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  1. Supreme Court Justices
  2. How to respond to this?
  3. How could Paul get rid of the IRS without congress?
  4. gold dollar
  5. Do You Support This? Voter ID
  6. No Treason by Lysander Sponner (Civil War issue)
  7. Ability to collect signatures and get initiatives on a national level?
  8. Would RP support National Convention to fix the Constitution?
  9. Need help
  10. How to counter the NeoCon spin on "Nuclear armed Islamic Fascism"
  11. Ron Paul on Assassination of Benizir Bhutto
  12. Direct Democracy: Initiatives, Referendums, Recalls
  13. Ronald Regan would vote for Ron Paul! WOW!
  14. Paul on Don't ask don't tell?
  15. Ron Paul and the Environment
  16. Need some help on the Racism issue
  17. Dr. Paul Issues Statement in Support of State ‘Right to Life’ Amendments
  18. Paul on humanitarian crisis
  19. Essential reading on the Bhutto assassination
  20. What would RP say about Charlie Wilson?
  21. Did Ron Paul want to go after Bin Laden?
  22. Will Ron Paul Support Impeaching Cheney?
  23. Would Ron Paul pardon tax evaders?
  24. Stance on deficit spending and monetary system
  25. Removing All Troops?
  26. Voted to ban gay adoptions? Need help
  27. ww1
  28. I am disappointed with Ron Paul. Immigration is the latest issue.
  29. Ron Paul on the FDA?
  30. newbie with a jim crow question
  31. I am pissed off.
  32. R Paul on Immigration: Legal immigrants from all countries should face the same rules
  33. Extremely extremely dissappointed
  34. Ron Pauls new AWESOME Ad!
  35. Immigration Ad: Here's Why
  36. RP and Social Security
  37. Terrorist Nations
  38. Are there any undecided voters out there?
  39. FULL clear recording of RP on the evolution question-makes more sense
  40. Here is why RPs Immigration add is a HOMERUN
  41. Pro-War Republican Says We Shouldn't Build Fortress (non-intervene)
  42. R Paul will allow visas for Saudi, Iraqi, Israeli, Pakistani, Afghan students
  43. If I knew nothing about Ron Paul
  44. Ron Paul: My views on immigration have not changed.
  45. Personal Tidbits
  46. War between the Mice and the Weasels
  47. Ron Paul Earmarks?
  48. Does Ron Paul support the people, or just the message?
  49. Arguing against Isolationism
  50. Arguing against fuzzy numbers
  51. Competing currencies - Is it really viable?
  52. Immigration ad disinformation
  53. Are we losing people over hot button issues?
  54. Talk Radio Contact list Please read Top before you CAll!!!
  55. Afghanistan vs Iraq
  56. Ron Paul on water pollution.
  57. Government out of control, Paul needed
  58. Neocon argument: Paul is wrong about Iran's Army
  59. Letters of Marque/Reprisal
  60. Ron Pauls position on Line Item Veto?
  61. Why do people think the ad is racist?
  62. How does Dr. Paul justify authoring HR 1904 (defining life at conception)?
  63. New Ad Mischaracterizes Ron Paul
  64. LINCOLN'S FEET OF CLAY-Ron Pauls remarks
  65. Argument needed for Civil War issue
  66. Letter to Dr. Paul
  67. Political Correctness
  68. Ron Paul on MacNeil/Lehrer in '88 - economy, intervention, liberty, & failed drug war
  69. Doom and Gloom
  70. This is RP on the issues.......
  71. Students with Visas not even a threat
  72. How much will bringing all troops home save?
  73. Fellow 'disappointed by the ad' Libertarians and others
  74. Tax Revenue, where does it go?
  75. Mr. Speaker, I rise in opposition to this resolution
  76. World will love America if Ron Paul became President
  77. Ron Paul Pro Life!
  78. Why does RP not support student visas from terrorist nations?
  79. Ron Paul on the NSF?
  80. Ron Paul on CPAs?
  81. Ron Paul bills, voting record, etc (favorite and least favorite.)
  82. Debunking the "Ron Paul is a racist" myth once and for all.
  83. I'm convinced Ron Paul is a great candidate...
  84. Who is more conservative?
  85. What is Ron Paul's religious affiliation?
  86. Video of Fluffabee not answering specific prolife questions
  87. RP: Borrowing Money From China?
  88. Grassroots Superforum with Ron Paul
  89. Ron Paul voted for Amnesty for illegals?
  90. Important ! Energy Independence hardly addressed ! OPPORTUNITY!
  91. What is Dr. Paul's position on corporate charters?
  92. 3 interesting arab videos
  93. Defence Against Assassination
  94. Is Ron Paul against corporate worldwide monopolies and product activation?
  95. What would Dr. Paul do in Pakistan?
  96. How to destroy The Neo Cons
  97. RP has to hit hard on these issues in NH
  98. Farming, subsidies, etc..
  99. Need Clear, Definitive Answer on Environment
  100. Great video on the war by a soldier
  101. Ron Paul's stance on transit
  102. Will Ron Paul Make it Easy to Hire Migrants?
  103. On Bill Moyer's Journal
  104. War on terror, if you are in doubt read this
  105. Clarification on the Torture Issue Please
  106. Human Rights Groups/ Amnesty International
  107. Why do I support Ron Paul?
  108. Ron Paul's Plan for Troops in Iraq?
  109. Voted Yes On Partial-Birth Abortion Ban
  110. Talking Points
  111. Message to None-Paul Supporters
  112. Ron Paul and confederacy
  113. Ron Paul on 1st Gulf War
  114. Ron Paul 101
  115. Blowback
  116. NEW ARTICLE: Supporters mad at Paul's Immigration policy?
  117. Ron Pauls "political report on racial terorism"
  118. Afghanistan?
  119. Paul/Kucinich Ticket? ...On the Issues
  120. Question about "The states decide"
  121. Paul's stance on "Juristic Persons"
  122. Price of oil has not gone up in relation to gold?
  123. CNN - Post N.H Debate Interview With Ron Paul
  124. What's so great about Interventionism and racism?
  125. A letter to convert my mom, she likes huckabee :p
  126. Breaking News on Yahoo: Terrorist Attack in Baghdad affirms Ron Paul's Ideas!
  127. Ron Paul Town Hall
  128. I'm taking on Alternet.org. The ignorance is amazing.
  129. Response to rubbish about RP opposing federal aid for Katrina/other disasters
  130. Economy #1 issue
  131. Ron Paul and the environment
  132. To clarify the misinformed (not us, but the rest of america)
  133. Is Ron Paul the ONLY candidate who tells the truth?
  134. Base in Saudi Arabia?
  135. Working on a RP Poster and Billboard, Let me know what you think!
  136. Emergency Rooms
  137. Ron Paul on Taxes, Iraq and Fascism in Media
  138. I can't imagine war with Iran.
  139. What is really at stake in the Middle East
  140. Health Care Opinion
  141. Precinct captains and vote fraud?
  142. Ron's new book PDF available for FREE!
  143. Opinions? Ron Paul will Angry Blacks with this on a massive scale.
  144. Dr. Paul on tax reform....school economics project, could use assistance.
  145. Morgan State Debate
  146. Real estate and the housing market
  147. HR 1955 Passed Overwhelming
  148. Why was Ron Paul the only person in Congress asking these questions before Iraq?
  149. The Revolution After Dr. Paul
  150. Abortion Debate Help
  151. Federal court jurisdiction stripping
  152. About the Declaration of War
  153. Ron Paul on the Reason for Terrorism
  154. Quick--need video of how Fox Spun RP into 9/11 truther
  155. What is CFR? and how..
  156. Christian Conservatives
  157. Next time an interviewer says to Ron Paul that you're low in the polls....
  158. Earmark/Pork spending cleared up
  159. Why I support Ron Paul for President
  160. .:: i see yer smoke screen doc ::.
  161. Over 400 Prominent Scientists Disputed Man-Made Global Warming Claims in 2007
  162. Product refinement: #1- Medicare
  163. .:: i did rudy's homework ::.
  164. DIGG: White house budget to be posted online!
  165. How Ron Paul can win over some more voters.
  166. Ron Paul on Anti-Trust Laws
  167. Product Refinement: #2 Education
  168. Bernanke: Fed ready to cut interest rates again
  169. Way to Get mad! Show some of that in the debate!
  170. Paul to pardon all non violent drug offenders
  171. Ron Paul on Legal Immigration?
  173. Does RP Advocate Buying Gold
  174. Best damn endorsment I have ever read
  175. Why Federalism?
  176. Message should enlighten, but not frighten
  177. Income tax and national debt
  178. DHS Chertoff to Announce National ID standards!
  179. Fascinating Article Indicting Military-Industrial Complex
  180. The Horrible Reality of the Trans Texas Corridor
  181. The Law Is The Law?
  182. $900 oz
  183. When discussing online
  184. Email Cafferty File Now
  185. The NBC News Just Sickened Me!
  186. Amish voters for Ron Paul
  187. Foreign Policy: Why did Ron Paul vote for the authority to go into Afghanistan?
  188. A Tough One - Civil Rights
  189. National Passport for Interstate travel!?
  190. Ronald Reagan question
  191. Mandatory Must View YouTube
  192. Ron Paul for city council
  193. National ID card, NAU
  194. Ron Paul On Economy
  195. What is Ron Paul's Opinion About US Missile Defense Shield In Central Europe?
  196. What is Ron Paul's Opinion About US Missile Defense Shield In Central Europe?
  197. What is Ron Paul's Opinion About US Missile Defense Shield In Central Europe?
  198. Where Is Ron Paul On The Issue Of Vote Integrity In America?
  199. What does Dr. Paul mean by "High Turnout"?
  200. Time for Ron Paul to Give Up the Mantle of Republican...
  201. The next time a neocon says Ron Paul sounds like a Democrat on foreign policy
  202. Graph
  203. Need To Know Ron Paul's Position
  204. Ron Paul: Fort Knox
  205. Ron Paul January 13 Weekly Update
  206. maybe some of the candidates should read...
  207. POLL: Is Ben Laden Already Dead
  208. What inspires Dr. Paul?
  209. Stem Cell Research
  210. Gold Standard
  211. About Ron Paul's work in Congress
  212. What the Hell Ron Paul?
  213. Iran is next
  214. Animal lovers unite against Romney and Huckabee
  215. Why NASA should go (satire)
  216. States Rights
  217. Jefferson's undeclared war?
  218. Defense of "We The People" Act
  219. Why does Ron Paul site Eisenhower...
  220. ABC NEWS: Economy is now biggest issue this race
  221. Why is Reagan Their Hero
  222. Property Taxes
  223. Interstate Commerce Clause
  224. 2/5/05 Report to Congress agrees with Paul's view on Al Qaeda motivation
  225. Need proof on a Ron Paul statement..
  226. How to win Democrats: Health Care
  227. Help
  228. Question about troop withdraw
  229. Ron Paul on Civil War
  230. RP on healthcare on front page of worldhealth.net
  231. New Direction for Energy Independence, National Security, and Consumer Protection Act
  232. School Choice and Apathetic Parents
  233. WallStreetJournal: Bush Announces $20Billion Sophisticated Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia
  234. Bases, Foreign Aid, Education Department
  235. The $1.4 Trillion Question
  236. The Racist Defense?
  237. Entitilement Solution
  238. Civil Unions and Immigration questions
  239. Pulling out of Iraq detrimental??
  240. Labor Unions
  241. Iran receives Russian nuclear fuel, hints of second reactor
  242. FDA Announces Plan to Eliminate Vitamin Companies! Ron Paul Must Address This.
  243. Destroying the flag
  244. In regards to the war in Iraq
  245. Ron Paul, The Federal Reserve, JFK and M3: Devaluing Americans into Bankruptcy
  246. Riding the Bear into the Whitehouse
  247. Gold as Inflation?
  248. Health (podiatry question)
  249. Ron Paul Is Right - Abolish The Federal Reserve Petition!
  250. Bullion Depository/Fort Knox