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  1. Does anyone... support the war in Iraq at this point?
  2. Foreign policy missunderstandings
  3. Oil Has Nothing To Do with Iraq and They Attack Us because They Hate Us
  4. George Bush risking WW3 by Provoking Iran with "war games"
  5. Senate report: U.S. intel warned that Iran, al-Qaeda could gain with Iraq invasion
  6. Status of Iraq Authorization "Sunset-Clause" ???
  7. CIA Warned White House About Iraq
  8. Pre 9-11 relationship between Al Qaeda and Saddam?
  9. Video: What motivated the 9/11 hijackers? See testimony most didn't
  10. Should I be concerned? - the Iraq War
  11. Message From Iraqi Resistance
  12. Bush envisions U.S. presence in Iraq like S.Korea
  13. Ron's Foreign Policy on Al-qaeda Vindicated Again
  14. Wesley Clark Says Neocons Plan To Overthrow 7 countries in the next 5 years.
  15. "Restoring the Republic: Foreign Policy & Civil Liberties Conference in VA"
  16. As the Arabs see the Jews
  17. Giuliani: "we Need To Train Us Military To Nation Build"
  18. Bush war advisor was skeptical on Iraq- L.General
  19. PNAC document: "Rebuilding America's Defenses"
  20. Truce Between U.S. Enemies in Iraq
  21. Excellent Video Interview w/author of Blowback
  22. The Council on Foreign Relations Controls the Media
  23. Lieberman: U.S. Should Weigh Iran Attack
  24. more empire building
  25. Bush neocons funding Al Qaeda?
  26. AIPAC, Neocons and the state of Israel.
  27. Radical Islam: Al-Qaeda, Iran, and the Cult Mentalty (or, what we're doing wrong)
  28. One More Reason to Stop the War-China
  29. Compassionate 13yr. Child Pleads to United Nations
  30. Thoughts on HUGE military bases and Embassy in Iraq
  31. No child left behind on the way to Iraq
  32. Preemptive Nuclear War vs. Christianity
  33. Key GOP senator says Iraq strategy not working
  34. GOP support for Iraq war slips
  35. Books on Israel?
  36. Republican support for Iraq war slips
  37. Riots over fuel in Iran
  38. Republicans realize withdrawel from Iraq may be key for winning in 2008
  39. Lew Rockwell on PBS talking about the Iraq war and economy. NOW with Moyers 3/7/2003
  40. A NEW HOLY WAR AGAINST EVIL? A Buddhist Response.
  41. OMG. Watch this clip on Halliburton. IRAQ FOR SALE.
  42. Reasons for 9/11
  43. Has America Lost? War Doctrines of Kutusov vs Clausewitz May Help Explain Iraq War
  44. Iraq was found to be liable for attacks on 9/11
  45. REPORT: Voters Believe Iraq Is Creating More Terrorists
  46. PROOF our foreign policy is a motivator for terrorism
  47. "L.A. Times' Finds Two More GOP Senators Breaking With Bush on War" -- MediaInfo.com
  48. Answering 10 Questions about the War on Terror
  49. Al Qaeda in Iraq: Bush's Creation
  50. Have we become the United States of Israel?
  51. Which USA public officials are dual citizens with Israel?
  52. Ron Paul and Just War Theory
  53. Reservist fighting his fifth war call-up
  54. Al Qaeda Cell in the U.S. Or On Its Way, According to New Intel
  55. The global banking elite, and China
  56. Russia suspends arms control pact...
  57. A Debate over the Iraq War
  58. Why is Council on Foreign Relations so evil?
  59. US Soldier hires Hit Man to shoot him so he does not have to go back to Iraq
  60. 80% of Russians Approve of Putin
  61. Pace: US Weighs Larger 'Surge' in Iraq
  62. Iran Asks Japan to Pay Yen for Oil, Start Immediately
  63. A morally justifiable usurpation- North Korea.
  64. Bush EO: Blocking Property of .. Who Threaten Stabilization Efforts in Iraq
  65. Some stuff from Iraq
  66. Hey I am new, and I bring news that could be the catalyst to war with Iran.
  67. Alan Keyes talks to Houston Ron Paul supporters about the Iraq war
  68. disagree with the Iraq war? say goodbye to your property
  69. OMFNGGOD! The best Iraq war lie video
  70. Michael Scheuer: CIA Bin Laden Chief: Next Attack ‘Bigger Than 9/11'
  71. The CFR's current issue of "Foreign Affairs Magazine
  72. Completely bizarre video (Christians United for Israel)
  73. Cost of the Iraq War
  74. Iraq captain says he fears for his life, calls for US to leave country
  75. Walter Williams doesn't support Ron Pauls' foreign policy
  76. " Obama might send troops into Pakistan" -- AP/Yahoo.com
  77. Israel using women in tourism ads
  78. The Case for an America-First Foreign Policy
  79. Iraq rapidly collapsing
  80. Is the Whole Iraq Adventure a Beta Test for the US?
  81. Iran Enabling Sanctions Act 2007 - Ron Paul Speech Against to House
  82. Weapons Missing in Iraq
  83. China Threatens USD
  84. Army Running Over Dogs in Iraq?
  85. Bush promises 'justice' if iran meddles in Iraq
  86. 80 US Congressmen take a free trip to Israel
  87. Washington Post: U.S. Financing Insurgency in Iraq
  88. Iraq vet confronts Mitt
  89. 1994: Cheney says Iraq would be "Quagmire"
  90. Drudge: US to designate Iran Revolutionary Guard as terrorists
  91. Tragedy in Iraq, 175 killed 200 wounded 8 captured
  92. U.S. Set to Declare Iran Guards Terrorists
  93. Iran War Coming?
  94. Guess what? The neocons have brought Russia and China back together.
  95. Attack on Iran could lead to war with Russia and China
  96. PFC Hayes IRAQ hottie army girl, Vote Ron Paul!
  97. Soldier talks about Iraq
  98. Iran and Kurds shelling
  99. "France shifts its stance on the conflict in Iraq" -- in International Herald Tribune
  100. Bush warns of new Vietnam in Iraq
  101. Fox News, watch their propaganda techniques against Iran and the parallels to Iraq!
  102. Fox News’ Drumbeat for War with Iran
  103. Fox Attacks : IRAN
  104. Article: "Giuliani Worse than Bush" On Foreign Policy
  105. Bush planned to go after Saddam days after his inaguration
  106. BUSH/CHENEY knew there was NO WMD, NO 911, NO AL QAEDA prior to the WAR.
  107. Iran is fully nuclear!
  108. US preparing for massive MILITARY STRIKE on IRAN ! WTF
  109. Step Closer Ton War With Iran?
  110. Iraq Propaganda Re-applied to Iran and Illegal workers in US government
  111. Our Troops Won the War in Iraq
  112. Our Troops Won the War in Iraq
  113. Hilary Tells Israeli Lobby She Would Attack Iran
  114. We Are Going To War With Iran
  115. Republicans Who Voted Against Iraq Resolution Tell Why
  116. Pentagon Has 3-Day Plan to Knock Out Iran's Military
  117. Private foreign policy: mercenaries and militias
  118. "We Are Going To Hit Iran. Bigtime"
  119. US to Hit Iran, Big Time?
  120. Hillary Clinton Threatens to Nuke Iran !!!
  121. Parallels Between FOX's selling of Iraq and Iran
  122. Bush: "We're kicking ass" in Iraq
  123. Absolute proof - hijacking of US foreign policy
  124. American Aid to 51st state (Israel) Increase...Again
  125. Does Ron Paul take Marching Orders from Al-Qaeda?
  126. Bush Can't End Korean War Yet
  127. "Petraeus: Iraq Buildup Falls Short" -- FoxNews.com
  128. Donald Trump making a lot of sense on Iraq...
  129. Another bin laden video tape is due to be out.
  130. Fred Thompson: Al Qaeda smoking ban pushed Iraqis to U.S.
  131. Clip - Glenn Beck/Heritage's Carafano on Iran
  132. Does Hillary want to go into Iran?
  133. Oh, oh, bad news for Iran...
  134. Article: U.S. Officials Begin Crafting Iran Bombing Plan
  135. Conservative Foreign Policy
  136. An Iraq Vet just put it best...
  137. Article: U.S. Preparing for Iran Military Strike
  138. Bush's Hope For Iraq Dead [Article + Youtube]
  139. The truth about Anbar province in Iraq: What General Patreaus did not tell you
  140. Greenspan admits Iraq was about oil
  141. McCain caught lying about Iraq report
  142. Blackwater to leave Iraq
  143. Brownback's "just war in Iraq" is equal to jihad.
  144. Iraq without Blackwater?
  145. Making money off the Iraq War.
  146. HBO - Alive Day Memories - Home From Iraq
  147. Giuliani says NATO should admit Israel, Japan
  148. Scheuer: Townsend Wrong – Osama Still a Threat
  149. Bombing Iran
  150. Iran President, ground zero?
  151. Michael Scheuer Newsmax article
  152. Michael Scheuer on Bill Maher tonight
  153. Nuclear strike on Iran Is Imminent
  154. Israel asks U.S. foreign aid be paid in EUROS
  155. Iraq is NOT Vietnam!
  156. Iran here we come!! Take cover!
  157. Dilbert's assessment of Iran
  158. Podhoretz secretly urged Bush to bomb Iran
  159. Iraq War Pushes Independents Away From Republicans
  160. The Future of Iran
  161. Lieberman trying to drum up war with Iran on Kudlow
  162. The Other Side of Iran
  163. Pentagon ‘three-day blitz’ plan for Iran
  164. Al Qaeda 'infiltrates' US Intelligence, AG Nominee Helped Cover UP
  165. Neo-Con update: Podhoretz secretly urged Bush to bomb Iran
  166. Hidden Clause in Amendment would authorize war against Iran
  167. Lieberman's Bomb Iran Bill
  168. Warming America up for war in Iran
  169. Generals opposing Iraq war break with military tradition
  170. Hillary votes for supporting an attack against Iran, Obama doesn't bother showing up!
  171. SILENCE IN SYRIA, PANIC IN IRAN - Israel's air attack on Syria
  172. Lieberman's Bomb Iran Bill Passes
  173. Let the Israelis take care of Iran
  174. China Passes Law to Regulate Reincarnation
  175. Conspiracies Book Is Top-Seller In China / Anti-Fed!
  176. New video to show people who think we should still be in Iraq
  177. Jewish community in Iran slams US protest against Ahmadinejad's visit
  178. Iran Declares CIA "Terror Organization"
  179. O’ Jerusalem [Movie about the Creation of Israel]
  180. US trains Gulf air forces for war with Iran
  181. Question: Congress approving Iraq War?
  182. Big Fred: Iraq had WMDs before U.S. invaded
  183. War Tax Bill to Pay for Iraq
  184. Texas Oilman Admits Iraq Oil-For-Food Bribes
  185. National Guard in Iraq
  186. FEE: The Failures and Fallacies of Foreign Aid
  187. Ann Coulter: Giuliani crazy enough to nuke Iran.
  188. North and South Korea: Maybe Ron Paul is right.
  189. Iran sanction Bill - Ron Paul Dominates!
  190. Bush: US will 'defend its ally Israel'
  191. Liberty & Power blog: Archbishop Attacks Neocons Over Threat to Bomb Iran
  192. The Iraq War Not for Oil?
  193. Would an attack on Iran by Bush help or hurt Dr. Paul?
  194. America and Venezuela: Constitutional Worlds Apart
  195. Book: Katie Couric felt pressured by NBC to support the Iraq War
  196. So what happens when the US attacks Iran?
  197. Rudy: "USA and Israel are bound by blood."
  198. Curious - Which canidates (dem/repub) are still looking to end the Iraq war?
  199. Forget about Iran, what about China
  200. Video: Republican John Duncan Backs Ron Paul on Iraq War
  201. NeoCon Debate Point #3 : Iran is the Next Nazi Germany
  202. This Is Why Vladimir Putin Gets Bad Press
  203. NH: The Iraq war: An assessment, five years on
  204. Bob Barr on warmongering on Iran
  205. Hillary voted for war with Iran
  206. Fox News tipped off Al-Qaeda to spy network | surveillance operation now worthless
  207. How to solve root Terrorism?
  208. A little visual perspective on the 87 billion being spent on Iraq.
  209. Ex-Iraq commander Sanchez calls war 'nightmare with no end in sight'
  210. General Sanchez calls Iraq a nightmare, eviscerates administration
  211. Does General Sanchez former commander of Iraq agree with Ron Paul?
  212. "Turkish tanks ready to roll into Iraq in hunt for rebel hideouts"
  213. More soldiers comments on the Iraq war
  214. Public Remains In The Dark About Iraq War (and Iran is coming soon to theaters near u
  215. Namibia deports two Americans for recruiting for Iraq
  216. Are these clowns running for president of USA or of Israel?
  217. Ron Paul stings Hillary On Iraq War-STRONG ARTICLE!
  218. Charlie Wilson's War (When We Supported Afgan/Pakistan)
  219. China to free their controls
  220. Buried 60 mins interview | Iraq war was planned from day one
  221. NYT: Israel Struck Syrian Nuclear Project, Analysts Say
  222. Hillery voted for an amendment that could be used as support for attacking Iran
  223. Police state news
  224. Ron Paul and His Crazy 88s Say: No More Money for Iraq
  225. Russia to United States: "Don't mess with Iran"
  226. Putin allying with Ahmadinejad?
  227. Washington Post - The Real Iraq We Knew
  228. How AIPAC works and operates to "prevent" those not aligned with Israel access
  229. Foreign policy stories today.
  230. Putin calls on U.S. to set pullout date in Iraq
  231. They are ready to bomb Iran...
  232. Top Tier GOP Hopefuls On Standing With Israel
  233. MSNBC, Counterterrorism chief support RP assertion that Iraq is creating terrorists
  234. Iran to fire '11,000 rockets in minute' if attacked
  235. Question about blowback
  236. Mark Day on bombing Iran
  237. U.S. Troops against the Iraq war
  238. They Want War With Iran No Matter What
  239. A Turkish invasion of Iraq could unify the country?
  240. If we go to war w/ Russia...
  241. Ecuador wants military base in Miami
  242. Mitt Romney Misspeaks, Confuses Barack Obama with Usama bin Laden
  243. Good Frontline episode on Iran airing right now
  244. Rudy's top foreign policy advisor attacked by patriots
  245. Iraq for sale
  246. "I will follow Osama Bin Laden to the gates of hell and I will shoot him..."
  247. Did anyone catch Frontline on Iran last night
  248. Neo Con admits Iraq War was for Imperialism
  249. Is Iran "perhaps single greatest" security risk to US
  250. Turkish planes bombing Iraq NOW