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  1. Issue: Jury Nullification
  2. Congress Destroys American Freedom
  3. Giuliani: Freedom is about Authority
  4. Dont Restore Habeas Corpus ... America doesn't deserve it !!
  5. Signed into law May 9th, Presidential Directives NSPD 51 + HSPD 20 = MARTIAL LAW
  6. National ID Buried in Immigration Bill? - Petition Representatives
  7. Would you dodge a draft?
  8. "Secret and anonymous hold" on FOIA-related bill
  9. Lake Jackson, do we have a problem? Real ID to vote?
  10. How's your libertarianism?
  11. Eminent Domain Abuses are Out of Control
  12. The Philosophy of Liberty
  13. Other Candidates' relation to Habeas Corpus
  14. George Bush makes himself DICTATOR
  15. Supreme Court Overturns Constitution
  16. Jury nullification
  17. Please support RPs House Bill 2387
  18. On Dissent, Censorship and Liberty in America
  19. U.S. Supreme Court Says McCain-Feingold Law is Partly Unconstitutional
  20. The Methodology of TYRANNY: Can you spot them?
  21. Women's suffrage and the demise of freedom
  22. NYC man held for reciting 1st Amendment
  23. More Prisoners than Farmers in America
  24. (Hemp) "Wear It. Eat It. Drive It. Just Don't Grow It" (opinion piece--Bloomberg.com)
  25. Is it legal to libel someone?
  26. Is internet gambling illegal in USA?
  27. More evidence we exist in a police state
  28. Big brother in New York
  29. Freedom and the Role of Government
  30. Police beat down 70 y.o. woman over lawn.
  31. Military Dictarorships are Your Friend
  32. A closer look at the Bill of Rights
  33. Executive Order Overturns US Fifth Amendment
  34. Where Rights Come From
  35. The Disappearing Civil Liberties Mug
  36. "military dictatorship, and few seem to care." - Ron Paul
  37. Family holes up, refuses to pay taxes. It might end in bloodshed
  38. FISA Expansion Sparks Civil Liberties Concerns
  39. Unalienable Rights for Dummies
  40. Internet gambling hypocrisy
  41. Ron Paul or Martial Law
  42. FISA Court Requires Bush Admin to Respond to ACLU's Request for Public Info
  43. TSA gets "Behavior Detection Officers"
  44. Private Mercenary Armies: A Looming Threat to Freedom
  45. White House Manual Details How to Deal With Protesters
  46. Kid must sell Bond's baseball for tax reasons!
  47. The Philosophy of Liberty
  48. Federal Judge Strikes Down Part of the Patriot Act!
  49. civil liberties
  50. Federal Judge rules against Patriot Act!
  51. Judge Invalidates Patriot Act Provisions
  52. Rudy on civil liberties
  53. Violation of the Patriot Act
  54. Is this an attack on my civil liberty?
  55. Quick Primer on rights
  56. New Attorney General: Giuliani Campaign Advisor, Pro-Patriot Act
  57. Lost rights
  58. Habeas Corpus Restoration Act
  59. Restore Habeas Corpus
  60. Imp call to action to restore Habeas corpus.
  61. Brownback, McCain against Habeas corpus
  62. Barr Blasts Senate for Refusing to Restore Habeas Corpus
  63. Restore Habeas Corpus?
  64. The Patriot Act in a nut shell
  65. McCain, Brownback Vote Against Habeas Corpus
  66. Public Smoking Bans
  67. Habeas Corpus and a Senate Race in Maine
  68. could alcohol be outlawed without a constitutional amendment?
  69. Anyone have a link to the newest ammendmnet in the Patriot Act on domestic terrorism
  70. Habeas corpus cartoon
  71. Liberty and National Healthcare
  72. Judge Rules Against Parts Of Patriot Act
  73. More provisions of Patriot Act ruled unconstitutional
  74. Habeas Corpus: Cornerstone of Liberty
  75. CSPAN2 now: Boxer pitches "thought crimes" amendment
  76. States' Rights
  77. Must askTSA permission to fly 72 hours early!
  78. Ron Paul Rings The Bell Shouts "For Liberty"!
  79. Notice the LA Times won't call this a hate crime
  80. Liberty & Power blog: A New Spring to Our Step
  81. Internet Police: Coming to America
  82. HR 1955 - Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007
  83. Holy Land Foundation mistrial - HUGE victory for liberty
  84. URGENT URGENT called RON PAUL this BILL to kill Patriot
  85. FEE: The Source of Rights
  86. Traitors In Congress, See Who Voted For The 'Thought Crime' Bill (H.R. 1955)
  87. FEE: The Goal Is Freedom: Liberty and Political Obedience
  88. Today is the 6th Anniversary of the Patriot Act
  89. US citizens constantly Tazed, yet border patrol gets two years for pushing an illegal
  90. URGENT: HR 1955 Thought Crime Bill goes to senate!
  91. FEE: The Drug Wars Assault on Liberty
  92. Liberty & Power: Whatever Happened to Guy Fawkes Night?
  93. land ownership
  94. How is the PATRIOT ACT Unconstitutional?
  95. Does the 1st Amendment forbid the STATES from making laws against speech?
  96. Thought police... HR 1955
  97. 2008 Defense Authorization Bill authorizes use of US military for domestic purposes!
  98. There is absolutely nothing patriotic about the "Patriot Act"
  99. Promotion Of Liberty
  100. Neocon Attack on Ron Paul: Greasing the Skids for HR 1955?
  101. In event of emergency ... call out the military? | H.R. 1585
  102. Patriot Act and citizens???
  103. About the HR 1955 bill
  104. Hillary: Security trumps Human Rights
  105. Stop HR 1955 From Becoming Law
  106. FEE: Borders and Liberty
  107. CIA Torture Reenacment Video
  108. Maybe some big delay for RFID and Verichip?
  109. Liberty & Power: Hillary v. Paul on Medical Marijuana
  110. One Subject at a Time Act
  111. The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007 (H.R. 1955)
  112. Out of touch copyright laws
  113. Further Proof of the Loss of Civil Liberties
  114. Free America from the Neocons
  115. Police State. You Tube. Arrested For Reading The Constitution.
  116. Bill of Rights Poll
  117. Senate Could Soon Vote on "Thought Crimes" Act
  118. Homegrown terrorism act... uh oh.
  119. Alex Jones/Naomi Wolf/End of America mp3
  120. Firmen being trained to report discontent with the US government
  121. So does anyone here have any updates so far on the HR 1955 bill?
  122. A court rules for states' rights and pivate property rights
  123. Fourth Amendment Protection In Text Pager Messages
  124. Obama proposes forced national service
  125. Are YOU on the government watch list?
  126. I just called my local Rep about HR 1955, have you?
  127. is McCain intending a push for a draft?
  128. Super highway network in Texas then the Whole of North America? NAFTA
  129. Sweden makes moves to scrap conscription
  130. Robert Taft's 1946 speech against the draft
  131. Where will the line be drawn?
  132. Where is the thread that lists the civil Liberties we're losing?
  133. FEE: The Drug Wars Assault on Liberty
  134. FEE: Wartime Executive Power: Are Warrantless Wiretaps Legal?
  135. Chicken Ban in Chicago!
  136. Obama Supports Home Grown Terrorism Bill!
  137. Firefighters as spies truly over the top
  138. Call Your Senators Today!!!
  139. patriot act question
  140. huckabee on civil liberties
  141. Tea Party = Terror
  142. quotes of the Dem proponents of slavery
  143. Legalizing all drugs thread pt 2 : Through the eyes and life of ONE DRUG WAR POW!
  144. Homeschool Mom Threatend with Jail For Homeschooling
  145. why the military commissions act is a national security problem
  146. Our rights are gone...
  147. LONG, DETAILED, SUPERB: Police State America
  148. Fascism in America Education Thread
  149. City Arrests Music Teacher for Lawn Grass Being Too High
  150. Martial Law Groundwork?
  151. UPDATE - Music Teacher Arrested For Lawn Grass
  152. Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP)
  153. Couple forced to take in criminal lodger after he tells court their house is HIS home
  154. Big Brother U.S. Government Subpoenaed Amazon.com
  155. H.r.-1955
  156. You guys have to read this energy bill that just became law
  157. Do you support referendums on smoking bans?
  158. TAKE ACTION against "The Thought Crimes Bill"
  159. Patriot Arrested
  160. FBI aims for world's largest biometrics database
  161. The Federal Government’s Assault on Internet Freedom
  162. Homeschooling support for candidates
  163. Five myths about torture and interrogation
  164. When they take the Internet away from us
  165. Bush Seeks restore battered US Image
  166. NH: Jailed in Defense of the Constitution (Protesting the IRS)
  167. Are we really losing our freedoms? Evidence? Proof?
  168. Spychips - Interview with the author
  169. No American Has Died from "Homegrown Terrorism" since 9/11
  170. Please Pledge No To NationalID
  171. Nml
  172. NH: Jailed in Defense of the Constitution
  173. Usa Today Question On Bearing Arms
  174. Guantanamo: As Above, So Below
  175. Ultimate Reality Ahead for Us: This will motivate you to vote for Ron Paul
  176. Bush's Executive Orders As our illustrious Dictator
  177. Judge Napolitano on Patriot Act
  178. Chips in You DL??
  179. Feds out of control, save us Ron Paul!
  180. Iowa GOP to Fox - Open Debate to all
  181. More Dead 'Cos of Ohio
  182. California Laws that went into effect Jan 1
  183. Interestin document for civil libertarians: Individual Declaration of Rights
  184. How to Fight a Neo Con
  185. great weapon for info war
  186. "Thinking For Yourself Is Now A Crime" - Paul Craig Roberts
  187. Lawyer who beat IRS sues Agents
  188. Florida, Federally Indicted
  189. Huckabee says government should limit our income
  190. Man arrested for publishing photos of war dead
  191. Disney World takes your FINGERPRINT!!!
  192. cell phone tracking
  193. Scariest Story of the Year...so far
  194. California Government Regulatory Agency wants control over your thermostat
  195. If you feel like digging something...thanks! -> Manifest Destiny <-
  196. Rights are "Only in the Movies"
  197. DHS to treat farmers like terrorist wannabes
  198. Civil Liberties...and how to lose them in one easy step
  199. Abolishing Affirmative Action
  200. This is a ploy to get support for REAL ID
  201. You Tube censorship
  202. Real ID mandated for 2017 by Homeland Security
  203. Real ID???
  204. Real Id Unconstitutional
  205. VICTORY FED ON EXTENZE - New Security Rules for DL's
  206. H.r.393
  207. DIEBOLD To Change Its Name
  208. Any with me on this?
  209. I'm sure glad I won't have to participate in the Real ID Act
  210. How many people will get a Real ID?
  211. Real ID? So what are we supposed to do about our chipped passports?
  212. More Bodies for War - DRAFT
  213. draft re-instatement bill started
  214. Uk To Chip Prisoners,take Organs Without Permission
  215. Letter to Governor re: REAL ID
  216. HR 1955 & Ron Paul supporters as promoting an extremist belief system
  217. Prisoners to get RFID implanted chips
  218. 2008 presidential charade promises deepening of government criminality and expansion
  219. ‘Don’t Tase me, bro’ student breaks silence
  220. EViL ChERtoFf SPiNs rEaL iD, RON PAUL sEtS iT StRaiGHt
  221. Who and which states are pro-REAL ID?
  222. U.S. Supreme Court - Citizens May Not Petition Their Gov.
  223. UK Prisoners to be Given Chip Implants
  224. America's Police State
  225. So called "Free Speech Zones."
  226. US Gov't must be able to read everything on Internet
  227. ABC News segment on Real ID
  228. Huckabee = Big Brother
  229. The Declaration of Independence
  230. Poker game draws SWAT team, 13 yo confiscated by state
  231. Liberty and Privacy: Connections
  232. The Census: Inquiring Minds Want to Know a Lot
  233. The Danger of National Identification
  234. ID Plan Is Broadly Criticized
  235. "Prince of Pot" charged by the US DEA
  236. Mandatory Military Service? Draft?
  237. Repeal the REAL ID Act
  238. What rights or liberties have we lost since 9-11?
  239. DHS computer turns school teacher into fugitive
  240. Curious about your opinions on repealing the 14th amendment
  241. The Investigator is at your service
  242. Real ID to purchase pharmaceuticals?
  243. Lawmaker wants to ban truck testicles!!!
  244. Pro-Choice Supporters?
  245. DHS and the Voter Identification Problem
  246. Simple Boycott for REAL ID
  247. ALERT!! Govt Drafting Plans for Internet Surveillance!!
  248. Achtung Catholics!
  249. Raondom people pulled of street for jury duty
  250. MSNBC on the inevitability of REAL ID