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  1. Campaigns Info on Ron Paulís Christmas Vacation in Iowa
  2. Carpool to Iowa
  3. Does anyone want to carpool from Denver/Boulder for the second session?
  4. Need a ride in MN. Willing to go either or both sessions.
  5. Buffalo New York
  6. Southern California Rides
  7. Carpooling from Indianapolis, Week 1
  8. Ride from Michigan to Iowa!
  9. Don't bring signs says campaign
  10. Need a ride to Flint, MI
  11. Anyone from Arizona
  12. Louisiana to Iowa and anyone on the way (Week 1)
  13. Ride from New Jersey
  14. Carpool available from central Indiana, week 2
  15. D/FW Area Week 2
  16. Kansas Student Car Pool
  17. Chicago, IL to Iowa - Week 2
  18. Jacksonville, Florida to IOWA
  19. Tyler, Texas to Iowa
  20. Rides In Texas
  21. Chicago to Iowa
  22. anyone else...
  23. Carpool from Cleveland?
  24. anyone from north carolina going to Iowa?
  25. Lincoln, Nebraska to Iowa 2 seats open
  26. Week 2 - Chicago Carpool/Caravan
  27. Good PR: Volunteer Opps
  28. Ron Paul Iowa Christmas Odyssey Blog
  29. Vacaction in New Hampshire?
  30. Anyone coming from Central/Southern Fl?
  31. Students: Remember your Target Audience!
  32. AR, TN, NC, SC to Iowa Second Week
  33. I need a ride from Cleveland for the 2nd session
  34. Looking for People to Ride: Pitt, Cleveland, Chicago
  35. Anyone by San Fran, CA
  36. Need a ride from Kansas City around 12:00 on the 27th
  37. from Charlottesville Virginia?
  38. Rides Needed - Indiana to Iowa - Week 2
  39. Answer ASAP: Is there anyone in Michigan driving to Iowa during Week 2?
  40. GREAT Advice to Students going to Iowa
  41. Contacting Iowa Christmas
  42. Iowa GOP Platform
  43. how many people in this christmas vacation iowa project?
  44. Did anyone else register, but not get confirmation?
  45. Tyler, Texas. Need ride. went wk.1 can't afford wk.2
  46. anyone coming to cedar rapids?
  47. I'm driving from Urbana, IL
  48. Suggestion for Frazee and Moorhead: yard signs!
  49. from Chicago, Detroit or Buffalo
  50. I'm a student in Iowa.
  51. Boone Camp Information and Driving Directions
  52. Free parking at the Des Moines Marriott on Dec 27th?
  53. The Roads
  54. yay we got 5th place!