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  1. $12 million goal: possible through consistancy
  2. RESPONSE NEEDED BY NOV 8! Boston Tea Party Commemoration
  3. Bill Of Rights Day/boston Tea Party Weekend Money Bomb!
  4. Sooo.... Dec 16th....
  5. Boston Tea Party Dec. 16th
  6. Which day would be the best Money Bomb day?
  7. Another money bomb date
  8. Visit http://www.teaparty07.com/ and take a look at it!
  9. WeekendOfLiberty.com - next step?
  10. Nov. 11th is too soon for me, I'm saving up for Dec. 16th
  11. *This December 16th* - Money Bomb
  12. Mass Circulate This Boston Tea Party Flyer!
  13. Next Donation Drive (Input Please)
  14. Tea Party '07 shirts?
  15. Weekendforliberty.com?
  16. Opinion- Donations should be on December 16th
  17. VOTE HERE: weekendforliberty.com - yes or no?
  18. VOTE HERE: Campaigning Dec 15th, Moneybomb Dec 16th - good plan?
  19. Final Call for Alternative Website Names
  20. Vote for Best Dec15/16 Website Name!
  21. Weekend For Liberty = Bill of Rights Day + TeaParty07. Example Photoshop. *PIC*
  22. Which of the top 2 names?
  23. Donate all on the 16th (Sunday) to get max exposure Monday
  24. PRO vs. CON of both weekendforliberty.com and teaparty07.com
  25. how about 15th for sign hanging bomb/ 16th for the money
  26. We need to focus on one day and break the six million record.
  27. December 16th Video
  28. December 16th Video
  29. Our New Tea Party
  30. 100,000 Donors
  31. We must all work together for DEC 16TH!
  32. Slogan for TeaParty07 ?
  33. To Admins: The forumsection should be renamed to 16th December only
  34. Moneybomb Must Be On Dec 16th To Make It Huge!
  35. PLEASE, finnish the DEC 16th web-site ASAP!
  36. Request for Graphics and YouTubes for TeaParty07
  37. Tea Party 07 Graphics/Backgrounds
  38. Popular Slogan Ideas?
  39. Updates on TeaParty07 sticky, 1st post
  40. Event idea for Bill of Rights day - Dec 15th
  41. 48 hour donation period?
  42. Viral marketing idea for Weekend of Liberty
  43. Vote for Best Dec 16 Slogan!
  44. Vote for Best Dec 16 Slogan!
  45. A house divided cannot stand
  46. Please stick to one day. The 16th was the day originally planned. Drop the 15th
  47. WeekendOfLiberty structure ideas or "If I was king of the world" ;)
  48. Possible Itinerary
  49. Here we go!! Compromise for 15th and 16th
  50. New Tea Party Graphic
  51. Bill of Rights day suggestion
  52. Ideas for BoRs Day site?
  53. On December 16th Design
  54. TeaParty07.com to be live tonight/tomorrow
  55. Ron Paul Quote Video
  56. TeaParty07 T-shirts - Who can design one?
  57. Interesting tidbit on the original Boston Tea Party
  58. Which of the slogans do you prefer?
  59. TeaParty07 - We've got media coverage already...
  60. A mini-event for Bill of Rights day?
  61. DEc. 15th rallies/signs - extra noise in early states Iowa, NH, SC, etc.
  62. A Call For Meetup Group Events On The 15th
  63. Watch this excellent TeaParty07.com YouTube Promo!
  64. December 15th/16th Video
  65. Please rename this forum section name
  66. My humble T-Shirt Design
  67. A new name for Dec 15th and 16th.
  68. what happened to www.teaparty07.com?
  69. Printable Dec 15th/16th Flier
  70. Round#2 - Vote for best slogan!
  71. Have a $1 donation option
  72. something added to my Dec 16th design
  73. A word of warning
  74. Why a 100 Million Dollar Boston Tea party is doable
  75. THE Coming "16th of December Boston Tea Party Money Bomb"
  76. Three Tea Party '07 Shirts - Ready for print!
  77. Two-tier, Mass Appeal Message
  78. Tea Party 07 Website Design Idea
  79. Make November a Month to Remember - warmup to Dec 16th
  80. Which slogan? (Yes, another one of these lol)
  81. Links For The Boston Tea Party - Sources for Information
  82. www.teaparty07.com still the URL?
  83. Free Advertising for Ron Paul! Today!! We can't afford not to!!!
  84. TeaParty07 Merchandise
  85. Tea Party 07 Web Design Idea
  86. Personal Goals: 2x to make $10 million!
  87. setting up TeaParty07.com- tech help please!
  88. Focusing on Hillary
  89. Thought Bombing. Coordinated Strikes.
  90. Hopefully we're getting close to the last of slogans lol...
  91. An idea.
  92. Hi CNN!
  93. For the reenactment...
  94. Who is Ron Paul? I am Ron Paul!
  95. TeaParty07.org----Does someone here own it?
  96. My Tea Party Design
  97. Liber-Tea-Party I like it
  98. Need everyone's help to check propagation status of TeaParty07.com
  99. Programming help needed Bill of Rights Volunteer Day Site help
  100. Beware of fraudulent TeaParty07 sites...
  101. pics needed for BoRD Volunteer site
  102. Another Tea Party Design
  103. TeaParty07.org
  104. Nov 5th email about the .org and .net teaparty07 sites?
  105. T-Shirts For Printing (Someone Set Them Up)
  106. ronpaulmoneybomb.com?
  107. Paul Revere March-Video
  108. Teaparty.org - Fraud?
  109. December 16th rally?
  110. Thank you for your input
  111. HEY LOOK. An article about US!!!
  112. 112 subscribers?
  113. National Boston Tea Party Commemoration Event
  114. TeaParty .ORG .NET- clarification
  115. December 16th Was Advetised On CNN!
  116. The Power of Focus....DEC 16TH.
  117. Seven degrees to John Mayer
  118. teaparty07.com is just white...
  119. thisdecember16th.com harming the campaign?
  120. I still can't get to teaparty07.com site. What is going on?
  121. Hawt new slogans
  122. Tricorner hats as symbol of idea-based revolution
  123. OMG! GET THE www.teaparty07.com ONLINE ?
  124. Tea Bags to News Companies
  125. Promoting Ron Paul & Dec 16th
  126. 10 Million Goal: Too Small?
  127. TeaParty07.com Looks Great!
  128. http://TeaParty07.com does NOT have "www"
  129. I can finally see the site....some comments.
  130. Subscription by email not working?
  131. MEETUP PROJECT: Make a list of local news orgs and start mailing tea bags
  132. UNITE under ONE SITE for the tea party
  133. Link to TeaParty07 from ThisNovember5th
  134. Need a banner or something to promote on website
  135. Bulk Tricorner hats
  136. You guys are going to LOVE this!
  137. Link Tea Party to Christmas Donations
  138. Will the number of subscribers be listed? And....?
  139. Flyer Text
  140. Great new from Rasmussen reports
  141. Which Website Is The Right One?
  142. The majority of people do not want to receive a daily email.
  143. Boston Tea Party Video
  144. What is the absolute upper limit we could raise on Dec 16th?
  145. Frequency of emails from TeaParty07.com
  146. Donation Options -- TeaParty07.com
  147. How can we spread this to NON Ron Paul sites?
  148. Problems/Ideas/Suggestions for www.teaparty07.com
  149. 15th/16th Marketing Strategy Thread
  150. thisdecember16th.com now linked to teaparty07.com
  151. Site looks f'd up in Firefox
  152. TeaParty07 only through ondecember16th.com
  153. REQUEST TO OWNERS OF teaparty07.ORG & teaparty07.NET
  154. ** Critical ** re Dec 16 ** please read
  155. Rights Rally 07 Website ready for viewing!
  156. How Much You Are Going To Donate ATLEAST On DEC 16TH
  157. No one understands "inflation tax"
  158. is the TeaParty07.ORG site legit?
  159. Love the main Tea Party youtube video
  160. Tax-protestor movie on TeaParty07.com
  161. Freedom to Fascism- should it stay or go?
  162. Inflation Tax- stay or go?
  163. Myspace Bulletin for Tea Party 07.. feel free to copy
  164. Everyone with Myspace.. POST THIS BULLETIN! teaparty07
  165. Sign-up site suggestion - add way for visitors to send e-mails out
  166. Wait...why is ronpaulgraphs.com tracking the subscribers to teaparty.com?
  167. December 16th Video
  168. Wasn't it 13 million?
  169. The most telling Paul statistic:
  170. Two sites promoting Dec. 16th? This is confusing
  171. Again...Please get rid of INFLATION TAX from Tea Party site
  172. How many of your friends will donate?
  173. $100 is chump change....everyone should shoot for $200 min
  174. Please post all TeaParty07 YouTubes here
  175. Ideas to get more donations...
  176. Excellent video on teaparty07.com
  177. revamped image for teaparty07.com
  178. MICHIGAN: Teaparty07.com still not up
  179. A Teaparty-only flash widget?
  180. Any comcast internet users unable to load teaparty07.com? PLEASE LET US KNOW!
  181. A great movie.
  182. I need graphics help
  183. Best Boston Teaparty video!
  184. Should we publish a donor list to TeaParty07 site?
  185. Tea Party Logo Submissions Here
  186. Making The Tea Party a Success
  187. Bandwidth Considerations for the 16th??
  188. People with talent, start making videos for tea party 07!
  189. Anyone NOT with Comcast than cannot access the site?
  190. TeaParty07.com connection poll
  191. Order your signs for the 15th of Dec. from HQ on Nov. 11th if possible!
  192. teapartyo7.org still up
  193. Teaparty07; new video added
  194. Rights Rally 07 map - help needed!
  195. Tea Party in San Francisco - I need help
  196. Poems, Quotes for TeaParty07.com
  197. Freedom to Fascism: UPDATE
  198. International support for our Tea Party!
  199. Sunday donations compromise
  200. Drop the 15th, focus on 16th
  201. We should dump ten thousand one dollar bills into boston harbor during TeaParty07
  202. Consensus Politics - Amazing!
  203. teaparty07.NET and .ORG not being forwarded to .com?
  204. Ideas/suggestions for rightsrally07.com
  205. Extremely Important: Please Keep In Mind
  206. Virginia - Teaparty07.com up only briefly, now down
  207. URGENT: Website Resolution Display Problems
  208. The true Tea Party goal
  209. Fox News Philadelphia Buries Rally
  210. Ways to get more money donated on the 16th
  211. ThisDecember15th.org
  212. Dec.16th being copied by other candidates?
  213. Am I the Only One Worried about 'Spammers'?
  214. TeaParty07.com Suggestion
  215. teaparty07.org needs fixed
  216. Inform people that the money bomb day is only December 16th.
  217. We need a Theme song for the Tea Party
  218. Slogan-Liberty is brewing?
  219. "Pledge" instead of "Subscribe"
  220. National Ron Paul Tea Party Mall March
  221. Trevor/Nathan doing great job w/ TeaParty07
  222. New Banner sets are up.. more to come
  223. no daily updates from TeaParty07?
  224. Goals for 12/15?
  225. Official December 15-16 Prediction Thread
  226. Thisnovember5th.com
  227. At the very least, put Boston Tea Party in the meta tags
  228. Just replace 'inflation tax' with 'income tax'?
  229. Please point me to YouTube videos of news coverage that mentions December 16th
  230. Please add myspace.com/teaparty07com
  231. Inflation Tax By Itself Is A Horrible Idea
  232. Promoting the Tea Party:
  233. How much will be raised December 16th (Vote!!!!)
  234. Still looking to help work on the donation websites?
  235. TeaParty07 is already beating Huckabee
  236. HQ should help promote Tea Party
  237. Tea Party Video by eLIB3RTY: Everyone back this one up
  238. Please don't discourage people who come up with alternative sites...
  239. Will the west coast have to donate before 9pm?
  240. What should be vocally protested on Dec. 16?
  241. Stop the madness! Focus on www.teaparty07.com ONLY!
  242. Should the inflation tax stay, or go, or should another issue be added?
  243. December 15th Site
  244. Idea to get even bigger response!
  245. Tea party ticker? A way to unify diverse efforts
  246. A word to the thoughtful people with good intentions.
  247. The Best Video For Teaparty07.com Is Online!!!
  248. teaparty07.com site down?
  249. Moving Change Bomb Date to Dec 16th, suggestions welcome.
  250. Who did the music for the TeaParty07 video?