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  1. Warning To Americans
  2. One step closer to regulating the internet
  3. H.R. 1955 a letter from my Congresman
  4. Smoking Ban : A Libertarian Nightmare?
  5. The cost of supporting Ron Paul
  6. I have an idea
  7. People plucked off streets, picked for emergency jury duty
  8. Real I.D. Is delayed! YAY!
  9. BTR airport bans holding RP signx
  10. pathetic
  11. What can we do about the ID act?
  12. which dem do you believe supports civil liberties?
  13. US Space Command monitoring networks
  14. Remeber as you're being handcuffed, databases are never wrong
  15. This Is What Happens When You Ask Questions In Nj
  16. Chris Dodd on Telecom Immunity
  17. Useful video on negotiating DHS internal checkpoints
  18. Collateral Damage: Surveillance Aimed at Terrorists Can Easily Go Awry
  19. Tell the FCC and Congress You Support Net Neutrality
  20. ATTN Virginians: Electronic voting unconstitutional in Virginia?
  21. Florida Keys boaters should expect to carry papers
  22. Ghoul's Drug Czar: Alcohol & Tobacco should have been prohibited
  23. Americans with Disabilities Act--Repeal it?
  24. Kill the stimulus package
  25. FISA debate right now 15:30EST/12:30PST C-SPAN
  26. Future under Real ID?
  27. States who have rejected DHS Real ID act
  28. Ahhhh... front page of yahoo....noo....
  29. Ron Paul on the Protect America Act
  30. Reduce, reuse, recycle, be prosecuted
  31. What can the Gov. REALLY do? Naturalization v Immigration
  32. Missouri Rep. Jim Guest to speak on REAL ID
  33. Horror story from the UK
  34. Welcome to the Police State
  35. TSA now has blog and area for complaints!
  36. Our state collects more data than the Stasi ever did. We need to fight back
  37. Tales from an American Gulag
  38. Legally abolish the IRS and McNab Act
  39. Police Abuse in Full Effect in Stark County, OH
  40. A Peaceful way we Citizens can end the Income Tax
  41. Emerging Police State?
  42. I guess he "tripped"
  43. CNET Article on the National ID. Lets get the message out.
  44. FBI wants palm prints, eye scans, tattoo maps... CNN article
  45. CNN Front Page: FBI wants database of Americans' physical traits
  46. FBI Wants Palm Prints, Eye Scans, Tattoos
  47. Democray Now... Email these CLOWNS & ask them where's RON PAUL?
  48. Right to Petition Lawsuit - Update - Treason of The Highest Order
  49. what if...
  50. Another Free Speech Issue?
  51. Stopping the National ID Card!!!
  52. watch this before it mysteriously dissapears!!!
  53. Starting A New Political Party
  54. I'd say DOD is expecting a new Gitmo inmate
  55. Police officers gathering DNA at traffic stops
  56. Renewing Passport - contains electronic radio frequency tracking device
  57. Five shot to death at City Council
  58. Need some help with a flyer
  59. The Property Rights Origins of Privacy Rights
  60. How many women will Real ID kill?
  61. You dialed 911 and we're here to help
  62. Great Speach from Boson Legal
  63. News.com mention of RP on Real ID
  64. Gun Control Protest?
  65. National Year of the Bible?
  66. EXPOSED: FBI program preparing businesses for martial law
  67. New Weapon Against Terror: A Flashlight? Blinded By The Light!
  68. Police Forcing it's Will on a Citizen
  69. infragard is group who protect infrastructure
  70. Sen. Rockefeller Lets Slip the Spying Truth: Drift Nets To Be Legalized
  71. Someone tore my bumper sticker off
  72. Airports Downloading your Laptop?
  73. Estimates of The Crowd In Washington Rally
  74. Business Week Op/Ed: Human chipping
  75. The Theist Hatred Of Atheists
  76. Police state vs. Kids
  77. Senate approves legal immunity for telecoms in eavesdropping legislation
  78. Senate Votes to expand spy powers
  79. Ladies and Gentlemen: Senate Votes for Expansion of Spy Powers
  80. Homegrown terrorism bill
  81. Your rights are being litigated, DO WE STILL HAVE THEM?
  82. New phone standard under FISA
  83. US SC Judge Scalia: The Constitution doesn't protect Americans from being tortured
  84. Yesterday, 68 Senators violated their oaths of office
  85. MSM - Public Relations
  86. Sacrificing liberty for security...
  87. Florida Deputy Dumps Quadriplegic From Wheelchair
  88. Oregon Legislature debating Natural Rights
  89. FISA...just saw Bush on tv...will Congress keep standing up to him?
  90. Woman strip searched by police after calling THEM for help!
  91. New Red Light Camera
  92. Real ID
  93. Pay to prevent your SS# from being used? WTF?
  94. Intel Chair to Bush on FISA: I Will Not Back Down to You.
  95. Telecom Immunity Act & Foreign Internet?
  96. FISA: Response from US Senator
  97. Hacking Democracy
  98. My Day: So Much Happened
  99. Military Unleashed on Americans?
  100. This is What A Police State Looks Like
  101. Yesterday, 68 Senators violated their oaths of office (Update)
  102. The War on Liberty...
  103. I Am With You Always, John MacDuff; 1858
  104. The Destruction of America
  105. Martial Law
  106. Child Abuse by the Government
  107. REAL ID Act
  108. Oppose the Real ID Act!
  109. One warrant for one address not quite good enough
  110. Whistle Blower Forum Ordered Off-Line
  111. Constitution? We dont have to follow any stinkin constitution!
  112. Supreme Court rejects domestic wiretap appeal
  113. *YOUTUBE* Old Star Trek reveals how to destroy the New World Order
  114. Writ of Habeas Corpus?
  115. Homeland Security Detention Camps (San Francisco Chronicle article)
  116. Your Opinion of the ACLU?
  117. Another woman gets her ass beat at jail house!!!
  118. So why is REAL ID bad?
  119. John Wieder for Congress TX22. Black History Month, Life begins @ CONCEPTION
  120. National Id
  121. Fireman arrested for making accident scene safer.
  122. Freedom of the Press?
  123. UN Propaganda aimed at U.S. Schoolchildren
  124. On Friday, February 22 the Supreme Court of the United States will decide
  125. Sick Of It Day
  126. Gays and Ron Paul
  127. Can I be drafted?
  128. Concentration camps needed in each state of the Union?
  129. The Case Against Communism
  130. How to Avoid the National ID
  131. I often wondered about the extent of ease-dropping done
  132. Supreme Court Refuses To Review Warrantless Wiretapping Case (2/19/2008)
  133. Info-grabbing contests in the least place I'd expect
  134. Home Depot now asks for date of birth
  135. the terror surveillance bill a bill to the road of tyranny
  136. Urgent Californians Stop Real Id
  137. hyPOTcrisy
  138. Rule by fear or rule by law?
  139. Sad news to report concerning Real ID in Pennsylvania
  140. Drivers licenses?
  141. It's now or never
  142. The North American Union Constitution: help me out
  143. 'Anyone who does not fight war crime is condoning war crime'
  144. Free speech 'shrinking' in Russia
  145. 75th Anniversary of the Reichstag Fire - False Flags
  146. Religious Parties
  147. SCOTUS Says "NO" What Must A Free People Do?
  148. SCOTUS Says "NO"! What Must A Free People Do? We have NO Redress!!!
  149. ACLU calls out US over 'absurd bloating' of terror watch list
  150. You Think You Are Free?
  151. Pittsburgh awarded $2.5 million to purchase cameras
  152. Operation: Turn In Your Neighbor
  153. The Ray Gun In Action
  154. Great Youtube with in-depth info on the REAL ID
  155. Your opinions on primary; should it be open or closed?
  156. FISA spying
  157. The Attack on a Nation United is Divided
  158. 20/20 crap
  159. US Gov't to Spy on games like World of Warcraft
  160. Rock County Woman Jailed For Overdue Library Books
  161. Libertarian outlook on vehicle transportation
  162. Solzhenitsyn on Fashionable Thinking
  163. My Case on Drugs
  164. Are my rights being VIOLATED at work?
  165. Political Prisoners
  166. FBI abuses national security letters, congress yawns
  167. MSNBC: "Truthers" should be sent to secret prisons. Holy Crap this pisses me off!
  168. Video: NH Governor confirms stance against Real-ID
  169. Video about the Philosophy of Liberty
  170. Watch out! This device is a lie detector Cops use w/out your CONSENT
  171. Council member troubled after "racist" image
  172. California National or US citizen???
  173. "Ankle bracelets" for fishermen
  174. Where is Commissar Chertoff when we need him?
  175. Real ID - Montanta governor tells the Feds to SHOVE IT!
  176. Ignorance of BS laws is no excuse where I live
  177. National ID/Govt lists Available to Hackers
  178. uhh, this better not come to the US
  179. Anonymous internet posting illegal
  180. Gov of NY was Spied on by the Fed Gov.
  181. Why so few Christians joining fight against The Mark?
  182. This absolutley infuritaes me!
  183. Intel. :NSA Data Driftnets: Domestic Surveillance & Repression on a Massive Scale
  184. Internet privacy...Is it possible?
  185. Why the Catholic Church require so much bs for my kids to recieve the sacraments?
  186. This gets a resounding WTF?
  187. Spying Bill.
  188. House votes 213-197 to reject retroactive telecom immunity
  189. The Case for Legalized Prostitution
  190. " Right now, feds might be looking into your finances " -- USA Today
  191. Sen. Richard Burr's (R-NC) statement on the REAL ID
  192. Sign the Petition to present to Congress on the 15th!
  193. CA and the REAL ID
  194. Need Your Help, Please Help!
  195. Thanks RPF friends for keeping your ears to the ground...
  196. Homeland Security Checkpoint
  197. The right to bear arms question
  198. My Favorite Education Quotes
  199. Was Ron Paul in the secret "closed session" of Congress?
  200. Time magazine invents facts to claim that Americans support Bush's domestic spying
  201. Real ID in NC people are pissed
  202. Sovereign Citizen Movement
  203. Why don't progressive liberals/neocons move to Europe?!
  204. License Plate Barcode?
  205. Cell Phone tapping - even when off.
  206. What does this mean,for whom, and when?
  207. What BS!!! They want Real ID's and look at them
  208. Somebody saw Hillary's, Obama and McCains passport files.
  209. Louisiana Communist Propaganda law
  210. Televisions that watch you
  211. Prez Candidates' Privacy Breach is Poetic Justic
  212. Here we go again:Another Stolen Govt. Laptop with your data on it.
  213. Internet Piracy
  214. How can you be religious and libertarian?
  215. Turn Abortions into Adoptions
  216. Who's Snooping on You?
  217. War On Terror? GMAB!
  218. NY Cops Beat Down on Tibetan Protestors
  219. Are you a Terrorist? Ask the Whitehouse
  220. Pentagon Holds Thousands of Americans "Prisoners of War"
  221. Man arrested near Capitol faces WMD charges
  222. 2nd Amendment: Boston and D.C. Gun Grabbing Schemes Fizzle
  223. online job applications, and driver license scans????
  225. Repeal the fraudulent"Protect America Act"
  226. Passport RFID chips probably hacked by Chinese
  227. Oh God etc
  228. Free Speech Case On March 28
  229. What would be a good form of alternative communication(s) to coordinate help?
  230. Nipple Rings
  231. Real ID Protesters Back Down Federal Officer
  232. Real ID Act - DHS backing down on compliance deadline
  233. Homeland Security Coordinator:Using the state to spy on personal enemies
  234. WSJ defends illegal searches
  235. WSJ on Iraq
  236. Feds wire tap hundreds in the Conch Republic
  237. United States established on the general principles of Christianity
  238. New Hampshire Joins Montana In Real ID Victory
  239. Tasered To Death
  240. Dhs Begins Genocide
  241. You think that if the rumors are and they start taking people down, the media will?
  242. Yet Another Microchip Plan
  243. How can you get Creditor to stop calling you?
  244. Losing the Right to Repair your Own Vehicle
  245. Say They Reinstitute the Draft...
  246. "Apathetic Pastors and Christians Killing America" by Pastor Chuck Baldwin
  247. REAL ID ACT in California and shirt ideas
  248. CNET on Real ID
  249. Reconciling libertarianism and religion
  250. The Mukasey/FISA Controversy Continues