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  1. Withdrawing support from allies and Hitler
  2. Another "Gold Standard" attack.
  3. Why didn't Paul vote against HR1955: Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism?
  4. A quick link stick of articles for ron paul?
  5. We weren't meant to be an Empire
  6. In search of a resource with facts on the iraq war
  7. poll: iraq is improving (a lot), but still get out!
  8. Is there any way to persuade Paul to offer veep to Kucinich, and soon?
  9. Ron Paul on Mike Church tomorrow am
  10. Is the NAU truth or right-wing nut fiction?
  11. How to introduce newbies to Ron Paul
  12. why should the US stop their involvement with NATO?
  13. Assult Rifle Ban / Eminent Domain Question
  14. Ron paul. The People vs. Corporations and the media.
  15. Iran
  16. Get the minority vote (here's how)
  17. Concentration Camps in America
  18. McCain's comment how to respond?
  19. How is Ron Paul going to phase out the IRS and get us out of the UN?
  20. Ron Paul Democracy Now! Interview.
  21. What Exactly Is RP's Position on the War?
  22. outsourcing
  23. Corporate Personhood
  24. OK, teachers won't get paid without the Dept of Education
  25. Ron Paul views on scientific spending
  26. Is Ron Paul a bad candidate for the poor?
  27. An Interesting Take on Foreign Policy from a Recent Convert
  28. Ron Paul on USA having nuclear weapons?
  29. Legalising all drugs, where would they bough?
  30. Why Ron Paul Is Right About Terrorism: A Letter to the GOP Base
  31. Second Great Depression or Dr. Pauls Sound Money Policy
  32. Ron Paul and immigration
  33. He wants to rely on tort law for environmental protection.
  34. ATTN: Ron Paul needs [to practice] new, clever "soundbite" phrases
  35. More ammo for the good Dr's position on Iraq.
  36. stance on copyright law?
  37. What would Ron do?
  38. Clear something up for me about Dr. Paul and amendments...
  39. Ron Paul & disability rights?
  40. New RP Article: Texas Straight Talk: On Illegal Immigration and Border Security
  41. Dr. Paul and the Right to Broadcast
  42. I am Pro-Ron Paul but don't see what's wrong with the NAU/NAFTA Superhighway?
  43. Less Federal Government
  44. Penn & Teller: Americans w/ Disabilities Act (highlights)
  45. Who does ron paul support?
  46. Need Rebuttal?
  47. Ron Paul introduced a bill to legalize industrial hemp
  48. Need clarification on the issue of gay marriage
  49. NO nukes in Iran
  50. National ID Card
  51. Defending Ron Paul in a general election in connection to racism/gay issues.
  52. Ron Paul: No IRS vs. Huckabee: No IRS
  53. ron paul MAJOR OPPORTUNITY to give campaign republican credibility.. NO IRAN THREAT
  54. Free Trade or Fair Trade?
  55. HEALTH CARE - Presidential candidates comparison
  56. How RP oughta respond to abortion issue...
  57. Ron Paul on Religion
  58. Foreign Policy: spoken from that man himself
  59. Questions About the Dollar and Oil I would like to show my father.
  60. house.gov archive RON PAUL speeches
  61. Why does Paul earmark pork if he is going to vote no on it?
  62. Ron Paul voted on something unconstitutional? (Abortion related)
  63. Public Goods
  64. popular DIGG!! Video Our Debt-based Money System, and its Consequences
  65. If Paul earmarks pork, then...
  66. Paul vs. Huckabee on the IRS
  67. Pro-Choice feminist Naomi Wolf supports Ron Paul.
  68. Anyone want to take a shot at this?
  69. 1 New Ron Bill, 1 New Speech: Taxes and Terrorism
  70. Ron Paul inspiration
  71. Darfur rebels BOYCOTT peace talks!
  72. Is there any governmental department Ron Paul does not wish to eliminate?
  73. RP and Libertarianism... Nice in theory but won't work practically?
  74. abortion question
  75. Flipflopper Romney most trustworthy?
  76. Arguments against supporting Ron Paul
  77. Ron Paul appears to contradict himself on religion, but doesn't really?
  78. That Racist Ron Paul!
  79. Need Help with Facebook Debate!
  80. Excellent "On The Issues Interview" between GOP candidates
  81. intrusion on internet by Ron Paul
  82. Ron Paul, foreign relations and the CFR
  83. Wifi Vote Results, Rp 1 Of 2 Vote 'no'
  84. Assault weapons ban. What's Ron Paul's stance?
  85. Interesting survey style quiz with candidate match-ups and explanations of positions
  86. immigration issue question
  87. Ron Paul on G4 with the sexy Layla Kayleigh.
  88. Ron Paul also has made statements regarding the European Union
  89. Words are weapons
  90. How would Ron Paul have addressed the Enron issue?
  91. VIDEO: Ron Paul Unplugged
  92. Shootings
  93. Eliminating the IRS unconstitutional?
  94. Can somebody explain Ron Paul's stance on WWII
  95. Ron Paul on Filesharing?
  96. What is Ron Paul's plan re: Taiwan?
  97. Eliminating the IRS
  98. Is Ron Paul for a "Consumption Tax"?
  99. Ron Paul on the oil crisis
  100. How would Ron Paul respond to another 9/11?
  101. Ron Paul on Slavery
  102. Ron Paul on Non-Interventionism
  103. Ron Pardons Fed Income/IRS Tax Evaders?
  104. This whole free trade/ free market thing
  105. #30 - Ron Paul and the War on Drugs
  106. How would Ron Paul transition to an alternative currency?
  107. Why does Ron Paul say we dont need the IRS + why we need less education for our kids?
  108. Immigration
  109. Help on Authority to Wage War
  110. Two Ron Paul questions I need answered.
  111. tell your congressman to support HR 424
  112. Ron Paul wants to FULLY legalize EVERY drug?
  113. Big Pharma
  114. Ron Paul and liberals
  115. Ron Paul Suggested a "Fair Tax"!
  116. how to deal with those who are ignorant?
  117. Constitutionality of Foreign Aid
  118. good article putting polls and support into perspective
  119. Federal Student Financial Aid?
  120. Ron Paul on Energy and the environment.
  121. Confusing vote on abortion.
  122. Controversy on Paul's Immigration Policy?
  123. Five Myths About The Gold Standard
  124. How will Ron Paul get his ideas through Congress?
  125. ron paul jonh stossel 1999!
  126. Ron Paul and Water Boarding
  127. The Violation of the First Amendment and the 110th Congress
  128. Weather Bureau
  129. Noam Chomsky slams Paul
  130. E-Cash as a competing currency
  131. Ron Paul called U.S. slavery a "mistake"!
  132. NAU - real or theory
  133. Louisiana Purchase
  134. Ron Paul on the Iraq War
  135. Does Ron Paul have a plan for Iraq?
  136. Ron Paul Toughest On Terror
  137. Different Education Standards for States
  138. Rich states vs. poor states
  140. How to answer a sexual harrassment argument on RP
  141. Is Ron Paul the Greatest Proponent for Universal Healthcare?
  142. How does Ron Paul plan to "Physically Secure" the Border??
  143. What can he accomplish in 4 years
  144. Free Market Economy arguments
  145. R.P. on animal cruelty?
  146. anyone an economy expert?
  147. How Would RP Deal With This?
  148. Need info from informed Paul supporters
  149. Ron Paul cannot win unless his stance os moderated and explained
  150. Potential Ron Paul Supporter
  151. Is the EPA good for anything?
  152. Ron Paul on Abortion
  153. Ron Paul on God/Gov. Abortion, Homosexuality, and more.
  154. Electoral vs Popular Vote
  155. Legalization of drugs
  156. Romney Has Better Grades Than Paul In New Immigration Report Card
  157. How does Ron Paul plan on getting Congress on his side?
  158. Questions about slavery,reparations and what happenned in 1619 are irrelevant.
  159. Global Warming
  160. Is Ron Paul good for small businesses?
  161. Ron Paul categorically denies white supremacy.
  162. Debate - Legitimate concerns about Ron Paul platform
  163. Ron Paul's VOTING RECORD and Attendance to date 2007
  164. Lawyer: Founders would endorse Ron Paul
  165. Ron Paul and NASA/Space exploration?
  166. Just think for a moment about . . .
  167. Can anyone explain how social security and the IRS could be abolished?
  168. Should RP Challenge Huckabee on Christian Just War Theory?
  169. Would President Paul Pardon All Tax Evaders?
  170. would adopting green tax shift elect Ron Paul?
  171. Ron's response to this?
  172. Ron Paul and Evolution?
  173. Ron Paul and free speech
  174. Dr. Paul on Fiscal Responsibility
  175. Federal Matching Funds
  176. Cut and run in Iraq?
  177. Idea to snag members of the Huckabee camp
  178. A problem
  179. Paul and the poor?
  180. Will Ron Paul use the Nuke/Nuclear Bomb?
  181. In all honesty
  182. Collective Rights
  183. Can someone provide an in depth explanation of Ron Paul's tax plan?
  184. Serious Republicans Shudder at Huckabee's Surge
  185. Fascism and the Cross
  186. Lost Jobs
  187. Question...
  188. Ron Paul's stance on Guantanamo?
  189. Ron Paul and Abortion
  190. Gold Standard
  191. issue comparison flyer with the other runners! AWSOME FLYER!!!!
  192. Ron Paul on 9/11
  193. War on Drugs
  194. Ron Paul and Tort Reform?
  195. RP's response on ANWR drilling
  196. Ron Paul attack bulletin on myspace.
  197. Mining Act position?
  198. Ron Paul: Christianity == Fascists
  199. Why does Ron Paul not want to run again?
  200. Ron Paul and Religion - Excellent Article
  201. Outsourced Dad/Data on Borrowing
  202. Answer to the Israel question
  203. How would Ron Paul's government pay for ferderal concerns with no taxes at all?
  204. Doe Ron Paul have experience to be President?
  205. Social Security
  206. Refuting Claims on other sites
  207. H1B Visas... We should stop them immediately!
  208. Ron Paul and Cutting Programs
  209. Who Was The Only Candidate To Predict Today's Usd Collapse And Economic Mayhem?
  210. It's About The Economy Stupid!
  211. MSNBC Interactive Issues
  212. Ron Paul and Taxes
  213. Paul's Position On Breakaway Sioux Nation
  214. Controversial Issues Paul will face on MTP
  215. SS: If young people opt out, how will we pay out benefits
  216. funding for palestinian state
  217. Ron Paul's spiritual ancestor might be President John Tyler
  218. Other: Ron's position on DUI?
  219. Smears Won't Hurt Ron Paul...Why? because he has integrity
  220. I assume Ron would side with CA
  221. Separation of Church and State
  222. Union laws: can't find in library
  223. Ron Paul and Bankruptcy - Question
  224. Ron Paul on the FBI/CIA
  225. Antonius Pius & Ron Paul
  226. Ron Paul and earmarks - how does it not add spending?
  227. How to respond to this?
  228. Support for Getting Rid of the Fed
  229. Ron Paul believes in evolution
  230. Ron Paul Consistent on Issues
  231. Iraq war because of UN resolutions?
  232. How to respond to this?
  233. Have someone that doesn't like Paul's social welfare views?
  234. What's the best RP speech?
  235. Ron Paul on stem cell research?
  236. Ron Paul on the Arts
  237. Can a lazy and overweight electorate go on a world dominance diet?
  238. Ron Paul and the un / underinsured
  239. Dr. Paul Should get to CA ASAP (EPA Ruling)
  240. National ID
  241. What to say about earmarks...
  242. Dr. Paul's thoughts on SSI Income for brain dmg/severely autistic adults?
  243. Paul and Confederate flag
  244. Vice-presidential candidates?
  245. Just received a letter from the "Selective Service System"
  246. What's in it for Joe 6-pack?
  247. Who would own our roads under RP?
  248. How does Ron Paul feel about the Judicial Branch
  249. "The fuzzy issue of Ron Paul on abortion."
  250. Ru-486