won!
  33. Lurker turned poster.
  34. Wolf Blitzer Just Says "Don't Neglect Ron Paul"
  35. What is Ron Paul's platform? (marketing)
  36. MSM downplaying Edwards
  37. Message From A Very New Paul Supporter
  38. Good News... Ron Paul WON out of independents, which is great news for New Hampshire.
  39. Was VOXEO used to tally the votes?
  40. Dear Iowa Christians:
  41. Flag Trolls, Don't Reply And Bump
  42. Wolf on Paul
  43. Place Tallying
  44. Ron tied for First Place
  45. Ron Paul Won Jefferson County
  46. Wolf Blitzer plugs Ron Paul
  47. Would it have made a difference if more people wrote letters?
  48. Staying positive after Iowa.
  49. We've had some fantastic new people join the forum tonight - welcome!
  50. 10% is an Evangelical, Bush-loving state!!
  51. Jones County only at 6% - Paul in third
  52. Good News from Iowa
  53. Example of a professional campaign.
  54. The delegate process/head count
  55. Some Winston Churchill Quotes.
  56. What were your expectations for today in % of votes
  57. Still waiting on Jones County
  58. Clarifying the Iowa delegate process.
  59. Is this a blow?
  60. Bill Clinton only pulled 3% from IA in 1992
  61. Iowans - I am proud of you
  62. Lookwhat Politico Said
  63. Inch by Inch
  64. BREAKING: Giuliani wins Nosferatu County!
  65. We surpassed media expectations
  66. Bottom line - Ron Paul needs marketing
  67. From Iowa to New Hampshire
  68. PEP TALK VIDEO: Time for a Change, NOW
  69. Votes Taken from Ron?
  70. Delegate Process @ National Convention
  71. Did RP's total votes just go down?!
  72. Ron Paul could move up to 3rd?
  73. Iowa Resuts, What Now???
  74. Videos leading up to, during, and after Iowa caucas 1-3-08 add more!
  75. Update from an Iowa supporter
  76. You do know we won, right?
  77. The Oldsters Did Us In. Now What?
  78. I think our problem is...
  79. Need help on forum. Help
  80. RP's caucus numbers (humorous)
  81. Jefferson county: The only county in IA worth living in?
  82. Butler, Chickasaw, Fayette and Clayton
  83. Remember when they were shocked when we raised $5m?
  84. Can we give away Nintendo Wii's or Ipods in NH?
  85. 9.99% 96% reporting JEEEZ!!
  86. Time to EXPLODE onto the streets! nothing works better, PROMISE!
  87. This is why thr Iowa Results are Good for Ron Paul
  88. 1:10 ratio Donater:Voter - Translate to N.H.
  89. Also a new Ron Paul convert....
  90. High voter turnout hurt us
  91. Ron Paul Gets Some Revenge - great article from LA Times
  92. Can 10% become 35% and QUICKLY? Consider one of Ron's Top Stock Holdings
  93. Yeah, this is no failure
  94. Iowa: What could have been! NH: What will be!
  95. CNN Iowa coverage now... Unbelievable!
  96. Precinct Captains in New Hampshire
  97. Ron Paul does better in Iowa Caucus than in the Iowa Polls
  98. The Campaigner
  99. From Iowa Managers to the American Grassroots!
  100. Entrance Polls
  101. The new electability argument:
  102. Please help us help the campaign
  103. Preinct-by-precinct results - Des Moines Register - check this against WHAT YOU SAW!!
  104. 10% to us is not the same as 10% to others
  105. Another Thought....
  106. To which company RP campaign outsources ads?
  107. Good news for NH from IA
  108. Reality Check: Where did We Go Wrong?
  109. Thank you Iowa workers, its time to go ape @#$%!
  110. Scrap IA Forum--start NH forum
  111. Please read! Lesson Learned in IA! - Never blow off campaigning in rural areas.
  112. Whats up with Marion County?
  113. A New Hope Guys!
  114. **All Noobs! Please Do This!!**
  115. [Article] Iowa: The Perfect Outcome For Ron Paul
  116. On a positive note McCain and Thompson must be PO'd
  117. We Will Not Lose...
  118. Only county won in Iowa is named
  119. Iowa Lesson: Redirect a Little Dough
  120. Blast the 1812 Overture and get your game faces on
  121. Ron excellent on Larry King
  122. Primaries... Through June 3rd...
  123. John McCain got 5th in Iowa in 2000
  124. Fix the product first. Marketing it comes later.
  125. One Iowans View
  126. 10 is the magic number
  127. this is the attitude
  128. This... is... Iowa!!!
  129. From Jefferson County (THANK BRIAN H)!
  130. Need Some Help Digg People
  131. Why have 5% not reported?
  132. Wolf Blitzer talking up Ron Paul again!
  133. Tancredo freaking out about the Huckster
  134. What is Ron's strongest asset?
  135. 12,000 Iowans were our 300 Spartans
  136. This is just the beginning!
  137. Longtime RP supporter, 1st time poster: GET SOME PERSPECTIVE
  138. Why I'm frustrated...
  139. 10% of the vote in a evangetical filled state
  140. Huckabee vs. Ron Paul on Taxes
  141. Rally Video/pics
  142. We've just ensured that the pro-war vote will be fractured
  143. great LA times article
  144. The importance of following through on a promise
  145. anyone got a youtube of the post-caucus speech?
  146. Could Huckabees win backfire on him later?
  147. What went right - Moneybombing
  148. Ron Paul's Amazing Tax Policy
  149. My Experience Tonight
  150. New TV Ad I Would Like to See
  151. Need a good laugh? Huckabee v. Paul
  152. the results today got , but then Lew Rockwell said something I did not think of......
  153. We did good in Iowa-- Here's why
  154. Kubler-Ross Model - 5 Stages of Grief
  155. Quick positive hits to talk about over and over up to NH
  156. With Huckabee in the Spotlight - The Cockroaches will be Exposed Sooner
  157. What the hell? It's been at 95% for hours now!
  158. A Dr. Ron Paul Internet Reality Show.
  159. NH matters, Iowa doesn't
  160. We earned our 10%!
  161. 5 Reasons why Ron paul will STILL win the presidency
  162. Super Tuesday is the real test.
  163. Republican Fallout
  164. What do you expect Ron will get in NH?
  165. Okay this is great!!!!!
  166. Fight all the way!
  167. Thank you Iowa
  168. 10% is most basic unit instinctively known to man...
  169. Are the RP vacationers for Iowa flying to NH to help?
  170. Operation Vote Count Watch - What'd You Film Last Night?
  171. Faux News excluded Rudy from their results!
  172. One good thing about Iowa
  173. The REAL reason only 10,000 showed up.
  174. Ron Paul's biggest mistake
  175. A Bright Spot in Iowa: Jefferson County & Caucus Analysis
  176. New member's opinion
  177. Paul said he needed the money sooner!
  178. How much cash on hand do you think campaign has?
  179. It's fifth, but a strong fifth
  180. Iowa Results - Republican Vote Count for All Candidates
  181. Gradual increase
  182. Delegates?
  183. Good job Jefferson county! Ron Paul 1st
  184. They need to recount the votes
  185. accourding to this
  186. CORNy reasons for 10% finish.
  187. Iowa S#@K$!
  188. Positive thoughts.
  189. If you think Iowa was bad, just wait...
  190. New Hampshire we need you.
  191. Will we let Fox News EXCLUDE Ron Paul and INCLUDE Rudy who we BEAT? HELL NO!
  192. We are too complicated for the average American
  193. For NH : Take a bus/car/helicopter/hovercraft and give free rides to voters
  194. Something else I noticed from the CSPAN2 coverage
  195. Get Your Heads Out of Your Navels! Ron Paul Rocked IOWA!
  196. All precincts NOT reported?
  197. Voter:Doner ratio 10:1, Implication
  198. The results?
  199. What most influenced our 5th place finish in Iowa?
  200. The math for NH
  201. No one listened to me!
  202. This is important. Please do this now!
  203. Play the Candidate Match Game
  204. The Mainstream Media - The Mainstream Media - The Mainstream Media - WHY WE LOST!
  205. Liberty Broadcast Network only reporting 61%
  206. Paul Won Among Independent Republicans...
  207. Anyone know how well we did with delegates?
  208. The tactical folly of trying to change the GOP. A plea to the Official Campaign.
  209. Who still doesn't understand how polls work?
  210. still seeking post-caucus speech audio - anybody?
  211. Iowa?? enuff said next NH
  212. where's the last 4%?
  213. We have a job to do
  214. One Thing That HAS To Change In Order To Win
  215. Not all polls are equal
  216. Stop saying we "beat Rudy".
  217. Ron Paul wins big in Iowa amoung Independents
  218. Obama, Obama, Obama
  219. What words does Dr. Paul have for us?
  220. Did Ron Paul make a post-caucus speech?
  221. This honestly makes me feel worse than the caucus result
  222. We aren't too complicated for the average American
  223. Forum For NH Strategy And Implementation
  224. What to do
  225. Planning ahead for NH: Is there any support structure for giving rides, etc?
  226. Iowa Caucus Results: Great Insights
  227. Still 95% Reporting??
  228. Important: How We Win This!!!
  229. A Crazy Suggestion for Obama
  230. RCP Average Poll for NH
  231. Need To Focus On Gas Prices With Inflation
  232. Ron Paul precinct wins = actual delegates
  233. Need An Actual Vote Tally For Iowa Caucus
  234. Huck got the most vote from young people...
  235. Iowa = in the past. Lets move on to win!
  236. Almost a perfect victory for Ron Paul
  238. In Strong Christian States We Should Run Him On This
  239. Corn
  240. We hit our number
  241. LA Times: Ron Paul gets some revenge
  242. Caucus Cookies!
  243. Three things we need to do in NH:
  244. So that's it then? (Delegates)
  245. hey... LOOK!!!!
  246. My Confusion on the Numbers
  247. write to the RP HQ!
  248. Thanks to the Iowa effort from Mississippi
  249. Where Paul is expected to do well
  250. Iowa GOP interactive map, with our county