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  1. DC Downsizer.........DIGG & spread, PLEASE re FOX debate
  2. Send "OUTFOXED" to everyone online
  3. We Can Get Dr Paul on the Fox News Debate!!
  4. A (legal) idea for PAYBACK at the FOX Debate
  5. New Frame: FOX is censoring the view of 65% of people in NH
  6. Fill their inboxes - Email addresses of Fox News VIPs
  7. Where is Ron Paul????
  8. DEAR FOX - You have now lost 4 advertisers.
  9. DIGG - We Made FRONT PAGE: Help Moderate Comments
  10. Give it to Fox HARD! (Very Easy)
  11. Fox News Contact Information!!!
  12. Contact Jack Cafferty and Andrew Napolitano - The only 2 people in the media I trust
  13. Makes this video go viral......
  14. My Fox Detorit.com
  15. There are almost 10 different diggs on this, please digg this one.
  16. Fox Affiliates around the country
  17. DIGG still censoring
  18. Here's the email I sent to my local affiliate.. feel free to use.
  19. Fox News - When Life Hands You Lemons
  20. Fox New Publicity Stunt
  21. Murdoch & Hannity & O'Reilly really said this?? UNREAL
  22. the entire main stream media is corrupt
  23. "Its something our CIA calls blowback..."
  24. Targetting fox news advertisers - The walktrough
  25. Hannity and Colmes has shut down their email
  26. Proof of FOX anti-war bias - 1 hour 6 minute mark
  27. Send to Drudge
  28. A Better Course of Action
  29. Doesn't this Boycott remind you of something??
  30. Contact the major institutional holders of NWS stock
  31. Fox News: 1-888-369-4762
  32. How many of you have e-mailed or called the sposors of Fox News?
  33. Is there any way to robo-call all fox phones?
  34. Location Location Location
  35. has it been confirmed that Ron Paul was not invited to the Fox "Forum"
  36. FOX : Need Propeller Votes
  37. Call Fox News CORPORATE @ 212-301-3000
  38. Is the Date Jan 6th or Jan 10th?
  39. Message To Dr. Paul: Just Go Anyway!!!
  40. The Solution Seems Pretty Simple to Me - The People of NH need to...
  41. Excluding Ron Paul is already Backfiring
  42. Let's have 50,000 emails in the FCC mailbox by Monday morning
  43. Marching Orders from Al Queda Guy! (no wonder Ron isn't invited!)
  44. Exclusion of Ron Paul @faux news
  45. Anyone call the FEC?
  46. News Corp Boycott shouldn't be limited to RP supporters
  47. Yahoo Finance Board-SELLOFF of NWS thread!
  48. How to File an FEC complaint - please do this!
  49. We should contact the host, St. Anselms, as well
  50. Somebody Make A Youtube Video!
  51. Boycott News Corp Stock?
  52. Is Keyes also beeing Excluded?
  53. I love my mom!
  54. Find Your Local Fox Affiliate :) Thanks NewsCorp
  55. I just cancelled all my services and products involving Rupert Murdoch.
  56. Chris.Wallace@foxnews.com
  57. VIRAL: Cannazine article about exclusion
  58. Cancel your DirectTv (Owned by FNC parent company NewsCorp)
  59. Fox News is Scared of Ron Paul!
  60. "THANK YOU!" from the New Hampshire gop--they arent the problem.
  61. Satellite Radio Subscribers: Demand that Fox news is dropped
  62. Fight Fox with the Free Market! (The NBC Solution)
  63. My First Step- Let me know what you think
  64. Complete List of Fox LOCAL TV Affliliates Phone and Fax Numbers
  65. Email Bomb?
  66. False advertizing
  67. phone lines!!!
  68. List Of Companies Supporting Freedom
  69. Get Ron's "Scared" Quote On Drudge
  70. Ok what is all of this for
  71. Better Idea re Fox
  72. >>>January 2nd, 2008 - National Day of Local Fox Statition Protests<<<
  73. INTEL Request: Leaked Fox Memos?
  74. Are they having a froum for Deomcrats? Who's coming?
  75. Stop Emailing
  76. We need to refocus
  77. story has hit the left-leaning blogs - Thinkprogress
  78. Contact Saint Anselms
  79. Just got a response to me email from the forum's College President
  80. Fox News Contact Master List
  81. Action Item #1: Tell Everyone
  82. Which is better for the Ron Paul Revolution: Inclusion or Exclusion in Fox Debate?
  83. Email CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and CBS to get them to cover this story!
  84. Current FOX News Sponsors
  85. Uber Massive News Media Email List - Copy & Paste Version
  86. This video says it all about FOX news
  87. Fox News NH forum a hoax?
  88. Fox Forum rally needs to be planned.
  89. Daily Paul: Let's Put on Our Thinking Caps!
  90. **TAKE ACTION: Help DownsizeDC fight FoxNews' exclusion of Paul!!**
  91. LOL, FAUX NEWS is helping us
  92. Taking one step over the line FauX News has drawn in the sand
  93. Invade the Debate
  94. The Hew Hampshire Rally!
  95. Iowa is the key to the debate
  96. Ron Paul: The time is NOW
  97. Campaign must say no unless it's equal time and on real topics
  98. More Contact Info for FOX NEWS! PLEASE VIEW!
  99. Anybody Having Problems With Myspace
  100. Murdock's Email Address
  101. Nuts To Fox
  102. NH Forum and Signing of the 2nd Declaration of Independence
  103. Apparently Proctor and Gamble are getting inundated with emails.
  104. Remember people, Fox News picked this fight
  105. Call Judge Napolitano to Speak up against excluding Dr. P on Debates
  106. It's simple, follow the $$$, focus on Advertisers
  107. What city is the Fox forum in?
  108. Debate exclusion up on a GOPblog: Polipundit
  109. FOX forum INFORMATION RESOURCES - post your details here.
  111. An official at the New Hampshire GOP said that Paul might still be included
  112. Imagine RP Live via Blimpcast.
  113. circumvent Fox email spam filters
  114. Let's NOT overreact...Don't fall for the Trap!
  115. Do we really want to save America?
  116. ????? Urgent Read
  117. Ron Paul NOT excluded?
  118. We got a nice donation spike...
  119. FOX News: Ron Paul, the Real Republican
  120. Just Created my First video on Youtube
  121. itunes Fox ratings
  122. Fox Debate Was Cancelled 3 Weeks Ago?
  123. What The Hell Is Going On?
  124. Ron Paul NOT excluded from Fox News Debate!!!
  125. If Dr. Paul is excluded can he still go to the forum
  126. I call foul on Nolan
  127. Ron Paul IS excluded - the nolan chart article is wrong
  128. What can anyone make of this article?
  129. Fox News is still crap - Nothing's changed
  130. Ron Paul should offer a sound bit at the ABC debate about his omission...
  131. The Nolan chart article is WRONG - stop posting it / bumping it
  132. Fox News Debate: Post-Debate Poll
  133. Just an idea to combat Fox
  134. Phone blitz is ON!!!
  135. **** Official **** Fox "forum" / News Corp counter-offensive thread
  136. Support Fox News' Decision...and why.
  137. WND article: Ron Paul excluded from debate? Not exactly (here it comes)
  138. Lets take the NWS sell off to next level
  139. Attacking the wrong people
  140. The *FORUM* on Jan. 6th is HAPPENING and Paul is EXCLUDED! Ignore the DISINFO!
  141. AP, NH GOP and Nolan: All Wrong!
  142. PetitionOnline author is Alex Jones
  143. I have contact information for all the top fox advertisers
  144. FCC laws and the upcoming forum....
  145. Anyone here Actually TALK to the NH GOP?
  146. Lets settle this issue: Is the "FORUM" at St. Anselm College in Goffstown? Yes or No?
  147. Fordward This Article To Other News Channels!
  148. Will FOX be asking again about 3rd party run???
  150. *READ THIS* The Whole Story So Far
  151. Finally after 5 hours we have the truth to what is happening
  152. Proof that the Jan. 6 event was CANCELED >>Read NOW<<
  153. Call FOX NEWS to get the facts
  154. Write letters, you dolts
  155. CONFIRM: AP story is ONLY source for supposed Jan. 6th Fox News Candidate Forum
  156. Jesse Benton Speaks!!!
  157. Okay, so some logic.
  158. I hope you guys are right...
  159. Listen To What The Campaign Says, Not What These Few Forums Members Say!
  160. Solution to the Problem. Run more Ads that day.
  161. Te debate was canceled
  162. Ron Paul NOT Excluded from FOX Debate (?)
  163. Personally i don't give a crap...
  164. Don't give fox room for an excuse.. RP was not invited
  165. Let's make sure no-one ever advertises on Fox again
  166. Next level time?
  167. This could be devastating to the campaign
  168. Fox Forum issue, more proof you can't trust the media
  169. Just cancelled my DirecTV account over this...
  170. My thoughts on the Fox Forum Debate
  171. New (positive) boycott-oriented idea...
  172. Let's continue the fight, it's not like
  173. News Corp boycott
  174. What can we do if he is excluded?
  175. WND Still Reporting Debate Canceled / Digg (no retraction yet)
  176. What we need...
  177. Please sticky OUTFOXED (movie about FOX)
  178. Ron Paul to Speak at closing ceremony of the 2008 New Hampshire Liberty Forum
  179. Proof That People Are Overreacting On Immigration Ad
  180. Boycott site
  181. Best Buy?????????????
  182. Little Green Footballs Spreading Lies on Digg About FOX FORUM!
  183. You Guys Are Awesome
  184. This is What Happened the Last Time Ron Paul was excluded!
  185. There Is No Debate On January 6th!!! [Admin- info disputed]
  186. Local Fox Affiliates
  187. Watch what happened to Ralph Nader he showed up to fox debate uninvited
  188. We have Backed up Best Buys Servers with Boycott Inquiries!
  189. TRUE OR NOT, Fox deserves to go down
  190. Suggestion: Proper action for possible debate exclusion
  191. Nov 30 - Concord Monitor discussion on debate/forum
  192. Where is the fox news forum on the 6th being held?
  193. The War on Fox still STAND! Ron was excluded...
  194. Please Stop the Fox Madness
  196. Major DIGG Comment moderation needed in this crap
  197. WHOA!! Local Fox TV Wants to Inteview Me About Forum!
  198. List of Fox News sponsors with links!
  199. Fox News Phone Blitz Redueax
  200. Iowa change Fox Debate?
  201. Prepare to Travel to New Hampshire Now!
  202. Dump Fox News and their Sponsors Stock Day
  203. <<<Has Fox News Excluded Ron Paul? pt. 2>>>
  204. Ron Paul Still Not Invited
  205. There are only three possibilities. Plan for each one
  206. Fox News Boycott
  207. Will there be a rally?
  208. 1-888-369-4762
  209. Fox news debate
  210. Did any news networks report Paul saying propagandists?
  211. The Truth behind Fox
  212. The Real Reason behind Fox's Decision
  213. Help Squelch Disinformation
  214. It's frustrating but read this
  215. DAILYPAUL: Final Money Bomb of 2007: Goal - A $20 Million Quarter
  216. Fox News insider reports (spoof)
  217. Jan 6 Brunch/NH Republican Party's Involvement in excluding Dr. RP from the NH Forum?
  218. Anybody else see the update from headquarters?
  219. Official CAMPAIGN PRESS RELESE *confirms* FORUM and EXCLUSION!
  220. Confirmation from the Baltimore Sun!
  221. New Hampshire radio "Bomb" (Fox News)
  222. List of Local/National FOX E-MAIL Addresses?
  223. That's it --- I've deleted Fox News from my TV tuner....
  224. Do NOT call local Fox affiliates
  225. Miracle 12/31 online - Murdoch hasn't sent talking points to Wall Street Journal yet
  226. Spam filters are blocking my mass emails to the media, help?
  227. Ron Paul should boycott the Fox Forum
  228. Are we going to let Faux News EXCLUDE our candidate? Heck no!
  229. Please sign this petition-19,264 already did
  230. FOX affiliate confirms Paul's Exclusion Video
  231. Local FOX affiliate confirms Paul's Exclusion
  232. Fawkes News - By Their Fruits We Shall Know Them
  233. Fauxing NWC
  234. FAX, CALL, EMAIL, SHOUT, and POST your OUTRAGE - It's Monday Morning MAYHEM!
  235. These guys have a good idea
  236. Ask ABC News...
  237. Catch-22 - How does the campaign office get through to Fox if we jam up the phones?
  238. Sign Bomb to Boycott Fox Advertisers
  239. Complete List - FOX TV Affliliates That Our Are Friends
  240. Noland Chart Retracts Article -- Release the Hounds
  241. Paul Is Excluded ! Great Opportunity!
  242. Additional NEWSCORP contact information!
  243. 2 Money Bombs On Same Day !!!!
  244. Contact Your Local News Stations!
  245. 30mins.....Until stock market opens!!
  246. We need someone from the military to create an ad, asking Fox to support the troops'
  247. Fox Radio Bomb (New Hampshire)
  248. List of Fox television affiliates (by U.S. state)
  249. KPTM, Fox Affiliate ...gives favorable coverage
  250. Dump Newscorp stock