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  1. Other: Ron Paul vs. Ted Nugent
  2. Other: Ron Paul vs. Jesse Ventura
  3. Other: Forcing the purchase of car insurance = unconstitutional?
  4. Economic: Monetary Policy: How does having a gold standard help?
  5. Other: Congressional Gold Medal
  6. Economic: Monetary Policy: How is The Fed connected to Fannie and Freddie Mac?
  7. Environment: Offshore Drilling
  8. Economic: We can't stop the media monopoly now, yet RP's policies will create even more monopolies!?
  9. Foreign Policy: Occupation Leads to More Terrorism
  10. Foreign Policy: When Defending The Blowback Argument..
  11. Foreign Policy: Mike Scheuer - "We were attacked because of our government"
  12. Social Programs: Question about government taxes and entitlement programs
  13. Other: Ron Paul vs. Rand Paul
  14. Other: Ron Paul vs. Jon Huntsman
  15. Other: Will Ron Paul Choose Chuck Hagel to be his VP?
  16. Foreign Policy: “National Security” is 1/3rd of Budget - a blog by Jack Hunter
  17. Foreign Policy: FOX News Insider question of the day. Which candidate....
  18. Economic: Jobs: If the Government creates a job, how does it effect the private sector?
  19. Health Care: How does government involvement raise the price of health care?
  20. Economic: Monetary Policy: RESPONSE to Bernanke & Fed Action by Ron Paul's Campaign
  21. Immigration: What should happen to children of illegal immigrants
  22. Civil Liberties: Ron Paul Is A Pro-Life Champion
  23. Civil Liberties: Become a Blue Republican!
  24. Health Care: Ron Paul's views on homebirth
  25. Foreign Policy: Pulling out of every country we're in would be dangerous and leave a power vacuum.
  26. Economic: Corporations: Free Markets
  27. Economic: The Federal Reserve
  28. Justice: Ron Paul on Sex Offenders
  29. Government Reform: Transferring to State's Rights
  30. Health Care: Ron Paul on the FDA
  31. Media: Should Ron Paul speak about the Occupy Wall Street Blackout?
  32. Foreign Policy: Is Dr Paul Wrong About Speedy Troop Withdrawal?
  33. Other: Ron Paul: Space Frontier/NASA- Base on moon/Mars? is it a Important issue?
  34. Economic: what would ron's argument be here, socialism v capitalism
  35. Economic: Monetary Policy: The Fed Twists, The Market Shouts
  36. Economic: Taxes: Estate Tax and Government Revenue
  37. Economic: Jobs: RP Comments on Latest Unemployment Numbers
  38. Economic: Economic Ramifications of base closing in Europe/Asia
  39. Foreign Policy: US in NATO part of UN Security Council
  40. Immigration: Is Ron Paul for or against amnesty? Is he flip-flopping?
  41. Other: Social Security
  42. Foreign Policy: History of Iran- (a must see for any Ron Paul Supporter)
  43. Economic: Ron Paul Was Right
  44. Environment: Ron Paul on elimitating the EPA
  45. Immigration: Birth Right Citizenship
  46. Economic: Monetary Policy: Can we Really Go Back to the Gold Standard
  47. Health Care: Tax Credit for "Negative Outcomes" Insurance
  48. Government Reform: What is Ron Paul's solution to corporatism?
  49. Government Reform: Ron Paul BUDGET Released! ** "Plan To Restore America Now" **
  50. Economic: The Business of Government
  51. Other: New Ad! Consistent
  52. Immigration: Ron Paul on Birthright Citizenship for Illegal Immigrants
  53. War on Drugs: Drug Court Foundation Offers Community Based Treatment
  54. Education: A good rebuttal to the "Ron Paul cuts research funding" crowd
  55. Other: Ron Paul - External Resources that Support his Positions - Mega Post
  56. Economic: I'm trying to get my friends on the side of RP.
  57. War on Drugs: An Oldie But Goodie...
  58. Other: Ron Paul vs. Buddy Roemer
  59. Other: Closing All Those Departments: What Happens To The People Who Work For Them?
  60. Economic: Taxes: Where would the federal government get it's money?
  61. Domestic Security: Ron Paul: TSA Thugs On The Loose! – OpEd
  62. Health Care: This is happening in Oklahoma on Health Care Reform Law; What is happening in your state?
  63. Privacy: Ron Paul on "Don't Ask Don't Tell"
  64. Economic: Opting Out of Social Security
  65. Economic: Can someone give me a crash course in how Ron would get his plan past congress?
  66. Education: Ron Paul: The truth about my student loan plan
  67. War on Drugs: Decriminalization of Drugs at the Federal Level?
  68. Social Programs: Ron Paul Welfare Programs and Student Loans Money Quote
  69. Elections: 1988 A Must See interview of Ron Paul
  70. Other: PPG article on Ron Paul
  71. Health Care: ww2 wage freeze and tax exemptions
  72. Life: Morning-After Pill, Unenforceable Laws
  73. Economic: Jobs: Statement on October 2011 Unemployment Numbers
  74. Economic: The Blaze on Ron's letter
  75. Economic: Taxes: Why did Ron Paul sign the bipartisan super committee letter?
  76. Other: Liquidating The Debt
  77. Other: Closing departments/agencies: What will be next? Your guesses?
  78. Education: Homeschooling and $5,000 tax credit questions
  79. Other: Has Ron Paul Flip-Flopped?
  80. IRAN, IRAN!: How to deal with the Iran issue with conservative GOP voters
  81. Other: Ron Paul should stick to these 9 talking points and he will do fine
  82. Foreign Policy: Reagan/Paul vs. the GOP on Torture and American Values
  83. Foreign Policy: Ron Paul is a Reagan Republican on Torture
  84. Economic: Ron Paul to Give Two Major Policy Speeches in Washington - money + healthcare
  85. Other: STR: Ron, Reviewed Need Help with Talking Points
  86. Life: Is Evolution a Valid Theory on the Emergence of Life? No.
  87. Technology: Ron Paul Space Policy Positions
  88. Crime: Ron Paul Comes Out Against SOPA (anti-piracy act)
  89. Economic: Taxes: Does Dr. Paul support LVT (land value tax)?
  90. Other: Suggestions on where to learn more about Ron Paul?
  91. Foreign Policy: Am I interpreting the ethics of Ron Paul Foreign Policy correctly?
  92. Economic: Monetary Policy: Gold Standard
  93. Economic: Question regarding Ron Paul's claim about "rigged" CPI
  94. Foreign Policy: Talking point for the upcoming CNN National Security Debate
  95. Other: Cabinet Positions
  96. Government Reform: Ron Paul Signs on to Letter Calling for Pay Cut in Congress
  97. Government Reform: Ron Paul & term limits.
  98. Government Reform: Ron Paul Makes Statement on Super Committee
  99. Foreign Policy: Ron Paul Stands with American Majority on Foreign Policy -- by Jack Hunter
  100. Health Care: Does Ron Paul think we should eliminate the FDA?
  101. Economic: Jobs: I was talking to my parents over dinner tonight...
  102. Energy: Energy 2012 Law - Support? Against?
  103. Economic: Jobs: Restating my Parents; position...
  104. Economic: How would competing currency vs the FED realistically work?
  105. Foreign Policy: The Folly of Sanctions
  106. Economic: Commenting On Federal Reserve Actions In Europe by Ron Paul
  107. Civil Liberties: Social Issues
  108. Foreign Policy: Bad leader starts killing his people. What Ron Paul do?
  109. Economic: Monetary Policy: Ron Paul Right About the Fed. Again.
  110. Economic: Taxes: Taxing the Rich
  111. Elections: February 29th Assembly
  112. Economic: Monetary Policy: Euro Crisis Destabilizing the Dollar
  113. Other: So how did I do explaining Ron Paul's positions here? Honest feedback desired...
  114. Other: The Ole Earmark Debate
  115. Foreign Policy: Evidence Request
  116. Foreign Policy: EXPLAINING BLOWBACK
  117. Economic: Explain unconstitutionality of the Fed
  118. Foreign Policy: YouTube Interview with Ron Paul on Israel & Foreign Policy! USE IT
  119. Economic: Jobs: Statement on NRLB-Boeing Resolution Issued by Ron Paul
  120. Economic: Ron Paul's 'No' vote on Glass-Steagall repeal
  121. Foreign Policy: What Exactly Does Glenn Beck Disagree with on Ron Paul's Foreign Policy
  122. Economic: Corporations: Corporations and Regulations
  123. Education: getting rid of DOE
  124. Health Care: Medical care - not a right. Police/fire/military - right? Why?
  125. Elections: Any clue/guess on who Congressman Paul would chose as a VP?
  126. Health Care: Food and Drug Administration
  127. Foreign Policy: US to lower flag to end Iraq war
  128. Economic: Monetary Policy: What does "Sound Money" mean?
  129. Life: Definition of life
  130. Government Reform: Ron Paul on the STOCK Act?
  131. Civil Liberties: Friend likes some libertarians, but not Ron Paul
  132. Intellectual Property: Ron Paul on IP, and is it a hot topic in the US?
  133. Property Rights: Keystone XL Pipeline
  134. Government Reform: Could giving states more power be a bad thing?
  135. Other: Uncle supports Obama.
  136. Other: List of things Ron Paul voted YES for
  137. Civil Liberties: What is Ron Paul's position on weather the 10 amendment's apply to the states?
  138. Civil Liberties: The threat to our Constitution is real
  139. Foreign Policy: Ron Paul is right on Iran
  140. Religion: Separation of Church and State
  141. Economic: "Beware the Coming Bailouts of Europe" - Texas Straight Talk
  142. Property Rights: Question about private companies being able to discriminate
  143. Other: Ron Paul's Hypocrisy?
  144. Health Care: Will Ron let you die?
  145. Other: All Paul Myths Debunked w/Sources
  146. Civil Liberties: Ron Paul on the biggest story nobody is talking about
  147. Other: Paul's position on gay marriage - clarification please
  148. Foreign Policy: As commander in chief how can he end a DECLARED war?
  149. Economic: Corporations: Several Questions on Corporations
  150. Government Reform: What is Ron Pauls stance on Campaign Finance Reform?
  151. Foreign Policy: Saw this today and my jaw hit the ground, US Foreign Aid Summary
  152. Other: 2007 - Ron Paul: Racism is Simply an Ugly Form of Collectivism
  153. Justice: Reparations for Blacks and Native Americans?
  154. Crime: help needed on defending Ron Paul on racism
  155. Life: Where does Ron Paul stand on abortion, specifically when it comes to RAPE?
  156. Foreign Policy: Need some help on the 80's Israel Nuclear attack vote
  157. Health Care: The question about the person without health insurance.
  158. Economic: Corporations: Ron Paul and Goldman Sachs
  159. Civil Liberties: The racism issue...(sources requested)
  160. Economic: Trade: Trade Agreements, NAFTA, WTO
  161. Civil Liberties: Ron Paul Abstain on NDAA
  162. Civil Liberties: Help Me Please
  163. Immigration: Ron Paul on illegal immigration
  164. Other: Unions: Is Ron Paul anti-union? How will he protect workers?
  165. Other: Paul's Position on Gay Marriage
  166. Internet: Ron Paul getting some love from the anti-sopa crowd!
  167. Economic: Very good video for your Facebook and Google + accounts.
  168. Civil Liberties: Actions Speak Louder Than Words: Putting the Newsletters to Rest
  169. Environment: Government forcing more expensive, energy efficient bulbs to be sold in 2012
  170. Civil Liberties: state vs individual rights looking for RP quote
  171. Civil Liberties: Did Dr. R.P. write "Federal Courts and the Imaginary Constitution"?
  172. Economic: Debt Burden Threatens American Families
  173. Foreign Policy: Another video to share for those who think RP is anti-Israel
  174. Veterans: What would Ron Paul do for the troops AFTER bringing them home?
  175. Other: -snip- Delete this thread
  176. Economic: Jobs: Legalization creates millions of jobs
  177. Economic: Jobs: Outsourcing or Offshoring of Jobs
  178. Economic: Jobs: We need to End the Exemptions to the FSLA
  179. Health Care: Question about Ron and "War on Abortion"
  180. Other: For the newbies - Ron Paul on the Civil War and slavery
  181. Domestic Security: TSA: Constitutional by the Commerce Clause
  182. Civil Liberties: Power transition from Federal to State, what's the point?
  183. Other: [Discretionary Spending] 15% off?
  184. War on Drugs: Question about Ron Paul and Regulations
  185. Foreign Policy: Foreign Policy Question
  186. Economic: Jobs: South Carolinians for Ron Paul
  187. Life: Life begins at conception
  188. Economic: Monetary Policy: Question about Dr. Paul and the Fed.
  189. Environment: Where does the Dr. stand on the environment?
  190. Economic: The Ultimate Consumer Protection
  191. A liberals concern with RP's We the People Act
  192. Civil Liberties: Would Ron Paul legalize polygamy?
  193. Economic: Monetary Policy: Debate questions about national debt
  194. Civil Liberties: 14th Amendment Concerns- Any Definitive Threads Reconciling this Issue?
  195. Internet: Internet censorship Bill
  196. Justice: Question about Ron Paul
  197. War on Drugs: Help finding a video - war on drugs comments by Dr. Paul
  198. Elections: Article comparing Paul vs. Obama from a progressive/Democrat point of view
  199. Foreign Policy: Invalidating Attacks that Paul "Blames America for 9-11"
  200. Immigration: What is Ron Paul's position on K-1 fiancee visas?
  201. Economic: Monetary Policy: What is Ron Paul's take on Fractional Banking?
  202. Media: Video RT America: Ron Paul a Frontrunner After New Hampshire – Jan 11 2012
  203. Economic: Jobs: Cut 1 trillion = unemployment rises?
  204. Social Programs: Too much truth, not enough sugar-coating
  205. Civil Liberties: The Constitutionality of State Bans on Contraception
  206. Other: Revising and updating Ron Paul's WIKI page on his issues
  207. Elections: OBAMA IS SCARED
  208. Life: Abortion, Maddow, thoughts?
  209. Life: Ron's stance on abortion - Im confused?
  210. Religion: Ron Paul and defending morality and marriage
  211. Religion: Ron Paul on Separation of Church & State
  212. Foreign Policy: need help explaining Ron Paul's points:
  213. Foreign Policy: Need help convincing peers and family
  214. Technology: Ron Paul on ITAR
  215. Foreign Policy: Ron Paul on the Assassination of Osama Bin Laden
  216. Economic: Monetary Policy: Need REAL answers to gather votes for Ron Paul
  217. Crime: What would be RP's stance on Moonshine?
  218. Economic: Taxes: Ron Paul's 15% corporate tax
  219. Economic: Monetary Policy: Going Back to Gold Standard = More Wars?
  220. Civil Liberties: NDAA and Indefinite Detention: Someone please clear this up for me
  221. What is Paul's position on a "Marijuana Sales tax"?
  222. Civil Liberties: looking for a particular kind of essay/article on abortion
  223. Civil Liberties: What is Ron Pauls position on abortion?
  224. Veterans: Was Ron Paul a flight surgeon in Vietnam and what exactly did he do?
  225. Other: Consolidated Bulletpoint List of Ron Paul votes and issues
  226. Civil Liberties: Let's dismantle this.
  227. Government Reform: Ron Paul Exposes the NEOCONS and Their Global Agenda - (DROPS NAMES)
  228. Property Rights: Ron Paul on patent reform?
  229. Other: Ron Paul on FEMA? (for a class)
  230. Economic: Liquidate the Debt
  231. Economic: Trade: Why is Paul against sanctions
  232. Crime: On Prosecuting War Crimes
  233. Foreign Policy: How does Ron's foreign policy protect the US from terrorism?
  234. Foreign Policy: Do Foreign Population Admire & Respects RP's Position on Foreign Relations?
  235. Foreign Policy: Presidential Candidates' Positions on Israel/Palestine, War, and Civil Liberties
  236. Environment: A Plea To Fellow RP Supporters
  237. Foreign Policy: Help Me Convince My Liberal Friend!
  238. Domestic Security: Airport Security - TSA compared to Ron Paul's solution
  239. Economic: Only Ron Paul is willing
  240. Domestic Security: Ron Paul's military spending proposal will bring back military budget to what year?
  241. Foreign Policy: Would Dr. Paul really allow Iran to obtain WMD's without hindrance?
  242. Technology: Science and Research Funding
  243. Foreign Policy: Who is Eric Dondero?Article sent from liberal friend,rebuttal links or info please?
  244. Social Programs: Ron Paul and parental rights...
  245. Education: Can you Beat Ron paul on the SAT? ..
  246. Immigration: Letting illegals buy citizenship...would Paul support?
  247. Economic: "I think you're correct that derivatives provide a market tool that is worthwhile."
  248. Foreign Policy: Stop a War with Iran! Caucus for Ron Paul!
  249. Economic: Monetary Policy: Cajun Economics
  250. Foreign Policy: Ron Paul on "containing" the Soviet Union?