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  1. Elderly Couple Forced Into State Custody
  2. Mandatory H1N1 may be in the works
  3. Supreme Court Cuts Back Officers’ Searches of Vehicles
  4. Public School Student's right to property
  5. Officer Does Not Like anti-Obama Poster: "It ain't [America] no more, OK?"
  6. Dr. Kervorkian on Cavuto.
  7. Biometrics now in use at my doctor's office
  9. Californians rise up against the police state tyranny! :) (vid)
  10. So Police Decided to come and sieze my computer in the middle of the night
  12. All righty sports fans. Must see stats.
  13. Where are the Libertarian Lawyers?
  14. Police Stop Grandmother From CPR on 3yo Grandson Resulting in Death
  15. more stories about police brutality
  16. Texas - Fusion center meets criticism from local ACLU
  17. Forced Catheterization
  18. Georgia Pastor Killed in Botched Drug Bust
  19. Hate Speech: Valedictorian Forced to Apologize for Speech Thanking Jesus
  20. Orders Oath Keepers Will NOT Obey
  21. Man wears monkey mask to fight speeding tickets...
  22. Discrimination, Racism, and the Human Race
  23. Supreme Court Considers Freedom of Speech
  24. We MUST privatize police
  25. TSA Defends Holding Student With Arabic Flash Cards at Philadelphia Airport
  26. Cop shoots unarmed fire Chief in back
  27. 4409 -- Insane Dog Murderer on the loose
  28. Police say syringes will help stop drunk driving
  29. The Photographer's Rights
  30. Federal Program to Draw Blood from DUI Suspects
  31. KopBusters Strikes Again--Second Sting Lands Kop Behind Bars
  32. Wired: Obama Backs Expiring Patriot Act Spy Provisions
  33. Extending the Patriot Act — and Tyranny
  34. ACLU Asks Court to End Govt Funding of Religion in Mississippi Abstinence-Only Prog.
  35. Govt. Seeks to Deny Bagram Prisoners Access to U.S. Courts
  36. Peoria parents sue Walmart, state over kids' nude bath pics
  37. Police Dept. will start finger printing with PDA device...
  38. Fox Asks Appeals Court To Stand By Ruling
  39. Torture Probe Limited to Unauthorized Torture?
  40. Father of the internet appaluds net neutrality rules, which keep the internet free...
  41. Local Supermarket taking kids fingerprints
  42. Hypocrite Kay Bailey Hutchison Tries to Block Net Neutrality
  43. Slashdot readers overwhelmingly back net neutrality
  44. Literature educating those on subsidy programs
  45. Military Police in Newport KY / Cincinnati
  46. Cops tazer unarmed amputee in a wheelchair (twice) then lock him up for six days...
  47. Census Bureau Wants to Know — Everything
  48. FCC Chief Backs Net Neutrality
  49. DEMOCRATS say NO to free speech
  50. Judge Napolitano: People Will Resist Vaccines, Quarantines
  51. Dozens gather to smoke marijuana in Keene, NH central square -- no arrests made
  52. Mass Marijuana Protest in Keene, NH
  53. Pittsburgh G20 riot police use new wepons on US soil. Constitutional?
  54. Pot smokers challenge law in New Hampshire
  55. Civil liberties groups: Police overreacted at G-20
  56. 'Prince of Pot' about to be busted
  57. America: It's not that free - my first toob
  58. woman arrested for buying over the counter cold drugs
  59. Law & Order: *Torture* & the false *Ticking Time Bomb*
  60. arrests made at keene daily 420 civil dis
  61. UK Billboards Equipped with License Plate Spy Cameras...
  62. Militarized G-20 Police Take Over Pittsburgh Street; Bicycle Police Mace Onlookers
  63. Police Brutality in Pittsburgh after the G20
  64. Net Neutrality
  65. It's like martial law, but it's not. Announced by riot police inside penn university
  66. Does a Private company have the authority to arrest and detain citizens?
  67. Agent Provocateurs in Pittsburgh?
  68. citizens arrest on solders violating posse comitatus?
  69. Army Surveillance of Civilians (1972 Report)
  70. The Battle of Athens, Tennessee (1946)
  71. U.S. Senate candidate: Martial law needed in Chicago
  72. Real Reform for the PATRIOT Act?
  73. Pittsburgh papers are onto G-20 abuses
  74. Ever hear of Kowloon Walled City?
  75. Police Scanner from g20
  76. You must now be a member of congress.org to send letters to the DC crime ring.
  77. Two Videos Everyone Should Watch
  78. Elaine Brown Sentenced to 35 Yrs! for tax evasion
  79. Cops Taze Teen on bike from car - Runs Teen Over Killing him
  80. Faux News' Coverage of The Supreme Court...
  81. LRADs: Another Step Toward a Police State
  82. No Smoking in Your Own Apartment.
  83. IBM developing DNA 'bar code reader'
  84. Taking a mandatory Federal photoshoot and fingerprinting
  85. Game Warden kills 76 year old man ON HIS OWN LAND!!
  86. 4409 -- New Jersey MAYOR caught lying on TV commercial
  87. Police stop more than 1 million people on street
  88. My Fiancee Just Got Pulled Over For Going The Speed Limit
  89. NYPD Tracking Cell Phones if You're Arrested for Anything
  90. EU social network spy system exposed!
  91. A Letter from the Campaign for Liberty.Plz read.
  92. Russia too fears WW2 Revisionism..
  93. Officer resigns after breaking special needs student's nose
  94. How to entrap a citizen K.G.B. style
  95. Cops pulling citizens over and stealing cash, threatening to take your kids...
  96. Video: Fountainhead (The Law behind Liberty)
  97. Govt. EMT swipes camera - caught on tape in New Hampshire
  98. Camp Fema: American Lockdown
  99. Caught on tape: Fed contractor questions Ridley Report
  100. Getting your car towed violates the 5th amendment
  101. New Smoking Bans Spark Backlash
  102. NC: FBI delves into DMV photos in search for fugitives
  103. Zachary Christie, 6, Suspended for Fork
  104. War Resisters Claim Abuse By Military Prison Guards
  105. Courts to Hear Arguments Today in Brooklyn Eminent Domain Abuse Case
  106. Cops shoot homeowner who called 911, in the back six times
  107. Suspicion-less stop/random checkpoint handout
  108. Woman drinking in parked car asks police to hold her keys so she doesn't drive and...
  109. Pentagon Bans Photos of Afghan War Dead
  110. Judge Bans Public from Blackwater (Xe) Case
  111. why is it that...
  112. Cops Attack Anti-War Demonstrators In Rochester, New York
  113. What should you do when buying a pie at 3am? Do you know the answer?
  114. 4409 -- F*ck You Pirate!, Get the F*ck back inside!
  115. The State Hates the Internet!
  116. Bank account withdrawal
  117. Woman dubbed 'not bright' enough to marry, and they might take her baby
  118. Another Teen Dies From Taser
  119. Blogger Busted!Free speech goes on trial in Sangamon County Illinois
  120. no, no, no, no, no...
  121. Greensboro Cop harrasses gun carrier
  122. iWATCH Commercial
  123. CIA Unit Invests in Firm that Monitors Social Media Websites
  124. New York Eagle Scout Suspended From School for 20 Days for Keeping Pocketknife in Car
  125. FCC Gearing Up For Assault On First Amendment
  126. Ronald Reagan Speaks on Freedom
  127. Death penalty not a deterrent, police chiefs say
  128. Spying on Americans: The Bipartisan National Security State Telecoms Lobby US Cong.
  129. Man Arrested For Making Coffee Naked
  130. Selective Service System
  131. Got stopped at a check point....
  132. McCain introduces bill to block Net neutrality
  133. Seattle Police Attacked On 'Protest Police Brutality Day'
  134. TSA stole my utility knife and threw it in the trash
  135. Stossel's finest moments
  136. Why are NY cops arresting gay people on charges ruled unconstitutional 26 years ago?
  137. Cartoon Predicts Our Future 50 Years Ago
  138. Halloween, and thoughts on Stossel
  139. We need guys like this in the US
  140. Stossel vs. O'Reilley
  141. [VIDEO] - New Video Shows Police Beating College Student - (San Jose State)
  142. Open Source Digital Voting Election Software Revealed
  143. Drug Dogs
  144. Please critique my debate on individualism
  145. NSA Supercenters to Store Americans' Private Data Permanently
  146. Excellent Site on Private Property and the Environmental Movement
  147. Let's try something different
  148. [VIDEO] - 4409 -- Cops in UNIFORM now working for Corporations
  149. PA Legislature Debating Mandatory Vaccination House Bill
  150. Flu Vaccine Requirement for Health Workers In NY Is Removed!
  151. Please help - Census!
  152. Bush TV Propaganda Program Continues Under Obama
  153. TSA completes new Secure Flight Program, enhanced watch list and data collection
  154. Store Owner Charged With Kidnapping For Holding A Shoplifter For Police...
  155. Barack Obama Continues Bush Administration Policy Regarding Posse Comitatus
  156. Need some help fighting a traffic ticket
  157. An Opportunity for the Oath Keepers: End the Occupation
  158. Shopping Malls Implementing Clothing Rules
  159. help me w/ an argument, my brain hurts..
  160. 1,600 are suggested daily for FBI's list based on "reasonable suspicion,"
  161. Obama lifts ban on persons with HIV/AIDS from entering country
  162. 25 Barons had more redress of their grievances in 1215 than Americans do today
  163. Drug Tests
  164. Anyone here drive without a license or permit?
  165. Boulder's Naked Halloween Streak May Be Coming to an End
  166. Cops write tickets against poor people waiting for utility bill aid...
  167. New airport scanners = kiddie porn
  168. Louisiana justice who refused to marry an interracial couple has resigned
  169. Cameras everywhere - Big brother is watching Lancaster, PA. Also, vodka warehouse spi
  170. Liberty Lives in Breckenridge Colorado,Breaking News
  171. Secret copyright treaty leaks. It's bad. Very bad.
  172. Montel Williams promoting slavery on air america
  173. “Extraordinary Rendition” AKA When the US Govt. Kidnaps people...
  174. Italy convicts 23 Americans (CIA Operatives) ~ Now considered fugitives in Italy! ~
  175. Minneapolis Kop Tasers Man Until He Screams
  176. Maine becomes 5th state to allow pot dispensaries
  177. Pot is legal.
  178. Mind Your Tweets: The CIA Social Networking Surveillance System
  179. PolitiFact Claims Bachmann's Census Claims Are Straight Up Wrong
  180. Job application warning statement
  181. [VIDEO] ~ 4409 -- Photo Radar meets the 5th of November!
  182. WordPress techie volunteer needed
  183. what is the best hand held digital gun/ video recorder?
  184. [VIDEO] ~ Tour of Guantanamo Base ~
  185. Anyone run into trouble at University for liking Ron Paul or being pro conservative?
  186. Swine Flu Quarantine in Ukraine, “Special Regimes” to Restrict Movement
  187. new american police force system: why?
  188. Justice Dept. Asked For News Site's Visitor Lists
  189. Minneapolis Police Beat Man Until He Defecates--FBI Investigates
  190. US GOV during WW1
  191. Woman banned from making loud noises during sex
  192. scary stuff
  193. beware of ACTA (vid)
  194. David Brooks uses Ft Hood shootings to call for slavery
  195. Wisconsin demands farmer's raw milk customer list
  196. TSA changes rules to settle Bierfelt suit
  197. Behavioral Targeting: Ads That Track Your Web Activity
  198. The Sickening Arrogance of Government Prosecutors
  199. Property Rights
  200. Seven police cars vs Electric Bicycle... (Not A Joke)...
  201. from freedom to communism
  202. Duke Police Officer Drugs and Rapes Woman
  203. Dutch government plans to track every private car
  204. the name for the one world government is communism
  205. Search ends for missing toddler whose mother was slain
  206. EPA Shuts Down Scientists Youtube Video Against Cap N Trade...
  207. Red Light Camera Tickets
  208. FDA attempts to ban raw oysters
  209. 6 months in hospital For Richmond mom who murdered son
  210. Anyone familiar with the federalist papers?
  211. Fort Hood Shooter Radicalized By The Internets! DUN! DUN! DUN!
  212. Just an Idea.. Thought I would share it.
  213. Arkansas Police Use Taser on 10-Year-Old Girl
  214. [VIDEO] ~ "Obama to miss Guantanamo closure deadline"
  215. [VIDEO] ~ New DUI law mandates breathalyzer device in cars if convicted of a DUI
  216. Fla. jury awards $300 million in ex-smoker's suit
  217. [POLL] Does a K-12 Teacher have the right to force a student to stand for the pledge?
  218. Everything is OK
  219. Smiling on Facebook costs woman her insurance benefits
  220. New battle for the web
  221. VeriChip Buys Steel Vault – Creating Micro-Implant/Health Record/Credit Score Empire
  222. Windows 7 is super duper
  223. [VIDEO] ~ Cars coming with software controls over speed, stereo volume limits, etc...
  224. Facebook photos, fake police profiles, and big brother
  225. Let me try to articulate the main reason to legalize drugs,
  226. [VIDEO] ~ Oregon Cafe Caters to Medical Marijuana Users
  227. Couple penetrates White House security to get into state dinner
  228. flip off a cop--get 50,000 smackers
  229. Conservative Magazines and the Presumption of Liberty: A Content Analysis on Sex, etc
  230. Arkansas Cop Tasers 10-Year-Old Girl Because She Refused to Take a Shower
  231. 4 Police Officers Ambushed
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  233. Help with a traffic stop
  234. Andrew Napolitano: The Case Against Military Tribunals
  235. Iran Accused of Confiscating Ebadi’s Nobel Peace Prize Medal
  236. Government taking newborn DNA samples
  237. Obama FCC Internet Proposals: Free Speech Regulations
  238. Private TOR network?
  239. Uganda wants law to kill gay people...
  240. Supreme Court Rules In Support Of Executive Branch Hiding Torture Photos
  241. [VIDEO] ~ The Importance Of Social Networks & Alt. Media In Protecting Ourselves
  242. Comcast Law Enforcement Handbook
  243. Domestic surveillance is MASSIVE
  244. Yahoo Law Enforcement Compliance Guide
  245. Chuck Baldwin: Homeland Security Or Homeland Enslavement?
  246. AUS: Got arrested for nothing
  247. Yahoo, Verizon: Our Spy Capabilities Would ‘Shock’, ‘Confuse’ Consumers
  248. Foreign Affairs Committee hearing..C-SPAN 3 now!
  249. You are sovereign!!!
  250. Don't Preach the Gospel in School