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  1. After I told Newsweak that I was boycotting them, I got this response!!!
  3. Official Campaign Press Release regarding Paul exclusion in Fox debate
  4. Daily Paul on Fox debate- CEASE AND DESIST
  5. Fox Excluding Paul Confirmed
  6. Press Releases › Has Fox News Excluded Ron Paul?
  7. Fox News Contact Information
  8. PLEASE DIGG - Has Fox News Excluded Ron Paul?
  9. NH Debate Rally?
  11. I URGE everyone for CALM...Fox
  12. Fox News Sponsors Contact Information
  13. ***official Send Free Faxes To Fox News Thread****
  14. What to do: How to handle RP being excluded from the Fox debate
  15. Alan Colmes Friday Night Free For All! CALL in NOW!
  16. Fox News Timed This Perefectly
  17. We need to prepare to run an ad in major NH newspapers about Fox News
  18. A message to Fox on their exclusion of Ron Paul from the debate
  19. ***Fax Fox Online for Free!***
  20. List of Fox sponsers contact info HERE
  21. USA Today Retracts Fox Exclusion story.
  22. RP Should invite candidates to his OWN debate...
  23. Local Fox News Protest In Your Town
  24. MOST IMPORTANT!! - Call Your Local Fox Affiliate About This Outrage!!!
  25. Ron Paul Fox News Debate Exclusion Buried on Anti-Paul Bury Squad
  26. Fox is Trolling Us - Think About It.
  27. Fox debate exclusion: Start emailing/faxing now or wait until Monday morning?
  28. Contact your local Fox Affilliate
  29. FOX Debate - URGENT NEWS
  30. Dont call Comcast.
  31. Log On To Fox Site
  32. Alan Colmes said complain to Fox
  33. The Official Campaign has no idea whether they've been excluded or not
  34. The debate is NOT the Fox Forum on January 6
  36. What to do about the debate: Celebrate?
  37. Free poster inspired by fox..
  38. Stop annoying people
  39. Where is the AP article that says RP is excluded?
  40. Fox News and Iowa
  41. What did Ron Paul do about the LAST debate he was excluded from?
  42. Fox just made us all
  43. IT WORKS - Looks like I just cost fox an advertiser
  44. Don't contact Fox, contact everyone else!!! (read me)
  45. best quote ever from the forums
  46. Calm Down Please
  47. Fox Debate Exclusion: Take a breath and think, read:
  48. Are we crazy?
  49. #67 - Boycott FOXnews... UNTIL IT'S OFF THE AIR
  50. People freaking about the Jan 6th Fox debate are not acting on confirmed intelligence
  51. DIGG THIS: Boycott FOXnews... UNTIL IT'S OFF THE AIR
  52. I'm sure they didn't exclude him because they hate him
  53. Outfoxed!!!!
  54. WHo is Fox's competition in MSM?
  55. Everybody go to the chat room
  56. This is what happens when you criticize FOX News on hannity:
  57. Sample letter to FAX the media and "Faux News": WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!
  58. Regarding FOX I think we need to calm down for a sec and follow these instructions...
  59. Storm The Debate!!!
  60. The exclusion is CONFIRMED by BOTH the NH Rep Party and the AP!
  61. roll call: glad dr paul is being excluded
  62. Master Email List For Media Outlets
  63. Someone create a listserv with all the fox email addys
  64. Protest Outside Of The Fox Debate
  65. SLAM Fox/NWS on Yahoo Finance Message Boards
  66. IMPORTANT: Debate is Jan. 5, FORUM is Jan. 6
  67. PLEASE - Remain calm until Monday.
  68. The polls prove Fox has no reason to exclude Paul
  69. Operation: Annex The Media
  70. Moderators Place A Link To This Forum At The Top!
  71. IMPORTANT: PLEASE get the dates right!
  72. Create TV and newspaper ads for January 6th
  73. Compiled FOX Mail-Addresses
  74. give them comms bomb
  75. Psyop, don't fall for it. Focus on the positive.
  77. Urgent Ron Paul Forward
  78. "Fox news sucks" MONEY BOMB on the 5th?
  79. MAKE foxnews look stupid by HUGE suprise in IOWA
  80. Idea to show support at the debate
  81. Do what we did in Iowa!!!!
  82. Use This to Get out in Full Force in the coming Week events!
  83. A Video Reminder Of The Last Time Fox News Did This BULLS***
  84. DIGG, Boycott FOXnews... UNTIL IT'S OFF THE AIR
  85. How to react to FOX censorship?
  86. What Would Ron Paul Do!
  87. Confirming Call to Action: This is Not a Drill
  88. The time for *peaceful*, *lawful*, and *non-violent* ACTION is RIGHT NOW!
  89. FLY the BLIMP to the FOX DEBATE!! Urgent plea to the skies.
  90. Fox News Forum, Sovereignty not on the table
  91. NH REPUBLICANS: Tell Your State Party They Will LOSE Your Support
  92. We've Doen Our Good Faith Effort... It's Time To Be Heard
  93. YOUR incredible energy & RP's truth r at stake: a time to chill.....
  94. Digg This: Video About Freedom/liberty
  95. This is a great video showing Fox's bias towards Ron Paul
  96. Be MAD but be POLITE?!
  97. If they donīt want RP in the forum, who canīt do NOTHING!
  98. Iowans don't let us down!
  99. Fox News - Hijacking An Election
  100. Why we donīt focus to get more votes from Iowa and NH ?
  101. Digg is Censoring This: My letter to Judge Napolitano regarding Ron Paul and FoxNews
  102. An observation...
  103. Let's call it Ron Paul Day!!
  104. Let's make Fox Noise problem work for our advantage (A Plan)
  105. Lets contact the other candidates publically and ask
  106. Fox news forum is NOT the ABC debate.
  107. DIGG Anti-Paul Bury Brigade Censored All 16 Stories
  108. This is a good thing!!!
  109. Focus On This Now!!!
  110. All You Need To Know. . .
  111. New Hampshire Grassroots: What ACTION are you taking about the Fox News Forum?
  112. Attack the SPONSORS like was done with GLENN BECK
  113. If you want to hut our chances in NH, keep contacting the NH GOP.
  114. Stuff to CITE in letters to editor/etc about this
  115. Another contact list
  116. paul excluded from debate forum
  117. ***think Before You Act, There Could Be People Here Who Don`t Want Ron Paul To Win!
  118. Post on Stock Market Forums
  119. good article slams FOX
  120. Have MASSIVE Rally outside debate location...
  121. Digg/Dugg - Will There Be a Run on NewsCorp (NWS) Holdings?
  122. If you want to have an effect, contact drudge
  123. Compiled list of FOX News email address, phone numbers, fax, and sponsors
  124. Partial list of Fox 2 St. Louis, MO sponsors
  125. Contact News Corporation!
  126. If you don't believe we can change FOX news then how can you chage a country?
  127. Notice of controversy - what's the best use of resources?
  128. Censorship-->Opportunity-->Counter programming-->Millions join the Revolution
  129. Jane Aitken on the New Hampshire Debate situation
  130. Good Morning! - Today's task is to get Ron Paul INCLUDED in the Fox News Forum!
  131. FOX Strategy Analysis
  132. New Years March!!!
  133. Poke Fox News in the Eye for Ron Paul
  134. Two websites that list FOX News Sponsors
  135. Boycott Fox and every single sponsor. E-mail them to show it.
  136. Do We Even Need Ron Paul On The Fox Debate To Win????
  138. Stock and Advertiser Boycott blogging needs to go viral
  139. My e-mail to Fox News
  140. GREAT letter to FOX!!!
  141. How are we going to protest FOX excluding RP?
  142. Operation Blowback!
  143. If you are going to write an email, do me one more favor
  144. Buy tickets in support of other candidates?
  145. Executive Director of Republican Party on Washington Journal!
  146. Strategy - Polite - A deluge on their communication network!~
  147. Fox's main Sponsors contact information
  148. "Friendlies" in the MSM can help?
  149. Up mod this on Reddit
  151. Contact list of Fox's advertising executives
  152. What candidates will be in the debate?
  153. My tactic for dealing with this problem.....
  154. SUCCESS!! -- Local Fox affiliate just lost car dealer advertiser
  155. NewsCorp Stock Drops!!
  156. Moderator - Please Sticky Master List for us
  157. How much press would Huck get excluded????
  158. Why would St Anshelms college
  159. Battle Plan For Nh Debate
  160. One RADIO Car Dealership ad is worth $40,000 a month
  161. Hit Fox in the OTHER place it hurts: FCC Approvals.
  162. Boycott your local Fox Affiliate
  163. Great post and idea's on dailypaul.com
  164. Suggest that the issue be CENSORSHIP, which is bigger than Dr. Paul
  165. Exclusion is good. Thanks Fox.
  166. Holy Crapola!! Calm Yourself
  167. Make sure NH local media all know about this
  168. Ron Paul March
  169. Fox News supporters here......
  170. This vid about RP exclusion needs to go viral quickly
  171. A Plea to all of you
  172. Food and Fox
  173. Please help get this page ranked in google
  174. The WORST option is to actually get RP included!
  175. Sign the MSM petition, and help finance our own PROFESSIONAL POLLS before NH!
  176. Tim for a new blimp banner exposing FOX NEWS bias
  177. Why NOT call HN Gop? Maybe we can get them to pull sponsorship?
  178. Will Iowa caucuses shake up Republicans?
  179. Very good WND article
  180. Every interview/meeting/speech RP has to say he was excluded.
  181. Now on Fox about Wall Street and candidates...
  182. Local Media Channels?
  183. If you are arrested for civil disobediance while protesting the debate...
  184. Unleash hell
  185. Rally Has Been Suggested On Daily Paul
  186. Ten FANTASTIC reasons to INCLUDE Ron Paul in the Fox News Forum!
  187. Simplification of Fox News Sponsor Boycott-bomb
  188. Your Over-Emotionalism Will Harm Ron Paul..
  189. Fox wants your input
  190. Somebody could ....
  191. EXCELLENT video advice from Jive Dadson--great points!
  192. List Of Fox News Sponsors
  193. When a corporation can be used to hi-jack an election a rEVOLution must occur!
  194. Pre-Emptive Stike on Iraq? Now on FOX? Deja Vu?
  195. This forum is being censored FOX NEWS STYLE
  196. SUCCESS #3 - Another lost advertiser
  197. Does anyone remember the LAST FOX debate (December 4)?
  198. "Unfair & Unbalanced"
  199. Lessons from the past
  200. Why?
  201. POST HERE - Have you cost your local Fox affiliate an advertiser yet?
  202. Can we talk about getting this in the papers tomorrow?
  203. Fox within rights to exclude Paul
  204. If RP isn't in the debate will you be there?
  205. So how long have the Fox
  206. Enlist Olbermann to Fight Fox?
  208. Air a commercial before/during the Fox Forum
  209. Oh man! You all have to watch this 22 sec clip. It says it all
  210. Ideas to Combat Fox:
  211. "Ron Paul Newspaper Day"
  212. What will you do to ensure your voice is heard?
  213. Ron Paul Car Parade Day
  214. Family Day
  215. 3rd in Iowa
  216. Our own event
  217. Boycott 4 Freedom!!!!!!!!!!!
  218. You guys know that there is a nationally televised debate on Jan 5th, right?
  219. Join NH writing letter writing campaign mention media bias.
  220. Stop the boycott! KEEP RON PAUL OUT
  221. Fox news
  222. Century Faux - Outfoxed - Logo
  223. Why Not A Rally-Protest in NH? Rally BOMB!!!
  224. 198 Methods of Nonviolent Action
  225. Take a break - Wyoming precinct committee members need letters
  226. The Revolution Musters at Fox Debate
  227. Refuse to be violent - or they will prevent our rallies
  228. Fight FOX NEWS Via F.C.C now!
  229. Two talking points if you want to be positive to FOX...
  230. Don't let this fox thing take away from REAL grassroots.
  231. Post debate event with web simulcast?
  232. ATTENTION: Rupert Murdoch is backing Hillary
  233. IMPORTANT: Ron Paul Responds to FOX -- DIGG IT!
  234. Don't Help Fox Change Their Mind Before Iowa Vote, Do This Instead...
  235. Bill O'Reilly's voicemail at Fox?
  236. Has FOX shown any signs of cracking?
  237. FOX debate - Get Tickets!
  238. Murdoch The Maniac supports Hillary and is therefore excluding RP
  239. update on Rally?
  240. Fox has A LOT of enemies already. Let's leverage them!
  241. Let's target the whole Murdoch empire worldwide & make it come crashing down to halt
  242. DIGG it "Paul: Fox News is 'scared of me'"
  243. MYSPACE!!!! (owned by FOX)
  244. One paragraph summary of the controversy being discussed here please -- been AFK
  245. This is FOX's Toto moment for America.
  246. Let us make an Ad on this censorship!!
  247. We need a forum exclusion as an excuse to destroy FOX News?
  248. Comprehensive list of ALL fox news emails -- It's time for an email bomb
  249. FOX has no rights!! It is unethical!
  250. Deja Vu