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  1. Isn't there a debate on Wednesday coming up?
  2. Dec 12 Debate
  3. Dec 12th - Des Moines Republican Debate
  4. WTF! There's a debate on Wednesday?
  5. GOP debate on TV tomorrow
  6. Debate tom?
  7. Republican Debate: December 12, Des Moines IA
  8. What time is the debate tomorrow?
  9. News from Iowa - Des Moines Debate
  10. What station is showing DEBATE today? TIA
  11. LIVE IOWA DEBATE CHAT!!! Fun Stuff
  12. Watch The Debate
  13. Live Video: IA debate at 2:00pm
  14. Alan Keyes In The Debate Today!
  15. debate online?
  16. Who is moderating?
  17. The debate today will be heavily influenced by Luntz
  18. Ron needs to be aggressive in this debate!!!
  19. This could be good
  20. 2 links for live debate | one is audio only
  21. *** OFFICIAL IOWA DEBATE *** Discussion Thread!
  22. Republican Debate is coming up
  23. Anyone think they're setting Romney up for a fall today?
  24. Frank Luntz is a retard
  25. Stage positions
  26. Here goes the debate
  27. First question was perfect for paul!
  28. Ron Paul Radio broadcasting debate, and post debate commentary
  29. FINALLY a format that is fair!
  30. Graph on the side
  31. How to say F YOU Frank! Right now DURING the Debate!
  32. the tank, "Womb to tomb protection?"
  33. Just me or is everyone stealing Pauls talking points?
  34. Is it just me, or are they all sounding like Ron Paul?
  35. Debate Is On Everyone!!!!
  36. Woah, every candidate gets a 30 second free speech?
  37. I am a little worried on this Iowa debate
  38. Paul keeps finishing in under 30 seconds.
  39. Paul needs to stay away from some words....
  40. Rudy "NAFTA is good"
  41. Ron Paul Is Being Too Obtuse
  42. tancredo sounds more like paul than ron does
  43. What a terrible 30 second speech....
  44. Fox Graph lines
  45. The Fox Meter is BUll$61t
  46. Go ALan Keyes!
  47. F** you frank
  48. Anyone else feel angry?
  49. This debate isn't going well for Paul because everyone is copying him
  50. How long is this debate scheduled to go?
  51. This is going bad...
  52. Oh shut up Alan
  53. Is it just me or is Keye's insane?
  54. This debate is a joke.
  55. Paul slammed it on the education question.
  56. I think paul is warming up. (bringing up iran)
  57. Are you joking me?
  58. Calm down Ron
  59. Crikey, we need an actual debate
  60. Candidates copying Dr. Paul's responses could also mean...
  61. I need a stream
  62. Thompson: The cia are stupid beuracrats
  63. Ouch, Huckabee's 'commercial'
  64. Fox poll line?
  65. Alan Keyes screwed up this debate to Ron Paul's detriment
  66. Huckabee misinformed on rights....
  67. fox stream dropped
  68. Mitt Romney: We're better off strictly following the Constitution? WTF?!!!
  69. Ron Paul - The BEST 15 SECONDS of This Debate
  70. anyone get a time count?
  71. Ron Paul up on CNN "immediately" after the debate
  72. Post Debate Poll
  73. I doubt we won any votes in this debate
  74. Lol Lunts. Romney wins
  75. So how did it go, overall?
  76. I hate to say it, but I think the CNN style debates are better.
  77. Link To Post Debate on Faux News?
  78. WTF PEOPLE? I Thought it was a good debate...
  79. Watch? Replay?
  80. FOX NEWS post debate lies
  81. Brainstorming time! What do you do when everyone around you takes your positions?
  82. We need a meter to guage what we think of meters!
  83. Alan Keyes needs to come out.
  84. Why wont fox news talk about how mitt rommey will clean up the video game industry?
  85. Are you donating more on December 16th because of this?
  86. I was Ron Paul before these candidates were Ron Paul
  87. Heres an after debate poll, BREAK THE LINK
  88. Anybody youtube the IA debate???
  89. For all the people who are good at making Paul Youtube videos
  90. Rate the Iowa Debate
  91. Video of Tancredo's weird "diary room" message and McCain's Cyberrrrrspace Needed
  92. So I guess Fox isn't going to have an online poll of the debate anymore?
  93. lol @ CNN
  94. Post Debate Poll
  95. Who Imitated Ron's Positions the most?
  96. Someone post the youtube here please!!!
  97. the one guy at the debate
  98. Ron Paul - Debate Highlights Video (Youtube)
  99. Of course Huckabee wins with the 21. Who else?
  100. Thew "boring" comments
  101. Can grassroots put together a debate?
  102. Outside the debate...
  103. We need more lessons
  104. Anyone have the CNN youtube? Thanks!
  105. Youtube of CNN post debate interview
  106. Is Ron Paul having a post-debate speech this time around?
  107. ABC says Huckabee and Ron won debate
  108. Ron Paul on The Situation Room again.
  109. Some interesting observations to consider
  110. Is the CBSNews online poll rigged?
  111. Iowa Impact?
  112. Watch Full Debate Video Here...
  113. Ron gets short changed again
  114. Did you know who Alan Keyes was before this debate?
  115. What the???????
  116. The League of Women Voters?
  117. So where's the Poll?
  118. Fox's "Dial" Viewers = BS
  119. ABC News: Ron Paul a Debate Winner
  120. Debate on Now CSPAN2 6:51 PST DTV 351
  121. Who was the annoying "moderator"?
  122. Not a single question about immigration.
  123. So where can we download the debate?
  124. Just watched the replay on CSPAN2
  125. Last Night's Iowa Debate 12/12/07 ~ Complete ~ Playlist ~ 10 parts on Youtube
  126. NPR ignores Paul in Iowa debates
  127. I've traveled so I must be right?
  128. Iowa Debate 12/12 - Ron Paul Complete Compilation
  129. Tancredo - Miss Teen USA South Carolina
  130. Democratic Debate - one thread
  131. Ron Paul - Democrat?
  132. Paul mentioned in CNN's roundup blurb.
  133. Yet Another Plant Found in an "Independent Focus Group"
  134. hand raising...
  135. Another Iowa debate?
  136. All of a sudden Constitution Huck's #1 priority?
  137. Can you say HuckaCrush?
  138. Ohio Study Confirms Voting Systems Vulnerabilities