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  1. Ron Paul at the CNN Debates Tonight
  2. RonPaulRadio.com Debate Coverage
  3. RUMOR: Romney is planning to undermine the debate format.
  4. Who here submitted questions for the debate?
  5. "Instant reaction" from 24 Undecided voters
  6. YouTube Debate Talk + (will it be streamed online?)
  7. CNN - Youtube Debate WILL be STREAMED ONLINE
  8. RON PAUL will shake things up tonight !!
  9. Justin.TV live back stage tonight?
  10. What time
  11. Recording of complete debate?
  12. How do some of you KNOW RP is sick with the flu?
  13. Revere Radio Live Coverage On Location, YOUTUBE REPUB DEBATES IN ST. PETERSBURG
  14. CNN just talked on RP
  15. YOU! Be The Political Analyst - CNN I-Reports Needed After The Debate Tonight
  16. POLL: Did you submit a YouTube question? How many?
  17. User submitted ad tonight during Debate!
  18. Worried about the CNN debate today?
  19. How long is the debate?
  20. Ron Paul is tonight's sideshow
  21. Call me crazy, but the last DEBATE on CNBC, the FED issued comments that jacked the
  22. Can someone capture HQ footage of the debate?
  23. Get Bush Off Of My TV!
  24. YouTube debate drinking game!
  25. Hey CNN! Where's RP, huh?
  26. Israel Iran Bush Giuliani Romney Religion Israel Bush
  27. Stage Arrangement
  28. Crowd representation
  29. cnn debate... where?
  30. Anderson Cooper - How does he treat Ron Paul?
  31. Justin.tv pre-debate footage & post-debate show
  32. LIVE in Dressing Room RIGHT NOW on Justin.tv
  33. Help! I can't watch online
  34. [Unofficial] CNN YouTube Debate Thread
  35. They just did a piece on RP.
  36. Wow... Listening to CNN Radio...
  37. Mins before Paul gets a question - Poll
  38. After The Debate
  39. This is unwatchable and I turned it off after 7 mins.
  40. Why do they look at the screen when answering?
  41. This is just another Giuliani/Roney lovefest.
  42. haha, its getting tense between Giuliani and Romney
  43. giuliani booed!
  44. Why does John McCain sound like he's about to die?
  45. I can't stand Huckabee.. he just seems so fake.. even worst than Romney
  47. Oh. back to Romney... this debate is TERRIBLE! Going to donate some money...
  48. ahhhhhhhhh
  49. Holy @#$% Ron Paul Is The Man
  50. at 33 min RP hits NAU grand slam!
  51. CNN Debate tonight - Biased right from the start
  52. Ron Paul finally speaks
  53. he's gotta explain his dept. of education stance
  54. Huck you f***! RIP OFF PAUL!
  55. RP p0wns Freddie
  56. Oh damn mcCain just asked for an ass whupping
  57. hey anderson.. piss off!
  58. Its the Paul Debate now
  59. yeah, cut spending!
  60. McCain bringing up the rise of Hitler is severely FLAWED - it happened before tech
  61. Damn it people!
  62. Ron Paul got elected despite voting no on farm subsitdies
  63. Blatant
  64. He is dominating the debate, Im Donating right now.
  65. Opening Slugfest between Mitt and Ghoul
  66. I have to say Thompson's video was snarky and good! nt
  67. Huckabee is falling apart in the first 53 minutes
  68. Heres the debate.....
  69. Is it just me or is Huck filling his suit?
  70. LOL @ Hunter trying to make a joke
  71. Paul has gotten the least amount of time and first questions
  72. So Judge Silverman decides what's Constitutional?
  73. Julie-Annie gets booed AGAIN
  74. Debate is a joke... so Rudy and Mitt are morons.
  75. The three campaign-produced videos have been horrible
  76. Who cares what guns the candidates own?
  77. Need direct questions or Ron Paul will never speak.
  78. What is the number we text?
  79. I wonder how long Romney tans each day?
  80. Halfway through who is winning, losing?
  81. Notice how they all are following Paul's lead on the abortion issue. nt
  82. Why is everyone trying to be Ron Paul now?
  83. Have I missed anything since the first ad?
  84. OK Everyone has co-opted RP position on abortion
  85. Are we watching a democratic debate?
  86. The Bible!
  87. Where are the online polls gonna be?
  88. Ron Shakes Head At McCain, Romney Quotes Bill Cosby
  89. Mitts Video
  90. Rudy's Commercial
  91. Islamic terrorism!!!!
  92. This is "F'ing" stupid. ALL the time is going to Ghoul, Romne and huck.. f'ing stupid
  93. 9/11
  94. YOU! Be The Political Analyst - CNN I-Reports Needed After The Debate Tonight
  95. Ron Paul exhibits quick thinking on his feet in debate
  96. Needs to go grab a cup of coffee
  97. Anybody doing a time-count?
  98. they're kurds!
  99. Coooper is the worst moderator I've ever seen
  100. This debate only confirms I made the right choice
  101. He just got alot of Booos.. arghhh.. what is with people
  102. How are we doing, 1-10 scale?
  103. Fred Thompson is SOOOOO out of place
  104. Will Ron Paul get a commercial played tonight?
  105. Why doesnt Ron tied the freaking DOLLAR to the wars
  106. Take the party back!
  107. Did I make the right decision?
  108. Anderson Cooper: Fluff Boy
  109. Ron Should Answer the People
  110. Congressman HUNTER what do you think?
  111. General got more time speaking than Ron Paul. nt
  113. Anyone got a u-tube of Pauls 30 sec vid?
  114. The Gay Officer got more uninterrupted air time than Ron Paul .....
  115. Romney is Weak...
  116. Is the King of YouTube getting a fair shot
  117. This PROVES they need to go forward with the infomercial!
  118. This is TRAVESTY
  119. Thanks to CNN, I just bumped up my Dec. 16th donation to $500
  120. Sign up to vote for Ron Paul
  121. This Debate is the Romney/Judyannie show
  122. What a stupid question!!!!
  123. Way To Go Romney! Ya Just Lost The South!
  124. well, if anything...
  125. The....dollar...is...at ...all...time....lows!!
  126. Damn, Paul didn't know what to do when he got a 90 second
  127. Ending on Stupid Questions
  128. Anybody who kept watching the debate after 2 hours saw something good
  129. My take on the debate :mad:
  130. OH YEAH! No Independent run NEEDED!
  131. Out Of Ron's Own Mouth!
  132. "I have a question for ALL the candidates"
  133. What The F*** Does Baseball Have To Do With This?
  135. Now the Romney/Giuliani love fest hits high note
  136. How do we vote for the winner?
  137. Ron Paul walks off stage at end of debate
  138. Ok Complaint time
  139. Are we mad enough yet?
  140. Ron Paul Owned This Debate!
  141. Flood CNN With E-Mail about Ron Paul!
  142. McCain Rebuttal Video
  143. Remember the Republican Party of Florida hosted this
  144. What in the Hell?
  145. The TV is Off; Back to the Boycott!
  146. Paul Misquoted In Cnn Transcript
  147. John King And Anderson Cooper
  148. Sorry....
  149. Ron Paul ad
  150. My Analysis
  151. When will the media learn?!?
  152. now they are pimping Huckaberry in the post-debate
  153. Post-Debate Voting
  154. Huckabee gained, Paul gained with the time he had,
  155. Dr. Paul, **Please** Stop Leading With "Abolish the Dept of Ed"
  156. Is there a poll?
  157. Best debate yet IMO
  158. Ron paul has too much money!
  159. Cnn Post Debate Poll Here
  160. CNN: Do we live in a democracy still?
  161. Sorry = Old Poll!
  162. Good Question
  163. This was more obvious censorship of Ron Paul
  164. There are 1300 people here! Welcome!
  165. Justin.tv Coverage
  166. Is somebody putting together a word count?
  167. Angry...
  168. Cooper 360 cut out where Ron Paul said he got most money from troops!
  169. Youtube Please
  170. This Debate Was Terrible
  171. Debate Commercial?
  172. Digg This: Vote For Ron Paul In The Cnn Post Debate Poll!
  173. I just donated. Everyone here do the same NOW!!
  174. Huckabee Stole Ron Pauls Thunder on the IRS... Paul missed it
  175. CNN Youtube Debate Transcript Error
  176. Why Doesen't Paul just say this to McCain
  177. Screw it, Im not donating $200 to Ron Paul on 12-16
  178. CNN has "conservatives" watching for the first time in years, so....
  179. Ron Paul won, regardless of what Communist News Network is telling us
  180. One good thing
  181. Decent post debate coverage
  182. Iím so disgusted by CNN that I will donate $300 on the 16th.
  183. Fire Cooper for the clear bias he showed as a moderator -- empirical data proves this
  184. youtube anyone?
  185. Time for a 30 minute infomercial??? Vote
  186. Contact Infor for CNN - Let them know how you feel about their debate
  187. Stick it to John Mccain
  188. The debate made me realize one thing
  189. donations getting a boost because of debate
  190. Let's Target the Advertisers!
  191. Float the Blimp...Float the Blimp!! FLOAT THAT...
  192. Paul nailed all the questions he got! GREAT JOB!!!
  193. Hey!!! All You People!! ---> 1000 Ratings = YouTube Front Page!! - Click To See How!!
  194. Its simple : TIE the WARS to the DOLLAR and it lights the zombies up
  195. Did the MSM kill Ron Paul chances to secure the REPUBLICAN nomination tonight?
  196. Ron Paul just $340K away from $10 Million
  197. Here is the CNN poll
  198. The mask by the confederate flag.
  199. Ron Paul as an independent and his answer tonight.
  200. WTF? This guy on CNN now says Indy's can't vote for RP...
  201. Where is the POLL for THIS debate?
  202. sorry to say it America is back in the middle ages
  203. Vote for Ron Paul Now!!
  204. Ron needs to be more assertive....
  205. This is just a sample of what this country is dealing with.
  206. Just came back from the debate
  207. We've got your back, Dr. Paul
  208. Some *booed* the gay general
  209. The guy who was independent and would not vote for Ron Paul was very smart
  210. MAJOR Error in CNN Transcript
  211. VOTE.COM has begun! America Speaks!
  212. Sheesh... the guy who asked about Rp running as an independent was a plant!!!
  213. Keeping them honest
  214. CNN just said "Paul lied about 5,000 supporters, said more like 2000"
  215. "2000 at best"
  216. CNN says only 2000 people in philly - BS I WAS THERE YOU LYING BASTARDS
  217. Ok folks, let's embrace this feeling, and reorganize.
  218. 2000 at best my ass
  219. we were there only 2000 NOT 5000....
  220. Are you raising the amount you're donating on Dec. 16th?
  221. You know what cnn, Go F** Yourselfs
  222. After debate coverage (THE RALLY) on Ron Paul radio
  223. post-debate CNN slander against Paul
  224. visible support...
  225. "ron paul is a liar"
  226. If you produced an ad for tonight's debate...
  227. Reddit (front page): CNN to Ron Paul: Get the **** out now, you don't belong.
  228. The Final Stage Has Arrived
  229. I'm flattered that even Rudy is stealing Paul's state's rights rhetoric
  230. If you're peeved, go to www.cnn.com and tell them about it.
  231. Forget Votes, We Need Delegates!!!!!!!!!
  232. CNN guy just lied, said we only had 2000 in Philly
  234. Ron Paul killed it in the end. It made me forget about the rest
  235. Are you pissed? Donate now!
  236. Something Positive
  237. Rudy/Romney's torturous ways would create more terrorists
  238. CNN v Revolution
  239. Call CNN NOW
  240. Who Is That Guy On Cnn Right Now??
  241. "In his head?"
  242. MSNBC.COM Poll
  243. Debate up on YouTube
  244. lol
  245. Who is that jeri curled white boy on CNN?
  246. Ron Paul is crazy!
  247. Commercials not chosen
  248. WOW.. post-debate SHILL says RON is Crazy for talking about NAU
  249. "coming from his imagination"
  250. What a BUNCH of BS!!!!