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  1. Foreign Policy: Can the President lower military spending without congress?
  2. Health Care: What is Dr. Paul's position on insurance for the unprofitable?
  3. Crime: Does Ron Paul know about MKUltra and its brothers?
  4. Elections: 26 Things Anti-Paul Voters Say
  5. Civil Liberties: Can Possibly Make Someone a Strong Supporter
  6. Economic: Taxes: There is no federal or state income tax on working wages by law in this country.
  7. Civil Liberties: Can states violate their citizen's constitutional rights in a Ron Paul world?
  8. Foreign Policy: Paul skeptic's comment on blog relating to port security.
  9. Justice: on tort reform
  10. Life: What is Paul's FULL view on abortion?
  11. Religion: Separation of Church and State
  12. Foreign Policy: Sweet idea for a new Ron Paul book
  13. Other: Marriage
  14. Life: Saving the life of a pregnant woman
  15. Foreign Policy: Love the Economics dislike the foreign policy? Oxymoron my friend.
  16. Crime: Should Convicted Felons be able to Vote?
  17. Economic: Corporations: Monsanto?
  18. Economic: The elimination of the "safety net"
  19. Civil Liberties: Abortion - State Rights
  20. Foreign Policy: Military allies: If Canada was attacked?
  21. Privacy: ACT NOW: Who’s Your Daddy? Not The Government! We Don’t Need Fetus Personhood Legislation!
  22. Economic: Monetary Policy: legalizing gold as legal tender.
  23. Civil Liberties: Same-Sex Marriage: State or Federal Issue
  24. Economic: Monetary Policy: Gold-backed Currency
  25. Environment: Hypothetical environmental issue under a Ron Paul administration.
  26. Education: Is Ron Paul Hypcrotical About Public Education?
  27. Economic: Monetary Policy: Does Ron Paul support the credit monopoly?
  28. Other: Ron Paul On Privatizing Roads
  29. Economic: Ron Paul says "Entitlement system helps the wealthy" - Please Explain
  30. Economic: Taxes: I need to strengthen my argument. Got any good advice?
  31. Environment: Wild-life protection
  32. Other: End FEMA?
  33. Environment: Drilling for oil to stop pollution
  34. Foreign Policy: Uganda
  35. Government Reform: The Rule of Law
  36. Other: Free trade and weapons
  37. Crime: Prisons - Private, or State?
  38. Health Care: Can You Honestly Believe That Obamacare Will Be Repealed?
  39. Civil Liberties: On Mandated Transvaginal Ultrasound?
  40. Foreign Policy: Regarding Non-Intervenionism, how do you respond to the "Hitler" argument?
  41. Foreign Policy: Women and gays serving in the military?
  42. Other: What's gonna happen in America if Ron Paul does not win?!?
  43. Other: What is going to happen if Ron Paul does not win Part 2 consequence
  44. Economic: Laissez-faire Capitalism: Is it fair?
  45. Economic: People on SSI
  46. Civil Liberties: Welfarism vs Freedomism - the age old arguement
  47. Economic: Monetary Policy: Earmarks
  48. Gun Rights: I need Ron Paul's stance on H.R. 822 : National Right-To-Carry Reciprocity Act
  49. Other: Secret Service???
  50. Life: Old but good...Ron Paul on Abortion Issue....like boss
  51. Economic: "There isn't enough Gold for the Gold Standard"
  52. Health Care: Responding to the "republican war on women"
  53. Other: Why support Lobbyists
  54. National Sovereignty: National Policy: Native American relations
  55. Are there any issues you disagree with Paul on?
  56. Foreign Policy: Typical GOP foreign policy mentality - how to refute?
  57. Economic: “War is never economically beneficial..."
  58. Other: Counter Arguments.
  59. Privacy: Hypocrite on Constitutional Privacy?
  60. Civil Liberties: Drugs - up to the individual or the state?
  61. Energy: Oil companies sitting on high mileage patents
  62. Education: Paul on Education?
  63. Health Care: Ron Paul on Vaccines?
  64. Economic: Monetary Policy: The Great Economic Restructuring of 2012
  65. Civil Liberties: Ron Paul on the 14th amendment?
  66. Gun Rights: Ron Paul, Supporters, and the NRA
  67. Economic: Monetary Policy: Explanation of his gold reserve theory
  68. I agree with Newt Gingrich's education policy only, hope Paul's could be better
  69. Other: Did Ron Paul Convince you on Abortion?
  70. Economic: How would a Ron Paul presidency have prevented the recession?
  71. Social Programs: Social Security Disability
  72. Foreign Policy: "Preemptive war" confused with "Preventive war"? Forign Policy Issue Resolved?
  73. "I like the idea of a voluntary jury" -Ron Paul
  74. National Sovereignty: what would ron pauls stance on this be?
  75. Technology: Regarding the oil addiction
  76. Other: Labor Unions
  77. Foreign Policy: Terrorists Question
  78. Civil Liberties: Should Ron Paul discuss gay rights?
  79. Education: Job Corps
  80. Environment: Ron Paul's position on the economics of Environmental issues
  81. Economic: Taxes: RP Right again, Capital Flight Controls
  82. Economic: M3 and RON PAUL
  83. Civil Liberties: Why are ron paul and rand paul against gay marriage?
  84. Civil Liberties: Ron Paul on Loving V. Virginia (1967)?
  85. Other: Private Drones
  86. Immigration: Canadian Immigration
  87. Life: Ron Paul's vote on sex-selection abortion ban
  88. Government Reform: Ron Paul on Farm Subsidies
  89. Government Reform: Where is Ron Paul?
  90. Environment: Hey guys, I'd appreciate some help on environmental issues from critics
  91. Civil Liberties: Where do we go from here?
  92. Does Ron Paul promote offshore balancing?
  93. Civil Liberties: Ron Paul 's Position Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission
  94. Foreign Policy: Monroe Doctrine
  95. Internet: Archive of Paul's Speeches, Statements and Texas Straight Talk
  96. Foreign Policy: Michelle Malkin Versus Ron Paul
  97. Civil Liberties: STOP National ID
  98. Other: Abortion
  99. Social Programs: [Video] Ron Paul: Allow Young People to Opt Out of Social Security and Medicare
  100. Civil Liberties: Ron Paul: 'Privacy is dead and gone'
  101. Internet: Internet Gambling Ban: A Winner for Sheldon Adelson, A Losing Bet for the Rest of Us
  102. Media: Ron Paul: Media Malfeasance, NDAA & Sanctions
  103. Foreign Policy: ‘Get NATO, foreign countries out of Ukraine to end civil war’ – Ron Paul
  104. Economic: Corporations: Nuclear & Insurance
  105. Life: Why Ron Paul is right to NOT have a rape exception for abortion
  106. Immigration: Site Issue Evaluation: Ron Paul's border / immigration position