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  1. AMA takes on retail clinics
  2. Excellent link for pro-sociliazed medicine drones
  3. Republicans favor universal healthcare, gays in military
  4. Video: Anti-Sicko examining the claims of Michael Moore
  5. Ronald Regan on Socialized Medicine
  6. Has anyone seen the movie Sicko yet and if you have, what did you think?
  7. Medical Savings Account in the near future?
  8. Healthcare Video w/ Kaiser 2007 July 19
  9. Wanna See What Government Healthcare is like? Watch This!
  10. Fda Raids
  11. Giuliani's Health Care Plan
  12. Tide turning in affordable drugs.. like as in FREE!
  13. Man sentenced to 25 years for Vicodin (with prescription)
  14. Help me understand "Socialized Medicine"
  15. 25% of voters are familiar with Thompson's health care plan
  16. MSNBC Health Care Poll
  17. Single Payer Healthcare Japan
  18. Huckabee's National Smoking Ban
  19. free market health care book?
  20. Edwards backs mandatory preventive care
  21. Would an opt-in, state-level "health care tax" be a bad idea?
  22. Ron Paul and Healthcare?
  23. how reducing massive central govt regulation in healthcare can reduce costs...
  24. Mandatory Mental Health Screening?
  25. C&L sending mixed message on Socialized Medicine
  26. CA's socialized medicine plan
  27. John Stossel 20/20 tonight: Govt Healthcare
  28. Health Care, USA vs. other countries - in the 60s and 70s
  29. Hillary on health care scares me
  30. Excellent 20/20 program on Health Care
  31. CA. takes cured 17yr son from Mom forces Chemo
  32. Hillary says health care is a right not a priviledge
  33. Hillary's Health Care Plan Announced
  34. Hillary Unveils Healthcare Plan
  35. Hannity just said that socialized medicine will DESTROY THE ECONOMY!!!
  36. Universal Healthcare's effect on Military Benefits?
  37. Discussion: Alternative Healthcare
  38. Stossel on socialized health care
  39. Community Health Teacher
  40. Oprah on now - pushing for Universal heath care
  41. Bill Maher on Heathcare (entertaining and insightful)
  42. Mental Health Screens.....message from Dr Paul 1-888-322-1414
  43. Action Alert - Veto Override of Socialist Medicine Bill
  44. John Stossel article on health care
  45. Interesting Discussion on Health Care
  46. Universal health care wouldn't be that bad if...
  47. Good Universal Health Care Article/website
  48. Problems with Socialized Healthcare
  49. Ammo against th Hillary Health Care Brigade
  50. " English 'pull own teeth' as dental service decays" -- AFP/Yahoo
  51. Did Hillary's people write the Univeral Healthcare Wikipedia?
  52. Brought to u by your friendly pharmaceutical fascists!
  53. FEE: Healing America: The Free Market Instead of Government Health Care
  54. Why the Health Freedom Protection Act? (HR 2117)
  55. Medical marijuana advocate kills herself
  56. Mother jailed, put on trial for curing her son of melanoma
  57. Influenza flu Shot Pro or con?
  58. Vaccine failure exposes Aussies to AIDS risk
  59. "Get Kids Vaccinated Or Else, Parents Told" -- Washington Post
  60. anti-smoking health nut candidates
  61. Universal Healthcare
  62. Why we should be against the FLU shot vaccine
  63. Children herded like cattle into Maryland courthouse for forced vaccinations
  64. Questions about socialized healthcare...
  65. Dirty Little Secret - Universal Healthcare? Social Security?
  66. Articles on Healthcare
  67. Healthcare thread on Digg needs some education
  68. Ayn Rand on Healthcare
  69. 28 Women Miscarry After HPV Vax - FDA: No Problem
  70. Huckabee wanted to isolate AIDS patients
  71. Problem with healthcare issue
  72. How many pissed off health freedom fighters do we have?
  73. NJ Requires Flu Shots for Preschoolers
  74. Libertarians on Healthcare
  75. Official Ron Paul Ads on Health Care
  76. Ron Paul Addresses CODEX in these Vids
  77. Grass Roots Vids regarding Ron Paul on Health Care
  78. Forum dedicated to Alternative Medicine News
  79. Support Health Freedom TODAY - spread the word
  80. Flu shots now mandatory for NJ preschoolers
  81. NewsTarget: Health Freedom Candidate Ron Paul Raises $6 Million
  82. Is there support for a Ron Paul Health Freedom Day Fund Raiser?
  83. Controversy regarding CA's regulation or raw almonds
  84. Raw milk becoming illegal in CA
  85. Note to folks from SoCal: Health Freedom Expo on February 22
  86. A question for those who oppose UHC
  87. D.L. Hughley's comment on nationalized medicine
  88. What Illness or Event Turn you into a Health freedom "warrior"?
  89. RP will talk about Health Care and Wellness in Des Moines On Jan 3
  90. Blog Posts discussing a CODEX protest in Bonn Germany, 2004
  91. CA Raw Milk Saved
  92. "Doomsday Seed Vault" in the Artic
  93. Ron Paul and Health Care Freedom
  94. Who has ideas for garnering support from alternative health advocates?
  95. Is taking away medicaid and medicare a good move?
  96. An Actor's Healthcare Option
  97. Am I incorrect in my assumptions about health care?
  98. Reach out to chiropractors?
  99. Kefir
  100. VA considers trusting consumers with "food choice"
  101. 135,000 more Americans die of preventable causes than if in France
  102. ACTION ALERT: Support Ron Paul's Health Freedom Protection Act, H.R. 2117
  103. Milton Friedman, Nobel winner on health freedom
  104. Farmer finds USDA co-opted CNG for Big Agribusiness
  105. Has Hillary Voted For Wrongful Use Of Social Security Funds?
  106. Petition to END Flourdiation of water
  107. Ron Paul is an excellent Role Model!!
  108. Need To Know Ron Paul's Position
  109. Supreme Court rules on terminally ill patients' medications
  110. "The Future of Food" Docu. Film - Watch now!
  111. The Meltdown Of Public Health And Personal Freedom
  112. Pandemics, National Security, & Human Rights
  113. FDA Halting Hormone Treatments w/ Estriol
  114. Ron Paul's Bill to Stop TeenScreen
  115. Don't Let Congress Fund Orwellian Psychiatric Screening of Kids
  116. Brass Tacks Benzo Drug Addiction VIDEO
  117. Federal Funding for Mental Health Screening of Kids
  118. Abortion rates lowest since 1974
  119. Judicial Watch Releases Records On Hillary’s Health Care Reform Plan
  120. Bio containment area
  121. Moment of Service - Health Care Solution
  122. Scientific American Has Second Thoughts About Fluoride
  123. Warning about lead in folk medicines
  124. Ron Paul - Don't Force Vaccines
  125. RON PAUL is for BIRTHING Freedom. Now THAT'S Hot!
  126. RON PAUL is for BIRTHING Freedom.
  127. GMO agitator takes Monsanto back to court
  128. Laws Limiting Alcohol Brew Frustration
  129. Mandatory vaccinations
  130. Stop FDA From Taking Your Choice Away...
  131. Need moral argument against Universal Health care
  132. Universal Health Care
  133. HDNET report on Medical Marijuana.
  134. the DANGEROUS FUTURE of universal health care
  135. BJ Lawson on Health Care & Health Freedom
  136. No single Payor Petition
  137. In a truly free health care system...
  138. How to fix healthcare, PLEASE POST YOUR GRAND SCHEMES
  139. AIDS as a biological weapon
  140. King of The Hill and the Trans-Fat ban
  141. LiveScience.com: New Way to Kill Viruses: Shake Them to Death
  142. Law Would Ban Serving Obese Diners
  143. Michael Moore Exposes Sellout Hillary Clinton
  144. What does Social Health Care do when they've spent their Budget?
  145. Unhappy Meals - Michael Pollan
  146. SICKO movie
  147. Libertarianism and food safety
  148. PLEASE HELP. Article implying UHC is the answer needs INFORMED response!
  149. RUN FROM THE CURE - The Rick Simpson Story
  150. Ron Paul HR bills
  151. Here's a UK health care story you'll want to bookmark
  152. How To Counteract Fluoride in your body..
  153. CNN Gets Blitzed by Michael Moore
  154. Salvia divinorum
  155. Health Care "FED"
  156. hCG in Tetanus vaccines
  157. Imagine No Insurance Companies
  158. Ron Paul's Health Care Bill needs YOUR support!
  159. Government Concedes Vaccine-Autism Case in Federal Court - Now What?
  160. EPA Conspire to Remove Toxicologist Deborah Rice
  161. All Jacked up- Spread this like a polymorphic virus
  162. GVT control gone mad THE WHITE LIST
  163. Federal Health Board (Just like Federal Reserve)
  164. Drugs in our water supply
  165. How any doctor can get a free $105,000
  166. Chemicals to be sprayed over SF Bay Area this summer
  167. Why are ALL my Filipino realtives getting Cancer? or worse?
  168. Jail for Belgians Who Reject Polio Shot
  169. Millions Against Monsanto Campaign
  170. Millions Against Monsanto Campaign
  171. Which global megacorp owns your indie organic co.?
  172. question on RP health care
  173. G. Edward Griffin - A World Without Cancer
  175. GMO Trilogy - Unnatural Selection
  176. Wal-Mart milk to have no artificial growth hormones
  177. Colbert: First Vid of Dean Kamen's Miracle Water Distiller
  178. Zyprexa Warnings over Weight Gain, Blood Sugar Elevation
  179. Soy Industry Promotes Health Myths to Sell More Soy Products,
  180. GMO Trilogy - Unnatural Selection (part 2 of 5)
  181. We Have No Right To Water?
  182. The future of Health Care Providers
  183. Doctors support universal health care:survey
  184. Halliburton caught poisoning the troops in Iraq
  185. Watching the Lakers and maintaining - feeling a little wierd....
  186. Copper & Silver Are AntiBacterial
  187. Mainstream Media Attacks Water; Recommends People Drink Soda Instead!
  188. The world according to monsanto.
  189. Groundbreaking Cancer Treatment Coming From my Hometown!
  190. Penn & Teller: Bullshit! - Alternative Medicine
  191. Any Brits here agaist water fluoridation ?
  192. We Become Silent - The Last Days of Health Freedom
  193. California proposes $7 billion for prison healthcare
  194. Toxic Water, Killing Animals, And Horses.
  195. CNN: Could Artificial Turf at school have high levels of Lead?
  196. BYE BYE Constitutional rights and Organic food from California
  197. FDA Approves Killer Virus For Foods
  198. Waterloo. Ontario ditches Fluoridization of Water
  199. Senate passes genetic discrimination bill
  200. URGENT!! ACT IMMEDIATELY!! See below
  201. The Pot Vending Machine Has Been Stolen by the Feds!
  202. Competition in Dentistry
  203. The Military's Plan to Regrow Body Parts
  204. The man who grew a finger
  205. Ron Paul is the only one who votes against genetic discrimmination
  206. "Sin" tax
  207. a 'drug' question...
  208. ACTION ALERT! Raw Milk Under Fire
  209. Are we eating cloned beef yet?
  210. Digg Please: Dr. Mary Ruwart: FDA doesn't need more bureaucrats
  211. Homeland Security Act protect pharma from being sued for Mercury vaccines?
  212. EPA May Leave Rocket Fuel In Drinking Water
  213. Abortion - Right to Life or Property?
  214. Aspartame - Would you ban it?
  215. Update on C-51
  216. The most inspirational speech against socialized medicine, by Ronald Reagan
  217. Anti-CODEX website
  218. Vitamins to be outlawed?
  219. Nobel Prize for Death
  220. Court hears claim linking vaccines to autism
  221. Citizens uniting against fluoride; Large-scale lawsuit
  222. U.S. using food crisis to boost (GMO) bio-engineered crops
  223. The Clintons' connections to Monsanto
  224. Positions on Vaccinations
  225. Sick Monkeys: Research Links Vaccine Load, Autism Signs
  226. First-ever government review of fluoride/thyroid toxicology shows risk
  227. Sen Ted Kennedy has a brain tumor...
  228. Wired.com: Organic is bad for environment (less energy efficient)
  229. Google Health
  230. Red Alert!! Aaaahhhhhoooooogah!!!!,
  231. Smoking Nazi's Strike Again
  232. Universal Flu Vaccine
  233. Your drinking water causing depression? | impacts of fluoridation
  234. Scientists Record The Birth of a Virus
  235. Common bacteria linked to cot death
  236. Vaccination - The Hidden Truth
  237. Let's make Ted the anti-socialized med poster child
  238. Drug company creates fake grassroots to defeat legislation
  239. Grocery Store Wars (humor)
  240. How Ted Would Be Dead in England With Liberal Health Care
  241. Recommend a health insurance article
  242. The FDA Says SIlver Fillings Aren't Great.
  243. Are the government and big pharma conspiring to suppress cures to great diseases?
  244. Omg! C-50 Died
  245. First the Cig tax and now the Drink Tax
  246. Should Government Aircraft Spray Chemicals on Residential Areas?
  247. Should Government Aircraft Spray Chemicals on Residential Areas?
  248. Red Cross strapped for cash!
  249. FDA Warns Individuals and Firms to Stop Selling Fake Cancer 'Cures'
  250. AAP Leadership Fights Informed Vaccine Choices